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Kamala Balakrishnan

She wants to make a home for her homeless family, so she looks to the stars.

0 · 324 views · located in Blue Heaven: The Bazaar

a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by ncfwhitetigress


NAME: Kamala Balakrishnan

GENDER: Female




RACE: Indian

ALIGNMENT: Lawful Good.

A lawful good character acts as a good person is expected or required to act. She combines a commitment to oppose evil with the discipline to fight relentlessly. She tells the truth, keeps her word, helps those in need, and speaks out against injustice. A lawful good character hates to see the guilty go unpunished. Lawful good is the best alignment you can be because it combines honor and compassion. However, lawful good can be a dangerous alignment when it restricts freedom and criminalizes self-interest.


Loves her family more than anything; adventure, shopping, getting new things, creating things from other things, wants to find a husband


Kamala stands 5'4" at 110 pounds. She is a beautiful light brown-skinned woman of Indian descent who loves wearing colorful traditional clothing. Her hair is short, dark, and wavy almost to the point of being curly. She has large, almond-shaped, medium brown eyes.


Her belief in the importance of family cohesion and desire to freely practice religion called Christo-Buddhism.


Does not want to be exposed to non-Christo-Buddhist religions or have others attempt to convert her to their religion.


Kamala was born to mother Pooja Balakrishnan and father Kabir Balakrishnan, living with an extended family of 23 people on the homestead of a peaceful planet. When Kamala was fifteen, the Aschen invaded and took over the planet, causing the whole family to flee on a rundown spaceship that was barely big enough for all of them. They've gone from planet to planet, looking for an ideal location to start over and live life free of government or religious control.

So begins...

Kamala Balakrishnan's Story

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#, as written by Remæus
Instructor H nodded, satisfied with his purchase. This would help him understand more of the local tongues, maybe even pick up on another discovery within his field of research. Wandering back towards the docks, he headed to make his departure.

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Character Portrait: Kamala Balakrishnan
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The lights in the public areas of the bazaar flickered, then began to slowly pulse blue and red.

Attention Everyone
Blue Heaven is now experiencing an Emergency Lockdown.

All scheduled shuttles have been cancelled until further notice.
All visitors and residents are to clear the docking areas.
There are no outgoing visitors or residents permitted at this time.
All incoming visitors and residents in the airlock queue may proceed.
All docked vessels are to remain in position.

Please remain calm and go about your business.
We thank you for your patience.

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#, as written by Remæus
Well that's interesting...
he exclaimed, his eyes falling upon the corner shop emblazoned with a bright neon sign:

Gene's Caster Shells

As Blue Heaven was a weapon-free zone, it was a surprise to see caster shells being sold so openly and prominently here in the Bazaar. And that name... Gene? Was that the famous Gene Starwind? Well, it wouldn't be out of character for Gene to get in that line of business...

Bartholemew settled on just short of a splurge purchase, picking up a few of the shells for himself before traveling onward.

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Character Portrait: Miiya Aether Character Portrait: Kamala Balakrishnan Character Portrait: Bartholemew Kerrigan
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#, as written by Irihi
Miiya Aether
(OOC: From - Interior Cavern - GeneCorp)
A pair of girls and a GeneCorp security guard arrived at the swirl of holograms, flashing lights, steaming street food stands, sights, smells and bustle of The Main Promenade. The smaller of the pair was a familiar face to many of the vendors, made more recognizable by the pair of tawny-feathered wings folded tightly against her back. She led her taller blue-eyed companion from place to place, starting--as was her wont--with the food stalls.

Miiya always had a good time on The Promenade. There was a lot of cheap food (that she didn’t have to cook or clean up after) so what was not to like!? Today, however, was special, because she was out with her favorite ward from GeneCorp’s Genetic Marker program. Miiya spent most of her time at the company, so--besides Cahron--she did not know anyone stationside. Her coworkers in the youth program did not seem to like the hustle and din of the commercial district nearly as much as she, so she rarely had a chance to come here with a friend.

As she dragged Aishe from place to place, Miiya tried to stay cognizant that the GM was from a rather remote village on Terra, and not used to such a plethora of items, foods, and services for sale. Still, she found that the Ughyr girl did not seem too much out of her element.

“It’s like the Sunday market in Kashgar, just… a lot bigger!” Aishe yelled to Miiya over the clamor of the crowd and vendors hawking their wares. “And there’s way less dung and dust!” She laughed.

“Let’s check this gu--shoppe out.” Miiya suggested, finishing her squid ball and pulling Aishe out of the flow of pedestrian traffic into a clothing boutique. This was the place she had told her friend about--the one with the super-hot helpful sales guy. Miiya delayed her oggling browsing long enough to pop her head back out the door. “Hey! We’re in here!” She called to their escort. The GeneCorp security suit looked like he was drowning in the crowded market. That guy’s, like, 200 pounds of bummer in a three-piece suit. She thought to herself in lieu of saying as much to Aishe.

On a different day Miiya might have got Aishe out of GenCorp without an escort, but with the recent criminal activity and upset, they were a bit stricter. They had to stay away from security checkpoints, the plaza, and Hotel Zafiro where the murders had taken place. Security was along to make sure they followed the rules. That was fine with Miiya. She didn’t like having to drag security along, but it was okay if it meant going out with Aishe.

The two-hundred-pound bummer found an empty corner to darken and resisted the urge to eat a bullet--he was only carrying a stun wand anyway--as his teenage charges pulled various skimpy outfits from the racks of clothing and dared each other to try them on. All while giggling and shooting not-so-furtive glances at the kid [not] minding the shop. Minding his net access, really, and paying zero attention to the shoppers. Bummer envied his blissful unawareness.

Miiya, meanwhile, had worked up the nerve to model a hair clip in front of the boy mirror at the front counter. “How do I look?” She asked, totally only to Aishe, and definitely not trying to get the mussy-haired attendent’s attention.

The Aeros and Ughyr proceeded through the market in this fashion long enough to completely melt the brain of their escort as they enjoyed themselves. Their security guard’s awareness was pretty much flatlined when they came to a crowded intersection. One of many bumps and jostles the large man suffered left his belt feeling curiously light. Suddenly, he snapped back to the present, his hand dropping to the empty holster of his commpak. “Stop! Thief! He shouted at the back of a diminutive figure weaving through the crowd, running away from him. “Shit!” He swore, forging through the throng of bodies after the pickpocket. That PED would come out of his pay if he lost it, not to mention he’d never hear the end of it from his colleagues if HE got robbed while escorting a pair of youths on the promenade.

For the moment, Miiya and Aishe were left alone.

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Tetsuo had seated himself, watching as the girl eagerly made her way to get food. He calmly placed his order, "Er, Masala Chai for me," and then excused himself to join the buffet. He carefully selected some Tandoori chicken and rice before returning to his seat. Unlike his initial introduction, he now ate at a slower pace, savoring every bite, and listened intently to Miiya's plan.

As she explained the details, Tetsuo couldn't help but analyze the potential hiccups in their strategy. While he found it serviceable for getting into GeneCorp, he couldn't shake the thought of the challenges they might face when trying to leave.

Well, a genius must always plan for contingencies, he thought with a smirk as he continued to eat. He brought up one of the red subject files, #76 Status: Unstable, and considered the idea of using the "stasis release" button to create chaos for their escape. However, something unexpected happened—a question from Miiya struck a chord with him.

“Can you, uh, try not to hurt anybody, when we do this?”

Tetsuo paused, lowering his wrist device and removing his glasses as he met Miiya's eyes. For a brief moment, he saw someone else sitting across from him—a blurry visage of a young girl with black hair dressed in a school uniform. He adjusted his glasses, and the image vanished, replaced by Miiya once again. He was momentarily at a loss for words, but then he sighed and grinned, scrolling through the list of subjects on his device.

"Of course, of course! I assure you, miss Mina- Mina... Miiya! A man of my caliber needs only think his way through problems, not act as a barbarian with no regard for life! I mean, that'd be wasteful, don't you think?" he replied with a chuckle. However, when the name "Mina" slipped from his lips, he muttered it under his breath and briefly appeared gloomy. He then hovered over subject file #23 featuring a girl's face but quickly turned it off.

"Now, the plan of getting in is sounding rather feasible, but as for leaving, well... there is one teensy tiny caveat: how do we walk out with Belle?" Tetsuo continued, initially making it seem like he was dismissing the plan. But then, he raised a finger and added, "That problem partially resolves itself: she can morph, and if we're lucky she has yet to fully display this ability. For some reason, she quite loves to take suggestions and requests."

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"Yes, but second caveat, while she can morph, she is terrible at duplication, and she cannot shrink past a certain point without risk to her internal organs. She also is incapable of hiding her natural colors; a tiger can't change its stripes, nor can Belle change hers. For example: Show her a fox, suddenly she's more vulpine, but she's still got the stripy tail, gray fur, and is still quite large and toothy," Tetsuo explained with a grin, his arms gesturing to emphasize the point. As he spoke, he leaned back in his chair.

He placed a hand on his chin, fingers gently tapping against his temple, as he delved into deeper contemplation. "That being said, even inaccurate, a humanoid form? It is brilliant, actually. Good job! We just need to cover the inaccuracies. Coincidentally, are there, by any chance, blind spots in the security? And also, would you happen to know where they keep the... spare uniforms?"

Tetsuo finished his meal, complimenting the cook on an "excellent tandoori," and, despite his bum-like introduction was able to pay the bill and leave a generous tip. Apparently money was not among this mad doctor's concerns.