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Joshua Ketra

An outgoing young man who recently arrived at Terra in search of a new life.

0 · 129 views · located in Wing City Gardens

a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by ConnorTavarin


Name: Joshua Ketra

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Race: Naturan

Personality: Generally outgoing and cheerful, Joshua enjoys the company of others greatly. He keeps a friendly smile whenever he can in hopes of making friends easily during his stay on Terra, though some believe he's a bit too trusting for his own good. While he has no issue talking to them, he is visibly nervous when speaking to women.

Abilities: Competent martial artist in a style similar to Aikido and seems attuned to the earth and plant-life, though abilities regarding that are unknown. He is capable of transforming into a large rabbit-like creature, though this is physically taxing after some time. He is also capable of impressive acrobatic feats, able to leap over high walls and sprint at high speed.

Bio: Joshua is a naturan, a race of humanoid beings with animal characteristics from a world known as Neryas. It's a peaceful world where combat is mostly sport, ranging from friendly duels to whole tournaments to see who's the best fighter. As such, Joshua grew up with martial arts knowledge and is more than capable of defending himself, though he would rather not hurt anybody. His reasons for leaving Neryas are uncertain for the most part, though he claims he simply wanted to see different worlds, especially Terra. However, he doesn't like to talk about his family or friends back home which may lead some to believe there's more to his story.

Appearance: Standing at an even six feet tall, Joshua's build would certainly be considered athletic with a slightly tan skin color. He isn't too muscular nor too thin. He has straight dark brown hair that goes down to his shoulders. He's mostly human in appearance save for his rabbit-like ears and tail. He carries himself with good posture and a gentle expression, his emerald green eyes often conveying a friendly demeanor. Though he has no facial hair, Joshua has fur on his forearms, chest, and shins, making hot weather and thick clothing rather uncomfortable for him. As such, his clothing usually consists of his blue and black martial arts attire which is made of a special thin yet durable fabric.

So begins...

Joshua Ketra's Story

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On the advice of questionable people, Joshua had found himself wandering a secluded part of the gardens. Looking around, he sees nobody in this particular area and sighs "I could have sworn they said there were plenty of people here to ask about the city...maybe it's the wrong time of day?" he wonders to himself. He hears a slight noise from behind him and quickly leans to the side, narrowly avoiding being stabbed by a knife. In response he swiftly grabs the assailant's shoulder and elbow before locking his arm. He looks in confusion when it's one of the people he spoke to when he first arrived "I'm...not sure what I've done to earn this. If I offended you earlier I'm sorry." he said. Twisting his arm slightly made the attacker drop the knife, which Joshua kicked away. Suddenly he's grabbed from behind, but he simply bends his knees and launches the other attacker over him and onto the other one. Sighing, Joshua realizes he's been a poor judge of character...again. He was always known to be too trusting, even back home.

Leaving the two attackers, he makes his way to the center of the gardens where more people seem to be walking around. Deciding to rest for a while, he sits down on a bench, hand rubbing his chin in thought "Let's see...I heard there was a dojo here...maybe I can learn something there...maybe they'll even let me teach! I'm no master yet." he contemplates further on where to go. He brought some money from his home world which should be enough to sustain him for a while, so he was in no hurry to find a job.