Jace Bartholemew Winright

A vampire hunter, trained by legend Blade.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Killa


1: About 5'11"
2: Muscular
3: His race is black.
5: His hair is long and flowing, shiney too. You lub eet.


Very quiet, he keeps to himself and has always hunted alone. Generally the first one to use logic in a battle to take his enemy down, he casually shouts taunts during battle.


1: Silver kunais
2: A cross fashioned into a gun
3: A jacket made of leather with fur atop, generally for fighting in the cold
3: Blades in the bottom of his boots made of silver
4: A silver cross given to him by the little girl that used to follow him
5: Holy water


Found by the legendary Blade as a child, he has lived his life hunting vampires.

So begins...

Jace Bartholemew Winright's Story