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Lauren Wells

The Pokemon Explorer

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by RedRaine


Name: Lauren Wells(If she likes you she'll let you call her Lori)
Age: 19
Goal: To uncover ancient secrets and legends of the pokemon world.

Lauren is a pokemon explorer; she travels all around the pokemon world searching ruins and hunting down legendaries and their various rumors. She's roughly 5'4 and built on the light side. She has short shoulder length black hair to match her somewhat short stature. Lauren's has black shoulder length hair that is usually left straight when wandering about; she styles it however, into a high ponytail whenever she gets serious about something. Lauren is on the light side, but years of climbing, exploring and wandering have built up lean and strong muscles over time. It's a shame all that activity didn't help her grow on the height portion.

As an adventurer, Lauren's choice in clothing are light, comfortable and easy to move in. She prefers tank tops covered by short sleeve jackets or cardigans, and shorts or shirts with bicycle shorts underneath. For shoes, she wears low heeled boots that reach up to her calf. Her pokepack is a single strap shoulder sling bag.

Lauren has quite a few cuts and scraps scattered about her body, primarily around her knees and forearms. These are due to her adventurous nature as an explorer. Aside from those, she has no remarkable markings or piercings upon her body.

Through the years Lauren has built up an ever increasing collection of survival skills and can survive almost anywhere with minimal resources. This includes cooking, foraging, creating shelter and etc.

From working in caverns, deserts and ruins, Lauren has gained quite a few archaeological instincts; she's knowledgeable of all kinds of traps, secret doors, hieroglyphics and ancient languages.

Lauren is also highly skilled with calming down pokemon from temper tantrums and panic attacks; one eventually learns how to calm down a rampaging Ursaring after it crashes their campsite a few times.

Finally, Lauren seems to have developed and honed an almost supernatural instinct for incoming danger.


As stated, Lauren is a pokemon explorer so it essentially means she has a penchant for being curious. She loves to travel around and discover new legends, rumors, and all kinds of undiscovered history. She's generally friendly and upbeat, as many people seem to be in the pokemon world, but has a certain air of indefatigable positivity circling about her. Lauren is passionate in what she does and won't let anything stand between her and her destination.

Lauren is an honest girl at heart so whenever she lies she tends to give off some strong tells. This includes quickly darting eyes and a strong tendency to nibble on her lower lip subconsciously. She tends to ramble and talk quicker when she gets nervous around other people.

Likes: Exploring, heights, discovering things, cartography, dealing with pokemon, sleeping underneath the stars
Dislikes: Big cities, large amounts of people, higher class people, large displays of wealth


-Traveler's Pack - Backpack filled with exploring tools
>Large amounts of water bottles
>Town maps of every region she's been to
>A camera
>A scrapbook/log journal
>A PokeNav
-A Capture Styler from her time in Fiore and Almia(only able to befriend one pokemon and cannot be used for battle)
-Focus Pendants - Twin legendary relics that allows a trainer and pokemon to choose what move happens when using metronome; this only works if both trainer and pokemon are fully synchronized in thought. If both are thinking even slightly separately it doesn't work.

Pokemon Team:
Aeolus (Mightyena) (M) @ Lum Berry
Trait: Intimidate
Jolly Nature
- Crunch
- Secret Power
- Protect
- Taunt

Lauren and Poochyena met when she decided to travel through the Hoenn region. It was during a small walk through the Petalburg Woods when she found a Poochyena attacking an older man. Although he insisted she fight it off, Lauren was able to calm down and feed the wild beast. Shortly after the ordeal, Lauren discovered the same Poochyena following her around the following route. Despite telling it to shoo it continued to follow her. Eventually Lauren gave in and they partnered up. Poochyena was found to be a rather frightful pokemon, scared to dive into any battle whatsoever. It was only during a pinch moment in Lilycove, when a Team Aqua member had cornered Lauren down that the shy Poochyena stepped in to protect his trainer. It didn't take long to discover that his lack of experience proved near fatal as he was severely beaten down; however, not giving up Poochyena let out a wild howl and let his instincts take over and started to evolve from the scared pup, into a wild Mightyena. With newfound power, Mightyena swiftly saved his trainer from an uncertain fate.

Charme (Clefable) (F) @ Leftovers
Trait: Magic Guard
Bold Nature
- Metronome
- Gravity
- Thunder Wave
- Softboiled

Clefairy was Lauren's first ever partner; the two of them met at Mt. Moon nearly 9 years ago to the day. Lauren had gotten lost in the massive mountain for nearly a day. It was only through a chance meeting with a friendly Clefairy that she was able to get out. From then on, Lauren visited Clefairy on a weekly basis, deciding that, so no one could ever get lost again, she'd make a map of all of Mt. Moon. Nearly 6 months later and Lauren and Clefairy had finally done it. Lauren and Clefairy had continued to explore Mt. Moon but the thrill of discovering things had worn off once they well, discovered everything. It was during one of these days that the pair had bumped into a trainer with red clothing who had gotten lost inside. As Lauren and Clefairy navigated him to the exit, the boy told them he was going to be a pokemon master, someone that would explore the world and discover new pokemon. He left without saying his name, but the thought of seeing new lands lingered in the pair's mind. Excited, Lauren and Clefairy decided to start exploring the rest of the world and find all that it had to offer. It was this day Lauren started her pokemon journey.

Terra (Metagross) @ Leftovers
Trait: Clear Body
Jolly Nature
- ThunderPunch
- Meteor Mash
- Earthquake
- Agility

Metagross actually belonged to Mr. Devon, owner of Devon Corporation. After Lauren got contracted by him, he decided to pass along his greatest friend to help her out, as she's more likely to give him the excercise and excitement than he would. To be short, Metagross and Lauren didn't get along. They still kind of don't get along. But after years of adventuring they kind of grew on each other.

Meimei (Azumarill) (F) @ Focus Band
Trait: Huge Power
Adamant Nature
- Aqua Jet
- Brick Break
- Double-Edge
- Ice Punch

During her exploration in the Hoenn region, Lauren had chanced upon a rather sickly Marill by the shore. It seems it had gotten coated in huge globs of oil and its balance was completely thrown off, keeping him from moving. Lauren ended up caring after this Marill over the course of a week in the nearby Petalburg City. When it was fully healthy again, Marill decided to tag along.

Coco (Vespiquen) (F) @ Leftovers
Trait: Pressure
Impish Nature
- Attack Order
- Roost
- Defend Order
- Hidden Power [Ground]

Lauren and Combee met during her travels in the Johto region. Well. Technically. Lauren had found something known as 'The Combee Fest', an annual Combee catch-and-release festival; people would attempt to catch Combee with nets, then release them afterwards, unallowed to use their pokemon. She thought it would be fun so Lauren spent the better half of the day playfully chasing Combee's with a net. Later in the day however, she found that another trainer was violating the rules by using electrified nets and gasses to draw out Combee. Angered, the Vespiqueen of the hive attempted to defend her colony from the trainer but he was able to subdue her. Not one to hold back, Lauren charged in and told off the trainer, saying how she was going to report him to the event comittee. He then ended up turning on Lauren but she was able to fend him off long enough alongside one of the Combee while the Vespiquen recovered from the net. With renewed vigor, the queen was able to gather up her Combee and subdue the man was a massive Sweet Scent assault, overloading the boy's senses and knocking him out. Thankful towards Lauren, Vespiquen offered to Lauren the Combee she had battled with. Combee eventually evolved into a Vespiquen herself during one of Lauren's adventures. While she cannot fly, Vespiquen is able to carry and float Lauren over a good distance.

Shire (Gengar) (M) @ Salac Berry
Trait: Levitate
Modest Nature
- Destiny Bond
- Shadow Ball
- Will-O-Wisp
- Thunderbolt

Gengar and Lauren met during an expedition in Sinnoh's 'Turnback Cave', on the rumors that the legendary pokemon Girantina was located there. Here she discovered the cave seemed impossibly randomized, impossible to traverse. She set to work exploring this cave for nearly 3 months when she discovered that the true cause of the imbalance was a series of ghost pokemon altering the perception of space for anyone that entered, making them feel like they didn't turn when they did, move where they weren't planning to and so forth. Upon this discovery a Gengar suddenly appeared in front of her, seemingly laughing its ass off on the ground. It seems it was his job to mess with her for the past few months and it was surprised how persistant she was. Unamused Lauren chased after it in frustration. Hours later, Gengar was still laughing at her just inches away from her. Finding so much fun in one human, Gengar forcibly decided to tag along with Lauren and her adventures.


Lauren was born and raised in Pewter City. She was never interested in becoming a pokemon trainer and instead chose to search Mt.Moon on a daily basis. There she befriended a Clefairy who accompanied her on expositions. Eventually they became best friends and eventually searched every part of Mt.Moon. Finally seeing a reason to leave, Lauren officially decided to become a pokemon explorer: someone that searches for uncovered mysteries and the like. With Clefairy as her partner she set out at the age of 10 and began exploring the world.

In the nine years she's been adventuring, Lauren has gathered a strong reputation as an explorer are cartographer; she's been able to make a living selling town and region maps to distributers but really started to shine when the Devon Corporation found her. Because Lauren goes on so many expeditions and travels the world regularly, Devon Corp. contracted her to send them map data on a regular basis in exchange for paying for her travel and living expenses. Aside from this Lauren has also been able to discover new caverns and ruins as an archaeologist, discovering ancient tomes and artifacts and making international headlines with her discoveries.

During her extensive stay at the Fiore and Almia region Lauren had supported rangers in locating and stopping various criminal activities, earning the ire of a few Anti-Pokemon related teams. For those deeds Lauren was awarded a basic capture styler capable of befriending 1 temporary pokemon.

So begins...

Lauren Wells's Story

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Gabriel sat in his seat in the vehicle and stared out the window, watching the people pass by, and he wondered what could have been. The election was a total loss, but that was fine. With some relocation of assets, clever marketing tactics, and a few favors offered and returned, he was able to recoup losses to both reputation and revenue. Perhaps the political spotlight wasn't for him, anyway, and he would acquire better results in improving the world from the private sector.

He poured himself a glass of brandy as the car moved through the city, and he pondered where the future would take him.

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#, as written by Remæus
Shrknar the Reshr'c glanced over towards Lectre Mansion, wondering what history this city held. No matter, he'd have time for exploration later. Continuing on, he picked up his pace — the Queen was not one to wait.