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Jimmy O'Suaird

0 · 247 views · located in Ultima Mountains

a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Faithy



Name: Jimmy Ó’Suaird

Age: 22

Sex: Male

Race: Human

Appearance: Though Jimmy was a blonde from the moment he was yanked from his mother’s womb, the shade lasted only a few years. As he grew older, the ebony color of his hair seemed to match the mysterious persona that surrounded him at all times. Emerald like eyes shone even in the darkest of nights, though most of the time his right eye was hidden beneath unruly bangs that never could be tamed. Parts of his locks rested against the back of his neck, just below his ears. Standing at 6 feet exactly, he weighs in about 165 pounds, the majority of that muscle mass. Every inch of his bronze flesh was carefully tended to and despite the many fights he found himself in, no scar could be found. That of course didn’t mean he didn’t have any scars, they just weren’t visible to the naked eye. What few freckles he had were scattered across his flawless face and the only other markings upon it were two dimples located on either side of his mouth, visible of course only when he was smiling.

Not one for flashy clothing, Jimmy dons any assortment of wife-beater tanks and a pair of regular blue jeans, faded from years of wear. That of course doesn’t mean he recycles daily, he just has a lot of faded jeans. Perhaps his favorite piece of clothing is his mixture of silk boxers, each one depicting a different design. His foot apparel is just as simple, ranging from old beat up tennis shoes to combat/hiking boots. On a cool day he can be seen sporting a red and black Letterman jacket with athletic symbols that represent his achievements in sports such as football, soccer, and basketball.

Personality Description: Despite having so many accomplishments, sports wise, Jimmy was not a snob or one of those arrogant jocks. He was a friend to those often neglected due to their unfavorable position and was often a protector to the weak. Ignoring all the pleas for him to be friends with just the popular kids, Jimmy made it clear that neither money nor power could sway him by continuing to defend those less fortunate. He respected those that worked to be who they were and despised those that had gifts given to them. Family was very important to him and on numerous occasions he could be seen protecting Aimée or sparring against her in the back yard. This was the case even though Aim’z wasn’t his true sibling. This loyalty was shown even with those that he loved, such as Ashton. However, at the first sign of danger to anyone he cares about, another side of Jimmy could be seen. The sweet disposition that he showed to all, except his enemies would quickly turn into an unforgiving rage that could be quelled only by his Aimée.

It wasn’t until later on in his life did his personality shift slightly. Though he still protected the weak, his methods were filled with anger and distrust. Deep down there was remorse for things that were done that he felt he could have stopped, but didn’t. It didn’t matter that what happened wasn’t his fault, he still blamed himself. He no longer participated in sports nor did he associate with anyone really, except those that happened to get close to him. When it came down to it, the only person he ever really trusted was Aimée, his roommate and the closest family he had.


He doesn’t carry anything fancy because he’s not one that goes out looking for a fight. However, after being in a tight pinch during a couple of fights with gang members that had actual weapons, he decided it was time to get some. After saving up some cash, he arranged with a weapons dealer to sell him a set of katanas as well as some short swords that he could slide up in the sleeves of his jacket. In addition to the blades, he confiscated two .50 AE desert eagles. The katanas are sheathed in crossing cases that slide across his back, the straps turning into holsters, which house the DE’s. The two short swords are invisible to all when he’s wearing his jacket seeing how they’re strapped onto his forearms.

Other than his weapons, he wears a bracelet, it black in color. Other than the bracelet, he sports a simple silver banded watch and a silver necklace with Greek letters that spell out Ashton. He carries with him a pair of sunglasses with dark black lenses to hide away his emotions and annoyance.

History: Jimmy was born to Nicole and James Ó’Suaird on May 19th during one of the worst storms known to man. Between participating in sports and helping out people, he was busy but enjoyed it that way. He soon befriended a small redheaded girl named Aimée Verona who was a year younger than him. Despite his insane schedule, he always found a time to hang out with Aimée and made sure she knew self-defense moves so that she could always protect herself when he wasn’t around. This was mainly because she was always getting hurt by the foster families she was constantly being thrusted into. During middle school, Ashton became his first love and it didn’t matter to him that she wasn’t a popular kid or even rich. Her heart was made of gold and she had the sweetest personality that nearly everyone loved about her. It was the ones that were jealous of the two that were the first to ruin his utopia. One fateful night during high school as he exited the gym after practice, he found her body lying across his car, her form riddled with bullets. He never found out who killed her until years later when the three responsible admitted it to him moments before they were executed by some renegade police officers who were then shot by other police officers.

It was after her death that he began to change. He spent more and more time away from home and school, going only to his classes. He of course continued to protect the weak because he didn’t want the same thing to happen to them, but there was no longer the attachment he once had. During his time away, Aimée found herself in hell and despite the lessons taught to her by Jimmy, couldn’t stop one of her foster father’s from abusing her both physically and emotionally as well as sexually. One day during a fight at school that was aimed towards Aimée, Jimmy had to step in and stop the beatings that the three men were giving her. Aimée had moved herself away from the chaos, curled up in a tiny ball, sobbing from pain. It wasn’t until hours later as she was recovering at the hospital in her normal room did he get out of Aimée what had happened and as he heard the news of what her foster father had done, the straw upon the camel’s back snapped. He immediately went to the police to have the man arrested and eventually got his own place and moved Aimée in with him to protect her as much as possible.

So begins...

Jimmy O'Suaird's Story