Jacob Estwing

An unassuming man, easy to dismiss as common.

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Name: Jacob Estwing
Age: 35
Race: Human (Caucasian)
Gender: Male
Height: 6'
Weight: 191 lbs.
Occupation: "Fixer", currently employed by The Company, a covert military program for the enhancement of soldiers.

Jacob is not one that people tend to remember, being of average height, weight, and appearance. Dark blonde hair cut short, only a hint of a beard. No visible scars. Brown eyes. He could walk in, rob a bank, leave with a dufflebag of money over one shoulder, then walk outside into a crowd and no one would be able to easily pick him out. Except for one thing. He walks with a slight limp, and he uses a cane.

To those who know him on the job, well, they don't really ever know him. They've seen him on video feeds and surveillance photos, but nothing ever shows the man behind the job. He merely go in, takes care of the problem, then goes on with day to day life as though nothing was ever amiss. His personality on the job seems to vary greatly, depending on whatever is needed to make the job go as smoothly as possible. That is his greatest talent; blending in.

But when he's off the clock, he is actually quite the nice fellow. He follows the rules, makes no stir, makes friends easily. And he has a decent sense of humor, even if it isn't instantly evident. Never married, he is still quite the gentleman, and he treats women with great respect. He's also been known to knock out the teeth of men who were . . . less respectful of them. Well, perhaps he does make the occasional stir.

The only item he ever carries on the job is a straight black cane. While many people carry canes of a similar appearance, none carry one quite like this. Custom-made, it is designed to deflect attention, looking quite common. But what none but Jacob and its makers know is that it is made of a special carbon fiber construction and, when the handle is twisted in a particular way, it slides out with a long, thin, black blade, also of the same carbon fiber material. Extremely hard and light, it doesn't register on metal detectors or X-rays as anything out of the ordinary. And the combination for drawing the blade must be precise, else it cannot be unlocked.

Jacob has worked for several organizations over the years, building a reputation for himself (to those in the know) that he is a man who can get things done. Based on that reputation, The Company, a covert military organization, has hired him to retrieve their "property", a man named Jack Harris.

So begins...

Jacob Estwing's Story


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#, as written by Tejas
Jacob Estwing strolled about the streets, appearing to take in the sights. In truth, other than the race of the local inhabitants, there really wasn't much here that he hadn't seen before back on Terra. But he had a part to play, so he had to keep up appearances. He'd been tracking his target for some time and had only barely seen him board a ramshackle transport. Upon checking the records, he'd found that this planet was the destination, and this port in particular. It had been quite the trick getting passage in pursuit of the man on such short notice. As it was, he'd had to take a separate transport and had arrived nearly two hours after him.

But, no matter. He was here now, and he knew that Harris couldn't be too far away. He was sure that he'd seen him in the company of one of those winged individuals, on their way out of the city. But Jacob had decided not to follow right away. He didn't want to spook his target, make him go to ground. Harris was difficult enough to track as things were. No need to set him on alert.

There was plenty of time to get close. Plenty of time to "persuade" him to come along . . .

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#, as written by Tejas