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Kenneth Stoneweld

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by xanderdakka


Backstory: Kenneth’s family were masters at hunting, so far they were able to communicate with animals, however they did not know that it had been a rune that had let them do this. Everyone in the family and a keen eye and finesse for ranged weaponary… Apart from Kenny, He was also trying to fight with sticks and logs he had found on the floor… However he still had the skill of being a perfectly good huntsmen…
Race: Human (picks 1 MORE trait)
Traits:1) Beastspeaker: What is it, boy?! The king fell down a well?! You are able to communicate with animals. This form of Magic, very simplistic.
2) Perceptive: What has been seen cannot be unseen. You gain Advantage when Testing to gain information about your surroundings or find things which may be hidden. You gain this even while asleep..
3) Tracker: These prints are fresh. He went that way. You gain Advantage when Testing to track someone or an animal in the wilderness. While outside, you can also locate true north without Testing.
4(being human) Charismatic: I can get what I want without even asking. You gain Advantage when attempting to convince someone of something or otherwise influence them.
Weaponary: longsword-Heavy Melee Weapons require you to wield them with both hands due to them being cumbersome or just so... heavy. The benefit of this is that you can attack your enemies with these weapons from 10 feet away.
Belief: “You can talk your way out of anything”
Oh... i forgot what he looks like and what equipment: He is in his early 20's, he has medium hair that he leaves messy, along with a leather jacket and some chain mail hidden under all of that, he also wears sandals... he never takes them off.
Equipment: I Suppose he has a great sword, but i'd prefer a long sword :D not sure if it's 5-10 gold... but i'm going to say five so i can buy more, I also want to buy a torch and a cloak , that wouldn't look suspicious if I put it over my face. :D
also my character hates wizards/mages because they killed his father :( : appearance of wizard : Red cloak, scar cross nose.. but you can make him look however you want :D

So begins...

Kenneth Stoneweld's Story