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John Freeman

John Freeman who was Gordon Freeman's brother was one day in an office typing on a computer when he got an email from his brother that said aliens and monsters were attacking his place and aksed him for help so he went.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Regicide


Personality: Has an incredibly bizarre sense of logic. He blew up the house some 'zombie goasts' were haunting so that they could be 'at piece'. Also has an insane desire to avenge his brother and 'do what has tobe done'. However, he is also heroic, sacrificing himself to defeat the 'combines' so the the rest of the 'humens' could survive. He also shows great care for all things living and non-living, putting eggs back safe when he saw them fall out of a tree he destroyed with his laser gun, and buried the defeated bosses and planted 'pants' on them so that there were 'pretty things there now to be happy'.

Bio: John Freeman who was Gordon Freeman's brother was one day in an office typing on a computer when he got an email from his brother that said aliens and monsters were attacking his place and aksed him for help so he went. He travelled to Ravenholdm and saw a sign with someone's handwriting that said 'u shudnt come here'. He was about to turn back when he heard screaming like his brother. He found wepon on ground and shot 'zombie goasts' in front of a house. He then blew it up so that the 'zombie goasts' could be 'at piece'. He continued he journey into Ravenholdm, and found that it was nothing like the countrysides as 'there was no birds singing and the pants were dead and teh dirt was messy and bloody from headcrabs'. He found his brother Gordon fighting the 'final bosss'. John Freeman saved his brother by shooting the final boss in the eye and blinding it. Gordon Freeman then got squashed by the 'next boss'. John Freeman vows to defeat the boss and travels back to his office on his motorcycle to look up the boss' weakness online.

He goes back to Ravenholm and defeats the next boss by shooting a rocket at him because it was his weakness. After killing the boss, John Freeman walks up to both of the dead bosses and buries them, planting 'pants' on them so that were pretty things to be happy. He goes to the dead Gordon Freeman and mourns him when a headcrab suddenly jumped onto Gordon, reanimating him. Gordon tells John Freeman that he was slow and that he is now a 'zombie goast' and that he will pay. The ending is left unexplained.

Fast forward sometime later and 'Combines' from 'science' and 'outter space' have arrived on Earth. They rule over the planet and 'hate humens'. John Freeman's wife is killed by the combine 'lazer guns'. His son Henry Freeman then proceeds to start a revolution, and the rebels travel to the 'Combine tower that was big like the sky' in order to send the combines 'back to science and outter space'. However, they are stopped by a Combine army. In the ensuring battle, most of the rebels are killed and overwhelmed by the Combine forces. Then, for no apparent reason, John Freeman arrives in a portal.

He fights and kills the Combine troops with his 'bear hands' and by 'barking necks'. The Combine then retreat back to the tower and press a button to make it 'glow and smoke'. John Freeman then encounters Gordon Freeman, who had been saved from the headcrab by the combine who put 'science' in him to make him 'live and strong and big', and that he is now 'Dark Man'. The two of them then proceed to fight. Meanwhile, Henry Freeman and the rest of the rebels attempt to stop the tower from exploding, but fail due to overwhelming Combine forces. They are unable to press the 'botton' to stop the tower from destruction. John Freeman eventually defeats Dark Man by kicking the 'science off his face'. Gordon is freed from the Combine control but dies of his wounds.

John Freeman tells Henry Freeman to get the rebels out of the city on his motorcycle. Henry Freeman obeys and leaves the city with the rebels. John Freeman fights through the rest of the Combine forces, but eventually gets overwhelmed and defeated by the Combine. He manages to look out of the tower before dying and sees Henry Freeman the humans a safe distance away. The tower then explodes like 'milion stars and fire and loud noises', killing him along with the rest of the Combine and saving the world.

After the Combines were gone the world was nice and no one was a slave or sad anymore. Henry Freeman was now president and the world was peaceful. The city was rebuilt and a statue of John Freeman was erected in the middle, proclaiming him as 'John Freeman Saver of Humens'.

So begins...

John Freeman's Story


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Lord Xulganak watched with mild interest as the galaxy spun, and he observed the quantum dance between a nucleus and its electron consorts with a studious curiosity. His eyes and ears were spread across the cosmos, silently monitoring the happenings of the galaxy and the civilizations within from the darkness between the stars and the hidden places of the worlds.

A moon-sized space station cannibalized a barren planet in the uncharted galactic wilderness. What little life found there was collected, studied, cataloged, and then sanitized before the world itself was ripped apart and stripped of any valuable resource. The matter would fuel a new generation of droids and ships, which would further extend the Archiver’s reach across the universe. They would harvest, learn, adapt, and build. Xulganak was satisfied.

He turned his gaze outwards, beyond the galaxy. What other matters required his attention?