Jack Leingston

Jack is a gun slinger with a sharp temper, quick draw, and a deadly shot.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Conquerer_Man


Black coat over simple trousers and shirt. His six shooters slung at his thighs. He wears a black hat with a feather in it.


Quick to temper, but usal quiet. He is very individualistic.


Other than his clothes, he also carries what ever equipment he needs to keep him alive.

His two revolvers are one of a kind pieces with ablities of their own.

- Reaver: The more powerful of the two weapons, Reaver is a powerhouse but lacks deversity of powers that Sojack has. Reaver was crafted by Jack's mentor and master, Sir Grieg Lowton and is even older than Jack him self. Young revolver by gunslinger standards, Reaver has yet to develop fully.



A mysterious past, 'bout all.

So begins...

Jack Leingston's Story