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Liquidus Hime

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Liquidus



Real Name:Hime Watanabe
Title: Daughter of the Black Tengu
Alias:Dragon Blossom
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown, Rumored to be 22
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 165lbs
Nationality: Thought to be of Japanese decent, stories in different countries vary
Hair: Raven Black
Eyes: Rumors suggest Blue-grey

No one has ever seen her face, except those who need to. Some people have spread rumors about her being the most beautiful woman on the earth. Whether this is true or not, the world has yet to know. She once allowed a blind female shamisen player "See" her body. While she was in the process, tears of joy streamed down her cheeks. The shamisen player soon became extremely popular for her poem that spoke of the body of Liquidus Hime, Daughter of the Black Tengu:


Beauty is the name to describe the face of a woman, Beyond beauty is name to describe the face of this woman.
Her eyes are as blue as the ocean she tells me, with a grey ring akin to the foam of the sea.

Her face is rounded, and youthful; her skin smooth as the petals of the most precious sakura blossom. Despite the scars which graces under her right eye.
Her lips are plus and fit her well, her neck is as strong as bamboo, but as soft as a peach.

and her shoulders are smooth leading to arms which have the strength of a bear, yet are as smooth as the trunk of the red birch.
Her hands are feminine and slender, yet calloused and scarred. She has spoke of battle, this is the truth of her hands.

Her chest is strong, leading to the large bust of a young woman, soft and supple, but to a core is as power as tempered steel with gentle curves that speak of a woman.
Magnificent are the thigh that support a thin waist, with light scars, but still of a woman, soft as velvet.

Her knees are strong as any human should be, but her calves are like bamboo, unbreakable in nature. Her feet as soft as her hands, and just as scarred.
This is the body of the Daughter of the Tengu...


Lover & Personal Bodyguard

Yukimara Sango

Alias: White Orchid
Gender: Female
Age: 124 (Looks 23)
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 165lbs
Nationality: Japanese Albino
Hair: White

Yukimara has a gentle and warm personality that augments her appearance. Yukimara is a soft-spoken, polite, and caring woman with a protective personality. She is not to be taken lightly, she was personally trained by Mother Tiger Lily and Father Dragon Sun, as well as training daily with Hime to keep her sharp. Despite her gentle nature, she has an aura that demands respect. She enjoys tea and playing with her adopted kitten waffles. She has sworn to protect the Black Tengu leaders with her life and she has shown herself to be extremely invaluable to them, being a excellent strategist and soldier alike.

She wields a katana forged specifically for her hands by Masamune the legendary swordsmith. It has a forest green hilt and a sheath to match. The blade has been polished to a mirror like reflective shine. It is said that she can wield this blade with expert skill, although she is not masterful. She has been trained in multiple styles of hand to hand combat, but she is most proficient in Xingyiquan and mixes this with what she has learned to create a style focused around quick evasive movements that build into powerful blows and counters.

The Black Tengu

This doctrine of the Black Tengu is a pact for life. Since the Tengu are immortal this pact extends to the end of each family member's existence. Those who sign this ancient document are family of the Tengu and shall be treated as such by all tengu. The rules that must be followed by all members of this family are written below.

General Laws:

-Every member of the tengu is free to do what they feel like, whether this means they move across the earth or decide to stay in the village of the Tengu. The member and his or her family are still family and they will be protected as such. The entirety of the Tengu are brothers and sisters, despite our unrelated blood. Treat your brothers and sisters with the same respect you believe you deserve.

-All members of the Black Tengu must learn some methods of defending themselves, no matter the age of the Tengu. This is to ensure that a member is not powerless in the face of an adversary; the Tengu are too powerful to fall. At the age of 6 all children of the tengu will begin their training; at 10 years old they will learn to survive. This training is said to reward those who are strong and destroy those who are weak. This is the only way to ensure that the Tengu stay strong at all time, special permissions may be request from the Daitengu by concern parents to keep their child from participating in this trial of survival; this does mean that the Tengu in question will not be able to join the Tengu army until they complete this trial; it may be completed as any age, but 8 years of age is the time that they are deemed ready.

-All tengu children will attend school and learn the ways of the world, all the while gaining knowledge of more than just the tengu.

-Disputes happen, all disputes will be handled by the Daitengu of the family and will be dealt with justly. If a Tengu disagrees, they can appeal for another meeting to discuss their opinions.

-All beings; human or of a different species must be invited to step foot on Tengu land. Those who want to invite a guest into the town of the Tengu will need the permission of the Daitengu before hand OR they may be invited onto Tengu land with a proper piece of jewelry, gifted to them by a ranking member of the Tengu Army. Any being that commits a hostile act within' the land of the Tengu shall be slaughter were they stand.

-The rights of the Tengu are all encompassing in belief, every family members of the Tengu shares the same rights as the civilization's land that they step upon; I.E if a Tengu was to step into North American, they are bound by the governments laws and rules. The rules of another land come first and the Doctrine cannot save a Tengu if the family member in question violate the rules of another nation or owned land. The tengu wish to live in peace at all time if possible; the declaration of war lies with the whim of the Daitengu and his or her advisors. The Daitengu may give exclusive permission to another Tengu to create alliances, and control the soldiers of the Tengu. The towns, villages and countries that are allied with the Tengu are considered family, until they prove otherwise.


The Great army of the Tengu is not a typically army, but still is a powerful one nonetheless. Our army is an extension of ourselves, and it is supported by the Tengu with skills such as blacksmiths, Maps makers, Navigators, clothing makers, and farmers. We have amassed an army with those who have pledged there lives for the Tengu; as well the allies who have sworn to help us and in return we do the same for them. Military ranking is a system of Fangs (1 being the lowest-Private; and 28 being the highest-Daitengu) The Daitengu is in controls of the army and passes orders down the chain of command to the leaders of the squads lower in ranking than him or herself.

Immortality of the Black Tengu

All of the Black Tengu are immortal, for they have all eaten the fruit for the tree of life. While making the Tengu immortal, the fruit does have rules, which were told by the first Tengu that :

-Immortality only means agelessness, immortals can die in battle and likewise die from illness and disease.

-This fruit can be consumed by ALL beings and species, except those who already have eternal life. Eating a piece of this fruit will reverse the immortality of any creature or being

-The immortality of a previous eater can be nullified by eating the fruit again, provided the being in question can obtain it.

-The eater of this fruit must never have selfish intention when consuming it, for this will cause a horrid, painful death.

It is told among the Tengu that Father Dragon sun and Mother Tiger Lily obtained this fruit by conquering the 6 trials of the stars. This is a nearly impossible accomplishment, but it IS possible. They are among the few who have conquered the vicious trials and they are among a group of about 100 that may still have some of the fruit. The tree of life is only revealed to beings that survive the 6 trials and find the place where the tree itself is hidden. Anyone can partake in the trials, but very few have lived once trying.[/i]


Hime is a wise young woman, and calm as a mountain spring. She is more resourceful and clever than even her late husband, and as fearless as he is in the face of opposition. She learned her strategy from Mother Tiger Lily; the mother of the Black Tengu, and the oldest leader of the black tengu. Hime is an extremely strong willed young woman, and an a educated woman to boot, and she loves a good joke or pun.

She is a gentle natured woman, and merciful, but her anger is explosive; any of the lesser ranked of the Black Tengu would tell you that her anger could turn the gods white with fear. Despite this, her anger is short lived, and she calms down quickly. She flirts like any woman in her position would, but She is confident and mostly fearless, or at least she attempts to be.

She is a well spoken woman, although she can get mixed up from time to time, often speaking proper at one moment and colloquial the next. Although she doesn't drink, she isn't a stranger to having a good time, and will often pretend to be drunk in order to keep the cheery mood going.

Hime is a creative person, often talking with her bodyguards about the many philosophies she has learned about or the vision she has for the world. She is a respectful person, and she respects all except those who do not earn her respect; it is known a good way to prove yourself to her is to face her in combat or to prove yourself strong willed.

Hobbies: Gardening, Combat Training/Teaching, Collecting her ideas in her journals,

Strengths: Overall combat, Strategically mindedness, Sliver Tongue

Weaknesses: Impulsive, Stubborn, impatient

Likes: Respectable people, The entire Black Tengu family,

Dislikes: Arrogance, Disrespect,

Favorite Foods: Peanut Butter, Peaches, Sushi,

Least Favourite Foods: Onions, bitter foods

Favourite Color: Gamboge Orange, Black, and silver


Hime is a veritable expert of hand to hand combat and her training sessions with Yukimara are just a taste to the eyes of those who witness it. She has been trained in many styles, stances, philosophies, and physical training.

Styles Known (Not Mastered):

Iron Fist
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Jeet Kune Do

She has studied under a man named Jin and his brother Mugen, who are both masters of swordmanship and she has taken the skill of an expert. She can use most weapons, having been part of the Black Tengu military and the Tengu Elite Assassins. She has developed a sense of spirit while strengthening her regular senses, and this allows to her feel presences. She learned over her many years of life how to use strategy and how to size up and assess enemies based on their spiritual pressure.

Thus far she has trained her body beyond any human possibly could; Mother Tiger Lily once stated that "Hime could duel equally with dragons..." One has yet to see her full abilities, but one man wrote about her strength in his memoirs: "This crazy woman made a river outside my home! She split the ground with a punch and lead the river water past my home, this is unreal to say the least, my eyes have seen a half god in the flesh of a mortal! The only thing that can't kill her is time itself. She is not a god she is a human that has ascended her own boundaries.

Her spiritual power is almost as frightening as her strength, and she can use it to strength her body. She can manipulate it to cause fear, and crush lesser powers; she has learned the elements of the human realm and many others, and she can harness them and create them to a lesser degree using her own energy. Her greatest mastery is the earth element because it resonates with her so well.

Mōmoku no hana

This is her blade, a beautiful, magnificent blade crafted for her hands only. A famous blacksmith created this blade from steel found underneath the roots of the tree of life, that has soak up the energies of living and formed a soul of it's own. The hilt was made of its fallen branches as well. This soul calls itself Cereza and she seems to be a peaceful being. She can prevent the blade from cutting if she wishes and increase the lethality as need be. Typically Hime carries this blade strapped to her back or yuki carries it for her.

Liquidus Hime

Her tengu Namesake speaks of her style and her grace...[i]Liquidus
...a state when a solid is in its weakest but strongest form. Her body flows like a river, but it can be as stubborn and as unbreakable as diamond. She uses all of her abilities to make up for her weaknesses and attempts to keep her faults as a being unseen by the eyes of her enemies. She is a woman, thought of as weaker than a man, but strong willed like a mule. She is a pillar of the Black Tengu and no being will challenge her might and be untouched by the power of this woman named Hime, beautiful, but strong, and a being of the human body, but spirit of a dragon. The majestic strength and dirty, and tough, and wondrous might of Liquidus Hime


"Those who grow up in ranks of the immortal Black Tengu are doomed to die within' the ranks of the Tengu.."-Mother Dragon Lily

Father: Benjiro Watanabe/ Father Dragon Sun (Benjiro is deceased)

Mother: Amaya Watanabe/ Mother Tiger Lily (Ayama is Deceased)

Her mother and father were just farmers, indebted to a greedy lord in japan; the Lord's name was Kim Jueng II . A battle was flaring up outside of their home, between the lord's forces and the Hanran no hebi "Rebel Snakes" In this battle, one of the soldiers torches was knocked onto their rooftop, and burned their home to the ground. The leader of the Haran no hebi, Sanso Motoko took them into their headquarters that night because he felt pity for them. Kim Jueng's men were ordered to follow them, once they were safe in the HQ, the soldiers attacked and slaughtered the entire Haran no hebi. As the soldiers were accusing her family of being aligned with the Haran no hebi and beating her father in front of her, they were all struck dead by a volley of arrows.

Their protectors were the scouts of the Black Tengu whom were coming to instigate the Hanran no hebi. A six fang (the equivalent of a staff sergeant in army ranking) introduced himself and gathered the information of what happen transpired. He then offered to help them, stating that he would take them to see the Daitengu. Her father and mother gratefully accepted and they all were blindfolded, to keep the path of the secret city of the Tengu hidden to all but the privileged to see. Upon a few hours of travel, they were brought into a room for the night and slept well throughout the night. In the morning they were treated to a massive breakfast, with the entire family of the Black Tengu; the tengu were thought to number in the 100's, but the truth was that they were an entire community of families cooperating together to support the tengu.

They were seated in the public eating area, and greeted by many people they did not know and even some they did. The leaders of the Black Tengu ate here as well like normal folk. and as soon as they were finished, they were brought face to face with the leaders of the Black Tengu; Father Dragon Sun and Mother Tiger Lily:

Hime was burrowed close to her mother as they neared the two leaders of whom the world thought not to exist. In front of them sat the fiercest man they had ever seen, and seated next to him, the most beautiful woman they had ever laid eyes on. "I and my family greet you, Dragon sun and Tiger Lily.." Hime's father and mother bowed softly. Her mother prodded her a little; she was scared of the two great leaders, their power seemed to emanate off of them and it frightened her. "Hime, please bow to them.." Her mother spoke softly to her; mother's voice was soothing, and it gave her a little more courage. She let go of her mother and bowed slightly.

Dragon Sun chuckled as he saw the little girl bow. "She's so precious! I commend you for teaching her so well." Her father, faltered as bit in tiredness as he spoke. "Thank you Dragon Sun, I appreciate your praise of my parenting." Dragon Sun nodded and got straight to the point. "My scouts have told me what has happened to your home. They have brought you here to join our family; here and now I must here your you wish to join our family?" The mighty leader's deep voice demanded attention, but it was smooth as well. "Yes, we would, I and my family are honored..." Dragon Sun nodded, and suddenly Dragon Lily spoke. "Brother Benjiro and Sister Amaya, welcome to our family.." Dragon Lily's voice was pure silk, it made Hime's nerves ease a bit. At once the two leaders stood and stepped up to the small family of three, and greeted them as family. The rest of the tengu roared with a welcome.

After they were accepted into the family of the Black Tengu, they were built a home, by the tengu carpenters and presented with a garden, which made her father weep with tears of true joy and thankfulness. This is where they lived. In further meets between their family and the two Daitengu, they were sworn in as family of the Tengu, and signed the Doctrine of the Tengu with a drop of blood.

At the age of 6 Hime began to train in combat, as well as having to attend school everyday; she excelled in her studies, despite being a bit weaker at math. At the age of 10 she was asked by her parents if she wanted to began her trail of survival. She hesitated for several months before she said yes. During the trial all of the children that agreed were blindfolded and taken to different parts of the forest, far away from the Tengu village. Under the watchful eye of Tengu scouts they were tasked with a simple goal: Survive, and find their way back to the village.

All the training they received and the knowledge they learned was put to the test:

The scout that escorted Hime was a quite tall woman with cheerful brown eyes and a joyful smile. As the two of them reached their destination she took the blindfold off of the child. "Alright child you know the rules of this trial, you are to survive this land and find your way back home.." Hime nodded and looked around as the scout handed her a knife and a small sword in a side holster, then vanished. At once the young girl looked around and set off to find an area that wasn't so damp. As she walked along the forest looking for a drier area to set up camp, it began to get dark overtime. Daylight was slowly fading away, she had to find a way to get food and water and shelter. Along the way she found some edible bugs and even some old fruit, but they all made her cringe and some although not poisonous, made her throw up.

After a long time walking, her stomach began to growl. Off in the distance she spotted a cave and immediately made her way to it. She couldn't see the inside, but she knew it was some kind of shelter. "What about bears?..." she thought to herself squinting to see if that would help her vision; it didn't. She had learned from her father on how to build a fire and she did so now. She cut down some branches and cut grooves in them to make sure there was some friction. She then gather some of the dry crusty leaves from in the cave entrance and began to rub the dry sticks together. it took a very long time, but eventually she started a good fire.

"ROOOAARRR!" The roar of a bear frightened her as she turned around to see a large male black bear behind her. She panics, unsheathing to small sword from its holster. She slowly lowered herself to the ground and grabbed a flaming piece of wood from the fire, and waved it at the bear causing it to back up. Hime could feel her heart up in her throat and her heartbeat pulsing in her head as she watched the bear size her up. At once the bear charged; she immediately thrust the stick with the fire forward into the eyes of the bear and backed away just as the beast roared in pain and sent a heavy paw up to strike her. The bear's claws left four thin lines across her abdomen, and knocked her on her bottom. She could feel the tears stream down her eyes as the pain hit her senses. She couldn't run away, she couldn't kill a bear. As the bear attacked once more, she heard three separate voice scream out at the top of their lungs in a wild, insane fashion. Frightened, the bear immediately took off running in the opposite direction.

Hime leaned against the mouth of the cave exhausted as she yelled out to the voices. "Who's there?!" she hadn't seen anyone else in the forest since the scout had vanished. "It's Machiro, Kanamei, and Gokan! Who're you?" She answered using her shirt in strips as a makeshift bandage, and slow standing, her mother had taught her well. "It's Hime!" the group of 3 children came into view of the flames, and she could see that they were the 3 she knew. "What the hell are you doing here hime? You actually came out here to do this trial? Are you crazy?" She had forgotten that they were 2 years older than her. "I need to do this, for my family.." She slumped down against a rock tiredly, Machiro helped her ease down to the ground. "May I could look at those wounds for you, my mother is a nurse in the hospital, she taught me about field dressing before the trials.." Kanamei spoke up as she approached her. "Okay.." Gokan sat to the other side of the fire, looking toward the dancing flames. "I can't believe you were going to fight a black bear, you idiot, were immortal, not invincible!" Machiro quieted him down. "It's alright now that were here, now we can make it back home without anyone being left behind..."

The 4 of them made it through the trial together, using all that their parents had taught them and the things they learned from school. At the age of 15 there was an attack on the Tengu; the assailant was a small group of bandits who avoided the guards and went to strike at the heart of the Tengu, the two leaders...In the end Hime's parents stepped in front of the arrows that were meant to kill the two Daitengu, and their lives were ended. After the bandits were defeated and wiped out the news was relayed to Hime. Dragon Sun and Tiger Lily, took her into their home as a thanks to her mother and father giving their lives to protect them.

For the next couple of years, Hime mourned the lost of her parents greatly and Dragon Sun and Dragon Lily comforted her as much as they could, and even had a ceremony to commemorate them as the heroes who save the leaders of the Tengu. Eventually, she stopped mourning and got over the death of her parents, although every year on the anniversary of their deaths, she mourns for them. By the time Hime was 18 she had become an accomplished combatant and a champion fighter among her peers. She was trained by Dragon Sun and Dragon Lily themselves, as well as the teachers and specialist throughout the village.

With this she signed up with the Tengu Army and immediately began missions under Seba Jun, a masterful 14 fang who had been invaluable to the Tengu, and had rose to legendary status. As the years passed, Seba Jun lead Hime and the rest his squadron to many victories in the name of the Tengu, and secured the help of many allies. In just 7 years the Tengu had become an entire town. The bigger the family got, the more space they needed, so they took to dwelling in a massive forest on the coast of japan. By this time Hime had become a pillar of the Tengu, having rose to a 19 Fang.

At the age of 21 Hime decided to take two new names. She was given the name Liquidus Hime, and she took the name Dragon Blossom as a Black Tengu child. She began to use her connections to gain allies out of small town around the Great Forest in which the Tengu lived. She visited each village and each family within' the village to ensure them that the Black Tengu would come to their aid and that they would aid the Tengu, the support drove the villages to make trade agreements and thus the influence of the Black Tengu grew. As the Black Tengu grew and spread out to allied villages and even countries, they pulled the interest of those who had power...some good and some bad. Having grown in reputation among the Tengu throughout the years, Hime was assigned a body guard, despite her combat prowess and knowledge:


Tiger Lily, Dragon Sun, and Hime sat together at a table this night, enjoying tea and conversing. "I believe this tea was made from your own peach garden, Mother?" Hime's features lit up at the scent of the fresh tea. "Yes, it was. I harvested them today.." Lily chuckled, knowing that peach tea was hime's favorite. "I do agree, but we must get to the discussion at hand. Hime, we have someone for you to meet. Hime's face flattened, and she set her cup back to the table. "Someone for me to meet?..." The two of them had been pushing the need for her to get married, but she didn't feel the need to. "Yes, and you have to be polite." Father Dragon shot her way; Hime gritted her teeth and answered. "Yes, father.."
She had avoided their traps for so long and now she couldn't slip out of the room to escape or give a excuse to get away. Mother Lily's face lit up as she called to the guest. "Yuki please come in..." The wooden door slid open, revealing a breathing taking women. Her eyes were a deep haunting smalt blue, and her lips fit her face, she was gorgeous, but what drew the most attention was her creamy pale white skin, which made her seem to glow, and her neck length snow white hair She wore a elegant red kimono with white flowers adorning it. Hime wasn't one to get struck with shyness, but Yuki's beauty brought a pink tint to her face.

Lily saw the tint of hime face and her fine lips curved into a smile. "Mother, what exactly is this?..." Hime shot a whisper to lily as Yuki took a seat across from her. "Well my dear, I think your not as secretive as you believe yourself to be..." She of course was talking about Hime's "special preferences." Hime turned away to hide her blushing face. "How long have you known?..." Lily had only seen this side of her daughter a few times, and it warmed her heart to she her this way after so long. "I believe you just told me..." Hime took a deep breath and look over to greet Yuki.

"Hello yuki, my name is..." yuki spoke up softly to interrupt her "Hime...I know who you are.." Her voice was strong, yet smooth; it matched her beauty flawlessly. Lily shot a look toward Sun, and they both stood up. "We'll live you two alone so you can get to know each other..." Sun and lily left and they began to talk. "So yuki, you are one of my suitors?..." hime asked after she calmed down a moment. "Yes, I am and I am also your personal bodyguard as well..." Hime smiled and they continued to talk until early morning...

Hime and yuki grew to be inseparable, as friends and as lovers over time; they trained together, lived together and completed countless missions that helped the Tengu grow exponentially as a whole.

So begins...

Liquidus Hime's Story


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Liquidus Hime A pair of figures enter Gambit's silently; they both wore the same heavy black rain resistant cloaks and hoods that only revealed their eyes. "This is very annoying Yuki..why are we wearing these clothes?.." A whisper shot from one to the other. "Shush, you know we are at war right now. We can't let our faces be seen by anyone who would attack us.." The two of them slipped into a booth together. "This is not the fun I meant when I said I wanted to go out..." The bored one of the two shot the other a glance. "Why is it that we can't enjoy our own appearances with this much protection around us? She shot glances to the 10 bodyguards that sat hidden throughout the bar and the street. "It seems wasteful.." she closed her eyes with a small sigh. The woman's partner crossed her arms. "Like I said before we left, we wouldn't be able to have as much fun as we wished.." One of them flagged down a a barbot so that they both can order a drink.


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Liquidus Hime As the two of them sipped their drinks through long straws, the woman with the deep blue eyes glanced around the bar. There were two woman among the patrons, and they were being confront by a rather large man. The whole situation looking interesting, as the was replaced by a...teddy bear? "Hmm...that's something you don't see every day.." she glanced at yuki as she brushed pass her. "How cute is that?!" She just watched as yuki picked up the now Teddy Bear version of Maelik and hugged him. "Yuki..don't hug random matter how cute they are.." It was Yukimara's one little personality hiccup. She was fond of stuffed animals. She even had learned how to sew to make them for herself.


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Liquidus Hime Yuki was too busy muffling the poor bear with her powerful hug. Hime slipped out of the booth, walking over to Yuki and tapping her on the shoulder. "Let him go, we don't to have something as cute as a teddy bear after our heads.." she stifled a little laugh as she thought about it. Yukimara sighed and released him with an annoyed huffed.


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Liquidus Hime "Ooo free drinks.." As great and powerful as she was, Hime was a sucker for free things. She slipped up to the bar and grabbed a iced peach tea, and a green tea for Yuki. Yuki poked Maelik in the side gently as he stuck his tongue out and she took the tea from Hime and took her seat. She slipped into the booth as well, with her eyes wandering the bar as she stayed quiet. Maelik was tending to the woman who was weak as well as the woman under the table who seemed to be losing her self control.


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Liquidus Hime Yuki saw Maelik change back into his original form and he teased. "Wanna hug me now?" she chuckled flatly and muttered aloud. "I still think your cute.." with a small wink she turned back to hime. All she could do is chuckle.