Kayl is able to control air and water, and has a guardian named Majesty. http://i408.photobucket.com/albums/pp167/TaintedWhispers/5c09a141c9eb8eff.jpg

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Giggles1245


Kayl generally wears a cream colored button-up shirt, and a tie of a plumeria color. Kayl also wears black dress pants, with dressy black shoes. Kayl's hair is also a cream color, not exactly blond, but not exactly white, and has piercing pink eyes.


Very unique and bold, yet reserved and likes to keep to one's self.


To protect Kayl is the trusty seahawkfly, which has been properly named Majesty. Otherwise Kayl uses the ability of air and water to fight. Kayl's also gifted in the art of herbs.


Kayl used to be sexually abused as a child, which has changed Kayl's outlook on life. While running away, Kayl met a magician, who helped give Kayl Majesty and the powers. Kayl now roams to find their inner self.

So begins...

Kayl's Story