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Leon Macmillion

I don't just read the facts, people. Sometimes I'm in the middle of them.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, originally authored by Lobos, as played by RolePlayGateway


Informer, question pusher, answer demander, truth seeker.


Name: Leon Macmillion
Aliases: Leo, Mack, Leo Mill
Age: 28
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Occupation: Investigative Reporter

Height: 6'1"
Weight: 171lbs
Eye Color: Dark Blue
Hair Color: Black (White Dyed)
Complexion: Fair
Build: Solid
Handedness: Left

Leon is typically seen in his distinctive jacket, trousers, and combat boots, although occassionally he will ditch the jacket and trousers. When not in his "working" uniform, the man tends to dress in plain or graphic t-shirts and jeans, though he retains his combat boots. Underneath his jacket is concealed an array of tools and weapons in various pockets and holsters.


Leon is a very driven individual. Confident, he is a more serious man, more interested in getting to the heart of the matter than he is in idle chatter. He does not hesitate to put himself in a situation that has the potential to turn dangerous, if doing so will get him the scoop on his stories, and indeed he has thrown more than a few punches in the midst of some brawl or battle to beat out his rivals. He's notorious for recording conversations, hidden cameras, and above all else, his intelligence. Leon knows how to go about his own detective work, taking careful notes and finding the connections between apparent unrelated events.

When forced to go on the offensive, Leon is ruthless, knowing that in his line of work, most such fights are kill or be killed. He won't hesitate to draw a gun and shoot, but he also won't offhandedly kill if he thinks it'll cost him a crucial fact.


Leon Macmillion is a fit, healthy man in his prime, working out regularly and logging his hours at the gun range. Deceptively strong, he knows the fighting style of Krav Maga, a brutal hand-to-hand discipline. Additionally he is classed a master pistoleer and an adept at most other weapons. Finally, he is highly intelligent, able to sift through the large amounts of data in his investigations and find the key points, the connections.

He carries a H&K USP 9mm pistol, a HK45 pistol, and a Serbu "Super-Shorty" Remminton 870 12-gauge shotgun. He carries two spare clips for the 9mm, one spare clip for the .45, and 16 spare shells for the shotgun. For other weaponry, he carries a Gerber Mark II knife and a S&W Tactical Tanto boot knife.

For his reporting work, Leon has on his personal a pair of audio recorders, at least five cameras, two of which are button cameras, a PDA, a notepad and pen, his lockpicks, and an IR/thermal rangefinder.

The jacket and trousers Leon wears contain an antiballistic weave that can stop most small caliber projectiles and blunt some hits.

So begins...

Leon Macmillion's Story

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#, as written by Lobos
((Source Bundle - The Death of an Independent Terra))

"To any of you Terrans listening in, this is Leo Mill. This report is delayed, recorded from within the Wing City Government building, currently on lockdown after what appears to be a terrorist attack of devastating magnitude."

The black screen cuts to images of carnage as yet untouched within the buildings halls, furtive screen caps taken of Terran militiamen sifting through the chaos. There was no warning of graphic content, nothing obscured the blood and bodies of the photos.

"The images just displayed are uncut snapshots taken shortly after I snuck into the building. As you can see, clean up has not commenced. Which is damned good, in my opinion, since I now have facts to work with."

"At first, I thought this might have been the work of a group of terrorists working in tandem. However, I managed to find a survivor of the attack, getting from him several unsettling bits of information. First. This attack was the work of a lone agent. Second. This agent was able to not only defeat the local security forces, but somehow get around the blast doors designed to halt such attacks in their tracks." An image of one such blast door was shown, blood splashed on its surface. "And third. This agent was a woman. Alas, I did not get the opportunity to get a picture and an interview."

The as yet to be shown reporter chuckled dryly, his tone changing. "Having some experience in investigation, I poked around to see what I could find. Although I did find some interesting leads, at the same time, clean up began to commence. Some evidence has been lost, and so there is an incomplete picture. Stay tuned for my extrapolations at the end of my broadcast."

"From my investigation, I have pieced together that this woman possessed some sort of superhuman ability. From tracks on the floor, I found a path where I am making an educated guess she walked, and the walls around this path are full of bullet holes. Additionally, my witness reports that she walked through blast doors. On a separate note, I managed to overhear a list of known KIA and have noticed that several high level members of the government have been killed in this attack. This may be anomalous data, due to the extensive mortality rate of this attack. However, there is one disturbing bit of information that my witness conferred."

"This agent was blind."

"More on that in a moment. Recorded conversations of the militiamen state that it was, oddly, Aschen soldiers who apprehended the agent. From all reports, she was removed from the building and taken to an unknown location."

Over the course of his monologue, various associated images had flashed across the screen of his broadcast. A screen cap of the hallway, a scrolling list of faces and names of the confirmed dead, and visual only representations of audio recordings. Finally, however, it cut to a video. A man stood in a dim pool of light, his face hidden in darkness. The tilt of his head indicated he was looking at the camera.

"Now, by now I'm sure I have your collective attention. I am knowingly on quarantined property, performing an unsanctioned investigation, and recording this broadcast for later dispersal. And now, I'm going to breakdown my findings."

"For all appearances, this was an isolated incident. However, the inclusion of high level policy makers in the death toll hints that this was not, in fact random. I think this was a cover for assassination. The claimed abilities of this agent, adding to the fact that a witness claims she was blind, leads me to suspect that she either possessed magical talent or psionic power. Neither of which are uncommon on Terra, but this distinct fact of her blindness might lead to revelations of some as to the agent's identity. Finally, we come to the arrest. I am sure the Terran Militia can handle a rogue mage or psionic. I know Terra is once more independant. So really, why are Aschen soldiers making an arrest within our own planet's jurisdiction. Given the track record of the Aschen, to which I know you all can attest, I wouldn't put it past them that there's more involved in this "seemingly random act of violence" than first seems. End extrapolation."

"Thus concluding my broadcast. Citizens, by the time you see this, if you see it, I will have exfiltrated the Government Center and uploaded this to the 'Net via a public terminal. Download this broadcast. Share it. Watch and Listen."

"Leo Mills, out."