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Kazuo Ishikawa

Steel Ronin in the Imperial Taiyou Army

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by barney_fife



Full name of Character: 和夫石川 (Kazuo Ishikawa)

Birthdate; 20th, 文月 (fumizuki), Showa 50 (Gregorian Terran: July 20thth, 1975)

Age: 35

Gender: Male

Bloodtype: O

Bloodline: None

Race: Human, Taiyou

Occupation/class: Soldier, Imperial Taiyou Army

Social class: Commoner

Orientation/Sex Preference: Heterosexual

= Physical Appearance =
How old they appear: 30

Eye Color: Brown

Hair color length and style: Short, high and tight.

Weight: 90.9 kg

Height: 177.80 cm

Type of body (build): Athletic

Skin tone and type: Fair
Shape of face: Round

Distinguishing marks/piercing: None

Hometown: Kazagatsu-shii, Yukikaze City
Type of childhood: Upper-Class.
Why?: Born into Military family.
Commited any crimes?: No
Education: Some college
Religion: State Shinto
Finances: Moderate

Extremely skilled at: Combat, marksmanship, socializing..
Extremely unskilled at: Manners.

Good characteristics: Humble, bound by the code of Bushido.
Character flaws: Arrogant, blind, can go into rage.
Quiet, subdued, sagely.

Fetishes: Tentacles.
What do people like most about this char:
"He's a proud warrior, and will go to great lengths to serve his Empire."

What do they dislike most about them:
Brash, Misogynistic.

Favorite clothing, why: Men's Yukata
Least favorite, why: None
Jewelry: None
Other accessories: MX Type-2 kinetic carbine
Where do they live: Sector four, Niihama City.
Where do they want to live: N/a
Spending habits, why: Conservative.


Following a long career in the Imperial Taiyou Army, Kazuo was critically wounded in battle, and was selected to join the ranks of the Steel Ronin, elite warriors in the Taiyou Military who serve as specialized shock troopers.

The Steel Ronin at first, appears to be some sort of ornamental guardian, humanoid in shape and bearing a fierce-looking high-tech Naginata spear roughly nine meters in length. Once activated, the true natures of both the glaive and its wielder quickly become apparent. The Steel Ronin's assault suit is a highly-maneuverable, fully-articulated mechanical monstrosity. The human pilot inside is linked to a complex subdermal interface wired directly to the electric impulses coming from his brain, allowing the Steel Ronin to move and react at the speed of thought...faster, even, because of the awareness-heightening properties of the subdermal UI. The DevilSuit itself has a one-to-one locomotion system, such that the pilot's thoughts and actions inside result in corresponding motions by the suit. Thus, pilots are able to make the suit walk or swing its powerful weapon using little more than instinct. As for the weapon, the glaive is powered by a localized wave-force field that can split even the toughest molecular bonds (such as those found in Astartes power armor) with little trouble.

So begins...

Kazuo Ishikawa's Story


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Impossible...She was resisting the whims of Chaos? No...Something else was interfering with his mission. So it seemed, even that imposing presence he felt disappeared. Khorne had no need for her at the moment, however one day in the future he would get his penance in blood. For that reason, he had left for now.

For the sorcerer, of course he felt the gathering power in orbit. Well...It seemed he had no use of them now. Let them burn from their own ordinance. It was more troublesome to continue trying to tempt her knowing that something was protecting her feeble mind. "You reject my words it seems..." The sorcerer growled a bit as he raised his Force Sword and blocked the attack without budging much. That was until the woman herself came charging from the safety of the mans armor to attack him with her bare hands.

What desperation...She tackled him like a train, only causing the two to skid back. Fool...Such foolishness...Well his fun was over now. "My Lord...Prepare the sacrifice of souls...I shall arrive after finishing up here..." He psychically communicated to his lord as he vanished in warpfire to appear near the edge of the barrier and gave a mock bow before calling out to them both.

"It would seem its time to part ways now...However, I will see you both eternally damned in the warp in the next few minutes you have to spare. Rejoice...Your death will be quick...Take comfort for the few minutes you have in reality for endless pain awaits...Your souls are damned...And I will personally torment your souls to please the dark gods..." The figure stated as he knew what was going to happen in orbit.

He would simply warp out, remove the barrier and let their own people destroy them both. It mattered not to him now, a few more souls to his collection, along with their skulls for Khorne and cries of eternal agony would be music for Slaanesh. And with hi carefully plotted plan even Lord Tzeentch would be pleased. And this crater would be filled with corpses to please Nurgle. It all fell right into place, a shame he could not send that woman to spread the word of Chaos. He had billions more people to choose from anyways...

Soon enough, the voice of his lord rang in his mind. "I will begin the rites sorcerer, ensure you arrive for the ancient verses to fully activate the summoning! Else I will force your soul as the catalyst for it if you dare die on me!" His lord warned him. "Of course my lord...I need only a minute..." The sorcer stopped his bow to look at the two with his arms raised outwards.

"Let it be known that no matter what you do...Chaos is always victorious in the end...You only delay your deaths...You could have opened your mind to salvation...But you deny the words of Chaos...Die well..." He gave one last taunt. If the weapon in orbit was fired at his location, he was going to warp out and remove the barrier. A fitting end to their folly.


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Kazuo capitalized on the moment in an attempt to attack the sorcerer the moment the Adept charged from the safety of his armor, When she made contact with the Sorcerer, Kazuo moved swiftly to the left, and looped around in an attempt to plunge his Naginata deep into the Sorcerer's gut, only to have him vanish in warpfire.

"Ute!" Ayako called out, and the entire Taiyou warship bucked, lurching as a brilliant blue flash engulfed them all.

The ship's wave motion gun fired, sending a brilliant, searing blue beam of light hurling towards the planet below, hurling towards the barrier, and threatening to engulf everything within it.

Kazuo briefly looked to the sky, and back towards the Warp sorcerer.

Everything was bathed in a searing blue light, the beam itself was on the verge of colliding with the barrier, and if the Chaos Sorcerer indeed took the barrier down, both Appolonia, and the Steel Ronin would vanish in a flash of white light the instant the barrier came down, and the beam seared fourth.


"Thank the Gods!" The Aschen ship commander called out, running quickly towards Appollonia, ignoring the Steel Ronin almost entirely.

"We thought we wouldn't be able to extract you... that was a close call."


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There was no time for celebration and glee.
"Commander! Inform the Taiyou vessels, we need to get out of here! In a couple of moments there's going to be an entire legion of "Chaos" down there and we do not have the manpower or ordnance to challenge them."

With a nod the commander turned to the helms' crew and commenced giving orders. "You heard the lady. Inform our Taiyou allies, we are leaving. We'll rendezvous in allied space. Chart us a course and send them the coordinates as soon as we have them.".

With things finally dying down Appollonia looked up at the Steel Ronin and patted him on the back. "Thanks for the support down there."


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The Completed Ritual

As the Wave Motion Cannon struck his previous location, the sorcerer soon appeared back where it all began. The ritual nearing its unholy peak. Of course he did not sense the two whose life was extinguished but it mattered not. Their real goal after all was the completion of this ritual...It was many years in planning in service of the Dark Gods. And it was time to bring it to fruition.

Of course...There was one last thing he had to deal with. Their current 'Lord' Arnok the Supreme. He was now a blind fool, he was seeking to unite Chaos as the next Warmaster of Chaos. Such a self centered wish...They were to spread the words of Chaos...But he spat on their ideals. Fortunately for him, this was his ascension ritual...Yes...It was time to eliminate their final obstacle for one better suited for his position.

"My lord...I give you my most humble thanks for preparing the ritual in my absence...We shall have no more interruptions for your grand ascension...I shall prepare the last sacrifice needed to finish the ritual...Step into the center...And your well awaited power...Shall be yours..." The sorcerer spoke to the much bulkier figure as the man cackled as he lumbered forward, stepping into the circle which radiated with the red glow of Chaos.

As his 'Lord' stepped into the circle. Unholy chains soon sprouted all around him, and inside his lumbering armor there was no way to escape. The chains wrapped all around the former Chaos Lord as he growled. "What is the meaning of this sorcerer!? I will have your head!" The man yelled in anger as he tried to break free as the ritual glowed brighter.

"Thank you my lord...You have volunteered to become the catalyst for the ritual...You see...I have no need of useless fools who cannot lead the legion...I seek to bring fourth the Warbands of Chaos...To begin to spread the word of Chaos to every corner of this...Multi-verse...Many universes awaiting the call of Chaos...Still blind to the truth!...Yes...We of the Word Bearers legion shall carry on this task knowing your selfless sacrifice..." The sorcerer cackled in unholy laughter as he pulled out a small tome from the confines of his armor.

A wretched book, with human skin adorning the covers still pulsing with life and blood. He opened up the page and began to chant in High Gothic. The Chaos Lord only struggled in vain as the skies swirled unnaturally. The Echoing of Chaos seemed to engulf the whole sector as the demonic knife that was once planted in the ground began to float into the air fore it flew forward right through the helmet of the Chaos Lord silencing his threats and his life to the Warp. Humiliated and betrayed.


Soon a massive light began to rise into the skies to show the heavens that even they were not safe from the powers of the Dark Gods. The ground shattered and cracked, the very surface of the planet became barren and bare as the populace, those still not corrupted began to hear the maddening whispers of Chaos. It was time...It was finally time!

"Dark Gods hear my prayers!...I ask as a humble servant of Chaos. I ask one of you to pave the way in this universe!...And show all your unholy power!..." The sorcerer shouted with his arms stretched wide as the Chaos God who responded...Was none other than the Chaos God of War and Murder. As if his rage was made manifest from the vortex of energy, Chaotic Daemons surged fourth from it. Daemons of Khorne had heeded the call.


The Daemons surged across the lands spreading Chaos wherever they went...And Servants of Chaos began to already make pact with the Daemons to use them in the future. All was going according to planned, and they had witnesses to spread the word of Chaos! Just saying that word corrupts everyone around them! To spread like wildfire among the stars! Soon all would hear their name and more shall join their cause one by one until all universes served the Dark Gods!

The Sorcerer laughed out loud as this year long plan was finally complete. Now...For them...

Nirn Orbit

In the Orbit of Nirn, readings went of the charts and thousands upon thousands of signatures began to appear on radars. A massive torrent from the surface of the surface of the planet made it to space. A massive tear opened up in reality as a massive hole was torn open. Like the Eye of Terror, this was like a gateway from the realms of the Warp to the material plane. There...Thousands of Choatic sships began to pour fourth from the confines of the Warp. Seeking to spread death and destruction in their wake.


They easily outnumbered the smaller fleet surrounding Nirn and weapons and Void shields were primed. Different Warbands all were gathered under the banner of Chaos Undivided. The Word Bearers had gathered them all together for this one purpose. To spread out and spread the power of Chaos to all corners of the Universe. It was finnaly time, time to destroy the Corpse God in Holy Terra, his servants, a and slay or convert every last Xenos or Human until the universe was bathed in endless war and blood.

And this was the beginning...


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The Aschen Commander gave Appolonia a swift nod, but it seemed as the Chaos ships began to appear, one after another; the Taiyou ships took the warning and promptly jumped into Hyperspace.

The Aschen ship followed suit, and once the battle was over, the Steel Ronin turned, and faced Appollonia.

The hulking behemoth said nothing, there was nothing to say, as he didn’t speak the language.