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Izaya-sho Tantetsu

The Tsuchikage of Iwagakure no Sato

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by mord



Izaya Tantetsu

Name: Izaya Tantetsu (Dual Bloodline)
Role: Neutral
Age: 32
Rank: Elite Jōnin-level/SS-Rank Level Shinobi, Tsuchikage, Genin Team Leader, currently continuing forward as head of ANBU until he finds a proper successor (Yeah, I know, he's busy xD)

Natural Chakra: Koton
Affinities: Katon | Suiton | Doton | Raiton
Specializations: Bukijutsu (Specialist) | Ninjutsu (Master) | Fuuinjutsu (Pretty Capable)

Gender: Male
Native Land/Village: Iwagakure no Sato
Current Place of Residence: Iwagakure no Sato
Appearance: Izaya stands healthily at 5’8” with a posture and body language that says he’s calm, confident, and especially capable. He walks forward with a zeal that says to both friends and enemies that he is more capable than he appears to be to even those with the sharpest eyes. His uniquely and naturally colored crimson eyes are a trade mark that curses him to slight sensitivity to the sunlight, causing him to wear awesome wooden sunglasses everywhere that he goes. Izaya’s sunglasses’ tinted frames accent his attractively high cheek bones so that he is capable of seducing the opposition. His lithely toned body enables combat at a pace surpassing that of what his civilian brethren are capable of pulling off.

On Izaya’s back he sports skin completely covered by a highly stylized version of his clan emblem in the form of a tattoo. His fists are covered in bandages made from a kevlar-linen weave to protect him from his weapons and his own jutsu. His chest has a Koton emblem carved into it to it in an oddly hypnotic way to symbolize the connection that he has to his element. Small, barely visible scars can be seen all over his body due to the constant strain he’s putting himself through. Izaya may have soft, supple skin but you can certainly tell that he is putting his body through various rigors.

The 32 year old’s wardrobe is made up of a combination of sleek formal-casual wear, and, at the appropriate times, combat armor. Izaya’s favorite accessory is a white armor with barely noticeable accents that he often combines with a still fashionable attire of white and red bandages and tights underneath. He often combines his knowledge of fashion with his armor smithing mind to create some amazing equipment. Overall, his clothes are usually clean and well kept so that he qualifies for dressing to impress. Izaya prides himself on his capacity for fashion so that he is capable of showing others up by outdrawing them in every potential situation.

Personality: Izaya may be gay but he isn’t your average stereotypical, happy-go-lucky homosexual Shinobi in a world of violence and treachery. He’s a living, breathing and very much multi-faceted being focused on improving himself so that he can’t be pushed around anymore. he has a tendency to become obsessive, and so must regularly check himself to make sure that he isn’t going a bit too far with what he’s doing.

This particular blonde is the kind to forgive but never forget; this means that once you’ve lost his trust that it is especially hard to earn it back. Izaya likes to live life and have fun, but even he has his limits when it comes to people, and he regularly has to stop himself and remember he can forgive. Izaya can’t let somethings like treason or betrayal go, and will hunt down these people to achieve justice, and uphold his honor system.

Speaking of justice and honor, Izaya holds himself to a higher standard in life than most other people tend to. He supports himself through loyalty and injecting meaning into his life to fill the void that his mother created. As long as he is welcomed and treated correctly he will stay loyal, but once he is turned on he will be forced to rebel.

As a member of a Shinobi village he has seen things, and committed a fair share of some of the things others have, unfortunately, viewed themselves. This has instilled a mixture of fear and respect into him, a fear and respect for the power some Shinobi hold and for Shinobi in general. What this stance has done has let Izaya see himself in a new way. Izaya’s self-esteem was in the water when he was in the Academy because of the things his mother, deceased father, or classmates had said or done, and these events built up on top of each other to haunt him. It took Izaya a long time to grow out of his shell and evolve out of the form of the shy, irritable, and fearful child he once was.

Now that Izaya has grown out of that once unbearable shell he is more capable than he’s ever been, because now he is full of hope. Without the Catalyst of his Genin team’s first dangerous mission going horribly wrong Izaya perhaps would have fallen into the trap of misery. With that catalyst, however, Izaya escaped the his shell and bypassed the boundaries he once had just to become something better than what he was.

Izaya’s ascension let his hope and resilience show despite the fact that he was the victim of a horrible incident. Now Izaya believes his premature promotion to Chuunin due to his resilience in the field allowed him to let his colors shine, thus catching the attention of the higher ups and allowing him to grab a position as ANBU, and, later, ANBU captain. Izaya showed hoped with confidence in his words for the first time, and began to let the real him rise up.

At a former point in time, Izaya was the definition of dreary but now he is a fun-loving guy that invokes pride in a seemingly eternal mother he both despises and loves. Izaya’s mother was a forceful business woman who, due to her ancient age, grew up in a time where Shinobi and people in general weren’t too accepting of someone like Izaya. His sexuality has led to many incidences in his life, and his heart pangs every time someone doesn’t accept him for who he is.

Izaya has been victimized in nearly every period of his life, but he still goes strong and doesn’t show his weaknesses often. One of those weaknesses is an inclination to be drawn to the body’s of other men, and oh how Izaya does love a good man. Izaya regularly indulges himself through whatever boyfriend he has by writhing seductively under them in the heat of love.

Nothing seems capable of locking away the sensuality that a Izaya has portrayed since he was just an Academy Student. He walks with a shake of his hips that carry a dangerously attractive allure with every step that Izaya takes forward. he draws in the cases of others and make sure that people know he see them watching with oozing confidence.

Because of his relatively feminine exterior Izaya graciously abuses his sensuality and takes full advantage of other people. In combat, and in undercover missions especially, this can come in handy since many are easily captivated. Izaya lets people look at him, but he’s not a whore and so only his lover and the mission at hand can touch him like they deserve to.

Izaya’s mission in his chosen profession was not to be the greatest, or the best, but was instead to stay passionate. Izaya’s passion extends far beyond his love for men and his sensuality because of this self-induced requirement to stay, well, interested. Even today his passion is imbued with every action and decision that he makes for himself, for his village, his nation, and his Genin.

This devotion and heart-felt passion seep into even the words that Izaya speaks to his dozens of loyal followers. It has made Izaya an excellent public speaker, diplomat, and, when the time can be found, a poet. Izaya’s voice is capable of swaying the opinion’s of entire audiences so that he can insure unity throughout.

In general, Izaya is a creative soul whose machinations are capable of invoking envy in wanna-be smithers. The man’s hard-working, calloused hands mix with a gentle, kindred soul and voice, and a mind that is as sharp as his blade. Unrivaled in tact, nobility, honor, creativity and holding the capacity to comprehend all things, Izaya is most certainly the big fish in his pond and he rules it well.

That is who the Noble with Crimson Eyes is, that is Izaya.

Motivations: Unknown
Personal Strengths:
Independent, he has learned to be this way from experience
Stubborn, just like his mother
Intelligent, just like his mother
Emotionally stable, he's happy with who he is
Easy to get along with
Personal Flaws:
Somewhat Defiant
Poor common sense
Easily gets attached
Allergic to penicillin
Sensitive to sunlight, has to wear custom-ordered sunscreen to go outside and even then he tans
Fine wine, scotch, & whiskey
His mother, he’s conflicted
Having fun
Drunks who can't handle their liquor
His mother



Izaya was born 32 years ago to one of the most formidable businesswomen on the planet and a man that was essentially a clairvoyant who could see into the future. His mother was a brilliant immigrant, and his father a stern and very much traditional warrior with a somewhat bigoted personality. Compared to his mother Emilia’s personality, the personality that Izaya’s father had was rather extreme despite how screwed up Emilia was. His father never raised a hand against Emilia, but somehow the fact that Izaya was beaten for what the future held had gotten past the his surprisingly protective mother’s gaze. His first few years were unfortunate, but with time his life would only get more dramatic and hectic no matter what he tried to do.

As a child Izaya didn’t have many friends; he was always alone and seemed to have a knack for driving people away with attributes that still stayed somewhat pure despite all that happened to him. When his form walked the streets from the store to home, or when he was simply just taking a walk, the looks of parents towards the odd and awkward child engraved the sense that he was worthless and a freak into his mind. He was an outcast among his direct family, and even with his cousins and other extended relatives he would receive the same rejection and the same stares. This is what forced Izaya into the shell that he had to work his entire life to get out of; the lack of friends and the rejection of any child he met built up the first walls to be constructed. One day he promised himself it would get better and that he would come out of the shell he had been implanted into, but until that day he was going to stay quiet and keep his head down so that he could avoid getting beat by anyone other than his father.

At age 8 Izaya’s father saw he wouldn’t be making a change in his estranged son’s sexuality; this was something he saw through his capacity to see the future through clairvoyance. This caused the apparently disturbed man to write a letter to his family that stated he was going to commit ritual suicide in an attempt to escape the dishonor of having a gay son. Izaya suspected his mother had something to do with it, since she walked in on her husband “punishing” Izaya, but he couldn’t be sure and so he just wallowed in regret for quite some time. Izaya read the note before his mother could get to it so he wasn’t able to see it and it caused him to feel as if he was at fault for the disturbing actions of his father. This induced a feeling of regret and sorrow the remainder of his childhood, adding yet another layer to the wall that was building up around him.

Even before he was going to attend the Shinobi Academy of Sokaigakure Izaya was an absolute mess that had a great affinity for Koton Jutsu and had displayed a capacity to wield higher ranked Ninjutsu. Izaya was a prodigy that was outcast and disliked, and this would become more evident in the future, but for some reason this was never good enough to his mother. His mother was highly successful but she proved Izaya’s disagreements wrong by always achieving something new, or breaking a barrier thought impossible to break. He was confused as to why the world was so unfair, as to why he was born to a brilliant woman as a brilliant son but he was never good enough to her no matter what he did. Eventually Izaya would come to realize that his mother was just pushing him to be better, but it was during these days that both an intense love and dislike for his mother would be instilled in him.

The Shinobi Academy

The Shinobi Academy should have been one of Izaya’s greatest moments in life, but it happened to be just as crappy as his Origins in life had been, and it may have been worse than his Origins. In the Shinobi Academy of SokaigakureIzaya would excel but he would also have his first experience with true bullying at the hands of his classmates. Izaya had never really been bullied; sure he had been rejected, looked at oddly, and abused by his father but that wasn’t actual bullying when you thought about it. What Izaya went through was brutal, but his capacity to expand and learn on a level that surpassed that of most of his generation was what kept him going. Along with that little extra zeal for learning, Izaya’s mind was filled with a significant amount of hope hidden beneath that bottle of misery and it kept him alive despite all that was thrown at him.

The only individuals to really like Izaya despite all that he was were his Chuunin instructors and his two future team mates, which he should have been thankful for since those were the only people that mattered, but you had to admit some kids wanted more. It always gnawed at the back of his mind that he should be thankful for the two brilliant friends that sat by him during their lunch break, and that he had favor with his teachers but he didn’t. Instead Izaya wanted to be the kid with friends, the kid that wasn’t as bright as he was but was more popular and had a family that loved him no matter what he did or what he was. To Izaya it seemed as though he was destined to be ignored and forgotten even if he became one of the greatest Shinobi that his village had seen within the past century. Those thoughts were something that occurred without him having to be bullied, those thoughts were just from the rejection alone but the thoughts that came from the bullying were absolutely devastating.

As soon as his classmates noticed how vulnerable he was they turned on him like a wild animal would turn on an apex predator once it was realized they were stronger than them. In Izaya’s situation he was stronger than his classmates, but he was far from being an apex predator for one precise reason that haunted him throughout his academy years. Izaya didn’t have a pack as large as the others, and thus his pack and he were devoured as if they were the meal of an army of rabid coyotes fighting against three wolves separated from their group. The metaphor used was both unfortunate and highly accurate in Izaya’s case, and it propelled Izaya and his friends, Taki and Yuki, to constantly prove they were better than the others. However, the name calling, the beatings, the stealing, the destruction of his journal, they all proved that malice was something that was both powerful and incapable of truly being repelled.

As graduation neared and the Chuunin instructors stepped up their game, pulling strings to get Izaya and his pack placed in the same Genin team, Izaya began to feel truly grateful. It didn’t matter that he had inherited at least one portion of his father’s ability and felt as though a great tragedy was going to take place in the future that would finally thrust him out of the shell he built up, but he felt grateful. Izaya refused to show his gratefulness to his classmates though, and even those who didn’t know him seemingly could tell that he was constantly holding back a smile or a “thank you”. He was stuck within his shell so far that it made him incapable of showing his emotion, and thus kept him somewhat separated from his friends. It showed especially when he was placed within his team and graduated as the top Genin in the academy, causing others except those closest to him to think he was stuck up; this proved Izaya was there but not quite there all at once.

Beginnings as a Genin + The Death of a Team

Izaya was placed in Genin Team 3, a team he would later take on as his own when a different generation arose, with he and his twin friends Taki and Yuki being taught by one of the harder Jounin to get past in the exams. This is what would replace the Academy as one of the most enjoyable experiences that he would go through in his life time, something he would be eternally grateful for when he held onto the memories he developed at a later point in time. Taki and Yuki became closer to Izaya over time, the two developing a way to open Izaya’s shell to them in certain circumstances. This built an unbreakable bond between the three that enabled them to perform some of the greatest acts of team work that the Shinobi generation would see. It was this team work that would get them killed due to the close bond that all of them held, it was this team work that would lead to the death of everyone on Izaya’s team except Izaya himself.

It was on your average mission outside the village that everything went horribly wrong and forever scarred Izaya while causing him to treasure his personality and pop out of his shell. They had taken on a simple B-Rank mission combating chakra empowered bandits that were supposed to be easy to take on and defeat. There had been an oversight made by the scouts that gathered information and reported to the Kage before the team of Elite Genin had been given their mission. At a level between C-Rank and B-Rank Shinobi themselves the battle should have been relatively simple, but it proved to be a casualty that should have happened in the Third Shinobi War. Within the bandits that they were supposed to be fighting was one of the greatest enemies that Sokaigakure had ever seen, a force both terrifying and breathtakingly powerful.

The bandits were easily taken care of by the group of highly trained Genin, especially once you took their Elite Jounin superior into calculations, and thus they believed everything was over. It wasn’t until they were about to leave that the group was confronted by an immensely powerful entity that decimated them with some fairly potent Jutsu. Their Jounin sensei was the first to go, and then Izaya’s team mates were the targets, but for some reason the man that they had fought against and lost epically to had seen something interesting in Izaya. Izaya was allowed to leave as soon as he promised to cherish the lesson that he had learn, whatever that may be, and that lesson was that he should have been open and enjoyed his life more. It was that moment that Izaya burst out of his shell and became someone that was seemingly a different person than the once near husk that had been walking Sokaigakure for so long, and it would all pay off in the end.

The Days of Chuunin & Jounin + Era of ANBU + Present Day

After the mission went wrong and Izaya was allowed to escape from the menacing grasp of a man with so much power he might as well be considered a God, Izaya returned to the village. He expected to be forced out of his position as Genin, but the higher ups failed to let him explain what he had done and instead placed him as an Elite Chuunin due to his skills. It was a massive oversight that led to this period of Izaya’s life to be one of the most profitable that he had ever experienced. Within these years of being a Chuunin Izaya would have access to a massive library of clan knowledge, he would be given a mentorship with an Elite Jounin in the village, and he would be given more permissions. To say that this came as a surprise to Izaya was an understatement, and, in fact, Izaya believed that he wasn’t yet ready to become a Chuunin but perhaps it was destiny. If fate had somehow intervened and given Izaya the chance to become someone great than he has yet another person he owes an apology to.

Within four months of becoming a Chuunin, Izaya was drafted by the current ANBU Captain to become one of the village’s Hunter Shinobi, and thus his pay check was significantly enhanced. He took the new job position in stride so that it didn’t get to his head, and realized that to have been drafted this quickly he would have had to have been watched. It was quite the odd feeling to know that the higher ups had been preparing for this for as long as they had, and it seemed the events that got him here just let them achieve their goals sooner. Everyone had an ulterior motive, and Izaya knew that Sokaigakure could have very well sent Izaya and his team on that mission just so that they could gain a new ANBU member. Certain members of his village were prized above others, and the always capable Izaya Tantetsu was no exception to this rule; this he worked his ass off to get to a position where he could learn more.

By the time he had become a Jounin Izaya was already one of the most powerful Shinobi in Sokaigakure, and he had taken full advantage of everything at hand. Izaya became the ANBU Captain to find out what he needed and enjoyed the position of power for quite some time before he had retired, all he had wanted was the information. Thankfully for Sokaigakure no Sato Izaya had learned the truth and not the lie a clever soul told him, Sokaigakure was not responsible for what happened. After this was learned and sufficient changes had been made in the ANBU, Izaya took on a Genin team and began to train them well. Team 3 was his own, and when a Sensei for other teams wasn’t available he would take on more students so that the village’s next generation could be more easily prepared. However, he is still acting as Head ANBU due to the fact that he has yet to find a proper successor. Now, with his students and his power, Izaya has set forth to become an icon of Sokaigakure no Sato in the hopes that his village will stay safe until the day they betray him.

Katon: Gōka Mekkyaku [Fire Release: Great Fire Annihilation]
Sando no Jutsu - [Mountainous Earth Technique]
Saikōsetsukaki [Great Interconnected Webbed Seeking Darts]
Korada Toriatsukai - [Chi Bunshin no Jutsu]
Molecular Freezing Seal

Jōzan Surasuto [Multiplying Thrust]
Kōton: Ekikōnami [Steel Release: Liquid Steel Wave]
Kōton: Tsuukon Senjō [Steel Release: Regretful Battlefield]
Kōton: Kōchigirukaze [Steel Release: Steel Shredding Wind]
Kōton: Kaikigōkin [Steel Release: Strange Alloy]
Nankin no Yoroi - [Armor of Sticky Gold]
Spider Gold Manipulation - [Spider Gold Manipulation]
Assimilate All Creation Technique
Enveloping Spider Orb - [Enveloping Spider Orb]
Koton Chakura Modo [Steel Release Chakra Mode]
Koton: Hansha Shimasu Ekitai Koton Kage Bunshin no Jutsu [Steel Release: Reflective Liquid Steel Shadow Clone Technique]
Koton: Ekitai Koton Kagami [Steel Release: Liquid Steel Mirror]
Kinetic Absorption Seal
Kinetic Redirection Seal
Impervious Kinetic Seal Augment
Kinetic Hyperextension Seal
Kagura Mind's Eye

Kuchiyose: Rashōmon [Summoning: Rashōmon]
Saaberu no Jutsu - [Sabre Technique]
Kage Bunshin no Jutsu [Shadow Clone Technique]
Kōton: Gokusha [Steel Release: Prison
Kōton: Kōsuijime [Steel Release: Steel Fold]
Kōton: Kōheki [Steel Release: Steel Wall]
Kōton: Ekikōbunshin [Steel Release: Liquid Steel Clone]
Kōton: Bukete [Steel Release: Warrior Arm]
Doton Kekkai: Dorou Doumu - [Earth Barrier: Earth Dome Prison]
Hien - [Flying Swallow]
Kumo Gōrudo Jenerēshon - [Spider Gold Generation]
Kumo Ninkin - [Spider Sticky Gold]
Kumo Yūdoku Gōrudo - [Spider Toxic Gold]

Iaigiri - [Iai Beheading]
Kai [Release]
Kōton: Teishi [Steel Release: Halt]
Kumo-Ryu Kaengiri - [Cloud-Style Flame Beheading]
Kumo-Ryu Mikazukigiri - [Cloud-Style Three days' Moon Beheading]
Kōton: Kōsaku [Steel Release: Steel Cable]
Kassei-ka/Mukō-ka [Activation/Deactivation]
Course Chakra - [Course Chakra]
Koton: Suirikigaku [Steel Release: Hydraulics]
Koton: Shoji [Steel Release: Demagnetization]
Koton: Yugami [Steel Release: Liquify]
Kassei-ka/Mukō-ka - Activation/Deactivation
Course Chakra
Projectile Negativity Seal
Projectile Redirection Seal


Shunshin no Jutsu [Body Flicker Technique]
Kinobori no Waza [Act of Tree Climbing]
Suimen Hokou no Waza [Act of Water Surface Walking]
Kōton: Kōsori [Steel Release: Steel Warp]
Kōton: Juritsu [Steel Release: Create]
Kirigakure no Jutsu - [Hidden Mist Technique]
Gōrudenshiruku Hassha - [Golden Silk Projectile]
Shiruku Ebingu Shōmo-no - [Hybrid Silk Webbing Net]
Sutikkīgōrudenfurōringu - [Sticky Golden Flooring]
Gōrudenshiruku Hassha - Golden Silk Projectile
Shiruku Ebingu Shōmo-no - Hybrid Silk Webbing Net
Sutikkīgōrudenfurōringu - Sticky Golden Flooring

Henge no Jutsu [ Transformation Technique ]
Bunshin no Jutsu [Clone Technique ]
Kawarimi no Jutsu[ Substitution Technique]
Kakuremino no Jutsu[ Cloak of Invisibility Technique]
Nawanuke no Jutsu [Rope Escape Technique]

Raiton Jutsu

Lightning Release: Lightning Ball [Raiton: Raitama - 雷穿孔: 雷玉]
Lightning Senbon [Raiton Senbon - 雷吻千本]
Lightning Release: Lightbulb Technique
Lightning Release: Burst Technique
Lightning Orb
Lightning Pulse
Mind Disruption
Lightning Release: Magnetic Pulse
Lightning Illusion Flash of Lightning Pillar
Lightning Release: Discharge
Lightning Release: Uprising
Lightning Release: Arc Lightning
Lightning Release: Lightning Dragon Technique
Lightning Release: Phoenix Sage Thunder Technique
Lightning Release: Voltage Blade
Lightning Release: Wave of Prosperity
Lightning Release: Shadow Clone
Lightning Release: False Darkness
Lightning Release: Yata Wall
Lightning Release: Four Pillar Bind
Lightning Release: Thunder Seal Technique
Acrobat: Lever
Lightning Illusion Static Electricity Lock
Lightning Illusion Static Electricity Repulse
Lightning Release: Blitzkrieg Technique
Lightning Release: Running Wolves
Lightning Release: Thunder Strike
Lightning Beast Running
Chidori (千鳥)
Lightning Release: Raiton Bullets
Lightning Release: Feral Lightning (Raiton: Yasei Raikō - 雷遁・野生雷光)
Lightning Release: Heavenly Destruction Technique
Acrobat: Switch
Acrobat: Cartwheel
Acrobat: Pike
Acrobat: Layout
Lightning Illusion Static Electricity Genesis
Lightning Release: Raging Dragon
Lightning Release: Electromagnetic Murder
Lightning Release: Striking White Shadows
Lightning Release: Lightning Core
Drilling Lightning: Thunder
Lightning Release: Pitch Black Thunder Technique

Other Jutsu:

Kage Bunshin no Jutsu

Kekkei Genkai:

Kekkei Genkai


Infectious Chakra (Unique Chakra Properties): Izaya-sho was born with infectious chakra that makes another person’s chakra poisonous to that person (it can also make a person's abilities infectious to that person)

After 8 posts an individual isn’t able to use their Jutsu without poisoning themselves. Individuals with larger chakra pools, however, may take longer (it can be 2 or more posts), and it is most effective on weaker Shinobi, or those with small chakra pools. The effects lead to an individual suffering multiple organ failure, and having to be healed by a skilled Ijutsu user/healer. Every two Jutsu reduce the post amount required to completely poison the target by 2, with rank being irrelevant. It stays like this until the next thread, or until you can be healed.

After the 8 posts, D-Rank Chakra can’t be used by Genin without causing immense pain, and potentially killing the Genin, and C-Rank Chakra are capable of incapacitating a Chunin, while a Jonin’s more powerful, B-rank to A-Rank Jutsu would leave them, quite likely, completely unconscious, and potentially dead. These are the effects of absolute poisoning, without the obvious effect of making it potentially impossible for an individual to use Chakra until the poison is out of their system (the effects wear off in their next thread, though they will still need to recover from any physical damage, or have it healed, clearly) (basically, having your own, entire chakra pool be poisonous to yourself is bad. Very bad). The rank of Jutsu that are capable of causing another person’s chakra to become poisonous to them are C-Rank and above, with C-Rank being the least effective. In addition, certain Jutsu or poisons can be implemented into Izaya’s body or his actions to cause different effects on top of the poisoning of an individual’s chakra.

Koton: ((Credit goes to FallenBlades))

Born from the combination of Katon, Suiton and Doton, Kōton [Steel Release] is the manipulation of the alloy born from iron and carbon. At it's base form, it is the creation of structures or weapons from this substance and the control of said structures through chakra, similar to Doton. Iron and carbon molecules are collected in the earth, then rapidly heated using Katon chakra, squashed together using Doton chakra and then cooled using Suiton chakra, hence the combination. Normally such a quick process would result in very large impurities in the resulting steel, however with the Tantetsu's long history of forging and experience using this process, they have created a very specific balance of chakra and the way the molecules are moved in such a way that impurities only very rarely appear and as such the steel is strong and flexible.

Before Genin of the clan are allowed to learn how to manipulate Kōton, they must first learn how to properly handle the three elements that make it up, especially Doton. As such, many Genin and younger members of the clan work as 'Shifters', pushing ore to the higher levels of the Grand Forges using Doton or as 'Coolers', blasting water into the Grand Forges after their work is completed. The coming of age task clan members go through is known as the 'Rite by Creation' and insists that the clan member create a weapon using their three elements but without utilizing Kōton. The larger or more powerful the weapon, the more renown the clan member won for themselves, the very minimum being a kunai or shuriken. Through such practices they learn the ability to perfectly forge metals, an ability required for the usage of Kōton and as such they earn the rite to be taught techniques in the art of steel.

Most basic Kōton techniques are indeed modeled after Doton techniques, creating thick walls, domes, pillars or other rigid structures that offer defense and control of the battlefield. Offensive Kōton techniques, while indeed powerful, are less common and usually consist of the creation of weapons such as kunai or shuriken for throwing at an enemy. However, in recent years certain clan members have been experimenting with the possibility of utilizing molten steel as a medium for offensive techniques. The issue is that in this state the steel is much more unstable and difficult to control, making it a non-advised usage of Kōton, to the point where several of the clan elders actively condemn the practice. There is no doubt of it's power, however even the most skilled of Kōton-users are advised to utilize extreme caution.

Another unique feature to Kōton that has been added thanks to modern experimentation with the style, is the idea of substituting an amount of carbon in the forging process for other elements, such as tungsten or nickel. Though such practices are very alien to the clan's previous ideology, it does present the created steel with additional benefits, such as increased melting point, lack of magnetic attraction or increased malleability, depending on the alloying material used. However, doing that costs much more chakra and requires a greater degree of chakra control than the average clan member, in addition to the fact that such possibilities are not taught to clan members until very near the end of their tutelage, sometimes into their mid-twenties, giving them much less time to adapt to the idea.

Intense Physicality: ((Credit goes to FallenBlades))

Most, if not all, clan members of the Tantetsu clan are monstrously strong both in terms of their genes and growing up as workers in the Grand Forges. Although in the past this strength was used mainly for hauling and loading ore, advanced forging techniques have required stronger and stronger arms to utilize as the world progresses in terms of technology. As such, it's not unusual for a fully grown adult Tantetsu clan member to breach 7ft tall and have biceps almost as big as their own head. And that's both genders. The issue with being so huge and burly however, is that their speed suffers in equal measure, making them easier to outrun as compared to regular shinobi of their rank.

That being said, what they lack in speed, they make up in stamina and endurance. Where a regular shinobi would tire out, the Tantetsu keep running, oblivious to the pain tearing through their muscles or the kunai in their shoulder, they keep going with a determination that is both admirable and scary. Often a particularly large Tantetsu clan member has shrugged off a barrage of powerful Taijutsu strikes and continued swinging, even without utilizing any Kōton techniques.

Another aspect to their awe-inspiring physicality is their ability to withstand both heat and cold, having worked both in the depths of the freezing underground and near the blazing hellfire of the Grand Forges. No matter if they are in a tundra or desert, the Tantetsu clan member is able to regulate their inner body temperature to match the requirements of the environment and do not suffer from naturally-occurring frostbite or heat-stroke. As such, they feel everything at a constant temperature, with the exception of extreme circumstances, such as instances where they would be burned or frozen alive.
(Note: Izaya’s metabolism is significantly higher than that of other Tantetsu members. That means that his musculature is denser, instead of being larger, but that he retains the same amount of strength. He’s also rather speedy because of this, with an intense speed alongside his physicality.)

Steel Artisan:

The ability to bend and mold steel into a potent blade is a rather under-appreciated skill, especially among shinobi. However, there are no better forge-masters in Iwagakure than the Tantetsu, who use their massive underground Grand Forges to construct weapons, armor, anything they are commissioned to do with not only the utmost speed, but the utmost skill also. While other clans are known for producing great and powerful blades, the Tantetsu clan blades are noted for their unique construction and forging, able to withstand pressures much too high for a regular blade.

By pouring their chakra into a blade while it's being forged and using certain materials, the creator can bestow it with a great number of different properties. Anything from a sword that glows in the dark, to a gigantic hammer that felt as light as a feather to the person bonded to it. Smithing is everything to the Tantetsu. They live for the task of creating and lament when such weapons find their way into use by those with whom they do not belong. Some even go out of their way to track down the clan's most ancient creations throughout history and retrieve them as relics; a grand inquisition to return these creations to their rightful owners.


+ Kunai (30)
+ Shuriken (30)
+ Senbon (15)
+ Chakra Pen for Fuuinjutsu
+ Massive Sealing Scroll - able to have its massive amounts of paper separated from it to be used in Jutsu, very easily, or to be used to make another sealing scroll, if you have the equipment
+ Kali - Koton Katana - Kali has strengths and qualities that make it superior to that of other Katana of equal or even higher ranks. Everything but the most powerful of techniques are capable of even damaging it, and it can be used to defend against most bladed weapons. It’s also extremely sharp, and can be described as much sharper than blades of equal rank, though it isn’t anywhere as sharp as the legendary blades unless it is being reinforced by a chakra technique, which makes the blade as sharp as the legendary blades due to the high effectiveness chakra techniques have with Kali.

Due to it being chakra conductive, it can be repaired for chakra at will for chakra equal to whatever damaged it in combat, and for free outside of combat, thus making it one of the longest lasting blades ever to be made. It can be sharpened with chakra as well, and has retained its high amount of sharpness since the day it was forged in blue fire.

Kali is a Koton blade, and makes use of the most capable of Koton chakra. Those runes that it has are seals that contain molten Koton able to be manipulated by the user (manipulated as in controlled in direction, attack pattern, separating it or putting it back together, but it can’t form complex shapes as that’ll require Jutsu). There are seals on the blade that allow the user to funnel chakra into them to manipulate the direction and such of the molten koton.

This molten Koton is red hot, and can melt through many, many things, if wanted. It. The koton, even if solidified, can be reheated to melting point so that it can be used by the user constantly. It can be controlled up to 50 meters away, even without Jutsu. There is enough molten steel in Kali to make at least 3 clones. This means that, even though it is not always used in such large amounts due to it being unnecessary to control that much, there is generally more than enough Koton to use for offensive purposes.

The sword, unfortunately, is capable of being defeated on many avenues. While there are more ways to defeat it than the following, here are some examples; destroying the koton prevents the blade’s ability from being used, and the Koton is extremely hard to replace, and whether you can replace it will be decided on by staff; damage to the one-off seals can lead to the same circumstances, especially since there are only notes left on how to repair the sword’s seals; chakra is required to change the direction of the molten Koton, which means it can lead to chakra exhaustion if used in ridiculous amounts (D-Rank chakra for each action).

Important Equipment:


Name: The Armor of Clan Tantetsu (General)
Type: Armor
Skill Required: High Skill Level


The non-magnetic Armor of Clan Tantetsu is a relic once wielded by a Ronin said to possess the power to take the chakra of creatures and humans alike and force them into his armor to enhance his own power. The Armor is a beautiful construction of a rare kind of metal that is capable of resisting and redirecting chakra in colorful arrays. It is a meticulously designed piece of art that has been created with two purposes in mind, combat and survival, and it excels in both of these.

Red and black in appearance, the armor glows in certain areas with the excess chakra from the owners that have formerly wielded and died within it during battle. In addition it has various runes that are indecipherable to all but the user seemingly engraved into it, these runes change at time depending on the situation. To one with chakra sensing capabilities, however, it seems to hold their nightmares and is apparently capable of inducing intense fear in whoever looks within the armor.


The Armor of Clan Tantetsu is said to have been first imbued with the life blood and soul of the great Ronin Xaphan (but doesn’t actually hold the souls of others that own it), this gifting the user the capacity to create things far beyond what most are capable of conceiving (IE. a super bingo book or something). It gifts the user two of the abilities and the capacity to come up with new and innovative designs as a blessing, as well as weapons, objects, and Jutsu that are slightly more powerful than average. However the Ronin Xaphan is most notably one of the more corrupting influences upon the user and can cause them to go mad. It can also absorb demons, dark spirits, souls of those killed by its wielders, and more. This allows the user's power to grow exponentially, as they take the abilities, control, minions, and more of even demons (so, IF he can absorb a lord of hell, Izaya would become lord of whatever hell the lord ruled over. This is but one of the reasons why it's so corrupting).

Anyone who possesses the armor is capable of creating extremely potent Jutsu that are more powerful than your average technique but normally have a price for each of them in some way (and if they don’t, they probably enhance the detrimental effects the armor already has on its owner), these are referred do as Cursed Techniques (not to be confused with Cursed Seals) and are the closely guarded secret of a sect of Shinobi devoted to harnessing the power of supposedly arcane forces and infected Chakra. Each of these Jutsu will have a unique effect and will identify with the Armor, one of the modules that have been created and added onto the armor, or a weapon that is wielded with the armor. The Jutsu can have effects ranging from looking into someone’s eyes and inducing fear within them through the disturbing chakra buffer that the armor has or something more mundane like lighting an area. (Note: The user is capable of using Jutsu one rank higher than normal in any area with the armor as long as the Jutsu are directly connected to the armor or the tools that go along with it)

The second ability is one that is related to the armor in a somewhat lessened extent than abilities that follow it, and this one gives the armor the capacity to add modules and modifications to it. The user can create different add-ons for the armor with up to 3 modifications able to be added for each area as long as they apply (Note: These have to be A-Rank and below, but this doesn’t apply to the weapons that go along with the armor since they are technically separate. Further Note: This doesn’t apply to the primary portions of the armor because they are just what makes the armor what it is. The primary portions are listed below and more can’t be created later). In addition, the armor has sealing runes on it from a user long passed that allows the current owner to use the runes in place of specialized items such as sealing scrolls.

The user can repair the armor at will by paying Chakra equal to one rank below the amount of damage that has been inflicted upon the damage, thus adding to the amount of chakra the armor takes from the user(Note: This can’t be used in combat, so no auto-repairing if you manage to steal this from Isaiah… AKA kill him). In addition the quasi-sentient armor is connected to the user’s soul, and it stores some of the user’s chakra within itself, while also being stored within the user. This allows the armor to be called upon and form around the user in a relatively short amount of time, but it has affects upon its owner.

The armor has an effect on its user that can cause them to act strangely or even push them into a violent rage, making them seem as if they are possessed or something similar. This is due to the armor’s capacity to absorb spirits and Daemons (not chakra daemons, just daemons) and store them, but due to the amount of daemons and spirits it has absorbed the psychological effects on the users it has can vary. With time it is possible for the user’s mind to become corrupted, which is unfortunate when you think of the physical attributes it bestows upon its owners.

Finally, medical items and techniques are two ranks less effective on the user when they are trying to get healed.

Name: The Chest of Naphula
Type: Armor
Skill Required: High Skill Level


The Chest Plate of Naphula is a gorgeous chest plate with three dimensional accents and black and red spikes that exude chakra. It has the appearance of an oddly gorgeous metal that looks like rotting wood. In some areas it is luminescent and it faintly glows an attractive reddish black color when in use.


The Chest Plate is a primary portion of the Armor of Tantetsu that doesn’t count as an add-on to the modular armor but instead is simply part of it. It is said to be occupied by the enemy of Xaphan, Naphula, and gifts the user some of the abilities of the Ronin that rules over the handicrafts, philosophy, and the sciences. This part of the armor has a specialized focus and use, and is capable of allowing its owner to achieve several things which are extremely useful.

The Chest Plate of Naphula grants the user the capability to fire a burst of elemental chakra and otherwise project Chakra from the chest plate, however this is most useful with Jutsu and therefore the Chakra doesn’t surpass B-Rank, but each Jutsu induced a psychological effect of the user’s choosing through their cursed chakra. The Chest Plate of Naphula also gives the user the ability to create constructs and objects that can be used for a variety of things, while also granting them the capacity to absorb books and knowledge into the chest plate and learn everything that is within. In addition, the Chest Plate will “tell” the user information about the current situation and offer them advice on what to do.

The Chest of Naphula requires large amounts of chakra each time it is used.

Name: The Mask of Nybbas & Vine
Type: Armor
Skill Required: High Skill Level


The Mask of Nybbas &amp; Vine is a terrifying apparition that seems to gaze directly into the soul of those that the user looks at, drawing whatever information that it wants to from them. Its red glow and the eyes that it possesses are considered to only add to its monstrous appearance. it is downright disturbing how the armor was shaped, but some believe it to have been based off of the faces of Nybbas &amp; Vine put together.


The Mask of Nybbas &amp; Vine is one of the primary portions of the Armor of Clan Tantetsu and therefore doesn’t take up one of the slots for modules and modifications. It is said to be occupied by the Ronin Nybbas; Nybbas rules over visions, dreams and emotions and this allows the user to create Jutsu that influence these things and use Genjutsu one rank above what they are normally allowed to use; the mask is one of the only items said to be occupied by a second Ronin, this Ronin being Vine, or the Ronin that tells others things. The mask’s primary abilitieis, however, are more utilitarian anything else and it’s supplementary ability is more of an underlying feeling induced upon others.

The Mask allows its users to more easily detect Genjutsu and letting them dispel Jutsu two ranks higher than normal, read the emotions of others as Auras, sense the chakra types of others (as long as they are within sight) and detect how powerful an individual is. The Mask is highly effective in these areas as a tool for gathering knowledge or combating Genjutsu users. It is noted to have been used as a form of protection against “witches” with powerful Genjutsu so that the user could be put on par with them.

((Note: The ability to use Genjutsu higher than the user's rank only applies to the user if they are using Jutsu based around the Mask. Note: If they don’t gave Genjutsu, it doesn’t give them Genjutsu.))

Name: The Gauntlets of Valefor
Type: Armor
Skill Required: High Skill Level


The Gauntlets of Valefor are red and black beauties that seem to flow like liquid silver with the world around them. They are elegantly designed extended gloves that have an aura of strength. The Gauntlets are nothing but useful, and it shows in the chains that fall from them.


The Gauntlets of Valefor are one of the primary portions of the Armor of Clan Tantetsu and therefore doesn’t take up one of the slots for modules and modifications. The Gauntlets are said to be occupied by Valefor, and it gifts the user increased strength against its opponents as well as the capacity to fight in a superior way. The Gauntlets, most notably, are the most chakra sensitive parts of the armor and allow the user to feel through his armor by exuding a thin layer of chakra invisible to all but chakra sensors over it.

The Daemon Gauntlets give the user the ability to focus Chakra into their fist and thus allow them to hit with greatly increased strength compared to when they are not using the armor. They also have retractable claws that can have chakra focused through them to increase their cutting capacity when other weapons aren’t available, the claws can extend to up to 4 inches. The second built-in weapon they have is a large set of chains that can be controlled up to 15 meters away through Chakra, but are most effective with Jutsu. The Gauntlets also let the user mold their elemental chakra into a somewhat solid form and use the chakra as a tool or something similar, and the medium costing chakra weapons have the power of an S-Rank elemental weapon. While most effective when using Jutsu to go along with it, the use of the Gauntlets can’t be underestimated despite the fact the chakra is limited to closer ranges.

Name: The Boots & Leggings of Shax
Type: Armor
Skill Required: High Skill Level


The Boots & Leggings of Shax are red and black and possess dangerous edges on them. They are most notably outfitted with the two crystals of Shax cut into dozens of pieces and planted all around the boots and leggings to spread the power of the Ronin supposedly lying within evenly.


The Boots & Leggings of Shax are one of the primary portions of the Armor of Clan Tantetsu and therefore doesn’t take up one of the slots for modules and modifications. The Daemon Boots & Leggings of Shax are said to be occupied by the Ronin himself and gift the user with abilities that let them traverse across all terrains. Their ability is both defensive and supplementary, and enables them to wade through whatever area they must.

This piece of equipment gives the user the capability to walk on and wade through all forms of material, though it just uses the wading for liquids and even that is rare, no matter the temperature or type. This is a most effective ability since it requires no Chakra and can replace several base Jutsu of a Shinobi. The leggings are capable of using Jutsu to increase the speed of the user, and thus Jutsu are normally used with what is considered the most limited of the armor’s components.

Name: The Bandages blessed by Azazel
Type: Armor
Skill Required: High Skill Level


The Bandages of Azazel are perfectly arranged white bandages that hold a mysterious aura to them. They are said to possess the uncanny ability to swerve and move as if they are serpents. They are slick to the touch, and can have their color and appearance and even texture changed at the will of the user. They are rarely seen due to residing underneath the armor’s surface, and due to being used very scarcely.


The Bandages Blessed by Azazel are one of the primary portions of the Armor of Clan Tantetsu and therefore doesn’t take up one of the slots for modules and modifications. Unlike most, if not all, of the Armor the Bandages are not filled with a Ronin but have been supposedly blessed by a great and powerful being himself. Since the blessing is so powerful it is believed that these bandages are the original Armor and spawned a series of events that would lead to the forging of other parts of the armor.

The Bandages of Azazel are nigh-unbreakable unending fabric bandages that are capable of snaking out of the Armor and being manipulated by the user, and can’t be manipulated by the techniques of others. They can extend for over 50 meters and can break, shrink, and in general be manipulated by the user so that they are capable of achieving a wide variety of things. While most useful with Jutsu, this is considered to be the only part of the armor that can be used as freely as one would use their sword.

NOTE ABOUT ALL: Each of them requires a rank appropriate Chakra cost unless stated otherwise.[/spoiler]

The Enhancements of Izaya Tantetsu

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Bodies of Izaya Tantetsu

The First Body

Name: Kai Senju - Body of Izaya Tantetsu
Role: Neutral (First body of Izaya Tantetsu)
Age: 27
Rank: A-Rank Jonin
Gender: Male
Native Land/Village: Kusagakure no Sato
Current Place of Residence: Roaming Tsuchi no Kuni as independent body connected to Izaya
Personality: See Izaya

Before the Assimilation

Before Kai Senju was assimilated into the body of Izaya Tantetsu to be imbued with Izaya’s soul, he was an A-Rank Jonin of the Shinobi village of Kusagakure no Sato. Kai was a highly decorated officer born to a family of the Senju that had separated from the Konohagakure no Sato branch and made the move to Kusagakure no Sato over three decades ago. Kai Senju was one of the prides that Kusagakure no Sato could claim as its own, and they were quite angered when they found how Kai Senju had been killed.

Kai had been killed by the Tsuchikage, Izaya Tantetsu, when the two ninja confronted each other deep within the nation of Tsuchi no Kuni, or the Land of Earth. Izaya confronted the Senju when he refused to identify himself by name, or state the reason why he was within the borders of another nation. Believing Kai to be a threat, the Tantetsu gave the man all he had by calling upon the great Daemon Armor of Clan Tantetsu.

The battle was an epic one due to the fact both were about equal in power at that time, and Izaya was held back by the fact he wanted to preserve the body of his opponent and all of its parts. Izaya, however, got the upper hand when he was able to use his inhuman strength to grab onto Kai’s throat, and strangle him to death in a fashion most unlike Izaya. The battle ended with Izaya requiring over 120 stitches as he was barely held together by a few horribly placed wires of Sticky Spider Gold, and with Kai in near perfect condition.
Motivations: See Izaya
+ Average in Taijutsu & Strong in Ninjutsu
+ Independent
+ Emotionally Stable
+ Weak in Genjutsu
+ Stubborn
+ Somewhat defiant
Specialty Jutsu(s):
+ Wood Release: Wood Dragon Technique
+ Wood Release: Foo Dog Heads
+ Wood Release: Cutting Technique
+ Wood Release: Advent of a World of Flowering Trees
Kekkei Genkai: See Tantetsu Clan - Mokuton
Writing Sample: See Izaya Tantetsu

The Second Body

Name: Ichor Kaguya
Role: Neutral (Second body of Izaya Tantetsu)
Age: 14
Rank: B-Rank Missing Nin; Formerly Tokubetsu Jonin
Gender: Male
Native Land/Village: Iwagakure no Sato
Current Place of Residence: Roaming Tsuchi no Kuni as independent body connected to Izaya
Personality: See Izaya please

Before the Assimilation

Before his assimilation, Ichor Kaguya was a missing shinobi of Iwagakure no Sato that had encountered Izaya Tantetsu during his tenure as an actively hunting member of Iwagakure’s ANBU before he became Tsuchikage. Ichor Kaguya posed a major threat to Iwagakure and Tsuchi no Kuni as a whole due to the fact that he had access to massive amounts of classified information. Izaya Tantetsu was tasked with hunting down the young Tokubetsu Jonin, and it would prove to be a kill that was difficult due to the boy’s age.

Ichor Kaguya was a brilliant shinobi that abandoned Iwagakure no Sato once he discovered a brutal secret that, to this day, has remained uncovered, and it was something that would defeat Iwagakure no Sato as one of the most powerful Shinobi villages ever. The shinobi was to encounter Izaya on a field of roses that would become his death bed, and once he did he fought tooth and claw with Izaya’s gorgeous Daemon Armor of Clan Tantetsu. The armor was damaged so much that it had to be repaired manually instead of having it repaired through chakra, and it left the weapon in a permanently weakened state as several daemons escaped.

Now, Ichor is a member of the little family that makes up Izaya’s bodies… and it allows him to be young again, and see the world with the mind, and eye, of a 14 year old.

Motivations: See Izaya please
+ Balanced between Taijutsu & Ninjutsu
+ Mastery of Dead Bone Pulse, and is capable of using Jutsu one rank higher than usual for clan related techniques
+ Intelligent
+ Weak to Genjutsu
+ Blind in left eye
+ Izaya left a piece of Ichor’s original personality intact, and so it may arise if exposed to a powerful enough genjutsu
+ See Izaya
Specialty Jutsu(s):
+ Various Dead Bone Pulse Jutsu
Kekkei Genkai: Dead Bone Pulse
Writing Sample: See Izaya please

So begins...

Izaya-sho Tantetsu's Story