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Kuze Watanabe

Furisode Girl with blue hair.

0 · 243 views · located in The Grinning Ghoul

a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Purplesprout


  • Occupation: Model and Pokemon trainer, mainly specialising in Eevees.
  • One of Tesslar's prisoners.
  • Jazzimoré's friend.
  • Originally from: Lavarre City, Ruula, but has a home in Lumiose City.
  • Helps to look after the Pokemon prisoners, but has a special bond with an Eevee, who she has been separated from.

So begins...

Kuze Watanabe's Story

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Taking over The Ghoul had been surprisingly easy. The Boss was apparently away on business, and so all Tesslar had had to do was take over the barmaid’s mind and she had been most obliging after that!
His prisoners (seven Jellicle wives, five fairies, a Mithrall Swan, a rare Origin Fruit Bat, a handful of Pokemon and a blue roan Alicorn) had then been shipped in, in the dead of night, via a blacked out minibus, and were now safely housed inside their bullet and magic proof glass cages.
In slightly better spirits, Tesslar surveyed his new, grand surroundings and rubbed his paws together. It was time to prepare for the show! It was just a pity that he didn't have his star performer...
"Don't forget, this is only a temporary stop off!" he told the prisoners. "Tomorrow, we ship out to our new place of resistance. And I am sure you will find it to be most... comfortable...!" And he started to laugh. A long, low, evil laugh...!

The setting changes from the-grinning-ghoul to The Undermarket


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The Red Somali Cat woman wandered aimlessly around the market, looking for a potential pick up. If she didn't (and subsequently failed to bring Tesslar his money) then there would be Hell to pay! The last thing she wanted was to see another prisoner killed, least of all herself! (As it was, their numbers had more than halved over the years, due to Tesslar's murderous rampages!) So she staked out a particularly busy market stall, one paw on her shapely hips, the laces on her top straining in their attempts to contain the endowments they had been given the task of supporting, as she attempted to titillate one of the gentlemen by trying to catch his eye.
At the same time, she also kept a hawk-like watch on the other ladies who were hanging around, dressed similarly in their tight corset tops, fishnets and thigh high boots. Kuze the Pokemon girl had already attracted the attention of some lecher in filthy overalls and had followed him around a corner.
But there was no way any of them could escape. Tesslar had put everything he could think of in place to prevent that from happening. There were Rats creeping about all over the place, but if the prisoners managed to evade them, then the mind control switch in their brains would force their feet to return to Tesslar at his beck and call, no matter how far they strayed. And even if one of them were to somehow break through that, then there were always the tags. The metal devices that had been sewn into each of their arms meant that Evelyne was always watching, and could eliminate them at the touch of a button!
However, with her help, one had managed to crack the system. Immune to Tesslar's mind control, and with three failed escape attempts already under her belt, Jazzimoré had finally used her surgical skills to extract the chip from her own arm, enabling her to escape for good and find help. At least, that was what Bombalurina had initially thought (or rather, hoped!) “Now she is dead,” thought the ex Spartan Queen with a glimmer of regret leaking through her inhibited mind. “Now there is no hope of any of us…!”

The setting changes from the-undermarket to The Grinning Ghoul

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Character Portrait: Delilah Moran Character Portrait: Sin'rael Character Portrait: Tesslar Character Portrait: Bombalurina Character Portrait: Lawrence King Character Portrait: The Rats Character Portrait: Kuze Watanabe Character Portrait: Mithrael
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“Good evening everybody!” the man in the dark glasses and trilby hat proclaimed to the modest group of individuals who had bothered to show up for the scheduled night. “Thank you all for coming. I, Cassius Countdankworth, will be your host for this evening. And I do hope that you enjoy your evening, while you let us entertain you! And don't forget your free shot to get the party started! Now, without further ado, I bring you: the marvellous, the magnificent, Grinning Ghoul Extravaganza...!!!”
The music began, and with a sweep of his long, black coat, the man (whose hair and beard was also long and black) picked up the microphone and began to sing.
As soon as he began to sing, beautiful women started appearing all over the club, some twirling around polls and others twisting through the crowd as they served out drinks. Every male in the room was truly mesmerized, and by the sight of one woman in particular: A busty redhead who was burlesque dancing onstage, salaciously attired in spiky shoes, fishnets and a tight corset (which was being held together by sheer luck alone!)
Soon she was joined by others and, as the audience members watched the show, transfixed by the staff that Cassius waved as he sang, not one of them noticed The Rats filtering among them, emptying their pockets…!

Come on!
See-see-see-see-see-come on!
Would you please look at this mother next to me
Frontin' more booty than Peru got keys
Damn, if I don't get that
Wait right there and I'll be right back
Got a new trick in the back of my car
It's kinda like a movie but you're the star
Lights, camera, make a scene
The Endorphinmachine
Go baby
The Endorphinmachine
Yeah, go baby (Go baby)
Tippy, tippy, tin my friend or shall we begin?
Step right up and I'll strap you in
Don't be shy, this won't hurt a bit
Unless of course you don't believe in it
As sure as the dippy dippy wave of my 'do
You'll believe in somethin' before this night is through
Press one for the money, press two for the dream
And get ready for somethin' that you've never seen
The Endorphinmachine
Go baby
The Endorphinmachine
Go baby (Go baby)
Tommy Barbarella, turn it on
Hold up, wait a minute
Ain't no good unless somebody else is in it
You there with the cynical disposition
Perhaps you'd like to join us in a mission
Of fishin' for logic in a think tank
Unless, of course, you're feelin' like a punk and take the bank
But every now and then there comes a time you must defend
Your right to die and live again, live again, live again
Get up, get up, get in
The Endorphinmachine
It's alright, baby (Go Baby)
Don't be shy (The Endorphinmachine)
Yeah, I ain't gonna hurt you
Go baby
Come on, come on (Endorphinmachine)
Well, I told ya (Go baby)
The Endorphinmachine
Go baby, go baby, go, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!
Don't make me!
Cass esta muerto
Cass esta muerto
Que viva para siempre el Poder de la Nueva Generacion!”#