He swims in the stream of time. Eternity means nothing to him, and death is his constant companion. A warrior; fallen, accursed. For his sins the fire in his blood is ice. He dwells in the shadow of the Wanderer.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by The Adversary




Name: ?

Nicknames: Keegan, Ea, Brant, Xipil, Uri, The Islander

Age: Ageless (Looks to be early twenties)

Height: 5'11''

Race: ? (Appears Human)

Home: Innis Skye (Isle of Skye)

Hair Color: Reddish Blonde

Eye Color: Green with Silvery Veins

Known Family: the Morrigan (sister)

Quote: "Time no longer carries any meaning to me. It is but a passage, a river upon which all things float and sink. A stream to which all things will return."

Appearance: Keegan is not "rippling" with muscle. He relies more on speed, his build is very toned, lithe, and very athletic. His hair is short cropped so not to fall into his eyes. Callused hands are the marks of his years of training with weapons. His skin is pale, and cold to the touch. The sharp veins of icy silver running through his eyes were once red, but like the fire in his blood they have turned to ice. His eyes carry with them countless years of experience, and constantly analyze all he sees. His clothes vary, as he has worn everything from Gallic hides, leather, and cloth to medieval armor, modern clothing, and advanced exoskeletons. The "ageless warrior". His favored weapon is Caladbolg, the weapon once wielded by Fergus mac Roich.

Abilities -

the Undying: White fire consumes his corpse, and he is reanimated on Innis Skye. (He is reincarnated upon death with the same appearance and all his memories.)

Cuchulainn's Legacy: When in battle, he begins to glow white as the fight drags on. He only fights harder the more he is injured.

Fire & Ice: White fire springs forth from his flesh, but turns to ice the minute all connections to his body are severed.

mac Roich's Blood: At a high cost to himself, Keegan can summon the strength of the late Commander Fergus mac Roich and deal massive damage with his blade.

Gae Bolg: The most terrible feat of all. The summoning of the hundred-barbed spear, Gae Bolg. A last resort, when thrown it almost aslways results in death. As, when it hits, one-hundred barbs shoot forth from the blade, tearing the victim apart.


His demeanor is calm, analytical, wary. He does not fight for glory, for fame, or for power. He seeks only to help those who cannot help themselves. The oppressed. He had allowed himself to be chained, tortured, beaten. To feel what those who have suffered have gone through, and he uses those experiences as motive. He is apathetic to those who seek power through the crushing of others, and works to fell such people or beings. He longs to taste what death is like. He had to watch as his men were destroyed before him, and he hates that while he lives, reborn again and again after battle, they all died. He yearns to leave the world entirely and enter the serenity of eternal nothingness.



Fergus mac Roich, once Innis' Commander, was killed in battle with a force believed to belong to the Wanderer. Innis left this legendary, powerful blade on the Isle of Skye, and it was claimed by Keegan after defeating Shannon in a duel over the weapon. It is one of a number of weapons left the to Eight by Innis. The sword has the power, they say, to slice off hilltops and take out entire hosts. Though, Keegan does not possess the strength of the one who first wielded the weapon, and to use such powers comes at a price.


The High God Innis sacrificed himself, in the process his death emanations formed Innis Skye and the Eight: Keegan, the Morrigan, Shannon, Cuchulainn, Scathach, Aoife, Raghnall, and SinΓ©ad. Keegan is blood brother, by creation, to the Morrigan just as Scathach and Aoife are siblings. Created to be a warrior and a tactician alongside Cuchulainn and Scathach, and naturally adept with fire magic, Keegan was as formidable as any of the rest of the Eight. For a time, the Eight lived on Innis Sky, a massive island of hills, rivers, fields, forests, and a craggy, towering mountain. The island was hidden from the other gods, and kept the Eight unaware of the outer worlds. There they trained and lived in relative peace, developing personal tastes and loves. It was . . mostly peaceful, save for training and the occasional head-butting, mostly between the serious yet fiery Cuchulainn and the cold, savage Morrigan. Keegan remained close to Scathach, Raghnall, and Cuchulainn, learning tactics as well as physical combat. He came in contact with the being called "the Wanderer" before any of the other seven. It was Tamesis who showed them the other worlds, and how to travel to them.

The Eight entered the seven-world Geosa Cluster, at the court of Giasara, the new High God. The gods, at first wary, grew to realize the use of warriors like these. Keegan was allowed to form an army called the Red Branch Knights, which he used to destroy dictators the gods did not deal with themselves. At the time, the High Pantheon's Blessed Heroes were still alive. The Morrigan, Keegan's twin, eventually went on a sudden unexplained rampage, slaughtering all the Blessed. Keegan was ordered to kill her by the gods, but he refused. Initially the gods ordered that each of the other seven - barring Raghnall - perform the execution, but they all refused in turn as well. In punishment the gods cursed them - as even they were unable to kill the Eight. Keegan, personally, found his inner flame cooled to a burning chill. Keegan was then forced to watch as the gods destroyed the Red Branch Knights. It was at that moment, along with the rest of the Eight - though the others had multiple reasons as well - that he began to hate the gods and thirst for their removal.

So begins...

Keegan's Story