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Jaime Hayes

Jaime is a simple modern woman, with a predisposition to be placed in rather occult or arcane situations.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by BurgundyMStone


She seemes mid-twenties, average height, and of mixed race. A Quadroon, if the expression is still used. Her hair is a long, thick mess of tight, soft curls the color of rust- normally tied up in a messy half bun, or flowing out over her shoulders. What a lovely mix of Irish and.. hm... Caribbean? African? Haitian?'s so hard to tell, just from a glance. Her skin is clearly of a yellowy brown hue, but in a way (and in some places in particular) she is paler than many caucasians, especially with how popular tanning is, these days. Get close enough, and one would see the freckles that spread beneath her eyes, and the two on her upper lip. Her mouth is cushy and quite full, the curve of the upper lip the same size of the plump lower, having that velvety matte look of a rose petal, and the color of a white peach's blush. Her eyes, are a dulled blue green, and fringed with russet lashes.

Her figure is youthful, befitting her age, but a bit.. heavier towards the bottom. She certainly fills out her yoga pants, when she wears them. Otherwise, she is generally draped in a loose maxi dress that does little to hide the shape of her hips on an otherwise small frame. She dresses in whatever is commonly accepted as 'cute' or 'sexy' for the season; nothing too racy, mind you. A teal, sequined tunic over grey leggings that scrunch at her ankles, oversized hoop earrings and a glossy pair of pumps or high sandals... this would be a common outfit for her.

At her wrist a tattoo, maybe hinting at a love of the theatrical, or having some other meaning. It's smallish and simple; a tophat and a cane, the head of which resembling the handle of a skeleton key. Well, loads of people have tattoos these days, perhaps it means nothing at all.

What seems incongruous with the woman's normal, contemporary style and state is the old, untitled tome she is sometimes seen with. There, you see her lift her hair with her arms, an arch pulling into her slender spine as she gathers her curls into a ponytail, and a strange, blanched symbol is seen on the back of her neck. A complicated miniature patchwork of...A flourished heart..and crosses, perhaps?


Jaime is really nothing to remember, looks aside. She has a very common personality, after all. It's not hard for her to make friends, but really, they aren't that close to her. They drink with her, they shop with her, but they don't really know how she feels inside; really, she hardly does, either. She's one of those people that would really rather not spend too much time digging into how useless their life is, in favor of just going out and getting wasted on a Friday.
To most people, she's pleasant, flirty, maybe a bit funny but not all that witty. She'll certainly get a bit of an attitude when things don't go her way, but she's not all that bad. Her ego isn't much of a front, and though she might joke that she is, she certainly doesn't believe she's 'all that'.

There are times, though, somewhere between the 5th and 6th drink, or when she's home alone, that she's stuck thinking back on her past, her family, her wasteful farce of a life. She doesn't like these things and she really never appreciates someone bringing them up to her.


Giant purse, cellphone, lipgloss, glossy pumps, charming smirk, her grandmother's diary of voodoo sp-...wait, how'd that get in there? get the idea.


This section might provide more information than Jaime herself actually knows. The Hayes name is recent, the deeper family name is O'Donnelly. While most mixed-race families from Louisiana, the state of her birth, involve sordid tales of amorous slave owners and their African 'property', Jaime's black heritage is actually due to the influx if Haitians into New Orleans. Now this is not to say that her particular branch of the family tree stems exactly that far back. Long story short, Haitian blood has been in her twice over, but the most recent is four generations back, and every white family member above her has Irish heritage- although several members along the way are mixed, as well.

Jaime grew up well-off enough, public school, doing well, mom and pop and grammaw, church on Sundays. But when she was still pretty young, her father was shot in a gambling discrepancy, and a whole chapter of his life her family didn't know existed was thrown open. Things never were that great between she and her mother, after that, and they were knocked a few notches down on the monetary ladder.

So begins...

Jaime Hayes's Story


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Jaime Hayes winced at his feeling of insult. To watch his sublime face contort with the barest hint of pain was nauseating, in the dream. She swallowed, and found herself pulling mouthfuls of her sweet, fizzy drink before she'd even truly thought to do so. Mental illness. As much as that had been exactly what the girl had been telling herself since this all began, she didn't want to hear it. She didn't want that to be real, either. It was hard to think within a dream, and so the image of her admitted to a mental hospital was more like a vague concept in her mind. Her words fell freely from her, as if previously scripted. "Yes."