Jordon Mace

Famous Quote: The future depends on what you do today.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Scarlett Moon


Physical Description: Jordon Mace has short brown hair, Dark brown piercing eyes, and mocha skin.

Personality: Jordon is the type of girl to get things done. She doesn't like to sit around and watch others slack off. She'll do their work if she has to. She doesn't have time for games or silliness.

Equipment & Ability: She has a forearm gauntlet given to her by her mom. There are two buttons on the side. One button (a red button) that when pressed will give her a katana style blade. The other button (a blue button) when pressed gives her an invisible Katana style blade. This weapon is her second in command. Her first in command is a black cloak that was given to her by her father. When saying the words "First command" the cloak will wrap around her skin tight and expand into a hard suit of robot armor.

Historical Background: Jordon wishes not discuss this information.

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