Isabella Dauntis

Lich, arcanist

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General Information
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âŸĒFull NameâŸĢ

⟨Isabella Ilaneith Dauntis⟩


⟨Izzy or Bella⟩


⟨3,460 but looks like she's 25. Due to her past she stopped aging all together.⟩





âŸĒMarital StatusâŸĢ





⟨Deceased but active.⟩




⟨Being diligent.⟩

Threat Level: High

Team Formation: Power

Group Affiliations: Cognition Founder in the Oakhaven Guild

Date of Birth: January 7th

IQ: 300

Birthplace: Izareth

Current Residence: Oakhaven Guild, Izareth

Occupation(s): Founder of the Cogitation Guild

Personal Quote: "There is no good and evil. Only power and those to weak to seek it."

Theme Song: N\A

Personal Information

Attitude: Isabella is a very stern and studious girl because she is always trying to learn new things. She doesn't have a huge sense of humor and is very diligent. More concerned with running the guild and researching and studying new things. She comes off a bit cold and dry but she is indeed a very sweet girl. Even if she doesn't show it she has a pretty big heart and a soft side to her and will aide who ever needs it. She can get a bit greedy due to her lust of becoming the best summoner around. Isabella tends to be silent around others, always observing them until she needs to speak. She likes to avoid conflict if it is at all possible.

Favorite Foods: Anything sweet. She loves potatoes and cabbage and tends to stick with mostly vegetables. But she I'll eat most meats, staying away from anything uncommon.

Likes: Reading, studying, her pets, learning new things, libraries, sweets

Dislikes: Ignorance, know it alls, illogical people

Fears: She'll suddenly loose all her knowledge, all the books burning, her ability to read.

Aspirations: She always wants to be better. If something only needs 100 percent she'll give it 200.

Family: They are all dead. Further details in background.

Sora- A former lover/apprentice

Summarized Biography
Isabella was brought into the world of Izareth at literally the worst time any one could be around. She was born during the Elven and Fae war, the most gruesome and bloodiest war that had happened, so she had been told. Her parents did their best to keep Isabella and her other siblings out of harms way. They stayed mostly in caves or in secret tunnels, living a very simple and basic lifestyle.

As the years passed Isabella spent her time studying and learning knew things. She had run across a person who did Summoning magic. Amazed by it she dedicated all her time knowing anything and everything about this type of arcane magic. She grew increasingly powerful the more she studied but never feeling like she knew enough, causing her to always learn more or be better.

15 years passed and the war still raged on with no victor insight. It was this year that Isabella would loose her parents at the age of 15. As they were making their way to a new hide out to live in her parents where struck with elven arrows, caught in between the cross fire of the raging war that still continued. It was then Isabella asked for help from the elves. Her and her other siblings would spend the next few years learning elvish and getting accustomed the their ways. Isabella would find the most useful information on summoning magic.

As Isabella grew older she would soon get tired of watching the Elven people get slaughtered so she decided that her and her siblings would join them in the war. It was then the Elves gave her their most powerful grimoire, enhancing her summoning abilities. Isabella was now 20 years old and she found side by side with her new found family. It was a calm peaceful morning in the Elven town in which they resided, her siblings went out to get her some ingredients she needed to make a potion.

While they were out a group of Fae snuck in and began to attack every one in the village. As soon as Isabella hear of this she ran to see if her brother and sister were ok. When she arrived she was greeted by their heads cut off from their body, just laying there. Upon seeing this horrendous site she decided to become a Lich, making what ever sacrificed she needed and keeping her phylactry close to her. She would then spend the next 6 years getting stronger and more powerful so she could have her revenge. She would spend her time capturing Fae and torturing then, learning about the different types there were.

When she was 26 she decided to stop fighting the Elven and Fae war and soon left the Elven kingdom to go learn what ever she could of the world by herself. The elves stricken with rage as they felt like Isabella had betrayed them killed her before she had a chance to leave. Upon accepting her fate and due to her good nature while she was a Lich she became an Archlich. The grimoire had changed to match her new strength and power.

She would then spend the upcoming years studying herself and discovering her new abilities she was able to use. Over the years her body wouldn't decay but her skin would sag and wrinkle, taking on a translucent appearance. By the time she found a way to make her appearance normal the Elven and Fae war had ended with the Fae winning. She had remained neutral for the rest of the war, aiding those who needed it.

Many centuries would pass and she would watch people she grew close to die durning other wars. After all the fighting she would then set out on a new adventure hoping the world still had more knowledge to offer her. This is where her true story begins. This would be where he journey to becoming a founder at Oakhaven would start, leaving her past and any friends she had made behind.

Physical Information

Species: Human (undead)
Subspecies: Archlich

Nationality: Unknown, was never discussed with her parents.

Height: 4'11"

Weight: 98 lbs

Eye Color: They turn white when she transforms into her actual form. But while she is looking young they are a golden color.

Fur Color: N/A

Clothing Style: She likes to stick with long dresses and robs. Occasionally will wear pants and shirts. But she's usually seen wearing the fanciest dresses Izareth has to offer.

Jewelry: She wears a neckless that contains her phylactry. It is the shape of a small diamond that glows slightly due to her life force. This is what also fuels her power so be wary of the color. If it is glowing blue she is in a calm mood but the moment it turns gold all hell will break loose.

Scars/Markings: She has a scar where her heart is from where the arrow struck.

Physical Strengths/Weaknesses:
Weak- Due to her nature she is physically weak and unable to carry many heavy objects. She also needs a break every once in a while if going on a long walk.
Light- Because of her weight she is very light, making her almost invisible if you're not looking at her when she's walking.
Height- Since she is so little she can hide very easily. But also has trouble getting to higher places.
Young- Since she is so short every one tends to think she is younger then her actual age, making her much more of a threat.

Mental Strengths/Weaknesses:
Intelligence- She is incredibly smart and is usually one step ahead of that ever may be going on.
Introverted- Since she is so focused on her studies and research she makes no time for no one else. Because of this she doesn't really have any allies.

Skills and Talents:
Memory- From all her studying she learned how to retain every little detail more efficiently.
Language- She's able to pick up other languages pretty quick. Already knowing quite a few.
Ranged fighting- During her time with the elves she mastered the use of a bow and arrow.

Powers and Abilities:

Abilities with out pets

Ruin-Deals unaspected damage with a potency of 80.

Bio-Deals unaspected damage with a potency of 40 for 18s (combined total potency of 240).

Pyhsick -Restores target's HP. Cure potency: 400

Tri-Bind-Deals unaspected damage with a potency of 30 to target and all targets nearby it. Additional Effect: Bind for 20s

Pain Flare-Deals unaspected damage with a potency of 200 to target and all enemies nearby it.

Death Flare-Deals unaspected damage with a potency of 400 to target and all enemies nearby it.

Summon abilities

PVP abilities
Wither-Deals unaspected damage with a potency of 170 to all enemies in a cone before you. Additional Effect: Removes one beneficial status from target.

Misty Veil-Reduces target's range by 20% for 15s.

Mana Draw-Restores 30% of maximum MP.

Purify-Removes all detrimental effects from self or ally. Can be used regardless of status affliction

Aethric Burst-Deals unaspected damage with a potency of 170 to all nearby enemies.

If she doesn't drink her potion she goes from looking young to looking really old. Her skin is wrinkled and sagging. Her eyes are white with a glaze over them and she looks like skin and bones.

Overall Stats
(Stat ranges from 0-10, 10 being the highest. Stat total does not have to meet, but should not exceed the range dictated by character threat level. Only Critical and Cataclysmic characters may have a maxed stat, the former only allowed to have 1 maxed stat, while the latter may have up to 3.

â€ĸ (Minor characters' stat total ranges from 10-20)

â€ĸ (Mild characters' stat total ranges from 21-30)

â€ĸ (Moderate characters' stat total ranges from 31-37)

â€ĸ (High characters' stat totals ranges from 38-44)

â€ĸ (Critical characters' stat totals ranges from 45-55)

â€ĸ (Cataclysmic characters' stat totals ranges from 56-65)

(The stat categories are as follows...)

Strength: (Your character's physical power: 31

Defense: (Your character's ability to endure damage: 44

Speed: (Your character's running speed: 39

Dexterity: (Your character's and sensory reflexes : 40

Willpower: 44

Luck: (Your character's chance of having a favorable outcome: 35

Special: (Your character's elemental and or magical capability: 45

Weapon Skills:
The only weapon she is useful with is a bow and arrow. Other then that she is beyond efficient in using her grimoire.

Fighter's Rank: S

She isn't effected by most illness or other human things such as fatigue. She usually is always pushing up her glasses and fiddles her thumbs when she's nervous. She tugs on her clothing when she's around a big group of people, due to her feeling uncomfortable.

In depth back story

So begins...

Isabella Dauntis's Story