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Ira Maholight

"...I'll be on my way now."

0 · 339 views · located in Argos

a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Deallo


Ira Maholight


Standing at a height of 5'8, Ira is a pale skinny figure of a man, and evidently so. His face is sharp, eyes red, and has a strange marking on his forehead which looks like a sideways Z with a line through it. His black hair is long and black, reaching all the way to his back, years ago he refused to cut it because of fear but now it's a question of laziness. His robes look brand new, a olive colored cape upon his back, navy blue robes accented with lines of yellow, with a single piece of blue tightening around his waist.

Practical. Many times have he been called a cynic and those people are right. He's not much of a fighter as he's not a lover but more so the intellectual, or more specifically, the wallflower. However, he does have some jobs to do, and though he isn't as visibly dedicated to finishing them, he has to make coin somehow. He shares conscious though with Ersatz. (Who can be seen below.)

The Summoners Handbook which hangs from his right hip, the same that has withstood the power of DragonFire, and is, impossible to damage.

A wooden fiddle and bow (violin bow) in beneath his cloak. Ersatz's weapon of choice. (Look Down)

A thin but long knife which is easy to wield, holstered in his right hip with the sheath.

Abilities - Ira

Fireball - Self Explanatory. Needs to prepped before use. (Prep 1 or Prep 2 or Prep 3 or Prep 4) The more time left to prepthe more powerful the attack would be. (Blue fire = light, red flame = medium, orange flame = dangerous, white flame = move or die.)

I Summon Thee! - The ability to summon creatures whom Ira has captured.

Wispa - One of the four fairy elementals. Easy to Summon but easy to kill as well. An electric-light based monster who's attacks are weak but fast; can whip light like electricity and tackle. Looks like a ball of blue light weighed down by chains. Can be summoned again after death but not immediately.

Firos - One of the four fairy elementals. Easy to summon but easy to kill as well. A fire-based monster who's attacks are chaotic yet messy; breaths fire and tackle. Looks like a red mote of fire with chains being weighed down. Can be summoned after death but not immediately.

Nair - One of the four fairy elementals. Easy to summon and easy to kill as well. An ice-based monster who's attacks are cold and calculating; summons a glacier spike from the ground to put off balance enemies, and tackle, quite hard. Looks like a hunk of spiky ice weighed down by chains.

Saras - One of the four fairy elementals. Easy to summon and easy to kill as well. An darkness based monster who's slow but attacks are the most hard-hitting; can tackle. Looks like a dark blob weighed down by chains.

Self-Summoning! - The ability to summon a creature who's soul has been bonded, within the summoner (Ira) himself, accessing the whole plethora of abilities of the bounded soul.

Ersatz - The Incubus. Requires intense concentration. (Prep 2)

Profile #2

Ersatz: The Incubus.


One thing, one must now about Ersatz is that when he'll be seen, he'll be in Ira's body. However there will be changes to such a body. Bat like wings will stretch from his back, giving him the power of flight, and his body is more defined and pronounced (manly) in nature to comparison to Ira's. Otherwise, they look exactly the same. Except for the grin that'd give the Cheshire cat a run for his money when Ersatz wants to play.

Man-whore galore. Ersatz is a incubus and by his namesake, he does have a LOT of wicked thoughts, some which would put the most perverted of people seem like angels. Of course, there are other things that run through his mind besides sex, like who to kill, for what reason, and trying to convince Ira to give it a shot. Ira doesn't normally give in as he's in control of the body. For most of the time when Ersatz' conscious doesn't break through. Though that's been happening more and more frequently. He's a rude bastard with an actor's facade at these times.

The same equipment as Ira has. (They're within the same body, afterall).


Enhanced physical prowess: Ersatz has a fit athletic/toned body with quick reflexes.

Blade man: The incubus isn't much of an expert with the weapons of man but blades are almost holy images to him. Long, slender, thin, beautiful and deadly. He considers himself something akin to a knife.

So begins...

Ira Maholight's Story