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Spawn of the Efreeti and future ruler of the Plane of Fire, Aesr.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, originally authored by Smith, as played by RolePlayGateway



Full Name: Jonnovan Aesri
Age: 123 years old
Physical Age: 20
Gender: Male
Species: Efreet
Race: Half fire elemental
Height: 6"1'
Weight: 170 lbs.

Skin Color: Ash Grey
Eye Color: Bright Orange
Hair Color: Dark Red
Hair Style: Close-cropped and short.
Facial Hair: None
Facial Features: Slightly slanted eyes, full lips, and an average nose.
Markings: Red glowing lines spanning the length of Jonnovan's back, legs and arms, terminating at the base of his neck.
Piercings: Two on his tongue
Body Build: Lean and toned


Alignment: Neutral
Orientation: Heterosexual
Occupation: Professional soldier
Personality: Quiet and unassuming 'til you get to know him, then he's a talkative perv. Jonnovan is friendly towards women and almost never befriends other men. He always looks spaced out and is sometimes slow to respond to conversation, making him appear to be...not particularly bright. However, this is totally untrue. He looks out of it because his insatiable curiosity drives him to constantly observe his surroundings and calculate the size and mass of various objects, as his slow response time is due to the fact that he actually takes the time to decide on if he wishes to speak and what to say. In his free time Jonnovan loves to go down to the junkyard and salvage metals of various makes. He then uses these scraps in his smelting and blacksmithing, as he is very adept at weapon and armor crafting due to his fire elemental blood.


Equipment: Armor- No formal armor to speak of. Jonnovan likes to dress in dark long sleeved shirts along with his belt and a pair of worn blue jeans with frayed hemming (probably from him walking barefoot all the time). Hates to wear shoes although he tolerates their presence during school hours, and wears his purple beanie most of the time. All of his clothing has been specially made to be able to withstand extremely high temperatures.

Slugs- Jonnovan uses custom made "heavy" marbles. The large bullet-like objects have a thick steel shell on it's exterior, and a small compartment on the inside housing napalm. Upon impact with a solid object the compartment collapses, resulting in a small, if explosive blast of liquid fire. Jonnovan adds a tiny emblem to each of his bullets implying an elemental property such as a lightning bolt or snowflake, although all the bullets are the same. Just a deceptive precaution. His belt has leather 4 ammo pouches holding up to 10 rounds each totaling 40 at once.

Fighting Style: Guns- He wields most forms of firearms with proficiency.
Hand-to-Hand- After nearly being pulverized in a close range duel by a wizard, Jonnovan decided to learn more of hand to hand combat. Within a few months, he has gained a better understanding of the vital points of the body and faster reaction times.

Passive Abilities- Heat Immunity- Being a creature of elemental fire, Jonnovan is immune to most forms of heat as opposed to being able to absorb it like a full blooded elemental.

Everwarm- Jonnovan's body constantly regulates his exterior and interior temperatures in response to his environment, even allowing him to maintain and control his body heat.

Hyper Refraction Sight- Using the faint glow of light from his markings, Jonnovan's eyes can reflect even this meager amount of light tremendously allowing for perfect vision even in absolute darkness or obscurity.

Kinetic Durability- His increased body temperature and lineage allows him to be able to take much more punishing blows than the average human.

Kinetic Increase- Due to his constantly hot body, his natural strength and speed are higher than average. This increases proportionately to the level of heat stored in his body.

Active Abilities- Imperfect Heat Manipulation- Being only half elemental, Jonnovan cannot directly control heat and fire. Fire must already be present for any sort of manipulation to occur.

Tagging- Jonnovan's premiere ability utilizing his elemental powers. It's the act of Jonnovan forcing a portion of his elemental fire energy into an object, and detonating it through his will. So by "tagging" the target with his own energy, Jonnovan basically forms a remote control bomb. The act of tagging is nearly imperceptible, and wont be noticed unless the target can literally see the movement of particles in the air. Charging is instantaneous, but requires direct contact with Jonnovan's skin to affect the target.

The size of the explosion resulting from a charge is proportionate to the size of the object being detonated. So, a marble would make a tiny explosion as a tool shed would make a big boom. Though, if the target exceeds 5 times Jonnovan's size, the charges must be spread out across the target for the full explosion to occur. Otherwise, only a portion of the large target would detonate. The heat of the explosion resulting from a charge is proportionate to the mass of the target, with the base temperature of the explosion being 87 degrees Celsius (enough to cause painful burns). In other words, mass is the fuel of a charge. So, the explosion resulting from a charged cube of Styrofoam wouldn't be nearly as hot as the explosion from a cube of lead of the same size. Charging a target multiple times also increases the intensity of the explosion. Here's a rough estimation of the explosions;

marble to refrigerator: moderate to severe burns, one charge
small car to charter bus: flesh blackening to flesh melting, 2-4 charges
anything larger: metal melting to uh...don't get caught in the blast. 5+charges
The same results can be reached by setting the appropriate amount of charges on the ground in close proximity to one another.

-Charging, while not requiring much energy, uses it none the less. Therefore Jonnovan requires at least two seconds in between charges.
-Humanoids normally have an extremely complex physical makeup, making the ignition phase of charging them virtually impossible.

Charge Link- By infusing a wide area with stored elemental energy, Jonnovan can combine the explosive power of charges that are dispersed over a large area on a concentrated point. In short, the more energy he disperses, the farther away the charges can be while still being able to focus their explosive power on a single area. The focused area must be within five feet of Jonnovan's body, but that means little if the resulting explosion is large enough. The range at which the charges can be connected cannot exceed 31 meters.


Birthplace: Aesr, the elemental plane of Fire
Current Planet: Alternate version of earth
Family: "Pretty sure they're dead now. Almost positive." he is unaware of his half-siblings in search of him.

So begins...

Jonnovan's Story


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