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Name: Kaleena of Yevon
Gender: Female
Age: 28
Race: Dragonborn
Likes: Arithmetic Theory, White Magick, Green Magick
Dislikes: Slackers, Rambunctiousness, Disrespect
Skills: Support Magick, logical assesment, problem solving


Hair: Nigh black and pin-straight, roughly two meters in length. Most often worn in a long braid at the back. When braded it hangs roughly one-hundred and eighty centimeters long.
Eyes: Crimson. The pupils are lizard-like, elongating vertically.
Scales: Snow white in appearance. Though very hard and sharp, they are considered soft when compared to others of her kind.
Height: 210 cm
Weight: 55 kg
Frame: Slight and slender

Kaleena's features are all rather elongated, including her snout, tail, and ears. She has two lobal piercings, often adorned with very ornate earrings. Her ears, like other Dragonborn, are fin-like in appearance, the lobes of which resting near the base.


Kaleena is a very quiet and reserved individual, unsuffering of the short-temperedness her people are known for. She always appears to be deep in thought, her nigh-constantly squinting eyes seeming to scrutinize all they survey. Despite her cold and offsetting demeanor, she is actually a very polite, yet shy individual. She doesn't feel very comfortable around rambunctious or otherwise obtrusive individuals, reverting even further into her metaphorical shell when confronted by them. She also dislikes slacking and disrespect, though her quiet and polite murmurings about those who act out said traits often go unheard or unacknowledged.

Her nature has earned her the trust and love of most of her peers, though there are some who show disdain, finding her meekness embarrassment to all Dragonborn. She doesn't take criticism as such very well, but tries her hardest not to let how much it hurts her show.
Kaleena detests fighting, instead remaining on the sidelines as a support mage. Through her dedication, she learned and nigh mastered the ways of White and Green Magicks, both of which are uncommon practices for her kind.


Ever since she was a young girl, Kaleena had shown an aptitude for Magick. But despite her instructors constant nattering about how powerful she could be should she study Offensive Magicks, she took the less oft traveled road of healing. When she was old enough to do so, she left the oppressive teachings of her mentor to study at the Academia Celestia. There, she excelled in and completed her studies of Arithemtics and White Magicks, amongst other varied subjects. She picked up Green Magicks at a later date, taking an interest in its uses.

She graduated within the top of her classes, and soon after returned to teach Arithmetics and Support Magicks at the school. She enjoyed the experience; the thought of speaking in front of a group frightened her at first, but she soon grew to enjoy even the company of the more "energetic" youths. Everything was going fine for her... until the Christmas party of her fourth year...

Kaleena had never celebrated Christmas before coming to the Academy; she had never really enjoyed the global view of the holiday before then. But Celestia made it seem fun, even for an introvert like herself. As such, she enjoyed attending the festivities as a teacher as well. That year had been the only one that she could say differently.

It had started out like any other Christmas parties, the woman sitting in one of the far corners conversing quietly with another Magick instructor, idly surveying the festivities and assuring that the students didn't get out of hand. Not that they ever did, but it was always best to be safe than sorry.
A sharp tremor within the Great Hall was the first sign that things were about to go terribly wrong. She jumped up frightenedly at Scarlet's command, yelling out to all the children the practiced evacuation procedure. She felt completely out of her comfort zone doing so, but the safety of the students was what was important at the moment, not her comfort levels. The children almost immediately swarmed to the exits, eventually filing themselves all out. After this matter had been taken care of, Kaleena joined the ranks of the other teachers.

The battle was short-lived, but the damage wrought was extensive. Kaleena had tried her best to protect all involved, but to no avail. Since that day, she has held herself responsible for all of the lives lost.


Torso: Sarashi
Legs: Sarashi
Waist: Golden sash
Arms: N/A
Hands: N/A
Feet: N/A
Head: Golden circlet
Over: White robe w/ golden hems
Weapon: Golden Crook


Lore of Celestia

Saving Grace: The touch of the caster brings the celestial energies of the heavens to bear, filling the touched individual with new life and renewed energy, as well as restoring the body's wounds, knitting together skin and muscle where accident or blade has caused injury. The spell can heal light to medium wounds, cannot mend broken bones or bring someone back from the brink of death if too much blood loss has occurred, it also relieved tiredness - though this is not a cure all, though it removes the feeling of fatigue it can mean that the person then works themselves to death with over-exertion, though the body is fooled into losing feelings of tiredness, it means that the warning that tiredness provided goes unheeded.
Moonlight: The caster banishes the darkness with a radiant beam of moonlight, illuminating even the darkest of spaces and showing demons and their foul ilk true fear, as well as granting allies relief from their fears and filling them with strength. The spell creates a light, either on the tip of a stave, the palm of the hand or a separate orb, that illuminates the surroundings. Demons and the like have a very strong fear of this light, and will cower away from it should it come near to them. Allies under the light are filled with a powerful courage, and provided with fatigue relief similar to that of Saving Grace.
Starlight: The caster summons the light of the stars to fall on their allies, offering a divine protection against harm. The spell places a starry aura on its subjects, that blunt any blade that seeks to strike them (to a point), meaning that what might otherwise have been a severe gash becomes but a bruise. Magical powers and demonic weapons are most effected by this, weaker spells failing completely on contact with the aura and demons burning if they touch it.
Divine Shield: The Mage calls on the protective power of the stars to form a single, nigh on impenetrable barrier of celestial energy to protect their allies. This spell brings a wall of stars into the path of the enemy, impassable for most demons, though strength decreases as the surface of the barrier increases. This barrier can take the form of a single large wall, a single large dome, or smaller domes around particular allies or groups of allies.
Sacrifice: An ancient Magick, only to be used in the most dire of situations. The caster forfights their own life energy to restore that of another. This spell is often used to restore life to one who has just recently died, usually at the cost of the caster's own life.

White Magick

Cure: The caster hyperactivates the regenerative rates of a specific area of the target's body to instantaneously heal a wound, minimalizing the depreciative effects that other similar spells have upon the body.
Clear: The caster extensively bolsters the target's immune system, allowing them to rapidly combat any and all ailments.
Captivate: The caster initiates a feeling of euphoric attraction to themselves or a secondary target within their primary target, thus preventing them from harming those they captivated by. This effect only lasts for a maximum of two minutes.
Command: The caster expends their own energy to create an orb of pure light. This orb can be further commanded in many ways, both offensive and defensive. The orb will generally dissipate after five minutes, unless more energy is expended.
Coronate: The caster creates a divine aura around the target, allowing them to regenerate from wounds exponentially faster than normal. This spell requires much concentration to maintain, only lasting for around five minutes unfocused.

Green Magick

Instigate: The caster raises the metabollic and neural rates of the target, giving them nigh incomprehensible speed and reaction time. Spell lasts for generally five minutes, but the timeframe can be extended with concentration.
Duplicate: The caster creates multiple illusory images of the target, each image copying the exact actions of the original with minimal delay. Their placement and orientation within the area is subject to the caster. Each image lasts for three minutes if undisturbed by physical objects.
Deactivate: The caster emits a calming aura that lulls targets within its area of effect into a state of deep sleep. Their slumber can last for anywhere from ten minutes to ten hours depending on the intent of the caster.
Elaborate: The caster amplifys the target's physical strength in a similar fashion to the effects of adrenaline upon the human body. The effect can last anywhere from five to seven minutes.
Expatiate: The caster clears the mind of the target, allowing them to focus more. This can be used to increase accuracy as well as amplify the speed, power and effect of Magicks. The effects lasts for anywhere from ten to fifteen minutes.

The Lore of Celestia [minus Sacrifice] are the intellectual property of Arrow.

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