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Jenny Uskglass

A small, Pale skinned child with hair as black as midnight, and eyes like those of a raven. Her overly wide, toothy grin is horribly unsettling, as is her unblinking stare.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Fishbucket


The Raven Princess

The First sightings of a small, pale child in the dark, horror filled wake of a marching army of the dead was shrugged off as the deranged ravings of survivors.

As years passed, and more and more sightings came about, it became something of a hobby for occult theorists and scholars alike to contemplate.

These days, the girl is less an interest and more an omen. Scholars, sorcerers, occultists, and others who study the cosmos at large have come to fear what she represents, though none seem able to agree on just what that is.

Some believe the girl is a representation of chaos and madness growing stronger and more prominent in the multiverse. Others believe she is a sign of an impending surge in unlife and necrotic entities. Still others believe she is a burgeoning goddess soon to bloom into her power, threatening to conquer and destroy as so many others like her have before.

The Truth would shock them all to the core.

Little Jenny

Jenny Uskglass named herself from a character in a book she read. She was born an orphan, and only had a single book to read, a book written about the Raven King, a handsome man so strong and great that even the fairies looked to him as their ruler. And as a small, frail little thing that had no friends, that was avoided for her strangeness, such a man appealed to her, and so she styled herself as his long lost or forgotten daughter.

Her loneliness was terrible, but it would be preferable to what came soon after. She possessed a terrible power within herself, a dark and evil power, according to those around her. According to them, she was a witch, and as the people in the village she grew up in screamed and shouted for her blood, she found herself both alone and afraid. She ran from them into the woods, where they expected she would be torn apart by wolves or some such.

A shame for them, for if they had thought to chase her down and finish what they started, they may have survived her in the winter that followed.

They first learned their mistake when the harvest came, and all their fields and gardens were ruined by a rotting disease. And winter came a full month early, with snow and ice coming mere days after the air chilled. And the cold only grew worse and worse, until snow and ice all but buried the village.

And when all this had come, at last the villagers thought it was over. A day came when the snow stopped, the winds no longer howled, and a ghost of warmth could be felt. The villagers looked to find comfort with each other in the church, but found that it had burned away as they had hid away within their homes. All of it had been reduced to ash and cinders, except for the single stake that had been meant to serve as the witch child pyre. A pyre that burned steadily, and without any warmth at all.

They should have ran then, but they didn't. Instead they gathered together, thinking numbers would keep them safe. All it did was make it easier for them to be surrounded. Ghosts, wraithes, victims of the zealotry, so called witches burned by the villagers in the past, came screaming from the skies. And from under the snow and ice came bones, that rattled and chattered without end. And when the dead had hemmed them in like sheep in a pen, that is when she made her announcement.

Many had thought she would be cruel and hateful, but she was kind and compassionate. They thought she would seek revenge, but all she gave was a smile. She insisted that she only wanted more friends, and asked if they would join her friends. The lucky ones said yes, and died as soon as the word left their lips.

And with that ever present, far too wide smile, she would welcome her new friends with open arms, their flesh first freezing, then burning away to ash, as their bones stood and joined the shambling ranks of dead that surrounded them.

The rest... They screamed long and loud, but there was no longer any god willing to hear their begging.

Character Information
Jenny Uskglass has the appearance of a child, roughly around the age of eight. She is a witch who awakened her power as a child, and as a consequence her body became static, frozen in the image she held of herself at the moment her power took hold.

She has had a great deal of time to master and understand her power, but she does not approach it in the same way that other witches might. Ever a curious individual, Jenny is always experimenting and studying the results of various aspects of her abilities. She seeks to understand magic, and more importantly, find a single unifying precept for it, a single concept behind which all magic originates. She believes that finding such would answer all the questions of the universe, and even greater than that, give her the ability to bring her boney friends to true life, rather than being a simple puppet existence.

Primary Abilities
|Core Physics|
Jenny's power has two understandings. From the outside, what she does appears to be entirely magical, conjuring flames, raising the dead, freezing air and water. But the truth is that Jenny's "magic" stems from a purely biological mechanic. She possess a unique genetic mutation that allows her neurons to produce a higher than average charge. This, combined with a psychological defect that prevents her from entering Rem sleep normally resulted in her accidentally developing a means to manipulate her own electromagnetic field. Over time, she would fully explore this unique ability and discovered that it gave her a form of telekinesis. She cannot use this telekinesis on anything further than roughly six feet away from her, and cannot lift more than roughly five to eight pounds with it.

However, her exploration of these abilities have granted her absolute awareness of her EMF, effectively feeling anything and everything in the field as if it were her skin. This includes individual atoms and, with focus, even subatomic particles. While she doesn't quite understand the nature of the things she's feeling, and doesn't entirely comprehend what it is she is doing, she has learned to use these abilities to achieve various effects, including generating spontaneous combustion reactions, as well as freezing objects by stopping movement on a molecular level.

She doesn't know what she's doing, of course, only how to create fire and ice on a whim.

Her raising of the dead is a slightly different matter. When the flesh has been removed, and the bones themselves subjected to a bit of charring, Jenny has discovered she can put a bit of herself into the skeleton, the bones mineralizing under her treatment. The bones become a sort of relay of her own electromagnetic field, and react as an extension of herself.

In short, puppets tied to her by invisible strings, doing as wills them to do.

|Ability Listing|

-Fire Generation and Control-
-Ice Generation and Control-
-Sixth sense (Range 6ft)-
-Telepathy (Range 24ft)-
-Memory reading (range touch)-
-Memory manipulation-

So begins...

Jenny Uskglass's Story

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A Tea Party

In the depths of the dark woods, in a haunted place indeed, a graveyard long abandoned, a girl is having tea.

Little Jenny sits at a table in the dark woods, pouring tea from an old grey teapot into a small grey tea cup. The table itself seems normal enough at first glance, it's a fancy wooden table like would be carved from oak or willow, except it's a pale white color that no tree ever achieves. A close examination would tell even the most foolish of people that this table is made of bone.

That would of course imply that the chairs surrounding the table are made of bone. This is further supported by the fact that each of the chairs is adorned with a skull, and is fashioned from what appears to be ribs, femurs, and other such bones.

And of course, the skeletons sitting in the chairs themselves. Each one holding it's own cup of tea in one hand, saucer plate in the other. For all the world a morbid tableau, a small pale child serving tea to corpses in a long forgotten graveyard hidden by a forest shrouded in shadow. It is somewhat comical.

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Mourning arrived on the cry of a rabbit fate-met with a snake, approaching the tea party as the python slithered away satisfied. It was a peculiar scene. Skeletons has no skin with which to grin, and yet here a tea party was in full effect. Mourning watched for a few moments from the shadows of their hood. Everything was made of bone. Mourning found this to be...


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#, as written by Sepokku
The Great Ellarian Forest was massive, far too large for Echo's liking. She was tired, hungry, parched, and very irritable. Every so often she'd run into a cloud of biting insects and try as she might, Lugh proved ineffective at stopping them all. Several miles ago she had stepped in mud and lost her shoes; after an hour of searching through the mud, she was still unable to find them.

Seething, she was determined to find her way to the end of the woods. To that end, she found herself wandering a graveyard, stepping over graves with names long worn from their headstones. Echo's foot caught the root of a withered tree and her face quickly collided with the ground in front of her. "Wonderful." She lay facedown for a moment before collecting herself and standing up. Not far ahead was a table with people sitting around it.

Excited to have made some progress, she darted forward. Most of the table's inhabitants looked similar, except for one. Trying not to be rude, Echo snatched the tea out of one of the identical person's hands and then promptly shoved them out of their seat. Sitting down she took a long chug of the tea.

"Not bad." Finishing the tea, she continued, "Got any more?"

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Jenny smiled sweetly at the hooded figure as he approached. "Your right on time, it's half past nine, all my friends have waited. Now please come and sit, we have tea and biscuits, would you like jam or mint?"

The roughened individual who entered into the gathering, and shoved a body from it's chair, would soon find that body standing up straight, nothing but bones, dust, and the dapper suit of a gentlemen.

"I say," He spoke, no lungs to conjure voice, "I believe you've taken my seat, would you perhaps like my name as well?"

The skeletal figure would gesture to the table. There, carved in the old and half rotted wood, was a name. "Meriot John, a pleasure, or perhaps it should be well met? In either case is fine, but if Your to have my name and place, You know quite well I'll have yours in exchange"

For her part, Jenny simply giggled behind her hands, then poured another cup of tea for the pale womans pleasure. "And a hello to you to, my fleshy friend. Would you like some biscuits, 'ere before your end?"

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#, as written by Sepokku
Waiting patiently, Echo watched with mild amusement as the skeleton stood next to her and began to speak; putting him out of his misery briefly crossed her mind but she dismissed the notion as soon as he mentioned taking his name. Her eyes hungrily darted to the table, where the name Meriot John was carved into the table. It wasn't the most cosmopolitan name, but she had gambled for worse; not to mention she was still lost if she didn't get her bearings here.

"You want my name in exchange?" As the small girl finished refilling her cup, Echo put the tea to her lips and began to sip at it while watching the skeleton of John. "Well, you already offered. So deal. No Takebacksies!" Upending the cup, she finished her drink with one large swallow before slamming the cup down on the table. "Your new name is Alice Alhazred. You were the daughter of the Mad Arab before his disappearance. In an effort to find him you ended up in the First World where you met the daughter of Lugh and lost a bet to her. Since then you've been stuck, going quite mad, as humans are wont to do when they lack a true name." As she spoke, one could almost see the words leaving her lips and floating through the air, coalescing around the skeleton. "Pleasure doing business, Alice."

Waving her hand over the table, the letters making up the name Meriot John slowly lifted off the table and floated into her hand; clasping her hand shut, the letters disappeared. "I'd love some biscuits," she chimed out in response to the girl's question. In excitement, she threw both her hands into the air, "John is the type of guy to never turn down biscuits!"

Turning her attention to the cloaked figure, she examined it as if noticing it for the first time. "Have we met somewhere? You look... familiar." Echo scoffed, "You probably just have one of those faces." Her attention snapped back to the tea party and deciding whether or not she enjoyed being Meriot John.

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"Perhaps," Mourning spoke with a voice like gravel, inching closer to the tea party of bone and peculiarity.

Perhaps if they had experienced death, or have ever been honored in the Shrine of Shrines, perhaps they would remember meeting the monk. Perhaps if they'd attended the Ball of Chaos, now a wisp of a memory lesser than a distant scream to Mourning, they would recognize the hooded figure.

Mourning did, in fact, have one of those faces. After so much time serving the darkness and tending to the worship of many, many gods, identity beyond the task was lost on Mourning. Mourning was exactly what they were. Beneath the hood the monk's face was the vision of distress. Deep lines and a brow furrowed at constant framed eyes wet with tears that would never and could never fall.

Because of this, Mourning was especially interested in the little name-trick the monk had just witnessed. It was true: humans without access to their true names and identity had a tendency towards insanity (and worse). There was a tickle of familiarity in the words No-Longer-Alice-But-Now-(probably)-Meriot-John spoke.

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Jenny smiled and provided a plate of biscuits for John's enjoyment, as Alice, now boney and dapper, took a seat in a chair across from her.

"Perhaps he's a friend from a time you've forgotten, a dream from some nap taken under Holly and Oak. Or maybe he's new, with bows and filigree, but I see no marks to authenticate his pedigree" She turned and tilted her head at the monk, knowing nothing of who he was or what career he made for himself.

The skeletons seated at the table all raised their cups in cheer, a silent eerie scream that echoed empty in the ears. The sounds of bone clattering against bone was the only sound to echoe beyond the words of those assembled.

"In any case, I say to you I claim my titles now. Jenny Uskglass, Lady of Lhitford, Waif of Trevantor, Daughter of Mab and Herne. I preside over this party, a celebration in justification of alliteration and in summation the greatest of tribulations given unto us"

She pauses, stifling her own giggling even as her more skeletal guests cackle and clatter in response.

"For today is my birth day, and though I know not which one it is, a fair time to enjoy the fine evening air of this beautiful garden suffices reason enough to be present." She then turns to look at Mourning.

"So welcome, dear sir, and enjoy. A chance like this cometh only so often"

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Mourning sighed, a birth day. Birth days were celebrations sometimes, and sometimes they were the same day as a different kind of celebration. The kind that had eyes wet in a different sort of way, and not from smiles.

The cloaked figure realized they didn't bring any presents. That was something that was done, at parties, for birth days. Presents. No matter, an easy fix.

From within their cloak, Mourning drew a glass vial. It swirled with a silvery liquid, one that changed to an inky black where it caught the light and glittered where it should have hosted shadows. Mourning turned it over in their hand. Inside, a tiny flower bloomed in dark smoke and wilted into a skull, before blooming back and wilting again, and again, and again, so quick that a blink would count it a missed sight and the memory would host it as hallucination.