Izunama Morashi

Taiyou assassin, master of disguise, never trust what you see.

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Full name of Character: Izunama Morashi


Reason for nickname:

Birthdate; Gregorian Terran: September 14th, 1985

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Bloodtype: O-

Race: Human, Taiyou

Occupation/class: Ninja, Jounin of the Kitsune. Currently imprisoned

Social class: Prisoner ATM.

Orientation/Sex Preference: Straight

= Physical Appearance =
How old they appear: 23

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Glasses or contacts?: No

Hair color length and style: Short

Height: 6'1'

Type of body (build): Athletic

Skin tone and type: Slightly tanned
Shape of face: Oblongish.

Distinguishing marks/piercing: None

Is s/he healthy?: Yes
If not, why not?:
Do they look healthy?: Yes
Why/why not?: Constant workouts and general high natural immunity.

Char's favorite color: Green

Least favorite, why?: Pink, it just isn't him.

Music?: None

Least favorite music, why?: None
Literature: Novels, really long ones

Expressions: No notable Expressions
Expletives (curse): Damn
Mode of transport: Foot (On ground), Hoverbike(His own, in the air.)
Hobbies: Martial Arts, Drawing and Painting.

Drinks (alcohol): Yes
How much: Not much
Greatest Strength: Constant training from a young age, disipline.
Greatest Weakness: His absolute trust in the Imperial family.
Soft spot: None
Is their soft spot obvious, why/why not: N/A
Biggest Vulnerability: Will throw his life away to save any of the Imperial family.

Hometown: Yukikaze
Type of childhood: Average, Constant training, little leisure.
Why?: Ninja's, all the family.
Commited any crimes?: No(Unless you count his assassinations.)
Education: Read, Write, all the basics, including how to kill.
Religion: None.
Finances: Not that much.

Mother: Unnamed.
Father: Unnamed

Siblings, How many, relationship with each:
None Listed.

Friends Relationship with each:

Wife/husband/lover, relationship, how they met, and such:

Most at ease when: Working.
Most ill at ease when: Doing nothing.
Priorities: Protecting the Imperial family, and Removing the Rebels.
Philosophies: "I will serve until death."
How they feel about themselves: Satisfied.(Not currently, he's disappointed by being captured.)
Why? He is serving in his utmost capacity.
If granted one wish what would it be, why? 'To serve as the eternal warrior, slayer for the Imperial Family.'(Those born with Imperial blood are the only ones who deserve to rule.)

Optimist or pessimist? Why?: Optimistic. No-one knows why.
Drives and motives: He was born to serve, that's what he was taught. The way of his family and his Ninja Clan is to serve the Imperials, that is what they have done for centuries.

Extremely skilled at: Killing, Sneaking, staying unnoticed.
Extremely unskilled at: Science.(And most other things that comes with Higher Education...)

Good characteristics: Friendly, Loyal, Helpful.
Character flaws: Will ignore anything done wrong by the Imperial family...
Somewhat quiet mostly, will twirl a chain around his finger.

Fetishes: None.
What do people like most about this char:
A happy helpful person, never down.

What do they dislike most about them:
His inability to see anyone elses point of view in the matter of the Taiyou government.

Favorite clothing, why: None.
Least favorite, why: None.
Jewelry: None.
Other accessories: Katana, Knives, Shurikan, little vials of poison... Insert many small weapons all over the body + His chain blades, but he doesn't usual have them.
Where do they live: Anywhere, no fixed location.
Where do they want to live: N/A.
Spending habits, why: Spendthrift. He didn't get much when he was younger.

So begins...

Izunama Morashi's Story


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Character Portrait: Izunama Morashi

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#, as written by Alasund
The Medics swiftly arrived to pick up the unconscious body of General Cor-Rimmeth, spiriting him to a nearby medcenter. The departure of the medics is largely unnoticed amongst the general confusion and panic.


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Character Portrait: Izunama Morashi

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#, as written by Alasund
The cloaked figure followed Yoko Kayabuki into the bridge, the inobtrusive shape slipping quietly along behind as they came up to Yukiko. Upon reaching the Empress he kneels onto the floor one hand touching the floor and one on his chest in a sign of respect for his esteemed leader. "The Kitsune are ready, my Empress." He did not use Yukiko's sacred name, but rather addressed her by her honorific.