Liu Modurlaus

"When life takes your arm, give it the finger as well"

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Fishbucket


Liu is an Asylian born on the Continent of Ohreinindi, making her one of the Seafaring travelers of the Sjoaivatni.

She does not know her parents, she never did. She was abandoned at a very young age, and the reason why was clear to the orphanage that took her in. She is missing her right arm, and in a part of their world where ones strength of body was deemed as important as their very soul, she was clearly found lacking.

But lo, for those that doubt her are proven wrong. Not only is Liu's soul strong and her spirit bright, but it is often stronger and brighter than that of others. She has proven this time and time again by her actions and deeds, and at the tender age of two score and eight days, she is already regarded by her kin and country as a hero. Liu the Unwavering, Liu the Lion, Liu the Dancer. A dozen titles she has earned, and all of them as meaningless to her as the missing weight on her right side.

For Liu's heart's desire is to travel and explore, to go where none have, and see what no one has. For this end, she applied and was accepted by Don Lupera, where she quickly earned the title of Mikill Ulfur, Great Wolf.

She was sent by her commanding officers to explore and learn about the other galaxies in the universe, a task she has set to with great aplomb.

This is the story of her Journey...

So begins...

Liu Modurlaus's Story

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Liu Modurlaus yawns and stretches her back, tilting her head back and forth to pop the joints therein. She holds this position for some time, her expression a soundless exclamation of some mix of pain and relief. After a minute of this she curls her back and scratches at her back with her arm, eyes heavy as she looks out the window of her skip with a smile.