Ishtar of the Tenaska Wasteland

A mage from the desert.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Crystal Blood




Ishtar is normally cool and collected. Se is not one to make friends easily, but if you ever earn her trust she will be extremely loyal. She has a heavy handed sense of justice and a very black and white sense of right and wrong. Sometimes she can come across as both naive and cynical at times. In uncomfortable situations Ishtar can be very quiet.


Ishtar carries a ceremonial knife that is almost useless in battle and equally poor in wood working. Her main weapon is her staff; it is bladed at one end and has a decorative heading. This staff both serves as a weapon and an amplifier for her magic.


Ishtar was born in Tenaska, her heritage was magical, and as such she was dubbed the mystic for her nomadic tribe. She grew up as a priestess and knew nothing of the world beyond her own. One day the king's men raided her caravan. This when Ishtar learned the world was not as peaceful as it seemed. Wanting to learn more of the real world, Ishtar adventured into the capital and was shocked at the corruption she saw. It was at this time she joined the rebellion.

So begins...

Ishtar of the Tenaska Wasteland's Story