Jante Vinel

A former Company member, with a dark past, a midas touch, and a quest for his son.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Chulance


Name: Jante Vinel
Powers:Molecular Manipulation:- He can manipulate molecules allowing him to alter their state of matter, including the matter he's composed off.

Personality: Jante is a serious individual, who is always burying his emotion's from others. Despite his buried emotion's he is very prideful when it comes to his family, and does not appreciate people disrespecting the Vinel family. He does not think Specials should abuse their abilities, and or use them unless necessary. He does not enjoy revealing his past, and is a master of keeping secretes. He enjoys keeping a peaceful life, and is not a man who enjoys being pushed into action. He's also a realistic, and does not believe in fantasy like situation's. Despite his peace loving personality, when his family is endangered he can become very violent very quickly.

Appearance: ^^

Bio:Jante Vinel was born in Chicago, Illinois. There he was raised in poverty, always seeking a way to improver the status of his family. His mother conducted a serious illness when he was only eight years old, and his father assumed two jobs. Around this time he developed a hatred for fictional worlds such as X-men, and then he discovered his ability of turning objects into gold. After obtaining gold, his father got his mother treatment. Thanks to his special ability his family's life took a 360 degree turn. Around the time he was fourteen, he was already studying to be a historian.

His ability started to develop, and he accidentally turned a bully into a statue made of stone. He shattered the bully and began learning his ability was not limited to converting physical properties into gold. A year later the Company went after him, and Angela Petrelli recruited him in. He received training from Bob Bishop, who had the similar ability Alchemy. He then became a trainer for agents in the Company, and became known as "Midas Touch" Jante(MTJ). As such he eventually joined Primatech, and started a family marrying a High School Sweetheart. He had no idea that his son Nick manifested an ability when he was thirteen as well. He grew distant due to his interest in fiction.

After the company captured Nick, he freed his son. He rebelled against the Company, and as such MTJ left during their time of need when the Level 5 escapee's were free. He trained his son to gain control over his ability after they started new lives, and later when Danko's team went on the attack he was one of the first specials to be captured and placed in Building 26. He escaped, and resumed his normal life with his family. After his son Nick vanished, he began a hunt for his son.

So begins...

Jante Vinel's Story