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"I am of the Ho-Chuk Clan, The clan of the booming voice."

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by EmperorCaesar


Kaneonuskatew (Ka - Neh - Oh - Noo - Skah - Teh - Yoo) - Translates to "He who fought the four clawed beast" Or "He who walks on for claws". Depending on the dialect and the tone you use his name with.


Nickname - Most people that can't pronounce his name, call him Kane. Others in his tribe call him Kane Tree-Jumper

Title - Kane the Hunter

Age - 24

Gender - Male

Height - 5' 10"

Weight - 140lbs

Race - Tribal

Ethnicity - Ho-Chuk

Species - Human

Hair color - Black

Eye color - Hazel/ Gray

Skin color - almost an ash gray like all of the people of the Ho-Chuk tribe

Alignment - The Ho-Chuk Clan (or tribe)

Outfit - Some sort of waist tasset or armor, leather/ hide pants with leather boots covered in some sort of metal plating on the shins, leather bands on the arms and on his stomach and lower torso, along with feathered decorations in his hair.

Tattoos - Red Tribal markings on his arms, torso, and face. Each tribesman (or woman) has their own unique design

Piercings - Feather ear rings.

Scars - puncture wound from an arrow on his right shoulder, several bite-marks from various animals, and a bear claw scar running right to left diagonally.


To the more 'civilized' peoples of the universe, Kane will seem as nothing more than another savage. However, he is quite the opposite. I mean, compared to other tribes in the universe his people are actually very civilized. They do not attack anyone unless provoked to do so, otherwise they will try to speak with any new comers. The Ho-Chuk are a very friendly people and have often opened up trade routes with nearby villages and cities. the cities and other villages provide allies incase of war, and in return the Ho-Chuk trade their crafts and pottery to cities to sell, and protect the smaller villages that can't protect themselves. This is the way that Kane was raised and this is the way that he shall abide by. If there is anyone in need of assistance, you can bet that Kane will be there to help them. Granted he doesn't talk much, but when he does start to speak, he often has alot to say.

Sexual Orientation : Pansexual

Religion - The Ho-Chunk Tribe worships Three Primary Dieties : Faaja (Pronounced Fah - Yah) Faaja is the God of Wisdom and creator of the universe, He gave the People of Ho-Chuk the Ability of God-Speak, or the ability to speak the way that gods do and manipulate the weather, conjure things from other realms and build things in mere seconds. Toor'Kuo ( Pronounced how it's spelled ) Toor'Kuo is the goddess of Peace and love, and the creator of the human race. They believe that Toor'Kuo is the mother from which all life sprang. Finally there is Vogos (Pronounced how it's spelled) Vogos is the god of Death and Rebirth. In the Ho-Chuk Religion they believe that when you die, the soul is not destroyed, it is simply recycled and put into a new body. Vogos ensures that the souls of the people go into the bodies they are supposed to and the living die when they are supposed to. There are also other creatures in the Ho-Chuk religion such as spirits, and demons but they are only mentioned during holidays or when a newcomer appears in their town.



- Solid Steel Spear : A long pole arm, approximately 9 feet in length. Mostly a Medium range weapon and a thrown projectile

- Steel Knife : A razor sharp dagger about ten inches in length.

- Bow and Arrows : A cedar bow along with several steel headed arrows


- God-Speaking : The Ability to God-Speak is similar to the Thu'um ability in Elder Scrolls.... However, Instead of there being three words of power for each shout there is only one for each spell in the Ho-Chuk language. The Limitations of learning the Language of God-Speak are very limited. The only people to ever become completely fluent in God-Speak are the Ho-Chuk Elders, who have been speaking and studying the language for hundreds of years. Seeing that Kane is relatively young.... He is only allowed to know a select few of words. In the Ho-Chuk society, they start learning the words at age 10 and go up from there. God-Speaking is used for a multitude of things in the Ho-Chuk Village. From bringing rain to their crops, to building huts in a manner of seconds, even calming the harsh winds of storms and calming the lightning that strikes too close to the village, and even calling animals to their aid if they are under attack by hostile forces! They even use certain words to heal illness and speed up the healing process for broken bones and severe wounds.

So begins...

Kaneonuskatew's Story