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The vindictive spirit of the Bering Strait, taking the form of miniature aurorae.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, originally authored by Guest, as played by Discipline


Imakpik is quite literally just a being made of multicoloured light. This light has the potential to dazzle foes. He cannot be seen by creatures of the physical realm when in this state, although he can be detected by unorthodox means, often involving tribal magicks. He cannot touch or affect objects in the physical realm, either, seeing as he has no hands. His form merely passes through these objects -- this meaning, of course, that he's an excellent spy, not being able to be seen by normal means, and being able to literally pass through walls and such like a ghost.

However, when necessary, he can compress his shape into a nondescript, humanoid object, still made out of light, but now able to be affected in the physical domain. He can, in this shape, also actually touch physical objects and carry them and so forth.


Imakpik is normally a cautious being to the point of indecisiveness. His point of view changes so much that at times he's rendered paralysed.

However, he's been dealt so many wrongs by the filthy mortal races of the realm that now, he has turned into a vindictive, totally in control, saboteur.
His intents are simple: drive the mortal races from Earth, or force them to cooperate.

He prefers the former option.


Imakpik carries around nothing, being an ethereal spirit half the time who cannot carry things around.

He has limited psionic powers, including the abilities of focused telepathy (the ability to send mental messages directly and discreetly to another person) and mass-limited, distance-limited telekinesis (at the very most, he can take control of up to 48 lb. of matter over 500 ft.)

So begins...

Imakpik's Story


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#, as written by Guest
The fluorescent lights of Gambit's Bar began to flicker ominously, and the sounds of patrons yelling out in surprise from the lavatories suddenly reached the main bar-room.


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Character Portrait: Imakpik
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#, as written by Guest
Being as how he was not even in Gambit's Bar, Imakpik was nowhere to be seen.

The annoying flickering of the lights continued for about thirty seconds more, disregarding Namira's rather nasty look (mainly because it was an inanimate object and thus had no feelings, thoughts, or consciousness), then the lights winked out.
It was pitch black in Gambit's Bar.

Then again, there were so many half-demon, half-angel spawn of Satan, Jesus, and Illidan that somehow possessed the powers of hydromancy, pyromancy, internal luminance, and meat-vision that this turn of events would probably just be brushed off.