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Kathleen Hare

An opportunist. A witch practiced in white magic, interested merely in surviving the war.

0 · 227 views · located in Whiterun

a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by woolenlace


Physical Description

Short and thick, with broad shoulders. She's worked most of her life and it shows in her stature, her hands, her face. Her hair is a dusky red, but she keeps it under a mantilla most of the time (a large scrap of lace pinned at the crown of the head like a veil).


Kathleen grew up in the countryside. A third cousin half removed from a courtier, she had a comfortable life as a child until her youth and hubris threatened her family's position in higher society. When that happened she was sent to a cloister for spiritual training, the final destination of wealthy troublemakers the kingdom over. There she was put to work, hard manual labor and scullery duties to the higher order practitioners. While most of the others there were brought home after a year or two she stayed on into adulthood, all but forgotten. Over the years she became ingrained in monastic life, and learned everything she could about the Light that they all worshipped every morning. When she came of age she left willingly, with only her coat and the rituals and spells that the practitioners of the Light had taught her. She now travels, without a history or a nationality that she'll admit to, and seeks only to finally find some place that she can live without interference. With the world crumbling into war, however, she's not staying anywhere long, often taking jobs on ships in order to keep away from the conflicts on land.


In her weaker moments, she is an opportunist and a cheat, only interested in helping herself. In her stronger moments, she falls back on her upbringing and tries, although often fails, to remain in the Light. She wants no part in trouble, and can be a coward, but is capable in a fight and will do what she deems necessary to uphold her values and her safety, including aligning herself with some unsavory people.

Type and Strength of Magic

Entirely white magic. She has no knowledge of darker magic, so while she can repel it to a degree she cannot understand it and thus cannot work around it. All her power is derived from the Light, and is highly dependent on physical talismans and offerings, most of which she carries with her. If cut off from her supplies she can perform magic, but must rely much more heavily on her internal power, which is not strong because of her lack of discipline. Performing magic without supplies is a last resort.

So begins...

Kathleen Hare's Story