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Man, machine... or something else.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Sheoul


Kane is a tall and muscular man, with short, white hair and silver eyes. His pale skin is covered in battle scars and his right arm bears a tattoo of a rose.
He prefers not to wear a shirt, and on his hands are leather, fingerless gloves with reinforced knuckles. Below he wears cargo pants with a camo pattern along with heavy boots.

Kane was born out of an experiment to create a perfect soldier.. Most of his body is mechanical, with incredibly durable internal workings. Only two of his organs are real; his heart and brain. both puming out fuel and bioelectricity to keep his processor ticking and his body moving.

His brain has been uploaded with dozens of martial arts training programs, and as such he should be considered a master of hand-to-hand combat.

Fighting Skills/Base Abilities, etc:

While Kane focused on hand-to-hand fighting, he has some training with a bow staff, but hates to admit it.

Because he is an android, he can extend past human limitations. His strength is hightened to the point where punching through steel is fairly easily. His speed has also been pushed to the limits. He could run a mile in just a few seconds if he pushed himself.


A masochistic, insane mandroid, Kane is anything but kind. On the battlefield he would intentionally use his fists to fight, just so he could pound his enemies to their death.

So begins...

Kane's Story


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#, as written by Glory
Tactlessly, John refused to take it. Instead, he settled into a chair and took the last swig of his drink before setting it down on a nearby table with a resounding thud. He gave a dry laugh and scratched his beard.

"Kane. Has it been two years already? Time flies." John signaled the bartender for another drink. "As I recall, there was a reason that run went south. You aren't still working with amateurs, are ya?"

John regarded Chris, the man next to Kane. "'I'll make it worth your while'? That was cute." He chuckled to himself and shook his head as his drink arrived. "Haven't heard that one a billion times."

He grew somber for a moment. "Why ya here, Kane?"


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#, as written by Gasmask
"I'll let the two of you compare cocks then." Chris spat with equal lack of tact, he didn't join the crew for this kind of treatment. Kane paid well, but Chris was beginning to wonder what they'd possibly be doing that'd require this amount of recruiting. The bounty hunter grinned at the two men who'd he ripped off.

They grinned back and walked over. No-Balls smirked and they shared a fistbump. "Nice work, boys." Chris said, reaching into his coat and producing a few bills and passing it between the two men.

"Rounds on me, you comin' Chris?" Ugly asked, looking very much like his namesake. "Nah, got stuff to do with bossman over here." Chris replied and waved the two gamblers off.

"Good you didn't fall for it then, or didn't have to, huh?" Chris said to John, laughing. "Can't see why you didn't let me shanghai him, Boss." Chris added, tipping his head to the side at Kane.