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Kasumi Ambroise

A young detective making her way in Lumiose

0 · 116 views · located in The Pokemon Trainer's Academy

a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Gracidea


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Name: Kasumi Ambroise
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Kasumi was a Johto native, but was sent to live with her Grandmother in Vaniville Town after her parents disappeared on a trip. She isn’t mad at her parents for disappearing, as she has a feeling that their disappearance wasn’t quite their fault and that something strange was afoot. Due to this, Kasumi decided to become a detective and attempt to find her parents, as well as any other mysteries she runs into. She’s currently living in an apartment in Lumiose somewhere near the Looker Detective Agency, where she works part time when she’s not recording PR Videos.

Her team consists of: Hoshi (Greninja,Male), Nana (Ledian,Female), Aka (Charizard,Male), Nene (Dedenne, Female), Tidus (Lapras,Male), and Sora (Pidgeot, Female)

((Will probably add more later))

So begins...

Kasumi Ambroise's Story

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Kasumi could hear a ghostly giggle fade off into nothingness as the three primary-colored domes of the Academy loomed large before her. Whatever this little rascal wanted her to find, it was apparently here.

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 “ Oh dear Arceus above.... I don’t know why the I decided to even go here. Everything is just so...Big and menacing? Yeah, that’s one way to describe it.

Well.. Let’s hope this place isn’t freaking haunted. ”