King Galadaius Eroque Tanno Asylia

A King is a servant of his people, bound by chains of devotion and faith. He must serve, and he must serve well, for if he doesn't then all will suffer, but none more so than he.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Fishbucket


The Kingdom of Asylia functions as an empire, though their people find the distinction to be very important. To an Asylian, an Empire is something to be hated and fought against, but a Kingdom is respectable. Noble Even.


A Servant King

What is a king but a slave to his people? Such is the philosophy of Asylian kings and Queens. They serve their people and act to ensure the betterment and prosperity of those people, even if they are reviled for it, especially if they are never thanked for it.

King Galadaius see's the world though eyes of equal parts grief and hope. His grief comes from the loss of his beloved wife Andromena, who perished giving birth to the one thing that gives him hope and happiness, his daughter Halena.

He serves his people much like a captain of a ship. He sets course wherever he thinks the waters will be easiest, though his strong moral compass points him to take actions some may consider pointless, naive, or otherwise to risky.

Enigmatic and soft spoken, the king rarely explains himself to anyone, opting instead to chart his course and let others speak for him. But when he does speak, his powerful, salient voice demands respect and attention.

All this aside, King Galadaius is a preeminent sorcerer of his people, a Savant, meaning that he needs no formal instruction to bend the fabric of reality to his will.

Though he is surrounded night and day by courtiers, generals, emmisaries, representatives, and other peoples of note, he trusts implicitly, save for his daughter. She alone he never questions or denies. This trust in her comes from a promise made to her on her second birth day, that he would ensure all her dreams become realities. The girl has neither the psionic abilities nor magical talent that so many others in Asylia are blessed with, and so her efforts are triple that of her peers. She is the smartest person in all the kingdom, a fact that her father both acknowledges and thinks of with great pride.

He preps her for the day she must take her place as Queen over a kingdom of heroes with good intentions, and hopes she will come to understand the truth of the "road to hell"

So begins...

King Galadaius Eroque Tanno Asylia's Story