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Juliet "The Angel who never sleeps"

Cast out from heavan to blackmail another

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Unicorn Luv



True Identinty: Sariel, the angel cast out by Harut and Marut
Legal name: Juliet Bonny
Real Age: Lost count
Appearance Age: mid twenties maybe. If you ask she'll say some random number.

Job: For now, gambling

Personality: This lady is sassy and classy wrapped into one. With a bit of moral ambiguity thrown in there. Her tongue, not forked by the way, is clever and quick, not just when kissing either. But as for the sass thing, she tends to act that way when she doesn't know people, otherwise, if you are well aquainted, she is shameless and impulsive. Instead of working, she has a sugar daddy, from whom she takes money and bleeds dry, then moves on. Most of the money she gets is put toward her horrible addiction to gambling, which she is terrible at by the way! Yet she wins, do you know how? Cheating of course, years and years and years of cheating. Juliet smokes, and drinks, heavily, but none of it fazes her of course, due to her not even needing substance, and so not really processing it.

Juliet enjoys messing with humans, and treats most of them with disrespect, as if they were goldfish or something, a good analogy for them she thinks. As weird, morbid, or morally ridiculous as her anics can appear at times, she is actually a very serious person. In fact she has issues taking jokes, for some reason they just aren't funny unless she comes up with them. Juliet is very spoiled and used to getting her way, but as whinny and spoiled as she can get, she is at the same time very responsible. She has how she lives down to a science, and can get around pretty easily. If she promises to do something for you chances are she'll do it. For someone who lives co-dependantly in financials, she is strangely independant.

She is also extremely daring, she's let a homeless man shower in her suite before, just because he seemed nice. She is not by any means afraid of strangers, or anything else for that matter. The way she thinks makes sense to her and anyone else thinking differently is just silly. Her temper is not short, but it is wrathfull. She is passive-agressive, and it can get ugly.

Her emotions seem to be stronger than a persons, and very raw, but strangely calm at the same time, as if the emotion takes contemplation. At times, when she has a mind to, she can give off a very calming atmosphere that will soothe even the most upset person. And for some reason no one ever suspects her of wrong doing, part of the reason she gets away with so much. Her whole, 'lost' feeling however, is still there, and always has been, she thinks she is missing something, but what?

History she does not know: Before te war of the fallen, Lucifer set about recruiting the angels who would fallow him. Some of the angels he recruited, he did not do so by fair means. Sariel and another angel were in love and Lucifer, seeing this, sent the two sorcerors who were created by hm as temptors, Harut and Marut, to capture Sariel and cast her down to earth. She fell, and in her fall lost all memory of who she was, or what.

Lucifer went to the angel who had been her lover, and told him. "My sister, Sariel, does not wish to see you anymore. But if you wish, I could show you where she is hiding. All I ask in return, is your loyalty." Lucifer made the offer, and the devastated angel agreed to his terms. Of course, Lucifer showed him where Sariel was, soon after he and all of his fallowers were cast from heavan, he told the angel she was on earth. And legend holds that he is still searching for her to this day.

History she knows: Juliet knows she is an angel, you think walking the earth for [i]that/[i] long would leave her ignorent? No, those with the eye can tell right away what she is. She just doesn't know why she's here. She has spoken to Lucifer and other angels (fallen ones) and they all say that she must have been beaten up so badly, that her memories of heavan were taken from her. Honestly she believes that must be the case. And therefore she believes herself to be a fallen angel, in other words a demon. But all the same, a demon who seems to be exempt from working for Lucifer, he told her that he had nothing to hold her with, and so she was free to do as she pleased. Plenty of things to be done with centuries upon centries of time. At the moment she is enjoying herself in vegas.

Origins: Angels you must already know about, but Sariel you might not, Sariel is an angel that is mention in the christian bible, but more so in the jewish texts. Angels are ambiguously gendered at times and at others they take gender, there is no indication of female angels, but I went ahead and did that. Along with that tweak, Sariel did not have a history, apart from having been betrayed by Lucifer, blackmailed or something, but I breathed life into a little story for it. Sariel is said to be one 'who seeks god'. That was my inspiration.

Harut and Marut were created by Lucifer in jewish texts as sorcerors to tempt humans into sorcery, and by taking up sorcery, forfeiting their souls. I used them as henchmen.

Abilities: Sariel is able to heal quite instantly, and she does not require, food, sleep, or water, though she can certainly endulge. She is particularly strong, but nothing superhuman(though he skill in fighting certainly is). She has the eye, the one that may see things for what they truly are, and on her back are tatoos, of wings. Guess what they do.

Sariel can also heal others, though it is difficult for her to do so. Strangely miraculous things seem to happen around her sometimes, though this is hardly an ability.

Network: Exactly what it sounds like, she has a network of individulas not human that she knows, and although she does not go for bounties, she does know where to get Artifacts.



So begins...

Juliet "The Angel who never sleeps"'s Story