Jastes Belmark

A Mistborn of great ability; a secret of House Belmark.

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Jastes Belmark
Before you stands a man with dark hair and deep blue eyes. A crooked grin easily spreads across his lips as if a joke was secretly playing in his mind. A few lines of hardship stem from the corners of his eyes, and give depth to his brow. He is a very well kept man of noble standing. He always wears a finely tailored suit during the day and has impeccable manners. Age: 28
Height: 6'2"
Weight: Near 200 lbs
Allomancy: Mistborn
Class: Noble

But during the night, Jastes becomes Mistborn. He dons his cloak, the long tendrils of smokey-gray fabric intermingling with the mists. A few clips slip from his fingers and off into the air he pushes himself. Freedom is to be found in darkness; freedom to not be who are you but who you want to be. Proficient in burning Bronze, Jastes is easily able to pierce through copperclouds in order to find other mistings or mistborns.


Basic Metals/Alloys
Steel: Coinshots have the ability to burn Steel, which allows them to "Push" on nearby metals.
Iron: Lurchers have the ability to burn Iron, which allows them to Pull on nearby metals.
Tin: Tineyes have the ability to burn Tin, which allows them to enhance all five of their senses.
Pewter: Pewterarms, or Thugs, have the ability to burn Pewter, which allows them to greatly enhance their physical capabilities.
Bronze: Seekers have the ability to burn Bronze, which allows them to determine if someone is using Allomancy in the immediate area.
Copper: Copperclouds, or Smokers, have the ability to burn Copper, which allows them to hide themselves and others from "Seekers" by dampening Allomantic vibrations caused by burning metals.
Zinc: Rioters have the ability to burn Zinc, which allows them to inflame the emotions of those nearby. A Rioter can affect a single person or all the individuals in a particular area.
Brass: Soothers have the ability to burn Brass, which allows them to soothe or guide emotions in a particular direction. A Soother can affect a single person or all the individuals in a particular area.

Higher Metals/Alloys
Gold: Allows an Allomancer to see what they might have been if they had made different choices in the past. It is rarely used due to possible severe emotional trauma.
Electrum: An alloy of gold, allows an Allomancer to see into their own future, which effectively disables Atium.
Cadmium: An Allomancer burning Cadmium can subtly pull on time in a bubble around them, stretching it and making time pass more slowly.
Bendalloy: An Allomancer burning Bendalloy can subtly push on time in a bubble around them, compressing it and making it pass more quickly.
Aluminum: Drains all other metal reserves of a Mistborn, leaving them powerless.
Duralumin: An alloy of Aluminum and Copper, reacts with other metals currently burning to create an exceptionally large flare of the metal, consuming the remaining supply.
Chromium: Chromium destroys another Allomancer's metals, just like Aluminum does to one's self. There must be physical contact.
Nicrosil: An Allomancer burning Nicrosil causes the target Allomancer's currently burning metals to be burned in a brief, intense flash.

God Metals/Alloys
Lerasium:The body of Preservation. A greenish bead that allows the burner (which can be anyone) to become a Mistborn, allowing you access to all of the Allomantic metals. These beads are the source of Mistborn, and this trait ends up being genetic.
Atium: This metal allows the Mistborn to see a few seconds into the future, thereby allowing them to anticipate the moves of an opponent. It also enhances the mind to cope with and understand these new insights, effectively turning a Mistborn invincible for a short time. Atium burns very quickly.
Malatium: Malatium is an alloy of Atium and Gold which allows an Allomancer to see the past of someone else, like an external version of Gold's power. This metal is referred to in legend as the Eleventh Metal.

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