Ishikawa Aika

Just a woman with a slightly bigger imagination in the urban jungle.

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Name: Ishikawa Aika
Age: 24
Occupation: Digital Artist
Equipment: Stylus, Kyanbasu tablet. Sometimes tea.
Bio: Aika grew up mostly like other children of Niihama--or, at least of her relative status in Niihama. Relatively free of physical strain, relatively high expectations, and pretty much surrounded by the typical style of art. It was well known throughout the planet, really--a certain style of drawing, certain types of themes, and so on, and early on Aika proved to be talented at drawing, but for her, the joy was limited. She found the work fun but not necessarily enough to really dedicate herself to it.

Of course, that would change in time.

Eventually, she would learn from a friend of art and media that went a bit beyond what she would typically see--art that was bolder and unafraid to try something different. This art, this art caught her eye, in some cases made her wonder wistfully what l life might be like if she were the same way. Once she reached adulthood, she would go on to take up drawing with various digital programs as first a hobby, then a career.

So begins...

Ishikawa Aika's Story


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An industrial center was normally the place a momb maker was employed to blow stuff up for building work, demolition work, or even just every day kaboom. Vinny didnt much care, but it worked. But things had confused him rather recently. "Hello, what is this ?" Vinny stopped his wandering and halted, seeing a pile of strange dust upon the grown before him. Picking up a piece of it he gave the dust a practised eye. "Hmm, I wonder if this would have the same kick as gunpoweder ? Nah, looks more decrative. Something to go on a flower boquet" Vinny smiled then, sticking his matchstick in his mouth like a toothpick he gently picked up the Void Dust and headed for his new shop.

Thankfully the new shop was in a slightl better part of town thanks to the recent happenings. Vinny had noticed an increase in soldier presence and other events having occured in the area. Just getting his new flower shop was the fun part of his whole time there.