Drow Business Partner of Titus Gable. Drow assimilating into modern society.

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”I know the new franchise is in the dimension beyond time and space but that doesn’t excuse them for not filing their W3 accounts.”

Kalae’loth is a small thin male with a narrow boney looking face and a hooked nose. He has very sharp angular features across his face with beady small eyes and a short stylish cut of snow white hair. He has a perchance of wearing gaudy, flashy looking suits spun in spider silk with colors and designs of webs and arachnid themes that makes their appearance more flamboyant and tasteless than anything else. He wears oversized sunglasses of a mithril frames and always wears a large chain of spiders all consuming one another of mithril hanging off his neck with similar rings to match. He’s a drow trying to fight into everyday society.

Kalae’loth really doesn’t like it here. Given the horrible alternatives to his unfortunate exile, Kalae’loth or rather ‘Kale’ is making the most of a bad circumstance. With that in mind, he is doing particularly well. ‘Kale’ is a semi-assimilated dark elf shacked up with his slave fodder partner Titus Gable in their potion shop. Titus handles making the goods, Kale handles…. Everything else. Its thankless and if Kale had any actual talent in magic or potions or their mixture in alchemy he wouldn’t need to deal with Titus and be in business for himself. Things are as they are though and we must play to the strengths we have. Kale has a fantastic business savvy, handling everything from expenses, accounting, disruption, marketing, good relationship with the press and of course the much needed skill running an effective customer service for a very mixed set of niche markets (from mad warlocks to living balls of flame to undead of all stripes and intelligence).

Kalae’Loth is not talented enough in magic to be considered a spellcaster, rather he has a great knowledge of the occult and mysteries as well as a personal knowledge of poisons and apothecary that assist him as a backdrop in the kind of day to day fair he has to manage for Titus.

Spells Known: Detect Poison, Indentify, Faire Fire, Dancing Lights, Darkness

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