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Iziti Oculus Rixy

Subject IV. "With these eyes of mine, I have control".

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by LookingAtPerks


These brothers/clones escaped from a horrible, tantalizing research facility where they were tortured, experimented on, and treated inhumanely. But now they escaped, they are strong, and they are united!
Students, Staff, Alumni, all involved past or present are listed here in the records.
The Adventurer's Guild, spanning galaxy wide despite having its headquarters based on Origin, is an organization of people have dedicated their lives to doing all sorts of quests, big or small.


This counts as an ID, pamphlet, map, passport, notebook, and all around useful item. Some people also put in research ntoes for plasma energy, summoning rituals, and robot designs in here. They are enchanted to be invincible.
Shows that you are registered to the Adventurer's Guild, and is capable of showing one's acquired skills, stats, titles, powers, race, and general identification. Can be used as a Universal Passport.




Name: Iziti Oculus Rixy

Age: Fourteen, Probably. He does not know his age, since he was born and raised in a lab. Is the fourth eldest "brother".

Appearance: (See image)

Nicknames: Oculus, Subject IV (Third Clone)

History: Iziti was actually taken from an orphanage as a baby and utilized as a test subject to develop weapons using people with superpowers or other supernatural abilities as those weapons. And it was not just the painful bad kind, but the dark ones too. The experiments involved Iziti being opened up again and again, as one of the "Core Subjects" in their attempts to implant more powers and abilities into him. This hurt him extremely, but over time he got more powerful.

Originally, the scientists had taken Iziti because of his unique ability known as "Adaptability", which made him genetically able to accept and utilize all foreign tissue. However, he was not the only subject it turned out. One day, Subject XIII, the one who came after him, caused large scale destruction. This new power caused a huge amount of damage that let him escape, and caused the release of many other test subjects as well. What was surprising is that they all shared white hair and red eyes, and even their facial features were similar if not the same. Additionally, all had bar codes planted on them, mostly in the same place, under the left eye. Add then, they soon learned. Avera, the youngest of them all and the one who released them all, was actually a clone using implanted memories from the first subject, and he was subject thirteen. The youngest of the clones. Iziti himself was the fourth oldest, Subject IV, and was under the same circumstances.

Outraged, the subjects wiped out the scientists, and then escaped into the world. They sort of keep in touch, but they often also lose track of each other. Supposedly, there is one brother however that is tracking all of them, because he was given a supernatural ability to do so.

Supernatural Abilities:

Adaptability: Iziti's body is capable of utilizing and absorbing all foreign tissue without issue, regardless of the source. It may also hold other effects, but this was the main one utilized.

Spirit Guardian: Astera: Iziti's Spirit Guardian takes the form of a white and yellow tiger with lightning around it, named Astera. Astera is balanced between offense and defense, and is able to project barriers, fire off energy beams, and attack with electricity. He also can teleport short range, as well as temporarily move himself for a few seconds at lightspeed.

Enhanced Physical Abilities: Nuff said.

Extremely Advanced Eyesight: His eyes can spot and see things no one else can.

Ocular Abilities: Iziti's eyes change colors according to the power he uses while glowing. When he uses multiple powers, the eyes can show multiple colors supposedly, but there does seem to be some sort of limit on how many he can use at once. Although not necessary, some of their power increases if he looks into a target's eyes. His base color is red, but there is also a bright red when active:

Orange: Dash: Iziti moves in an extremely fast blur wherever he was just looking at, in the orientation he wishes.

Yellow: Swap: Iziti can swap any two things, or something and himself, that exist in the Yellow Eye's eyesight.

Green: Borrow: Iziti borrows the supernatural abilities of another he looked at, allowing him to utilize the power for a limited time.

Blue: Madness: Iziti drives his target into madness just by looking at him, making him not just see things and hear things that drive him further, but the mind itself just seems to begin to fall into madness. This also gives them headaches and disorientation. He can also manipulate how the madness manipulates them, and allows him to do various things as a result.

Purple: Thought: Iziti can not just read, but even manipulate the thoughts of others of those he looks at.

Red: Chronus: This color lets him not just see the future, but also the past, and lets him make small time distortions.

Black: Death: He drains the vitality of anyone in he looks at with these eyes.

White: Life: Anyone in the gaze of these eyes cannot die. At all. Any wounds that are viewed begin to rapidly heal.

Gray: Sleep: He makes the target extremely drowsy and distracted, if not outright putting them to sleep.

Brown: Mimic: He can mimic the appearance of anyone he has seen with these eyes. He can also mimic actions they can and have taken that he would normally be unable to do. The only thing he cannot mimic is their eye color.

Teal: Examination: This one lets him do a detailed examination, that would often normally require forensic equipment, X-Ray machines, and so on to do. But yes, it can also work like an X-Ray Vision ability.

Other Colors may still exist....

Weapon Creation: While not as powerful as Ixian's, it can still be useful for Iziti.

So begins...

Iziti Oculus Rixy's Story


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"They said it was colder, but I guess that's just relative to Rosetta".

Iziti spoke out while on the roof of a building, overlooking the streets. He was dressed in a black t shirt, blue cargo pants, and black sneakers. A messengers bag was swung on his side, and his Spirit Guardian spoke to him telepathically.

"You should probably try to exercise your powers a little. They are a bit different from most. Start by trying a dash over to that adjacent building, it should be in range".

"What is this, a game tutorial?"

"You have only been able to play those for a month now, and your already referencing them? Anyways, this is a new setting, so maybe it might be different".

"Fine fine. But to be clear, Dash has the range of my eyesight".

"Too far strains you though, and only to where you can see clearly. Now, let's stop wasting time".

Iziti's eyes changed color as they lit up, and suddenly he moved as a fast blur unhindered by gravity.

"Now, let's test your reflexes after climbing. Use that ledge over there, Dash to it then climb up the ledge".

"This is a game tutorial!"

"Focus on your Oculus!"

Iziti dashed over to the edge of the next building that was higher then him, and climbed up. So far he did not feel any strain.

"Next, let's test swap".

"Okay, I literally had all this tested in a twisted inhumane laboratory. This is completely unnecessary".

"Let's. Test. Swap".

" got addicted to video games didn't you!!"


Iziti shook his head in disbelief. "Amazing. Just amazing..."

The setting changes from aslypsa-city to Astrius Academy Dorms

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"And I am telling you, it's true!"

"No way is that true!"

"Is too!"

"No way!"

As someone slept on the floor of the hallway, two figures came down. Both of them were around fourteen years old, and they seemed to be in a heated conversation. They were both coming from the outside, from around where the Arcade was on Campus, or at least one of them. They were relatively close, and despite the heated conversation seemed friendly with each other.

"I find it hard to believe that the king really prefers cheeseburgers over fancy foods".

"But it is!"

One of them was Iziti Rixy, and the other was the First Prince of the Kingdom, Zakar Verrevia. However, they were not acting like subject and noble, but two friends argueing over something. Iziti and Zakar both were wearing normal casual clothes, and Zakar also had his sword with him. Iziti had a pair of sunglasses with him, as well as a pair of goggles currently on his arm. Neither one looked particularly stressed despite the arguing, and they seemed rather friendly even.

"That seems too weird".

"We just killed an Ogre that was rampaging by the arcade for some reason, and you think that is odd?!?!"

"Well, yeah. Ogres are normal on this planet".

"...I guess you are right there..."

And then, suddenly, Iziti felt a "squish" under his shoe. It was not vomit though, or food, or someone's pet slime, or pillow. Rather, it was a person.


Iziti quickly took his shoe off, and used his Teal Color, Examination, to examine Primaris' body to see if he is okay.

"Wonder why he is just passed out on the floor like this..."

Zakar meanwhile was just wondering why he was passed out.

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#, as written by claw
If the boy sprawled on the floor actually noticed someone stepping on his back he didn't make any actual sign. He remained hopelessly unconscious, breathing steadily as if in deepest sleep, hardly aware of the small trail of black vomit that still clung to his clean shaven chin like a poor attempt at putting primal warpaint on his young face. He seemed to all the world to be nothing more than sleeping peacefully if it were not for the fact he were laying face first on the floor, a steadily growing patch of red sprouting across his cheek from where he had collided with the floor of the hallway.

And then, as an ominous shift changed with the very air, a static charge that filled ones heart with energy most foul if only for the briefest of moments if they could so much as feel it, something very, very unusual happened. For only a brief moment as the pulse of what could only be the strongest of magics tore through the very fabric of everything for only a heartbeat the veins on the boys face pulsed with a green light as though his very blood had been replaced with glowing algae. It shone brightly for only a blink of an eye before it too faded into memory so swiftly it seemed as though it had been nought but a trick of illusion and nothing more.

As though it were an unseen signal this strange pulse of green baleful light was a call to arise, for with a loud and strangled gasp as if drawing in breath at last for the first time as the boy who had been unconscious suddenly sprang up into a sitting position. He coughed and spluttered as he awoke once more, looking around himself and at his bare hands, his brown eyes glazed over as though he had just been awoken too early from a long slumber.

"Where... Where am I?" He spoke, coughing as he spoke though finally no more specks of the black and foul smelling vomit left his body as he talked. He couldn't help but rub his face, partially for the pain across his cheek from where he had landed but mostly for the dull ache, that stinging compulsion that felt like something was prodding him from the inside of his brain. It felt as though some large creature was inside the confines of his skull and trying to push its way outwards, urging him to fall forwards or else follow where it was trying to go.

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The two noticed the green blood, but did not really think much of it. Iziti was raised in a lab and didn't have a real idea for common sense yet, and Zakar grew up on Origin with weird stuff around all the time.

However, Iziti did find something odd with his Teal Vision, Examination.

"This seems normal. But I coulda was probably nothing".

Iziti though he felt a very old energy on him, but he shrugged it off.

"Anyways, ummm....are you sick or something? This is Astrius Academy, and we are in the boy's dorms right now. And it looks like that is your room".

Notably, there was a cleaning robot there now cleaning up all the vomit now, returning it to a clean and prestine situation, even eradicating the bacteria.

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#, as written by claw
"Atrius?" He sat bolt upright, fighting against the sudden wave of blood that came rushing to his head in response to his sudden burst of activity that threatened to drive him back down to the floor once more. A look of shock and confusion quickly blossomed across his features as he looked around himself with eyes that seemed to finally be taking everything in around him with fresh eyes. None of this place made even a hint of sense to him, this certainly wasn't where he had been only moments ago.

"But... I... I... What? I was in.. Near... I.... How did I get here?" He pushed himself up to his feet as he looked around, barely registering the two who stood next to him as his breathing grew rapidly more ragged as a cold feeling of panic clutched his heart, threatening to choke his blood within his veins. "Wha... How far are we from Athani? Or... Wolfsbane? Who... Who is the Magos here? I don't.... This wasn't.... The Alovi... I don't understand." He looked down at his hands, it hardly made sense, he had been cold and alone in some distant tower not in this small building, his hands shook as he tried and failed to piece the pieces together of just where he was and how he could have come to be here. What foolish bargain had he made?

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Upon reaching the dorms, dragging his trunk behind him, Quin looked at the signs and read the rules of the dorm. "Hmm, I wonder if my roommate will be older or younger than me." He spoke out loud. He put his headphone back on and zoned out to the music as he walked down the halls. He walked past the cafeteria and saw that this was the time when a lot of the students seemed to be eating. He looked at the clock and saw how late it was and realized he hadn't eaten in what felt like days, but he figured that was just the space travel that did that. He stepped inside and looked at all the other guys in there. Anyone of them could be one of the Rixy siblings. He started thinking logically. Obviously the Rixy siblings must be brothers or at least have one brother if the Headmaster expects me to live with one of them in the dorms. He thought to himself.

He finally decided this was as good a place as any to start his search. He grabbed a tray and picked out some food that looked tasty. He sat down and began to eat. When another student came and sat down across from him Quin took his headphones off and spoke to the boy.

"Excuse me, I'm new here and the Headmaster told me I should try to locate the Rixy siblings, by any chance do you know any of them?" Quin's voice was smooth as silk as he spoke.

"I think I have a class or two with Iziti, or Oculus as most of us call him, but I didn't know he had any siblings. He's the only person with the name Rixy that I've seen here. I think I just saw him down the hall a little bit ago. He's kinda short, really pale, white hair and red eyes... most the time."

"Thank you." Quin said with a smile. He got up and walked down the hall looking for anyone that fit that description. He was just about to give up and go back to the cafeteria again when he turned the corner near the arcade and saw a boy that fit the description he was given.

Quin ran to catch up to the boy, he was with two others and one seemed to look ill. He looked at the one he assumed was to be his roommate. "I'm sorry to interrupt, but by any chance are you Iziti Rixy? If so, I believe the Headmaster wants me to be your roommate." He spoke with his normal lyrical voice.

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"Cross Dimensional Travel?"

Almost as if they didn't really think it was much to worry about, his character getting sick, Zakar and Iziti began to talk with each other.

"Maybe...time travel?"

"Possible. Hey, dude....wait, they might have used a different calendar where he is from. But, it is a bit odd he knows this think someone teleported him in here?"

"Maybe. Or maybe they just dragged him in. He looks like he went through hell".

"Possible. When I used Examination, I did notice something odd...oh! I just realized it! I know why he is sick!"

"You do?!"

"Its because he probably got given like, twenty billion vaccinations or something!"

"Oh! Yeah! That makes sense!"

It was then at that point that they got interrupted by someone. It appeared to be someone with headphones. As Iziti had yet to deactivate his Teal Oculus, Examination acted upon him immediately.

"Oh, your an alien. I wonder why there are so many humanoid looking aliens?"

"So your finally getting roommate huh? Well, an official one anyways. Isn't Iviri coming to visit soon?"

" know, I don't think your grandfather liked it when you slept over those few times".

" would think that, but he was perfectly okay with it".

Iziti turned off his Teal Oculus, switching to red eyes. However, they still had that glow, but Quintin had not seen his normal eyes yet so had no way of knowing if it was unnatural.

"Interesting...pairing up someone with sound and someone with sight..."

Zakar looked back at Primaris, and then noticed something. Three larger, older boys ran right past them....completely naked except for their room keys in their hands.

"I don't know any of the places you listed, but they sound super old. Errrr, my name is Zakar Verrevia, Prince of the Rosetta Kingdom. What is your name?"

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Quin looked at Iziti with a raised eyebrow. "So that's why they call you Oculus. That's a pretty cool talent there." He chuckled. He looked down at the boy who seemed ill. "Are you going to be okay?"

He put his hands into the pockets of his hoodie as he usually did when he was feeling out of place. When he did he felt something in there that he hadn't put in there. He pulled out a key to the dorm room. "What the...? The Headmaster! That sneaky guy." He looked down at the key. "I guess I could have just looked at the number on the key if I had known it was in there."

He turned back to Iziti. "Oh yeah, my name is Quintin Melotique, but you can call me Quin." He heard Zakar talk to the other boy. "No way, I'm a prince too! I didn't realize I'd be meeting other royalty. I'm the prince of Eurythma, well technically Lennoxia, but that's the ruling continent of Eurythma."

He looked down at his key then to his trunk. "Well it was nice to meet you guys, but I think I should go check out the dorm room and put my stuff away. I'm sure I'll see you guys later." He smiled before going to find the room that matched the number on the key. When he got there he set his trunk down and took out his clothes and put them away in the closet and dresser that seemed to be empty on one side of the room. He found a piece of paper on the empty desk and he picked it up to read his schedule. It wasn't going to be too many advanced classes which Quin was happy with. He was already too late to start on today's schedule so he set it down and put his headphones back on and laid down on the empty bed to relax and recharge his manna.

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#, as written by claw
It seemed that with the arrival of a new figure to this strange place the attention had been taken entirely off of him, something he didn't at all mind. It was like a weight had been lifted off of the poor boy which allowed Primaris to stagger back, one hand on his pounding head where that headache only continued to pound at the doors to his mind, whilst the other was clasped firmly around his throat, as if by some mere act of it simply being there that it could withdraw the burning from within his throat from where his ragged and pained gasping came out in staggered beats.

It only was after the fact that he even noticed he was being spoken to and even them it came faintly, as though one were trying to speak to him through a wall of water. He could hardly process the world around him, let alone the words caught upon his tongue. And yet, despite the fact his entire mouth had been windblasted from his struggling attempts to breath this most hostile air he finally managed to splutter out something similar to a response.

"I.. I am Primaris Et Primaris, Son of Athani, b.. b.. blessed serf to the Magos Al.. Aliandros... I... I come from Wolfsbane... Please... Where is the Alovai? Who is the Magos in these... these lands? I mu.. must return to... must r-return to my noble master or... or I shall suffer to... too great a torment... to bear."

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Iziti was a bit surprised when Quintin introduced himself as royalty, especially given what he had heard about royalty, but it seemed like what he heard before meeting Zakar and Quintin was way what his other brothers might think. Iziti did not know much about the world, and lacked real common sense. But he had a good sense of what seemed off, and he was sure they were just exceptions to the rule.

Though this might be weakened after he met or heard about a certain princess.

As Quintin left to head towards their room, Iziti turned back to the boy in front of them while glancing at Zakar who tried to help him up.

"So, some form of time space travel?"

Zakar nodded his head.

"Seems like it".

"Alright, guess I will help bring him up to speed" Iziti told Zakar, as his eyes turned purple. He had already finished with his red eyes, and that was examining time. Chronos let him have some sway over time, though it was odd and finicky. For some things, he could only see a few minutes...but for Primaris, he got some very old details. Using those details though, Iziti could use purple to influence Primaris' thoughts, and update his knowledge of the modern age he was in. Of course, Iziti himself had several gaps, and it already was not perfect to use purple this way, but it was the best option he could think of.

He figured it would help calm him down. Or, at least skip the time it would take for him to gather that information. He utilized the power of Purple Oculus, he filled Primaris with an update he would understand, as well as a few theories of what happened to him. Even if he had a general idea of what happened, and on how to allow Primaris to understand, he was unable to get specifics from that far back, such as about the entity responsible.


While Quintin was resting on his bed, suddenly the door began to open suddenly. Not knocked on, not forced open, but opened naturally. At the door was a boy clad in a towel, with a roomkey around his neck held by a special chain. He had white hair and red eyes, just like Iziti, but his eyes did not have the glow Quintin would have seen in Iziti (as Iziti never released his power). Although he had a towel, he was still dripping wet. His height was shorter then Iziti, and he looked younger. He walked in while closing the door behind him, before he noticed Quintin.

He had grabbed his towel on his waist already to help dry him off when this happened, so it got into a situation where he was in an embarrassing situation. One that would result in most to freeze up in embarrassment and...

"Who are you?!"

Iviri was raised in a lab though, and never had clothing until after they escaped as the scientists treated them like lab rats and never gave them any. He had been forced to run combat drills like that, so even if he was embarrassed, he was already in combat mode.

"Trigger On!"

Suddenly, Iviri's body glowed in light, and his original body was replaced with one wearing strange looking clothing that was tough and would act like armor, while his Spirit Guardian appeared at his side in it's small form. Additionally, two glowing cubes appeared to float above Iviri's palms which were facing upward, holding powerful energy.

"Why are you in brother's room?!"

While he asked that question, he set a few surprises in place just in case.

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#, as written by claw
Something felt instantly wrong, that even whilst he was drowning within the despair of himself as his world was upending upon itself it seemed as though there were more things to weigh him down. Before he could even fully comprehend what was happening he felt... A force upon his mind and a compulsion in his soul pressed into him, burned and brandished his being with a sense of knowing and knowledge that was never meant for his mind. Everything came swelling into him, liquids, sounds, smells, faces, concepts, life, death, faith, powers, nothingness, righteousness.



He saw speeding boxes of steel, stern hands on iron rods, blank faces behind panes of glass, cold white tiles in a cold plain room, a false life cast aside, the feeling of rain on skin, the smell of raw ozone, the burning of rubber on tarmac, the shattering of glass, the sight of a moon in the sky, birds of iron and magic soaring through clouds as soft as dreams. He saw it all in a blink of an eye and in a life time of a god and for one brief moment everything seemed so utterly clear that he could almost reach out and with one hand hold the entirety of everything in one outstretched hand and feel every last atom passing through his fingers.


And then, almost as suddenly as the feeling of power had come over him it ripped away from him again, leaving him reeling and falling down onto one knee, barely being able to stop himself from falling flat on his face. It took him a moment to compose himself and calm the heavy and rapid beating of his heart as he blinked quickly, trying to understand the flashes of the afterimages he saw in those brief moments of darkness.

"I am... So far from home... None of this place makes any sense to me... I.. I come from a land called Mundus, in the Realm of Wolfsbane.... I suppose none of that really matters now, I imagine they're long gone... Along with my father.... Did the Alovai... No, impossible." Painfully he stood back up, struggling against the throbbing pain in his head. "I'm sorry, I... I should compose myself better." Here he bowed low to both Iziti and Zakar. "My master must no doubt be dead. In his absence and by your right of birth I am now your indentured serf." It seemed he was addressing Iziti as he remained bowed with his face pointed directly at the floor, eyes closed.

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Iziti honestly had no fucking clue what was going on right now. All he did was give him some (incomplete) information about the world, and now he was being bowed to. And that was with a prince near him. He looked towards Zakar, and saw...Zakar was completely laughing at the situation, granted he was doing it silently.

But it was obvious he was still laughing!

He was laughing so hard one had to praise his skills to keep it totally silent and out of Primaris' eyesight!

"You know what, lets get some answers!"

Completely unaware of what to do, Iziti just looked around and thought some things. And then, completely unaware of what was going on in his room and in Primaris' head...Iziti decided it would be best to delve into his memories to figure it out, utilizing his Oculus at full power to delve into Primaris' mind, while also putting the broken pieces back together in the process to return his personality to normal. Notably, anything Iziti discovered Primaris would remember as well.


"You met I....I mean, niichan? Then...which one?! Can you tell me his name?!"

Iviri had almost said Iziti's name outloud, but stopped himself and said something different, and in a different language no less. Though that was less surprising, they had been forced to learn multiple languages so that they could be sold to whoever the scientists felt like selling them too. It was something Iviri did to throw him off.

The cubes began to glow brightly, but he eyed the key.

"Show me me it works in the lock, and then maybe I wont blast you to pieces".

Iviri did not drop his guard once, as he was still remembering the potential threat of the scientists sending someone after them, As a result, he was wary of the person in front of him who he had never met before.

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#, as written by claw
The world around them seemed to go dark, very very dark in fact as Iziti entered into the world of Primaris' memories. Things were scrambled at first, skipping from point to point as the boy himself was trying to process just what exactly was going on with the world, his own memories were jumbling across each other in a sporadic display of thoughts and sound that hardly seemed to connect in any simple fashion that could be understood by any sane mind.

A brief flash of sunlight glittered off of the summer snows as it settled on the mountaintops. A far younger and far thinner Primaris stood, bare chested against the cold, shivering violently against the iron manacles around his slender throat weighed down on the raw and cracked skin underneath where it had scraped away his bare skin. There was a hissing sound behind him as coals were shifted by an iron poker and a lump of nervousness caught in his throat just moments before a rough hand clasped down painfully tight on his shoulder. He only had a moment to try to draw a frightened breath before a terrible pain exploded across his back along with the stench of searing flesh as he was marked, branded now and forever as nothing more than property. A slave.

The thoughts and pained memories of that day shifted and melted away like a house of sand in the morning tide, colours swirling and melding until they reformed once more into something new. He was stood outside, the snow all around him once more and the cold, still present but far less biting now against the thick robes that clung around him. He was knelt, along with a half dozen of his fellow serfs, behind his master, holding clasped in his hand was a small lantern that shone with a pale blue weirlight. He knew from what little he had been permitted to read that this only happened in the presence of beings of magic, no doubt as a result of being so close to his Magos, who stood before a great statue, arms raised as though he were trying to embrace it. They were knelt in a temple built of onyx and marble, with twisting pillars which held crawling serpents of ivory fastened upon them holding up nothing for there was no roof in this most holy of places. Primaris' knew he was supposed to keep his face down, he was not worthy of looking upon that statue- the statue of the Alovai, God of Gods, He who Guides, but he couldn't resist the simple pull. It was nothing more than a quick glance up but it was enough to sear the image into his brain. The statue was carved out of granite and it seemed the black robes of the Alovai were swirling around his majesty even though they were fixed in place, one hand was outstretched as though he were leaning forward to pull a friend up from the dirt and the muck of the world. And in that featureless face were affixed a pair of large yellow sapphires that shone like demons of nightmares in the faint blue light clutched in his fearful hands.

And then once again the memory shifted and tore away again, everything turned darker still as the blue light was replaced with a faint orange glow and those yellow lights seemed affixed before him... And yet... Now, the images before them weren't through Primaris' eyes, but rather from next to him. For Primaris' stood there, next to Primaris' One looked at the other who stared forwards, frozen but for a moment.
"What? But I'm... There? How?" His head snapped away from the memory of himself to look over to Iziti, a confused look in his eyes only for his mouth to fall open and him to step backwards a short step as his attention was drawn to something behind the boy.

There stood, with the plain and ordinary spear only just being discarded from gloved hands to be planted tip first within the very stone of the tower itself was the Alovai, looking every bit as he remembered from moments ago. A breath caught in his throat as the memory resumed once more, a memory that had only just been lived for himself moments ago. Just as his past self had done and still did next to him, he remained fixed in place, being utterly unable to tear his eyes away from the baleful golden eyes set within that mask of black.

He heard the same words that the ancient being had said to him only moments ago, hearing them with fresh ears gave him no clearer understanding of just who exactly who it was he was supposed to find. As the Alovai passed by Iziti without even breaking his stride at their presence he wondered whether this was the person he was supposed to seek out, it was clearly a being with great magical power and that no doubt elevated him far beyond Primaris' status. Thankfully it seemed the past version of himself and the Alovai didn't even know they were there as the memory continued onwards, and it was no small sense of trepidation that clutched the boys heart as he saw the masked beings hand lazily raise up to the past version of himself's face. And just as it had before, a searing pain tore through his entire being as the gloved fingers were pressed against the bare skin of his past selves forehead. It lasted just as long as it had the first time and was no less unpleasant for having experienced it before.

Even as he watched the conversation come to where he expected it to close suddenly as it had before something strange happened. It continued past where he should be able to remember. Where before everything had gone black and he had suddenly come to his senses in some strange bed on another world things carried onwards. Where the conversation abruptly ended he saw his own past self crumple onto the floor, his eyes rolling into the back of his head as he collapsed. The Alovai looked down at the white robed boy as he lay upon the ground for a moment before slowly turning on his heel and looking directly and purposefully at Iziti, cold contempt glowering within his golden eyes before everything once more went crashing into darkness with a feeling as though the memory was being forced close and would not open again.

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"I see..."

Iziti was a little shocked...or maybe impressed, at Primaris. So he is not a normal human afterall...just physically he seems normal...unless, that thing did that on purpose...perhaps, in case anyone did go and do this?

Iziti knew that it was impossible for the Scribe to know where they were, who they were, and so on. In addition to that being a private viewing, it was impossible for anyone to have seen where they were, as it was a random placement and they could move around in the area containing the memory. In other words, he must have gotten lucky. Iziti did not panic and paid it no further mind, turning back towards Primaris.

That space at the end seemed interesting though, and Iziti sensed something...familiar?...about it.

"I hope you have some sort of detection ability" Iziti said, as he shrugged. "I hate to tell you, but that description described quite a few people here".

The timing...I wonder...

"What is it, Iziti?"

Zakar's voice entered his head naturally, without any energy or link. This was a secure private telepathic channel.

This guy...might have been sent to monitor or get close to Atrix...

" mean Millen's son?!"

Or Millen himself, or the headmaster, or such. But Atrix only just was discovered and enrolled, so it feels likely.

Yes, Iziti and Zakar had a good idea of who Primaris was sent to monitor. Zakar was a prince of the Rosetta Kingdom. And he knew about Millen, and the true story about what happened. So did the rest of the Royal Family once they reached a certain age, and a few others they trusted to help. They only discovered what really happened between The Hero and the Demon King afterwards, and by that time many crimes had already been committed, including against the Demon King himself. So, they helped Millen fade into a life of whatever he wanted.

Of course, they did this all discreetly, so the help was not that big. But it was enough for Millen to eventually sneak away on his own and not be bothered by people, everyone thinking the Demon King is dead.

As for Iziti, he knew because he occasionally worked for the Royal Palace. That was why he and his siblings had been able to show up here and attend. They still avoided all coming at once to prevent being found out, so many where scattered all over. But it meant they had a place to kick up their feet and take a breath. Iziti was the only one who possessed a power to detect Demon King Blood, no one else did, so when they were contacted by the Headmaster, Iziti was chosen to use examination on Atrix. Of course, to use it at full power he had to directly see Atrix's whole body without obstruction, which the Headmaster helped with.

"So, it seems like you have not eaten in quite awhile. Should we all go to the cafeteria?"

"Errr, Zakar, I should probably check on my roommate first. Besides, I want to tell him what to say in case my brother stops by. Otherwise, things could get messy".


Iviri looked at the man. First, it was with shock. Then, a bit of paying attention. Then there was a bit of understanding. But there was also rage.

"Violence? You call this violence?"

Iviri looked at the one in front of him with his teeth clenched.

"You think peace is that easy to acquire?! don't understand a thing about people..."

"Then in exchange for causing a huge uproar, why not show him as punishment?"

Suddenly, the conversation was interrupted by a white and gold tiger with lightning around it, staring down at both of them.


"Its partially your fault this all started. Or do I need to make you by force?"

Iviri looked at the tiger, his brother's Spirit Guardian, a little more before turning off his combat form. He immediately held his towel so it was in front of him, but Iviri was closer then before. Close enough for Quintin to see surgical scars all over his body. Most of them if not all of them would seem unnecessary.

"You are lucky" Iviri said as he found his stuff and quickly put them on after creating a wall using his power to project energy shields. "You get to at least have a chance to try and be what you want. Not everyone gets that. And don't think you know how bad violence can get, or that peace is easy to acquire".

Iviri finally stepped out again, fully dressed.

"Because you never know what someone lower might have gone through".

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#, as written by claw
Primaris was still bowed forwards, his back starting to ache at the base of his spine as he remained motionless before Iziti. He was still trying to process what he had just seen and was struggling to even piece this whole world together, he had already chalked up the images of his past to whatever strange feeling the obviously more powerful boy had placed over him when he taught him all he knew of this world. He almost jumped when he realised that the two before him were actually addressing him.

"So, it seems like you have not eaten in quite awhile. Should we all go to the cafeteria?" That was Zakar, it seemed. The thought of food made his stomach contract painfully. It wasn't something he was unfamiliar with by any means, this hunger. He had spent many nights staring up at the sky through the iron bars of his small cell, the weight of his chains digging into his skin, too hungry to sleep, the thoughts of even the barest scrap of wheat playing through his mind like the song of silken harp strings. Though, he supposed it was to be expected all things considering since he seemed to have moments ago voided the last food he had eaten in countless life times.

He didn't get a chance to answer before Iziti spoke before him.
"Errr, Zakar, I should probably check on my roommate first. Besides, I want to tell him what to say in case my brother stops by. Otherwise, things could get messy". He straightened up again, though he kept his face averted from his betters.
"I will go where you command, Magos Iziti." His voice was low with the practiced monotone of one who had reverence beaten into him. It was only natural that Iziti would be a Magos, that great and powerful group of magiseers who ruled over lesser men like he through nothing more than the simple virtue of that they were born with the power to dominate. It was the will of the Alovai, he told himself, the weak obey or are destroyed by the strong and the strong vie with each other for strength, it was the natural way.

He would go where the Magos commanded.

He obeyed.

He would obey.

He had no other choice.

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As the group (?) headed towards Iziti's room....


Astera, watching this scene, stepped forward...and swept his paw across to smack both of them in the head!

"There. Both of you stop using antagonistic words towards each other. Now here are the options. You can settle this now by stoping this argument and leaving it be, or I beat you both into submission, tearing up everything in the process, and then you can apologize to each other in those states forcibly".

"Owwww!" Iviri yelled as he rubbed his head. "That was too hard!"

"If it was soft, you would not get it!"

Astera then looked over at the man. "Anyways, you both created this whole mess with how you handled it, so in the future do keep in mind just how sensitive one can be to words. Or I will make it worse for both of you".


Iziti put his key into the door, turned and opened it to find Iviri, Quintin, and Astera.

"So...what happened here?"

Iziti actually already knew everything thanks to his link with Astera who told him everything, but he acted like he didn't.

"Nothing happened!"

"Oh good. We are getting some food. Want to see the Cafeteria Quintin? And Iviri....why do those clothes look damp? You didn't change into clothes without drying off first, right?"

"No no! Its just....the water I was drinking was in a bottle that got damaged, and it got a little on me! Its all fine!"

"Ah, okay, shall we go get food?"

"Y..yes! Coming!"

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When the tiger hit him, it suddenly became clear to Quin how much he was instigating this and the tiger's words made sense. Hit didn't even feel the urge to fight back as he normally would the instant anything had attacked him. "Sorry I took it so personal." Quin muttered before Iziti came into the room.

"Yeah, nothing much happened." Quin grinned his casual grin.

"Oh good. We are getting some food. Want to see the Cafeteria Quintin?"

"Well I already went there earlier when I was looking for you, the Headmaster is a weird one, but I didn't get to eat very much." Quin said as he heard his stomach growling.

Quin grabbed his headphones and put them around his neck. He didn't want to come off as a loner and people included you more in a conversation if they knew you could hear them. Granted he could listen to his music and have a conversation, but most people wouldn't know that.

"Good to see that you're on your feet." He chuckled to Primaris. "My name's Quintin, or Quin if you like sorry I didn't introduce myself to you earlier, you seemed a little out of it" He extended his hand to shake Primaris' as they went to the cafeteria.

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#, as written by claw
Primaris followed a few steps behind Iziti, his hands folded in front of him and his head slightly bowed keeping his gaze averted from his betters. He tried his best to not listen into the conversation that was unfolding before him, it was not his place to eavesdrop and he had learned long ago by way of a sharp application of birch twigs that he was to stand silent and unobserved until he was called upon to service his masters whim.

He had to admit to himself though that his ears did prickle at the sound of food. The smell of warm bread was a constant wake up call when he was growing up, having the good fortune for his cell to be located just beneath the kitchens meant that though he was more often than not only eating the scraps and leftovers from his masters table he could at least dream of the taste of fresh bread, imagine the feeling of how it must be soft and warm rather than cold and stiff from sitting stale for hours. He was glad his body was used to such a hunger for his stomach did not growl at the idea of the petty portions he was so used to.

Once more followed behind, making sure to walk far enough away that nobody would assume wrongly that he was attempting to place himself as the equals of the Magos but close enough that he would be on hand should he require him. It took a moment for him to realise that someone was talking to him, the one from earlier who had sped past who introduced himself as Quintin.
"Ah.. I.. I thank you for your kindness, sir." His voice was low and lacking in emotion, a practised monotone that served to draw no ire from his betters. A confused look spread across his face like the blossoming of a rose as he looked down at the hand that was offered to him, having no idea how to address the action he simply blinked slowly, hoping that someone would explain before he caused some form of offence.

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Quin could see the look of confusion on the young man's face. "Oh, I'm sorry. I sometimes forget that other cultures have different greeting habits." He smiled at the kid. Something seemed out of place about him, as if he wasn't on the same frequency as the others here. Quin was sensitive to subtle dimensional vibrations like these, he assumed he was from another universe and thought nothing more of it.

"So how's the music program here? I mean I know the school is for magic and science mostly, but there has to be some sort of extracurricular music program around here, right? Like a choir, glee club, or a band of some kind?" Quin asked hoping to find something that he would enjoy around here that didn't involve violence or training to fight.

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"Oh good, everyone is getting and arts, huh?"

Iziti couldn't help but smile a little when he heard that. It's good that at least some people have found what they want to do in life...then again, a few of us have as well. Ivera is a Detective after all...

"I have one idea. Watch this!"

"Wait, are you planning to..."

Suddenly, Iziti activated his Oculus...but revved it up at a power that was higher then normal. At the same time, it did not target them directly, but rather the location they were in. It was a combination of the Purple Oculus and the Red show something he experienced this morning.

The entire setting warped around them, to re-create the image. Suddenly, they were appearing to stand in the middle of one of the plaza areas on campus, even though they didn't actually move at all. At first, it seemed silent and peaceful, but the scenario was moving...and it moved to a particular spot on Campus, when something started to happen. At first, there were just a few students that had gathered. There were a number with injuries, which might imply battle, but the setting was peaceful.

And then, one of the Academy's bands came out. But this was not a normal band. Not just humans and elves and dwarves, but Beastfolk, Sentient Androids, Some sort of Plant Creature/person, and other humanoidish and even some blatant non-humanoid students showed up. Notably, they had the School Uniform on, even though it was optional several spares would be provided by the school, and it was meant for safety, but it also had benefits like being comfortable, and even helped deal with colds.

They had all sorts of instruments, old and new, ancient and futuristic. Some had enchantments, some had cybernetic modifications, but all at once they began to play and sing. It was a chorus that had beauty which surpassed reason and logic, and they even had a few people who danced, including a particular red haired scythe wielder, but that was besides the point since none of them had met him before....except Zakar.

The music not just permeated the soul, but those with injuries seemed to begin to heal and rejuvenate. But at the same time, it was not something that was made just to heal. It had a beauty to it, a magnificence, that even though they were not listening to it directly technically, a part of it could still be felt...if they attended in person, it would definitely be felt.

Colors and other special effects made from either magic or technology came out, and it was made into quite a display. A feeling of bliss and energy could be felt, like if one woke up feeling it would be a perfect day. It was as if the very concept of a true morning had been imbedded into them...and if one was to be there itself for this display, with all those members, it most likely would.

As it finally ended, Iziti stopped the performance.

"If we go to eat at one of the Plazas, even if they are farther then the cafeteria, we might be able to see them play again".

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Quin was left in awe at what had just happened. His eyes were wide and he was moved to the point of crying. He was far more sensitive to vibrations and the emotions carried on them than the average person. The music was beautiful on so many levels that Quin couldn't help but weep at the beauty. He didn't care what anyone though of him for doing so. He was also enthralled by Iziti's cool abilities.

"That was... beautiful." Quin sniffled as he tried to regain his composure. "Yes I would love to see this in person, if everyone else wants to come too." He practically begged.

There was far more happening with Quin than one would be able to observe with standard perception.Quin didn't just want to see this music in person, he wanted to be a part of it, to help to create such beauty. But Quin was also enjoying the music on a physical level. Eurythmians have a unique ability to convert music into manna. It was a strange process that didn't create much manna, but depending on the complexity and the emotion carried by the piece of music, the potency of the manna could be quite high. The piece that he had just witnessed was enough to create the most potent manna he had ever felt. The trouble was that the manna created through this method had a byproduct that effected people like a euphoric drug if someone other than a Eurythmian were to tap into it and try to use it. Luckily for Quin, most people didn't have this talent. Quin, like most Eurythmians, had a naturally high tolerance to euphoric byproduct of the manna production, almost an immunity, but this piece was so nice it even had him feeling a little giddy and mellow.

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"Alright then, if we are lucky it might happen again while we are there. Follow me".

"Oi oi, shouldn't I be the guide?"

"You want us to get lost?"

"...after you Iziti".

The group began to depart the dorms and head towards any one of the numerous plazas. However...

"Oh right...uhh, what does everyone want to eat for lunch? Pizza and Hamburgers? Pasta? Sushi? Roasted Flameboar? Is anyone a Vegetarian or have any allergies? That way I can find a place that will be good for everyone".

"I want Pizza!"

"I also want Pizza!"

Iviri and Zakar both announced they wanted Pizza in the same way. It seemed like they might have some common interests. Astrius Academy had a lot of student run shops in addition to the cafeterias, and there were even some professionally owned shops by corperations, chains, or literally family resteraunts and diners set up on campus to serve the overflowing student population. And because the student population was so diverse, it was impossible to go out of business pretty much if you set up shop in Astrius. So long as you could manage the potential risks of student experiments doing weird things.

So finding a place for all of them would be easy for Iziti, so long as he knew what everyone wanted to eat.

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0.00 INK

Quin was starting to get the munchies from the "music drug" as his people referred to it.

"I'm not sure what this pizza is, but I don't have any food allergies that I know of." Quin smiled. It seemed like everyone else wanted pizza and he was open to new experiences.

"Sure let's get pizza. If everyone else likes it, it must be good stuff."

He followed the others out to the shops and he was still excited about the huge musical group that he had seen.

"So do you think they're taking new people in the music group? " Quin asked to make small talk.

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#, as written by claw
Primaris was perfectly content when Quins attention faded off of him again with an offhand comment, he hoped to himself that he had not done something to cause offence by recognising the gesture. As if anticipating just such a thing to happen he tried his best to fall to the back of the group where he could avoid causing any further trouble, it had been a while since he had drawn his masters ire and he was loath to feel the birch or worse once more. His neck still chaffed with the phantom memory of the iron collar around him.

It was until he picked his eyes up from the floor where they had been affixed did he realise that his surroundings had shifted. For a moment he felt his heart pang in hasty fear that he had once more been suddenly whisked away from where he had been before. But then he realised slowly that no, this was something altogether different. Instead of him actually being placed somewhere new, it was as though somewhere new had been brought to him, the world around him had changed but it felt... Off, old and stale as though this had all happened before.

Even before his eyes he saw as a band of mismatched figures began to play, he wasn't sure what made him feel most confused, the sight of the players or the sight of the instruments. All of which he saw before him in this strange vision was something beyond even his wildest imaginations, nothing he saw made a hint of sense to him and he was starting to realise that perhaps the world was far and away much bigger than Wolfsbane.

As he listened to the music however something in it felt... Discordant, like there was a sour note that persuaded its way throughout the tone of the song. He could feel the music, hear the tones which he knew in his heart should sound like glossimer and joy and yet something about them felt wrong. It was as though there was one player in the band was playing out of time with the others and trying to go unnoticed. Something about that one solitary off note that resounded through the rest of the music set the entire piece into chaos in his mind and he was perfectly glad that it ended when it did.

Oddly though, it seemed the others had found nothing but joy in the music, Quinn in particular finding so great as to go as far as openly weep at it. He felt a twinge in his throat at the thought of hearing the music again in person, though in this he kept his mouth firmly shut. He would go where he was commanded when he was bid. Either way, when the group made a move again he followed in tow, keeping a respectable distance to go unheeded.

His ears pricked once more at the mention of eating and of food as he followed silenty, though they were certainly speaking of foods he had never before heard of. There was a lurch in his stomach as they continued walking, he was all too aware of the fact he had voided the contents of his belly only a short while ago and was no doubt going to feel the effects of it all day. He only hoped that he was able to eat today though he doubted such a thing was likely unless he found somewhere he was able to scrounge up some scraps. Though he supposed there was likely already a system in place for the other indentured serfs, he wouldn't be surprised if he and any other newcomers would find themselves going hungry for a few days until their betters deemed them worthy of the privilege of eating.

The setting changes from astrius-academy-dorms to Astrius Academy


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As the group hit the roads and paths of the Academy, a large spaceship could be seen flying overhead. This was not any particular concern, as many did that, but one might notice odd symbols on the was certainly mysterious and eye catching, but it flew out of sight as quickly as it entered, and so was just a passing moment.

Eventually, Iziti's group found their way to Runara Square. In the background, a few students were studying by a fountain, while others seemed to be focused on practicing the Summon Familiar spell. Others were talking while eating, and a few more seemed to be looking sad while carrying large cases that looked to be the type that carry musical instruments.

There was also a group that seemed to be looking around and plotting something, but the one that drew Iziti's eye was a pizza place that had nice outdoor tables that could also seat the five of them. And two people that seemed to be harassing a young girl that worked the place. It was sort of like the counter to a shop, but all the tables were located outside. However, some sort of forcefield like thing could be faintly seen covering the area, designed specifically to protect against weather.

"Ah! There! All five of us can sit there! It will be far easier to just get one table for all of us anyways...and the protection seems quite nice anyways".

Suddenly, Iziti utilized two of his powers, his right eye turning purple while the left one all of a suddenly, instead of harassing the girl, those two started attacking each other, their scuffle oddly enough causing them both to move away from the pizza place and eventually down an alley out of sight.

Iziti then walked up to the counter.

"Can we get three large pizzas please? With peperoni and sausage".

The girl nodded, as she seemed to notice that Iziti was responsible for getting those two away.

"And extra cheese!"

"With at least part of one of the pizzas with extra pepperoni as well!"

Iziti then looked back at the others...but then saw the strangest thing of wild Cyborg Dragons flying about, as if they got separated and cut off from whoever owned and built them. Well, they were behaving now it seemed, so Iziti paid them no mind and looked at the others.

"You probably shouldn't pay it too much mind. Based on the girl's age and how she reacted, I suspect she is a Freshman and that was just two idiots doing some freshman pranking. Still, this means we found a great place. I mean, she is new here and yet she has a shop already? Must be a cooking major or something, so we should be in for a treat".