Lium Case

An English gentleman possessed by a bat. Not odd at all.

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Yokai Template

Name: Pandemo Echoes
Creature: Bat Image
Trines Ranking(1st-4th): 4th
Obake: Yes, but he is limited to the human and hybrid forms.
Element: Sound
Status: No
Polarity (Yin/Yang): Yang
Name of Senkei Possessed: Lium Case
Senkei Appearance: Image
Senkei Possessed Appearance: Lium becomes more chipper, a tad lighter skinned and large pointed ears as well as miniscule wings on each shoulderblade. It also seems that when the bat takes over, his body shrinks about seven inches...
Senkei Spiritual Level: Moderate
Age: 77years old, but appears to be no more than 25
Gender: Male
Nationality: English
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Black
Height: 6" 1'
Weight: 179 lbs
Appearance: Tall dark and...handsome...ish. Lium has fairly dark skin and a face to match his mood. Dark crescents marr the space below his eyes and the man has a perpetual scowl. Only minor scars can be found on his body, the most prominent of which being a small line just below his right shoulderblade.
Picture: Image
Clothing: Nothin' fancy, a jeans and a gray long sleeved shirt. Usually some black boots and biking gloves. Pandemo likes to wear brighter clothing though.
Personality: Lium is a pretty dark, sullen man who dislikes most forms of interaction with other people. He sees these moments as small gaps, gaps that can be torn open to invite terrible situations and emotions. As such, the man always seems distant and cold. Pandemo on the other hand, is a very, very, very happy little bat. This individual loves to talk and poke fun, especially with humans. Even while fighting he will probably make conversation with the enemy. Probably the only thing these two have in common would be their love for calm walks in the rain.

History: Born in 1933, Lium had a pretty normal childhood. Middle-class family, nice folks, graduated highschool. Not really much to look at for the first 19 years of his life. Hell, he didn't even realize that half the people he passed on the street were spirits! It wasn't until entering the culinary industry did things get interesting. Lium wanted to be a cook, all fine and dandy eh? He was pretty good at it too, and would have never have guessed that it would nearly kill him. On the application test for a prestegious five-star restuaraunt, a part of the test included making a delicacy known as honey-basted opaque flying fox...beginning with killing and skinning the main ingredient, live bat. To the englishmen's ill-fortune, Pandemo had chosen this particular day to manifest himself in the human realm. And the little white bat was on Lium's chopping block.
If you haven't guessed it by now, Pandemo didn't take too kindly to assault and slaughtered every taste tester in the building. Eating bats? Not on his watch! Lium was left on the ground, damn near pissing himself staring at the bat that had emitted a killer scream. The tiny winged hare was about to unleash the same fate upon the human when something crashed through the wall. Some huge, black creature with a bone mask...it had a huge gash in the side of it's head, like something had slashed at it's neck and not quite severed the head...the rest is pretty much a blur...some crashes, a scream and a groan. When Lium awoke he saw not the white bat from before, but a small black bat at his feet. Before he could scream it spoke in a level voice.
"You are mine now."
Lium didn't know how it happened, and didn't care why. "P-please...I don't want...to die..."
"Who said anything about dying? I just want to possess you and take your body for a joyride."
"Why...why is this happening to me?" he moaned.
"...I like your face." the tiny furred creature vanished in wisps of black mist and a horrible keening filled Lium's ears.
After what seemed like an eternity it stopped, and it all became clear. All of Pandemo's memories, all of the knowledge that was held by the hollow, everything. It seemed that the bat yokai hadn't been taken in by the wounded hollow at all, but subsumed it instead. Therefore he retained a good measure of his personality, as well as the malific intelligence of the hollow.
For over 68 years Lium and Pandemo have learned about themselves, their power and the ever changing world. It seems that recently things have become much more...active, within the realms of Shinigami, Yokai and even Hollow. Lium wanted no part of it. The bat has other ideas though...

Family: Just mum and dad. Deceased.
Hobbies: Walks in the rain and reading.
Strengths: He's pretty level headed and performs exceedingly well under pressure. Good tactician too.
Weaknesses: In both individuals, they have very little value for the lives of others. This can lead to...problems.
Likes: Rain, sweets, rts games, RPing, women
Dislikes: Ugly things, slow people, bulky dudes, Sunny days
Favorite food: Cheesecake
Least favorite food: Those instant cheese potatoes...bleh.
Favorite Color: Violet
Resurrección: None. To unlock such a power would mean allowing the hollow to gain control.

Skills and abilities: Pandemo and Lium's skills come in two forms, Sounds and Frequencies. Sounds are active attacks that utilize vibrations to damage, magnify or boost. Frequencies are specialized sounds emitted from this Yokai's throat that have a certain effect on a specific target until turned off or switched. Only one Frequency can be active at a time.
Passive abilities- The norm for a creature of the spirit world. Increases natural abilities, particularly speed in his case, the ability to sense spiritual pressure, see spirit beings, etc... Another ability that is pretty much just for fun is the ability to produce, mimic and reproduce musical sounds by manipulating sound waves around his body. The more lethal side of this is the ability to manipulate the amount of vibrations in the air within 56 meters, allowing Lium to be able to eavesdrp from a great distance or severely limit the amount of precognition an enemy can gain via air/ground vibrations or sound. By extending the tiny wings using spiritual energy, flight can be attained.
Booms- A localized vibration of particles in the air that rapidly disperse on contact with a solid object, resulting in a large explosion and a loud 'boom' sound. Because the attack relies on causing vibrations, the quieter the immediate area is, the more powerful the boom. Booms can be launched from long range or placed somewhere like a mine, even in the air! They take the appearance of a faint circular distortion in the air. Instant cast time, very low energy cost.
Keening- The rapid vibration within the particles of solid objects. This can enable Pandemo to phase through solid objects for a limited amount of time. Within opponents it can disperse the particles making up their body or targetted eqipment, resulting in a small, gory explosion. All keening powers manifest as an extremely high-pitched screeching sound and the target vibrating at a visible rate. Medium cast time, high energy cost.
Bass- A slow vibration that slowly builds up sonic power within the target. Inside Pandemo's body, using a base power will slowly increase the power of other sonic attacks. Releasing the stored Bass power instead of amplifying another skill will result in a massive sound wave that will disrupt the target's balance by damaging the inner ear, damage internal organs or even shatter bones based on the amount of amassed energy. Directly charging an object with Bass energy will drastically increase the power of Boom attacks on it by adding the amount of sonic energy to the attack on impact. Bass skills manifest as a loud, low droning sound. Slow cast time, low energy cost.
P-Shifting- This passive action is the near imperceptible vibration of particles within Pandemo's body. By absorbing energy from the massive amount of internal movement, his kinetic energy increases which in turn, increases his strength and speed. The rapid movement also helps to absorb the kinetic energy of physical attacks.
Frequency: Ultra- A particular frequency that allows Pandemo to disrupt the energy particles that make up magical or energy based attacks, resulting in the spells dispersal and cancellation about a second after being cast.
Frequency: Mega- A frequency that allows the yokai to disrupt the molecular stability of inorganic matter, causing items of moderate to low to no spiritual quality to crack or shatter depending on their distance from him.

So begins...

Lium Case's Story