Kim Joon-ho

A boy who is attuned with nature.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Ghidus


Kim Joon-ho

The Person

Age: Eighteen (18)

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Ethnicity: Korean

Height: 174 centimeters (5'7")

Weight: 64 kilograms (142 lbs)


Blood Type: O

Dominant Hand: Right

Appearance: One can tell Joon-ho's ethnicity at a glance due to his creamy pale skin and sharp, slanted eyes. Joon-ho's eyes are dark blue contrasts his otherwise normal neck-length black hair. His physique is slim and compact. Jong-ho's has a little muscle tone due to both his diet and workout. Joon-hu carries himself with confidence. Likewise his posture is straight and resolute. His appearance fluctuates due to his powers of animal mimicry, but his stable appearance is typically the same, minus the animal features.

The Psyche

Personality: Joon-ho is a very optimistic person. He considers his optimism to be one of his better, defining traits. Joon-ho's self-confidence comes from this optimism of his. Said optimism can border naivety and arrogance. The naivety and arrogance stems from the awareness that he is safe from all danger and repercussions. Some fault of this lies within his upbringing, but he will never admit so.

Joon-ho has a problem with how he treats others unknowingly. He speaks to others with a sarcastic filled tone. One that can grind on the very edges of one's rationality. Joon-ho knows how to curb his tongue during certain occasions there will be a few snide remarks that can and will slip past his lips. Ironically Joon-ho cannot stand being on the other side of snide remarks that being one of the fastest ways to anger him.

Joon-ho has a life full of leisure and praise. He does things flawlessly and he demands so. He is critical both about himself and his work. Once he does something he does it with all his might, until he thinks it is perfect. He does not stop for others and moves at his own pace. Joon-ho is his own leader and refuses to be a follower to anyone else.


Likes: Animals (Owls Particularly), Praise, Shapeshifting

Dislikes: Condiments, Failure, Goats

The Trail

The Powers

Mother Nature: Joon-ho has the power to transform any part of his body into that of an animal's. It can be any animal existing in the planet and his body would know how to shift, where to move, what its functions do and such. He can transform his body into multiple different animal species essentially making himself a chimera. Joon-ho cannot turn himself into a complete animal. He can trade pieces of his human body for animal ones, but that remains the limit of his powers.

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