Kaika Cho

"My fate is already set in stone, but that's not enough to bring me down!"

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A young and brave individual that never backs down from her word. She doesn't care of the consequences that she would be putting herself in, only wanting to ensure that she is doing so for the yearning of a better future. She swore to this kind of thinking ever since the many tragedies that she let happen, too helpless to do anything about those tragedies. No one really knows why she insists on that behavior at such a young age, but that is just how she is. From all seriousness aside, Kaika can be a very friendly person to interact with. Some would say that her sense of sarcasm was well-used, some would say that she is just your average tomboy.

Upon receiving the "Spiritual Pact of Life Energy," it changed her in many ways. One, it gave her a sense of maturity, as most would know that "great power comes with great responsibility." An example of this was when she realized that not only that she could protect those that are close to her, but once she trained her power enough, she would be able to protect anything in existence. (which would be a long time's away) Two, she would have to get a sense of teamwork. Her pact spirit, Miki, is the one that gave her the Spiritual Pact in the first place, and would have to learn how to work with a spirit that is completely different in personality compared to her. (Kaika is a reckless tomboy, and Miki is an emotionless know-it-all) In terms of fighting with the Spiritual Pact, Kaika is limited to only Partial power of the pact, and is only experienced in manifesting energy blades to her disposal as well as sword fighting. The one and only known "drawback" to this pact is the fact that Kaika's "fate" is tied to only one ending, one way of dying. That means that no matter what, her fate will end her with no evasion. At the same time, she is not allowed to die earlier than her fated death.

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How long...has it been...since that day? a girl thinks about what has happened to her so far. The cold moist sand giving off a shiver to the skin of her feet. Kaika pondered on what to do, what to look forward to. She hasn't done anything that would be given off as "productive." All she has been done for recent days and weeks was to sit around at this lonely beach by herself for almost a whole day. She didn't know where to go, she was different to the setting around her. "Maybe today...would be the day...I break out of this shell...right...Miki?" she speaks to no one in particular, more like talking to herself. Giving off a sigh to herself, Kaika slowly rises up to her feet, brushing off the wet sand from her skirt and legs. Now, now it was the time for Kaika to get going somewhere, maybe find out on what she could do before her fated day comes.