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Iron Wolf

A futuristic warrior bred for combat

0 · 147 views · located in River Rapids

a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Black Hoodie


Iron Wolf: Combat Optimized

Essence Of The Garou

Changes have been made to the baseline warrior to improve his physical and mental capabilities. His body has been heavily modified with cybernetic, biological, and nanotech enhancements.

Both of Iron Wolf’s arms and legs have been replaced with cybernetic limbs. These limbs are many times more efficient than their biological counterparts, allowing Iron Wolf to engage in amazing feats. With his legs, he is able to leap three meters vertically from a standing position, and his arms provide him with enough force to break through hard surfaces like concrete or wood with relative ease. Each of these limbs are armour plated, resulting in a slightly bulkier appearance than normal, and have been treated to resist detrimental effects of temperatures ranging from -200°C to 200°C.

Both of Iron Wolf’s arms have been fitted with a nine inch retractable blade, housed in the forearm sections that align with the top of his hands when released. He also has a weapons grade laser implanted in each forearm, with a flexible waveguide leading to a lens between the first two knuckles in each hand. The lasers are powered by small nuclear batteries, located in compartments on the underside of his forearms. Each laser can be fired continuously for five minutes before needing to change or recharge batteries.

Since Iron Wolf has no need for a reproductive system, considering the impracticalities during combat scenarios, he has no genitalia. With the abandonment of a purely biological digestive system, Iron Wolf has gone under considerable modifications to alter his digestive system, allowing for a more practical and direct route for obtaining proper nutrition. Because of the extreme alterations, the lower section of his torso has been replaced with cybernetic components that replicate biological functions with many times more efficiency; with Iron Wolf’s peculiar diet of water, carbon, and specific minerals, he does not produce waste typical to biological life forms and is able to recycle excess materials in the form of brick stock, dispensed through his lower abdomen. Using this method of disposal, Iron Wolf is able to use the brick-shaped waste as material for explosive charges.

Iron Wolf’s abdomen also contains a personal nuclear battery which is the main power source for all of his cybernetics, an oxygen tank that is able to supply Iron Wolf with air for half an hour, and a special primer that can be used to convert his nuclear battery into a small nuclear bomb with a blast radius of 5 kilometers. Lastly, he has a special metabolic converter stored in his abdomen that is capable of converting calories and other chemical energy into electrical energy, allowing his cybernetic limbs to take advantage of his biological systems.

Because of the nanotech inhabiting his system, Iron Wolf is:

- thirty times more resistant to radiation than the baseline human
- capable of shrugging of the negative effects of gravity double that of earth
- capable of shrugging of the negative effects of pressures several times that of the surface of earth
- capable of self-sustaining without eating anything for nearly a century (which is ill advised, since he wouldn’t be receiving all the necessary nutrition in order to maintain a healthy body)
- able to hold his breath for up to four hours while physically exerting himself in a strenuous fashion
- able to self-repair biological and mechanical systems in one tenth of the time a baseline human would need in order to heal wounds without any medical assistance
- effectively immune to any chemical or biological toxin, even allowing him to breath smoke and drink saltwater
- effectively immune to any nanodrugs or nanotoxins, unless defensive commands are overridden
- able to absorb and understand large volumes of information with ease, and recall any information with eidetic precision
- able to react ten times faster than a baseline human in a mental fashion when defensive commands are issued, allowing him to see individual frames of old analog film, or to even track the path of bullets
- able to react and move four times faster than a baseline human in a physical fashion
- completely aware and in control of everything within his body

Iron Wolf’s skin has special dyneema fibres woven into it, immensely strengthening its resistance to abrasive and puncture based damage. It also contains special chromatophores so that his skin is able to change colours like a chameleon or an octopus, and is even able to generate electrical currents like an eel to the point where he could incapacitate a baseline human with a touch. Synthetic layers of skin cover Iron Wolf’s limbs and abdomen and blend and interact with his natural skin seamlessly, keeping his cybernetic limbs disguised, as well as adding additional protection via dyneema fibres. Due to special modifications to his eyes, nose, mouth, ears and skin, Iron Wolf is able to seal his external orifices in order to survive the vacuum of space. His bare flesh is protected from temperatures ranging from -75°C to 100°C. The thin film that seals over his eyes still allows him to see while in his sealed state.

While the majority of the muscle and musculoskeletal systems in his limbs have been replaced with synthetic components, the remainder of Iron Wolf’s musculature has an anaerobic threshold that is virtually non-existent. Not only do his muscles not produce lactic acid, but they are packed three times denser than that of a baseline human, and twitch nearly five-hundred percent faster than that of a baseline human. The remainder of his skeletal system has also been grafted with a nanoscopically thin layer of joint graphene webbing and titanium latticework, strengthening his skeletal structure to incredible levels of durability. Since the majority of his marrow producing bones have been removed, a nanohive has been implanted within his abdomen to replicate the functions of marrow producing bones.

Senses of vision, hearing, and smell have all been drastically enhanced. Iron Wolf’s eyes are capable of viewing a large portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, ranging from terahertz wave frequencies to gamma rays, allowing him to see several dozen colours. His eyes also have tetrachromatic vision, allowing excellent colour differentiation, and have a filter to cycle through and/or combine/isolate multiple ranges of his spectrum of sight. On top of that, he has advanced polarized vision, allowing him to better detect camouflage, transparent objects, or to see while submerged in water. His sense of smell is equal to that of a bloodhound, and can similarly track people and chemically reactive objects that have a trail several hours old. With this enhanced sense of smell, he is, for the most part, also able to garner the general sense of the emotions and health of others nearby. Higher and lower frequencies of sound have become available for Iron Wolf to hear, roughly twice the range of a baseline human. Because his hearing is considerable more sensitive, he can hear sounds as if they were five times closer than they really are.

Iron Wolf is capable of staying awake with no detrimental effects for 74 hours straight, and is able to gain the full effects of a restful sleep in the period of 2 hours. He is capable of entering both a restful and wakeful state instantly. He also has fine control over his endocrine system, allowing him to severely nullify the effects of pain and emotional expression, as well as to lie with perfect conviction. Because of this fine control, he is also able to turn his adrenaline on and off at will.

Alterations to Iron Wolf’s cerebral matrix include the chaining of the math center of the brain with the somatic functions of movement, allowing him to calculate complex and massive numbers instantly, as well as restructuring his language center to maintain the linguistic flexibility of a small child. On top of having an eidetic memory, Iron Wolf has excellent three dimensional perception and direction sense, and has multiple links between sensory interfaces, so that in the case of the loss of a sensory organ or damage to the brain, Iron Wolf will be able to simulate one type of input with another. He can also mentally command drones and other digital interfaces chipped with his code via radiowaves, lightbeams, or physical contact. On top of that, he may also mentally interface with other digital media via radiowaves, lightbeams, and physical contact, in order to obtain information or to subvert the media to his control using exploit programs.

Through the virtual usage of mental forking and merging, and time-dilation full sensory simulation programs accelerated up to 60 times the speed of regular time, Iron Wolf has engaged in hundreds of thousands of combat exercises in various environments. He has even undergone combat experiments that have tested his ability to think and form strategies under conditions that don’t exist within his universe, such as planes with subjective gravity, buoyancy dominant planes, and planes that have universal rules for creating and destroying energy. So while Iron Wolf may have been alive for only four decades, his subjective experience spans nearly 600 years per unmerged fork. His total combined subjective experience from all merged personality forks spans nearly six millennia.

Archknight Powered Armour

The warrior’s powered battle armour serves to further enhance his abilities.

The suit is comprised of numerous materials and fulfills many functions, other than to serve as added protection to the wearer. The suit has the ability to restructure many of its components on a nanoscopic level, to adjust to whatever situation the wearer may find himself in. The exterior layer is capable of switching between negative refractive indexes, allowing the suit to become completely invisible to either a range of the electromagnetic spectrum between microwave and ultraviolet wavelengths, or to radar waves. It is also capable of altering its exterior to increase the amount of kinetic impact its able to withstand, as well as how much energy it can refract off of its surface. The suit can adjust its surface and joint components to accommodate for extreme temperatures and pressures that would otherwise combust, freeze, or crush the wearer. It can assume a more streamlined appearance for better aquatic travels, and can increase its surface area and alter its level of friction with its environment, allowing it to easily navigate numerous types of terrain. The suit has a state of the art heat sink and white noise machine, to effectively reduce thermal and audible tracking to nearly zero percent. The suit may also double as an electrical superconductor or insulator if necessary.

The suit connects directly to the wearer’s nervous system, allowing it to move without delays of any sort. It allows the wearer to utilize its omnidirectional and quantum imaging software, letting the wearer see in all directions at all times, as well as to identify shapes perfectly through translucent materials and dense gases and liquids using ghost imaging techniques. It also allows the wearer to see electrical currents from a distance, as well as magnetic and radioactive fields. It is capable of utilizing radar, lidar, x-ray and terahertz scanning systems simultaneously, and can even halt micro motions common to biological creatures, allowing the full use of its nanoscopic magnification. It is also able to magnify images at a distance with the same clarity and precision as a planet reconnaissance satellite.

The suit also has an on-board A.I. that constantly maps all sensory information and is able to replicate a virtual multi-dimensional map in the wearers mind. It is able to gather information at an accelerated rate and organize the information into a format comfortable to the wearer. Small things that the wearer may not notice or pay attention to during combat, such as the number of bullets left in the magazines of all the opponents, the location of a sniper based on bullet path and impact, the likelihood of a gun-jamming, or even judging the dominant hand of every opponent. Other programs, such as behavioural profiling, pattern recognition, event reconstruction, neural mapping, and quantum computing are all within the realm of the onboard A.I.’s capabilities. Should the suit ever need to be separated from the wearer, it is able to take and execute complex orders with the level of competency equal to or exceeding that of a baseline human professional. The A.I.’s surplus memory bank is greater than that of all 21st century earth computational RAM combined, and the A.I. may copy itself to handle other tasks or subsystems, and re-integrate with its copies.

The suit is capable of instant translation of any known language, and will translate any incoming or outgoing transmission in real time, given that both the language and the context are known. The suit carries multiple exterior speaker systems, holographic projectors, flashlights of varying frequencies, industrial grade lasers, and ionic and thrust vector propulsion systems. The exterior is able to magnetize itself in order to better grip objects or surfaces, and may extend its limbs by up to twenty five percent without sacrificing structural integrity.

The suit is able to recycle air and food for up to a year before its systems require a re-fill and its nuclear battery provides enough energy to power the suit for several centuries. The suit may also alter its exterior to create solar cells in order to preserve or supplement power to or from its nuclear battery. Use of energy garnered from solar cells may also be used to supercharge the suits physical capabilities or its energy weapons.

The suit comes with several standard weapons platforms attached to is structure. A single weapons grade laser is attached to its right forearm, and a flamethrower that can be altered to work under water is attached to its left forearm. Within both of its shoulders, the suit contains a myriad of short range micromissiles that can be guided by the A.I. targeting system. Each missile is thermobaric, in order to create maximum carnage. A compact, acid coated, self-constricting net can be fired from its chest compartment. The suit is capable of generating enough electrical discharge to cook a baseline human almost as if they were struck by lightning. There are multiple compartments around its body that contain rechargeable, single-use diamond flechette rounds, intended to eviscerate unarmoured opponents that come within a dozen meters of the suit. Two spools of monofilament wire exist just below the wrist of each arm, allowing placement of single-use traps to be placed at a moment’s notice. Lastly, the suit is able to adjust its shape and density to augment its physical attacks.

Because the suit is capable of attaching modular weapons platforms, the suit may be outfitted at any time with additional weaponry. The weapon attachments may take the form of shoulder mounted plasma cannons, forearm mounted miniguns, long range back mounted artillery cannons, or even surface to air missile launch platforms.

The Wolf’s Den

The warrior’s collections of personal weapons are as copious as they are impressive.

Iron Wolf owns a small collection of archaic cold weaponry, modified with modern technology:
- A myriad of knives. Nothing beats the sheer versatility of this ancient and tested tool.
- A short, monofilament, self-sharpening gladius
- A mid-sized broadsword capable of differential hardening and softening, allowing for the blade to be stored like a belt, but with the ability to retain its rigidity as a sword upon activation.
- A long, monofilament, self-sharpening katana
- A retractable, compact spear with stabilizing fins and small gas jet system to alter trajectory by small amounts during flight.
- A pair of collapsible shock batons
- A five-hundred pound draw weight compound bow with smartlink targeting systems
- A three ton draw weight compound bow with smartlink targeting systems
- A myriad of different arrows intended for use for either bow

Iron Wolf also owns a number of personal firearms:
- An instant freeze-foam pistol
- An archaic break load double barrelled, sawed off shotgun
- An archaic lever action shotgun
- Multiple semi-automatic handguns of varying sizes and shapes
- Several machine-pistols and submachine guns of varying sizes and shapes
- Several assault and battle rifles of varying sizes and shapes
- A reconfigurable LMG
- A mobile crew operated heavy machinegun
- A semi-automatic anti-armour sniper rifle
- Underbarrel grenade, micro, and minimissile launchers and shotguns
- A seeker rifle with a configurable single-launch long-range missile attachment
- A rifle sized particle beam accelerator
- A personal sized plasma cannon
- A heavy plasma cannon
- A self-contained electromagnetic nanogram anti-matter chambering sniper rifle

Iron Wolf utilizes several other tools in combat, reconnaissance, stealth and transport missions:
- Flying disc reconnaissance drones
- Slithering snake reconnaissance drones
- Remote controlled synthetic humanoid combat drones
- Remote controlled spherical weapons platforms
- Disassembler nanoswarms (smart programmable acid)
- Engineer nanoswarms (nanoscopic construction crew)
- Nanohives (shotgun shell sized containers to house the nanoswarms that also act as a command center to take orders from the user and direct the swarms)
- Radiowave booster
- Satnet-In-A-Can
- 360° sticky micro-cube quantum dot camera-displayers
- Microbugs (radio and visual surveillance drone)
- Superthermite claymores and charges
- Nanotech spindles and spindle climber guns

Generally speaking, Iron Wolf’s typical gear load out, barring certain circumstances, would consist of:
- A single chest mounted right hand draw six inch knife
- A single assault rifle with an under barrel grenade launcher loaded with four fragmentation grenades, equipped with a smartlink scope, gyromount, killcam, user recognition shock defense, silencer and flash suppressor, laser sight, and shoulder strap, loaded with a thirty round magazine, 5.56x45 caliber bullets loaded into the mag.
- Three extra thirty round, 5.56x45 caliber magazines fitted for the assault rifle strapped to a MOLLE like configuration on the lower right abdomen
- A spindle climber gun with a loaded spindle, holstered under the right armpit
- A freeze foam pistol, holstered on the right hip
- A loaded fifteen round 9mm caliber semiautomatic handgun holstered under the left armpit
- Four extra fifteen round 9mm caliber magazines, strapped to a MOLLE like configuration on the lower left abdomen
- A break action sawed off shotgun, holstered on the right thigh
- Band of shotgun shells strapped around the right bicep
- Four flying disc reconnaissance drones in a satchel attached to the left hip
- A slithering snake reconnaissance drone in a satchel attached to the left thigh
- Band of nanohive shells strapped around the left bicep

If Iron Wolf were ever to be caught by surprise while in the field, the supplies mentioned above would consist of the minimum to which he would be equipped. Alterations made to the parameters of his missions would necessitate changes to his gear.

Summary of Capabilities

The warrior’s abilities with and without his armour, tested in multiple simulations and field exercises, are a testament to the capabilities of human ingenuity.

Without the Archknight armour, Iron Wolf’s capabilities are judged as thus:

• Wolf can block a sharpened sword strike from a baseline human anywhere on his body, excluding his eyes and nose, without taking damage of any sort
• Wolf is capable of receiving electrical shocks capable of killing baseline humans five times over with no effect
• Wolf is effectively immune to temperatures that would normally kill a baseline human within minutes of exposure
• Wolf is capable of receiving subsonic projectiles to the skull, excluding eye, ear, and nasal cavities, without any adverse effects
• Wolf is capable of surviving indefinitely underwater, or for many, many years at a time on a rocky planetoid with no atmosphere
• Wolf is immune to G-force blackouts, and is capable of handling gravity twice that of Earth’s and pressure five times that of Earth’s surface with little trouble
• Wolf is capable of surviving falls of heights as great as 50 meters, sustaining only minor temporary injury
• Wolf is able to survive for up to 20 days after receiving up to 50 gray of radiation poisoning

• Wolf has enough grip strength to crush a baseline human’s skull with one hand
• Wolf has enough power in his punch to break through a 12 inch solid concrete barrier
• Wolf’s knuckle lasers can carve through titanium plating 100 millimeters thick in under a second at distances up to 30 meters in optimal atmospheric conditions
• Wolf can punch with both hands up to twenty-two times within a second
• Wolf can toss motorcycles as if they were nothing but softballs
• Wolf can tear the arms of a baseline human completely away from their body
• Wolf can kick nearly hard and fast enough horizontally to cleave a baseline human’s torso in half

With the Archknight armour, Iron Wolf’s capabilities are judged as thus:

• Wolf can fall from Earth’s high orbit to Earth’s crust and sustain no damage
• Wolf can resist supersonic projectiles and impacts from tank busting missiles
• Wolf is immune to electrical shock
• Wolf is immune to extreme temperatures ranging from an estimated 6,000°C to -270°C
• Wolf is able to survive in a complete void for centuries, and is able to operate in pressures of up to an estimated 28,000 Earth atmospheres, and under gravity up to 5 times that of Earth with no adverse effects
• Wolf is able to survive a direct nuclear impact from a detonation of up to 10 kilotons, and mitigate the effects of intense radiation for several months before death occurs

• Wolf has enough grip strength to crush a battle tank’s barrel with one hand
• Wolf has enough power in his punch to break through a ship’s fullerene hull of up to 2 inches in thickness
• Wolf has enough power to toss the majority of civilian vehicles as if they were nothing more than softballs
• Wolf’s maximum electrical discharge, when supercharged with solar energy, is nearly equal to that of a lightning bolt
• Wolf’s arm laser can cut material twice as dense, twice as fast, at twice the distance in optimal atmospheric conditions than his implanted version
• Wolf can cleave multiple armoured baseline human’s in two with his kicks
• One of Wolf’s missiles can eradicate a square block of city property
• Wolf’s flechette rounds can turn unarmoured baseline humans into a fine mist
• Wolf’s flamethrower is capable of burning through a baseline human within seconds at ranges of up to 10 meters

So begins...

Iron Wolf's Story