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Kanno Hitori

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Kanno_Hitori


It seemed most unlikely that the female would gather any sort of attraction towards herself. Perhaps she was the very essence of water itself, sitting there rather calmly upon that gentle patch of lush greenery. Delicate. That's usually what an other would think of the female. With a soft face framed by hair the color of fresh fallen snow in the winter and a curved, yet slender body. Her hair itself fell graciously her bottom and curled in gentle rivulets along her back and shoulders. Pure innocence could be used to describe her, especially when she lifted pristine, silver blue hues that sent the imagination running towards the memories of endless blue skies or bodies of waters.

Despite the soft colors of white and blue she carries around in her human form, her wolf form is of midnight black. Which is a stark contrast to the silver cresent shaped mark upon her back. Little do people know, that the mark is carried on from a scar upon the female's on skin. Being a Lycan, she shifts upon her own will and compared to a normal wolf unable to take a human form, she is much larger in both height and weight.


Kanno, being under the elemental affinity of water has a very different personality than most would think. At most time, the woman expresses herself freely. Calm, collective, sweet. Though water has a violent side as well. Get to know'll find out soon enough.



I'd never thought about my true purpose in the world of the living before today. There was no told prophecy, or fate that had been written down for me when I was born, nor was anyone about to tell me that I was destined for some tragic downfall or higher act.
No. There was none of that in the least, and I in myself, didn't have a problem with it. My mother, Lyri, told me I was special; that I had this great power that swelled within my very core, but for what use? I had asked that question many times in my childhood, and sadly, had never received a straight reply. To be completely honest, I don't think she ever knew the answer to my questions about what I would do in my life or what I would become in the end result.
So I left...

Part 1 The beginning

The Hitori clan, my clan, was a powerful one that dwelled in the deep forests of the land. We were Lycanthropes, wolves allowed with a human form, though most of us preferred the roots of our wolven ancestors more then the human ones.
We were famous for our natural abilities with poisons, something that had proved useful in many battles. As for me, I was the only female blood line in the clan that had been birthed in a long while, other than that, the rest were all males.
There were a few other females besides myself, but they had joined the pack from another and my own father? He mated with a human...or at least that's what they all thought she was. The story was rarely spoken of, but, when I had finally managed to pry it from my father's lips, the whole truth spilled out...

Alluring, majestic, and overall just brilliant in every possible way, my mother had hooked my father like a fish, unable escape no matter what. Yet, she had done nothing more than speak a few words and meet his gaze with her own.
A pure gaze of silver blue..just like mine. I also had the same snow white tresses my mother bore as well, falling in gentle rivulets down her back and shoulders. She was soft, yet her heart could never have been stronger as it was. A priestess had been her status, and she never strayed from it even after she had met my father and brought me into the world.
As much as he wanted her to join the pack, he respected her wishes but returned everyday to spend countless hours by her side. It could have been love at first sight at that time, but started off as mere friends until the relationship blossomed into so much more. They were complete opposites, but in that way..they were just two pieces that fit together as one. Soul mates..and every one knew it.


So begins...

Kanno Hitori's Story


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