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Jason Clarke

"destiny is only fates way of saying it must be done."

0 · 319 views · located in Brillion

a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by SuperShyGuy



Name- Jason Clarke

Race- human

hight- 6' 2"

age- 27

occupation- Assassin/Bounty Hunter/freelance Officer

psych- A soldier at heart Jason Clarke always had a way with weapons. he his good with both swords and guns and treats his gear as if it where his child. he is a mostly silent fighter but usually has something to say. his lack of ability to fly causes him to look for transport of some sort to other planets. he usually comes off as cold and unfeeling when in his armor, but towards his comrades he shows compassion and would never leave a man behind.

bio- Born on the border planet of Corros Prime, Jason learned the basic skills of survival. he quickly learned to adapt to his surroundings and use the environment as a tool to aid him. by age 13 he knew and mastered in 12 different forms of hand to hand combat. he became an expert with almost any type of firearm. and could hit a target with any object he easily lift. by age 16 he was trained under the assassin's organisation called the Red Faction (took the name from the ps2 game) and learned the trade of the Bounty Hunter. when he was 20 he was paid as a mercenary to fight in the War on Winndevita he came back darker and changed. he became inpatient and quick to anger. more using fear to get what he wants. the few friends he has though trust him as a valuable ally and asset. at age 22 he had built his reinforced titanium plated armor (seen in pic above) called Hellstorm Mark VI.


Colt LE901-16S with an Elcan SpectreDR
ammunition- Depleted uranium slugs.

browncoat pistol
cannon- tv show Firefly

Titanium bladed katana

So begins...

Jason Clarke's Story