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Jagar Hais

Let's do business, shall we?

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Durandal


A newly risen nation discovered in the depths of the Onyx Galaxy, they seek to make a place for themselves in the Multiverse.
We are the recordkeepers and historians, the scribes and the bards. We keep track of history; past, present, and future.
We are the world builders and cartographers, the land readers and location layers. We keep track of place; past, present, and future.
We find ways, to go, to see, to explore, to adventure, to do
We weave


Preferred locations: Onyx, possibly Milky Way


Name: Jagar Hais
Age: 90
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 178 lbs
Position: Representative of the Etharius Consortium to the C'ran Extranus

Physical description: Though not very tall, Jagar is thickly built, a natural wrestler or contact-sport player. He has a faint pattern cut into his hair on both sides of his head. Piercing blue eyes hold no warmth whatsoever, and no one has ever seen him smile in true joy. Scars crisscross his body from numerous fights which he takes to exemplify his prowess. Despite his age, he is still quite athletic. Similar to most others in the C'ran Republic, he has various implants that increase his mental capacity, strength, agility, hemoglobin content, and various other bodily functions to help him survive longer. He also has an implant that affords him psionic powers despite not being born with the ability, albeit of mid-level strength.

Personality: Jagar is a very cold and unforgiving man. Trained for his current position since birth, his only objective is to ensure the continued prosperity of the A'varian people, not the C'ran Republic as a whole. As such, he is willing to do whatever is necessary to accomplish his goals. However, he is a stickler for laws and will never go outside of what has been set while conducting his operations. When dealing with any but his family he is a reserved, dignified person, exuding an aura of importance that is difficult to miss. With those that are unfamiliar to him he adopts a stance of caution and distrust until they have proven themselves to will no harm towards him or his people.

Notable Equipment: Akaru-3 Power Armor- This suit of armor is quite different from those utilized by normal C'ran forces. Rather than adopting a sleek, enhancing approach, his armor is his main tool. Designed to be large, the suit weighs half a ton due to the armor. Despite this, the suit affords normal mobility due to the specially designed servomotors and power frame that supports the armor layers. With this suit, he is able to lift as much as two tons before his body is unable to do more. Doing so will not strain the power source and frame, however. His suit is constructed of a special metal called codorium. Stronger than even the ratheum super-alloy utilized in military suits, it provides the wearer with protection from kinetic and energy weaponry. In addition, the metal has a special magic negating effect, though this can be surpassed through a strong enough attack.


The Sword of Calad- This ancient weapon was designed by an ancient civilization lost to time. Discovered on the current A'varian homeworld, Anudall, the blade is forged of an unknown metal stronger than any ever discovered, even adamantium. As such, it is revered by many. Passed down through the line of Hais, the premier family of the A'varian people, the sword has seen combat countless times. Imbued with a magic power that allows it to cut through objects with ease, it also features a spell of healing that can be used up to three times before needing to recharge.

Background: Born to the line of Hais, his family is and has been the premier family of the A'varian people for the past 600 hundred years. While young, he was trained by the scholars and merchants noble of the A'varians to become the next representative to the C'ran Extranus. During this training, he was forced to do things that scarred him but that would ultimately come to make him the perfect guardian of C'ra. When he came of age, he was sent off to study under various merchants, conducting their operations for them to learn the ways of trade. Catching on quicker than almost anyone in the history of Representatives, he became Representative at the age of 42 and has been leading ever since.

So begins...

Jagar Hais's Story