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"Lord-Regent" Radegast the Trainer

"Yeah well that's just, like, your opinion, man."

0 · 4,183 views · located in Unova Wilderness

a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by HolyJunkie


Image Image "Lord-Regent" Radegast Rondo "Dreads" Reginald is a plain, and very laid-back sixteen-year-old dude, who is very friendly with nature. Though he’s not a stoner, his demeanour would make one mistake otherwise. His chill attitude is only betrayed by the variety of pokemon he has gathered together in a single team. Due to a less than ideal childhood, he's learned that he doesn’t much like to fight. That being said, he would not hesitate to do so to help his friends. He does not find it fitting to be referred to as a "trainer", but in this world, avoiding labels can't be helped. He is humble to a fault, with an astonishingly low opinion on his own worth in the world, but he also does not allow that to bring him down. This low opinion on his worth, coupled with his long time in the wild, has made him very unused to interaction with humans. He greatly values the concept of freedom, and believes that everyone should have the freedom to do what they want. That being said, he is also against anyone who threatens the freedom of himself and others.

He is quick to encourage and trust in others forging their own path, developing their own strength, even if they are strangers.

Radegast is an especially strange boy. An obscenely chill person, yet his friends have, despite the boy's peaceful nature, been raised and trained to be incredibly effective combatants. (Mostly by their own efforts, rather than Radegast's.) Their collective power only pales in comparison to their collectively burning loyalty. Despite holding to no long-term goals in life, there must be something about this boy that commands the respect of vicious and lazy creatures such as RAGE and Suros.

The human stands at about 5'7", and is slightly pudgy in his mid-section. His arms and legs have a build that implies that he has done climbing, hiking, and a lot of hand-to-hand fighting throughout his journeys, despite the girth. His brown hair goes out in thick dreadlocks, and his eyes are a deep ocean blue. He has scars over most of his body. The most prominent are the claw marks across his chest, the scars on his knuckles, and an acid burn on his right shoulder. The Acid burn vaguely resembles the number 3.

Due to a makeover, his naturally brown dreadlocks are currently blonde, and tied into a traditional-style Alolan braid. His blue eyes are turned green due to contact lenses.

He has survived in the wild for six years now, and as such has keen survival skills rivalled only by those who have survived the wilderness more than he has. He is skilled with wood carving, and is very knowledgable about shelters, building his own tools, and identifying good plants from poisons. He also developed a resistance to most toxins and the like, mainly because he's often too lazy to set up any shelters for himself beyond a campfire. He does not carry many utensils, oftentimes he builds them on the fly using materials he and his friends find in the wild. The others of his team are particularly skilled in building survival equipment as well. In fact, building such things is the only real "training" Radegast ever gave them. Due to his heritage, he is able to intimidate through his "Reginald" side, where his commanding voice could influence wild strangers to at least consider his "suggestions". He prefers not to use that voice.

Once upon a time, was a member of Team Skull under the gangsta name "Dreads".

Recently nearly killed, returned to life by the King of Depths, but has since taken on the form of a Gallade. While he does look pretty typical for a Gallade, aspects of his original body have carried over, such as his dreadlocks, his build, his scars, and his blue eyes. Additionally, his arms contain a kelp-like pattern that wraps around before meeting an end at the tip of the elbow blades. He also wears the Limiter- a glassy black gauntlet- over his right hand.

Level: 64
Abilities: Steadfast, Justified. Also has Stamina, due to his long travels.
-Close Combat - As a natural fighter, he's boosted his brawling potential by improving the precision of otherwise wild attacks. However, this still cuts on his Defense and Sp.Def.
-Calm Mind - He meditates, as taught by Vorpal. This boosts his psychic output and hardiness. (Sp.Att and Sp.Def) Also used to keep control on his power.
-Swords Dance - An exercise form with a blade in hand. This hones his ability with the blade. (Att raised sharply)
-Heal Pulse - Taught by a Gardevoir in Kalos. By tapping into his own healing factor, he boosts that of his own, and shares it psychically to anyone and anything within a radius. However, he needs a few precious seconds in order to perform it, and it heals without discrimination.
-"Elemental Edge" - The principles of Psycho Cut, but he is learning to apply different types of energy into the blades. All variants are considered Physical, but they can be launched a short distance before dissipating. Current blades unlocked:
>Slash (Normal) - The Normal-type edge, no added energies.
>Psycho Cut (Psychic) - The basic Psychic blade. Focuses psychic energy into his blade and unleashes it either as a melee attack, or up to two metres away.
>Leaf Blade (Grass) - By pulling photons out in a similar fashion to Grass-type pokemon, he can convert the Psycho Cut into a Leaf Blade.

Other abilities:
-Improved metabolism: Allows him to heal from most wounds with relative ease. It's not exactly a Wolverine-style healing factor, but a dislocated shoulder would heal fully within a day if set back in properly. Thanks to his Gallade form, the healing factor is somewhat improved, especially when it comes to the usage of berries and potions.
-Mind Probe: The bread and butter of all Psychic-types, typically used to project thoughts and read minds. Projecting thoughts allows him to speak either aloud, or sending messages directly to another mind. The effectiveness of mind-reading depends on the user's mental strength against the target's mental strength.
-Leg Boost: By focusing energy into his legs, Radegast can dart forward at great speeds, and even use said bursts to take off in great leaps.
-Enhanced agility: Through training with Janine, he is particularly agile, and finally has the training required for parkour maneuvers.
-Sword & Shield training

FUSION: The Reginald Coat of Arms- due to its unique nature- can fuse with Radegast to bolster both of their combat abilities.
Current fusion output: 12%
Fusion grants +1 to Attack, and Defense. As output increases, their power increases.
The Graveller Tribe Suit grants the "Fur Coat" effect, where physical damage is halved.

X1 Cap, given to him by Uncle Tarma.
X1 Black leather jacket with purple sleeves. On the back is a design depicting a stylized Skorupi.
X1 black thermal undershirt
X2 T-shirts, one black one light grey
X2 navy blue cargo pants, slightly thicker material to take a beating while maintaining mobility.
Socks and Underwear
X1 pair of Light Steel-toed boots
X1 backpack, single sling.
X2 bandanas
X1 Leg satchel
X1 Pokemon trainer's belt, with pokeball latches.

The Limiter - A gauntlet made from a prismatic material, gifted to Radegast by Floyd the Necrozma. Allows safe fusion with Reginald the Aegislash, at the cost of raw power output. The prism adapts to the growing power of the wearer.
The Graveller Tribe Suit - A suit of padding and plates made by an old tribe of Geodude, Graveller, and Golem, when they used to have a human tribe among them. While it is very traditional, it was designed with form and function in mind. The Suit was created to allow a human to stand closer to even footing against powerful Fighting-types. It halves physical damage against him when worn.
The Galladite and Keystone - Small stones used in Mega Evolution. Currently unusable until the technique for Mega Evolution is figured out.

Basic Badge
Toxic Badge
Insect Badge
Bolt Badge
Quake Badge
Jet Badge

1,020 Pokke

X5 Potions
X4 Super Potions
X4 Full Heals
X2 Fresh Water
X2 Lemonade

X8 Pecha Berries
X2 Oran Berries
X5 Sitrus Berries
x1 Leppa Berry
x3 Cheri Berry
x3 Chesto Berry
x3 Rawst Berry
x5 Persim Berry

X1 Escape Rope

5 Modified Pokeballs
1 Modified Premiere Ball

HM Cut
HM Surf
TM Toxic
TM Earthquake
TM Dig
TM Rock Slide
TM Aerial Ace
TM Venoshock - Given by Roxie
TM Struggle Bug - Given by Burgh
TM Volt Switch - Given by Elesa
TM Bulldoze - Given by Clay
TM Acrobatics - Given by Skyla

Amulet Coin
Smoke Ball
Swiss Army Knife - Any traveller needs one.
Phone with Camera - Unlocked, waterproof, hardy and tough. No SIM card.
First-aid kit - Rudimentary, currently holds a half-empty bottle of painkillers. Empty containers have been restocked with medicinal herbs. Fortunately, Operative's silk makes a fine field dressing.
Assorted toiletries - Duh
Go-Goggles - Graded for water and sandstorms. Got them after meeting Crystal.
Meditation Balls - Two small steel balls used to exercise fingers. Helps him build focus and train his Psychic potential.
Harmonica frame
Folding Guitar from Roxie

Galladite - Required for Mega-Evolution. Permanently set in the back of the Limiter.
Keystone- Also required for Mega Evolution. Set in a bracelet on Radegast's left arm.

Folding Bike - purple
Notebook - Taken from the Man in the Weird Suit
Mysterious Disk 1 - Taken from Leopold, the Man in the Weird Suit, of Reservoir Group
Mysterious Disk 2 - Labeled "PROJECT SIREN", stolen from the hijacked Team Trebuchet's stealth airplane.

THE TEAM: (with the exception of Chrome, who's at level 1, every member has level 5 affection.)

Elder the Gengar (ghost-poison) LEVEL 46
The only one who has any self-awareness and a sense of humour. Also the wisest of the bunch, hence the name. He always has an eye for spotting weakness and determining exploits or improvements upon those weaknesses. Very willing to fight dirty for the survival of his team. He also prefers to stay out of his pokeball so he can study opponents to determine weaknesses. With that self-awareness, as he evolves, Elder becomes more and more sinister and prone to jokes and pranks.
In his previous life, he was a Toxicroak scholar, who was exiled for taking interest in dangerous ideas.
He has a scar over his right eye from the Houndour and Houndoom pack. Now long-faded with only the most subtle of evidence remaining.
Met Radegast in a forest, where they escaped a pack of Houndour and Houndoom together. Evolved to Haunter after an encounter on the PTA Island. Evolved to Gengar to save Radegast from a drop down a cliff.
Reason for Loyalty: They're two peas in a pod.
Abilities: Levitate and Shadow Tag, Also can vanish into any shadow, and go into a mist form like all ghosts.
Current Moveset:
-Toxic: Manifests as a putrid dark cloud. Combination with Poison Gas grants range and area of effect.-
-Lick: Using a particular poisonous saliva indigenous to the Ghastly family, it inflicts a powerful paralysis.
-Confuse Ray: Manifests as a quick flash of blinding light. A split-second of blindness, followed by hallucinogenic vision for the victim- thus inflicting confusion.
-Dark Pulse: A pulse of Dark Energy. Slower, but much more powerful.
-Venoshock: A deadly jab that dispenses deadlier punch when the target is already poisoned.
-Hypnosis: Utilizing the hallucinogenic nature of his Confuse Ray, instead flashes a series of colours that puts the target to sleep.
Hold Item:

Crystal the Dewgong (water-ice) LEVEL 46
She’s a professional, very no-nonsense, but also very normal. She doesn’t call too much attention to herself, but her water and ice abilities make her practically the most powerful on the team, not including Suros. She sees RAGE as a rival for raw power. Evolved to Dewgong in the Castelia Sewers to have the power to freeze an ocean breach.
Saved by Radegast during a storm off a tropical island.
Her eyes darken to pits when ready to fight. Is otherwise normal for a wild Dewgong.
Reason for Loyalty: Radegast has lived up to his promise.
Abilities: Thick Fat and Ice Body. She can also levitate.
Current Moveset:
-Ice Beam: A beam of "anti-thermal energy", that rapidly absorbs all heat within the target, potentially freezing them solid. The science of it is beyond me.
-Icy Wind: Manifests as a bone-chilling wind. If heavily focused, it can form solid ice. She uses this to build walls or platforms if the group needs such things.
-Headbutt: A headbutt... Though the pain delivered is amplified by her horn.
-Aqua Jet: Manifests as a laser of water, only instead of piercing power, it holds great punching power. Inflicts intense knockback against victims.
-Rest: Falls asleep, boosting her regenerative abilities on an immeasurable scale.
Hold Item:

Suros the Talonflame (fire-flying) LEVEL 63
A very lazy bird. So lazy that she often prefers not to fly. This laziness clashes with her otherwise undying loyalty to her trainer. Her loyalty is more out of her similarities to Radegast. When she does kick the lazy habit, she's absolutely terrifying.
Met Radegast on a random path, where they became friends in almost an instant. Evolved into a Fletchinder more out of necessity, when she knew she needed speed in order to handle a huge mob of Psychic Rebellion mooks. Evolved to a Talonflame when she became sick and tired of the Psychic Rebellion refusing to "Live and Let Live". Now she's keen on destroying all of them if she gets the chance. Her fury has been unleashed, and the laziness has taken a back seat.
Her plumage is in perfect shape, for no one has ever managed to scar her.
Once had two brothers, Omolon and Hakkë. Both were murdered by Demonbreath.
Long ago, she slew a Dragonite known as Demonbreath. This has made her name, "Demonslayer" a legend among wild Pokemon. She prefers to avoid revealing that she is the Demonslayer, however. She would rather hang out with Radegast and the others.
Defeated RAGE effortlessly once upon a time.
Reason for Loyalty: It's more like a one-sided love on top of a mutual friendship.
Abilities: Flame Body and Gale Wings. Roosting comes naturally due to her laziness, making "healing during downtime" a rather unique ability.
Current Moveset:
-Peck: A savage jab, stab, slash, or any kind of attack using her hardened beak.
-Growl: An uncharacteristically savage rumble that renders would-be-attackers very unnerved.
-Roost: She might as well always do this, meaning she's always in tip-top condition when she ever does decide to join the fray.
-Sand Attack: Using a combination of her talons and wings, sends any dirt or sand flying in the face of her opponents within a cone.
-Flamethrower: Her flames are back in business, woe to the poor soul who is struck by a blast of this fire.
-Aerial Ace: A savage and deadly accurate flying slash with her talons or beak.
Hold Item:

RAGE the Primeape (fighting) LEVEL 46
He carries the rage of a thousand ancient evils. His rage is unparalleled even by Mankey standards, and is an incredibly powerful opponent. An immensely large ham, who is oblivious to most every concept except for fighting.
Met Radegast out on a random trail, where Rage had been exiled by his clan for being too violent and strong. He lost to Suros, and considers it his biggest shame next to losing out on the last rice ball to the Operative. Evolved to Primeape during a fight in the first Unova Gym.
His eyes are sunken like the pits of hell, but the irises blaze with infinite fire.
Reason for Loyalty: He sees Radegast for who he is, and greatly respects the ideals the human holds to.
Abilities: Anger Point and Defiant, also Sturdy due to his infinite fury. Attacking him only makes him more angry and stronger.
Current Moveset:
-Cross Chop: MY BARE HAND HOLDS AN IMMEASURABLE POWER!!!!!! (any standard strike with his fists counts as this)
-Low Kick: THE BIGGER THEY ARE, THE HARDER THEY FALL! GET ON MY LEVEL!!!! (any standard strike with his legs counts as this)
Hold Item:

“Operative Galvantula” (electric-bug) LEVEL 46
A true professional, a black-ops soldier to the core… At least, she fancies herself as one. Her demeanour is heavily inspired by a Pokemon Mystery TV show she used to watch while hiding in a human facility, called "Tracy the Tracker". Very pretentious, and willing to cut corners, but would pull her weight in the moment of truth. She gets along very well with Elder, as they are both very technique and tactics-focused.
Met Radegast in the lower levels of a dam, where they took on a mad Ursaring together. Evolved into Galvantula thanks to a super-charging during an encounter with a Raikou.
No unique markings or mannerisms, very much an ordinary Galvantula.
Reason for Loyalty: Great respect as a compassionate warrior.
Abilities: Compound Eyes, Unnerve and Swarm. Her legs allow her incredible jumping and climbing capabilities, and translates to a natural +1 to evasion.
Current Moveset:
-Electroweb: Manifests as an electrically charged string shot. Inflicts paralysis on those caught in the webbing. When the charge is spent, it becomes ordinary String Shot.
-String Shot: Manifests as uncharged silk produced by the Joltik's natural bodily function.
-Bug Bite: A fierce, piercing bite.
-Thunder Wave: It's a Thunder Wave... I mean, come on...
-Struggle Bug: It's Struggle Bug.
-Cut: A savage slash with a mandible or claw. Able to slice through trees with a single swipe.
Hold Item:

Chrome the Metagross (psychic-steel) LEVEL 42
A selfish creature with care only for it's own survival. Quite intelligent, and a quick thinker in a combat scenario, but narrow-minded in it's preference to stay away from humans. It is aware of it's covetable "shiny shell", and has been chased by many a trainer for the prized shiny quality. It finds difficulty in trusting others, but currently sees that a laid-back human would make a perfect cover to keep the other trainers away. Unfortunately, it sees Radegast only as a means to an end. Met Radegast on the trail to Virbank. Evolved during the Gym Challenge at Nimbasa, where it faced against Leader Elesa.
Is shiny, with a silver shell and golden claws.
Reason for Loyalty: Self-serving. Hanging with a human keeps other humans away. However, Chrome sees that Radegast is not like other humans.
Abilities: Clear Body and Light Metal. It is capable of speaking the human language through magnetic telepathy.
Current Moveset:
-Headbutt: It hovers using consistent psychic/magnetic energy that it controls like second-nature. This second-nature can be interrupted if it is startled.
-Metal Claw: Obviously, a metallic claw.
-Take-Down: Very similar to Headbutt, only this also has a different goal. The knockback does not affect the solid structure of the Beldum as much as most other pokemon that use Take-Down.
-Zen Headbutt: A psychic-charged headbutt, and it's most powerful attack at the moment.
-Rock Slide: Using psychic energy, throws rocks
-Earthquake: ... What the heck do you think it is?
Hold Item:

Roxie the Gym Leader
The Pokken Club
Crimson and other Wildlings of the Crimson Guild
Touko the Champion
Lukas the reigning Alolan Champion - currently captured by Regicide Crew.
Hau the Challenger
Team Reskull
The King of the Depths - As well as the other leaders of the Seven Clans of the Ocean Floor. Although they have since disowned Radegast's friendship due to his unexpected, abominable form.
The Golem Tribe - Learned about their culture, partook in an ancient tradition, where he proved a worthy friend.
Absolute the Articuno - And the Ice-type pokemon of Crystal's home island.
The Treehouse - AKA The Lord-Regent's Villa. Home of a group of Pokemon who run the place in the Lord-Regent's absence.
Reginald the Aegislash - Despite the Coat of Arms' robotic, monotone demeanour, as well as the complicated rift between the family, "Reggie" values the safety of all who bear the Reginald name above even it's own. It would slaughter those who dare threaten the lives of the Reginalds, whether without, or even against the command of the standing Patriarch. It is less a Pokemon, and more a Stand. Having been around since the beginning of the family line, it is obscenely powerful, incredibly experienced, and is dangerous even to Legendaries. Is now currently protecting Radegast.
The Mad Ursaring - Tormented into madness by the Man in the Weird Suit. Successfully rehabilitated and returned to the wilds of Johto.

The Reservoir Group - A band of mercenary trainers, doing jobs for a paycheck. Usually criminal activity. Once led by Leopold, the Man in the Weird Suit- who was defeated at the Lake of Rage and left in the hands of the Mad Ursaring. Leopold's fate is currently unknown.
Team Trebuchet - Currently in disarray, with many members arrested by the Police. The big names, however, have managed to escape, and currently plan to regain momentum, funding, and their members.
The Regicide Crew - A section of Team Aqua dedicated to deep-sea research/conquest, has had many a run-in with the Seven Clans of the Ocean Floor, as well as Absolute the Articuno. Currently has captured a Necrozma, as well as Demonbreath.
Steelfist - Rage's rival, and ex-chieftain, crippled by Suros, but still lives. Holds a seething hatred for Radegast, Suros, and especially Rage.
Weyloran - Sister of Felwinter, blames Suros for the death of Felwinter.
Bretomart - The Bellows, The Demonbreath- a powerful Dragonite who once terrorized a region. Slain by Suros, but resurrected and now enslaved by the Regicide Crew
The Reginald Family - His family are "enemies" due to a clash of ideologies. Only Tarma seems to understand Radegast's motives, even if leaving has caused nothing but trouble.
School bullies - Many of them hold a grudge into their adolescence. Who knows where they may emerge.
Marcus Reginald's Palkia - Don't ask.
The Psychic Rebellion - Though Radegast doesn't even know what that is.

??? - Suros slays a powerful Dragonite known as The Bellows, or "Demonbreath".
Year 1, Day 1 - Escaped Reginald household, met Elder, outwitted and escaped a Houndoom pack
Year 1, Month 1 - Saved the life of the King of Depths, Named "Lord-Regent" and "Friend to All Skrelp"
Year 1, Month 8 - Saved the life of the King of Depths, made an enemy of the Regicide Crew
Year 1, Month 9 - Met Suros on the path. Nothing unusual happened.
Year 1, Month 12 - Met Rage on another path. Everything unusual happened.
Year 2, Month 11 - Faced Steelfist's tribe. Steelfist crippled.
Year 2, Month 12 - Met Golem Tribe, faced trial of combat of the Ancient Human Armour currently held by the Golem Tribe, Rage's loyalty cemented.
Year 3, Month 1 - Met Crystal after a shipwreck. Stranded on an island
Year 3, Month 2 - Meets Absolute, strikes up the Surf deal. Escaped Island, arrived in Hoenn
Year 3, Month 5 - Decimated unknown Hoenn criminal organization, sabotaged Project Siren and saved nameless Meloetta.
Year 3, Month 6 - Acquired Bike Coupon in an event known as The Doc Holiday Story, where he vanished to Alola alongside a Porygon.
Year 3, Month 8 - Joined Team Skull
Year 4, Month 9 - Broke up with Team Skull
Year 5, Month 3 - Decimated unknown criminal organization at the Dam, met Operative. Man in the Weird Suit crippled, Mad Ursaring faces rehab.
Year 5, Month ??? - The Heist of Reginald Estate
Year 5, Month 11 & 12 - First contact with Psychic Rebellion. Gym Challenge begins. Multiple friends evolve. Met Chrome. Family discovers his whereabouts.
Year 6, Month 1 - Sixteenth Birthday, Gym Challenge #4. Chrome evolves to Metang. Elder evolves to Gengar. Gym Challenge #5. Second contact with Psychic Rebellion. Acquires HM Surf after three years almost to the day. Acquires Reginald Coat of Arms from Tarma. Gym Challenge #6, kept promise to Absolute, Crystal's loyalty cemented.
Year 6, Month 2 - Vanished once more to Alola, meets the Treehouse caretakers, and Alolan Champion. Meets OG Lee and reconnects with Team Reskull. Encounter with anti-Skull extremists, and assists Lukas in investigating a mysterious heist. Falls in battle after an unexpected battle with the Regicide Crew, and is reincarnated with the sacrifice of the King of Depths. Now currently is reincarnated as a Gallade.
Year 6, Month 3 - Trained with Reggie and Janine in Fuchsia City.
Year 6, Month 4 - On a quest to discover Elder's previous life. Discovered a memorial in Hoenn. Learned from Reggie about the fall of the Reginald Estate. Meets the Rehabilitated "Mad Ursaring." Sabotaged a Reservoir Group poaching operation at the Lake of Rage, including a final confrontation against Leopold, the "Man in the Weird Suit". Visited the ruins of the Reginald Estate, narrowly avoided first contact with Lucy Reginald while they were investigating what she was up to. First visit to Crimson Guild HQ.
Year 6, Month 5 - Continued training at Crimson HQ. His friends assist him and the guild by taking Rescue Team jobs, as "Team Strangers." Radegast is getting more and more dedicated to accumulating combat experience and power. Receives Galladite after a less-than-perfect job to rescue Glade, a Kirilia.
Year 6, Month 6 - Radegast and Suros head to the Tower in Shalour City to learn how to use Galladite- narrowly escapes a chance meeting with Lucy Reginald. By pure luck, Radegast and Suros manage to force Lucy to retreat. However, the Master was injured, and could not teach Radegast the secrets of Mega Evolution. However, one of the Master's Lucario pointed him in the right direction: Terminus Cave. Once there, he meets Titania- who is also in the search for key stone. After obtaining the keystone, has now been sent back to Unove in order to help with a situation involving a Shadow Diancie.

So begins...

"Lord-Regent" Radegast the Trainer's Story

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The solid wooden thuds of shoes on a boarding bridge echoed through the boarding chamber as the relatively small boat emptied of individuals who were coming to visit Oak Town. Among the milling crowds was Lord-Regent Radegast. With hands stuffed into the pockets of his dull blue hoodie, he glanced around the new surroundings as he walked out of the enclosed ramp onto the simplistic port-town named so obviously, “Oak Town”.

Radegast remained standing several metres outside of the exit, leaving plenty of room for the other passengers to spread out in different directions. Some headed directly south-west, while others flowed into the town streets. One would be hard-pressed to make it through this town without lightening one’s wallet. Countless trainer-focused shops competed up and down the streets in between the short and wide apartments, bungalows, and restaurants of varying class. The tallest buildings immediately noticeable to the trainer in the cap was a flashy hotel, and a police station.

As the last passenger vanished around the corner to another street, one of the pokeballs clipped to Radegast’s belt popped open on it’s own accord. From the flash of red energy erupted a semi-transparent, spiky form. The Haunter- Radegast’s oldest friend- mimed stretching it’s invisible arms by locking it’s clawed fingers together and reaching upward. The Haunter grumbled.

“Boats are alright, dude,” Radegast replied, despite the Haunter never saying anything, “It’s just a rule to keep pokemon in the pokeballs unless you’re on the deck.”

The Haunter rolled it’s sharp eyes before they started focusing on the new sights it had missed.

“Yo Elder,” Radegast said as his Haunter floated effortlessly forward to get a better view at everything, “For your information, we were on the deck for the entire trip. You were in the ball for like, two minutes- tops.” The Haunter huffed. Radegast smiled and shook his head. “Welp, stay close Elder.”

The Haunter, Elder, complied. It kept relatively close, though it did branch off for a bit of distance to get a closer look at something. Elder viewed things with a very critical look, determining patterns, weaknesses, spaces where improvement can be made. Every time Elder discovered something, he floated up to Radegast’s side and tugged on his cargo pants.

As Radegast walked the streets, he felt many tugs from his Haunter. Apparently everything about the city seemed to strike Elder as some kind of weakness.

“Yes, Elder, I know the place is vulnerable to tropical storms,” Radegast teased as he bent lower to give Elder a noogie, “I bet they have some kind of service to keep the weather from getting really bad in this area.”

Elder laughed playfully, even though the disembodied hands swatted inaccurately at Radegast’s own. “Come on,” Radegast continued, “Let’s get a bite for the team. A’ight?”

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“Hey man, I’ll take some of those buns, dude,” Radegast said. He was standing outside one of the many street-side eat-and-go places, where the outer wall was the counter. He picked out several of the common Poke-world credits that were accepted everywhere. Elder still grimaced at the things only he seemed to see. Radegast’s friendly, laid-back smile seemed to juxtapose harshly with the Haunter’s very noticeable expression. “A box of six of ‘em, dude. Thanks!”

The order was delivered. One bun for Radegast, and one for each pokemon he kept with him. The trainer figured he would need to find a nice open area to let all of his pokemon out. He found such a place on the outskirts of the city after a surprisingly short walk. Elder was surprised at how tiny the island really was, probably the first time he didn’t look so judgmental.

Radegast stood, and Elder hovered, in a wide, lightly tamped dirt road leading from the city to a series of distant buildings. Lining the edges of the road were sturdy, yet visibly aged benches. It was clear that vehicles were rarely used on such a small island.

Noting that this was the perfect place for settling down for an hour to have a meal, Radegast lifted the hem of his hoodie, and tapped the buttons in the centre of four more pokeballs. Since Elder was already out, Radegast didn’t press that particular button. From the four pokeballs sprang the remainder of Radegast’s team. All of them looked visibly shaken from slumber. When their respective eyes locked onto the pleasant-smelling box the trainer held, the fatigue vanished from their faces.

“Easy, guys,” Radegast laughed as the pokemon bunched around him. “Let’s sit ourselves down off-road, a’ight?”

They complied, and allowed their trainer to take a seat on a particularly dried-out bench. Said bench had been out in the sun a lot longer than the builders intended, and the wood seemed to branch out in soft feathers of splinters. Once seated, Radegast began pulling buns from the box and handed them out.

Suros was among the first to claim a share. The Fletchling never passed an opportunity to eat. She brought her share onto the bench next to Radegast, and pecked at it hungrily while keeping especially close to her trainer.

The “Operative” claimed her share swiftly and efficiently. She climbed up the bench and balanced herself with her “quarry” at the top of the back. Her eyes always darted around, keeping an eye out for potential threats. "All clear on this end, Sir!" she would announce after several bites, though Radegast obviously didn't speak Pokemon. It would, after all, sound extremely weird to say "Radegast" repeatedly.

Elder had to get between RAGE and Crystal when they glared at each other over who should get the next portion between them. Radegast himself had to tell them, with a laugh, “Hey, chill. There’s enough for everyone, guys.” Regardless, between the two, it was RAGE who received a bun before Crystal.

RAGE’s pure-white eyes sparkled as his fur flared out in excitement. Food was the only thing he ever put any amount of interest in, for it contributed to his continued existence as the ancient demigod that he was.

Crystal eventually shrugged off RAGE’s disrespect, and received her own bun. She seemed to really enjoy this bun, though Radegast never actually checked what the ingredients were. At the very least, he knew they were safe for Pokemon to eat.

Elder, being the patient one, was the last to receive a bun. Much like the “Operative”, Elder hovered toward higher ground to keep a look out. The Haunter was visibly more relaxed about the status of the grassy fields that flanked the road on both sides. Elder did display a flicker of nervousness when he spotted the volcano, however.

Radegast leaned back in his chair and ate. It was a very relaxing day. Little did he know that a kidnapping took place somewhere on that same tiny island when he arrived. When Elder tugged at his cap, Radegast glanced up at the volcano. “Yo, cool! Maybe we can get Suros to learn some fire stuff,”

Elder’s mouth flattened seriously, though his eyes rolled in a goofy fashion. Suros playfully pecked at Radegast’s cargo trousers, though the trainer knew Suros would absolutely loathe doing something as stupid as visit a volcano- even if it was right up the fire-type’s alley.

RAGE wolfed down the bun within seconds, and bellowed a cry to the heavens. To other pokemon, he would have shouted “I HAVE BESTED LOCAL CUISINE! SEND YOUR NEXT CHAMPION, SO I MAY DESTROY IT UTTERLY LIKE COUNTLESS BEFORE!” He pounded his chest savagely as his white eyes flared in primal fury, before breaking out into an over-the-top march around the road. Each stamp of his feet left a cracked indent in the dry dirt road.

Crystal, being the straight-faced, actually normal one, rolled her eyes and returned to normally eating her meal like a normal pokemon.

Radegast, despite the performance brought on by his pokemon, remained perfectly relaxed. After his first bite, the trainer produced a harmonica from his hoodie. In between bites, he played some notes in a seemingly random melody.

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Suros nestled comfortably close onto Radegast’s lap as the rest of the group went off in their own directions. They remained within a radius of Radegast, a radius that the Operative was quick to mark a perimeter with an alarm-triggering series of webs. The Elder hummed in amusement as it wondered how long the Operative would take before she realised that the perimeter was completely useless against intruders that flew, or hovered, or had large strides, and would only be effective against creatures that couldn’t jump two inches, or were completely blind to the shiny, sparking, silky threads that marked the perimeter.

Suros stirred as Radegast moved one leg an inch, With a few annoyed pecks, Suros awoke. The trainer offered a finger for the Fletchling to grab onto, which she did. Suros was deposited on Radegast’s shoulder, which resulted in some playful nips at Radegast’s ear. Suros then dropped back to it’s nap on Radegast’s shoulder.

The trainer continued to play the harmonica as he stepped off, heading south along the curving path towards the distant buildings. RAGE’s wild, triumphant march cut impressively short, signifying the insane creature’s astonishing loyalty.


Radegast chuckled in amusement. “All right, I’ll call when I start moving next time, buddy.”


The Operative clicked in annoyance as Radegast “accidentally” tripped the alarm web. “Comander, Sir! We are in unknown territory!” she barked like a drill sergeant, “Recommend we scout ahead and research this island thoroughly!”

“The island is fine,” Elder lied, “Well, okay, it’s a very poor place to establish a human settlement, but it is hardly that dangerous… okay, forget it, this island is one bad idea after ano-”

“I’m sure the residents have made plans in case that volcano erupts, at least,” Crystal interrupted, “The town’s been around for long enough for people to learn the weather patterns and potential for disaster.”

“You sound like the Boss there,” Elder grinned, “Heh heh. Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. Boss needs a human companion, you know.”

Crystal seemed unusually offended by this statement, but she simply glared and huffed.

Radegast continued on the harmonica. He played with skill, but his laid-back gait made it seem like he made it look easy. Of course he didn’t understand the gist of the conversation; he don’t speak Pokemon. He knew at least that the team was building chemistry, and that’s what mattered to him.

The bickering and chatting continued until the Operative screeched. She had taken point, scanning the road in front of the group over the next twenty feet. Everyone paused when the Joltik returned.

“Long, thin tracks. A human vehicle,” Operative reported, “Lightweight vehicle, but held a heavy load, or two lighter loads at once.”

“Hey, what’s up, Jol?” Radegast’s nickname never stuck for the Operative, nor did it stick with the rest of the team. They never badgered on Radegast about it, however.

“Sir! You need to learn how to speak our language!” Operative Joltik commented.

“Humans can’t learn the language,” Crystal laughed, “Just show him, that’s what we do.”

Operative seemed taken aback by that fact. “Very well, follow me, Sir!”

Radegast and the others were led to a set of bike tracks leading off-road and into some distant forests. “Yo, I wonder what’s happenin’ there.”

“SIR!” Operative squeaked, “I will scout ahead to make sure it’s-“

“Settle down, Jol,” Radegast couldn’t bark even if he wanted to. However, the Operative stiffened and bowed her head as if Radegast snapped an especially venomous reprimand. Even everyone else seemed to shudder as if some awoken beast had suddenly reared it’s ugly head from within the unassuming trainer. Suros even perked up from her nap and stood at-attention.

As far as any outside witness was concerned, Radegast seemed impossibly mellow and laid-back. His pelvis hung forward, his back arched slightly as he balanced himself out from the backward lean. He looked anything but angry or annoyed, and even had a face that perfectly encapsulated the meaning of “chillax”. His hands even remained stuffed into the pockets of his hoodie.

“We don’t split up, buddy. That’s our code,” Radegast continued, “Hey, don’t worry dude, you’re the newest buddy. It took Crystal a while to fit in, didn’t ya?”

Radegast bent downward to scratch behind the Seel’s ears, which were taken with a very positive reaction. “Heck, even Rage-“


“What he said,” Radegast had no idea what RAGE said. “He took even longer than Crystal. You’re so humble!” It was RAGE’s turn to be scratched behind the ear.


“Anyway,” Radegast stood up after a few seconds, “We go together, dude. Through thick and thin.”

“Yes, sir!” Operative hopped and nodded.

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Radegast recalled every pokemon save for Elder. The two of them were about to begin the trek down the bike-trodden fields when he saw three bikes leave the forest, heading straight to the distant buildings.

“Huh,” Radegast tilted his head a little to seemingly get a better look at the small group. “Looks like they know what’s goin’ on.”

Radegast dug his hands deeper into the pockets of his hoodie as the wind picked up slightly. He and Elder continued down the path towards the Academy proper. By the time they reached the gate, the trainer picked up the shouts of a girl. Something about… a god of death?

“Nah,” Radegast smirked at Elder, “I doubt she’s met RAGE.”

The Haunter had enough self-awareness to know that no one could possibly be talking about RAGE. Being the wisest of the bunch, Elder was genuinely wondering what exactly would constitute as a “God of Death”. Was it a certain kind of pokemon? Elder had visited ruins alongside Radegast, but nothing seemed to mention a deity focused on destruction in general. "A Pokemon, I'll bet... But here? I would enjoy examining such a creature," Elder muttered.

Unaware of what Elder had said, Radegast rounded the corner of a dormitory in search for an office of some sort. He was looking for someplace for visitors to register their presence, or at least the source of the shouting voice. After rounding a couple of corners, Radegast found himself standing on the side edge of an enormous, plain duelling field. Much like a soccer field, it was a rectangle split in two, with a large silver pokeball decal in the centre, and two smaller circles along each width side. The gray lines coupled with the white tiled ground gave the arena a sterile look. Elder hovered low over the decal in the centre and prodded it with a clawed finger. He seemed satisfied with the durability of the arena, which mattered to him more than the grossly plain aesthetic.

Still no signs of the conversing trainers, however. Did Radegast miss them? “Hello?” Radegast called. He wobbled forward and backward casually with his hands still in his pockets. “Yo, anyone around?”

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Crimson breathed a sigh of relief when they said they were heading back. Fights always excited him, but only when he was fighting animosity, not creating it.

The brunette didn't seem very accepting about the boy's Legendary, but he didn't mind. Looking in hindsight, it may have been worth it just to see how far he would get to beating the flying dragon type, but he also felt a sense of foreboding...he would get his chance.

He waved a hearty goodbye towards Cinder mostly, but a little bit towards Seraphine as well. They had their hearts in the right place. They would do fine at their academy.

And just like that, the tension faded as the three left, leaving most of TeaM PerSisTenCe with hunched shoulders and drooped arms...well those that had arms to droop.

"Alright...that's enough excitement for one day," Sarik started walking towards the beds, "I'm going to nap now!"

"Hold on," Crimson stopped him, "We still need to find out why Domingo acted the way he did."

With a groan, Sarik redirected his walking path from the bed to the tied up Samurott. "Go take a break, he said," Sarik muttered under his breath, "I got this, he said."

And while Crimson felt bad for going against what he'd asked Sarik to do earlier, he needed him. There were just some things that Sarik was better at than Crimson.

"I'll be scout!" Tag called and bolted out the east entrance to make his way up the mountain.

"Okay, Pert, Meryl, come here," he motioned towards the two who were talking in the corner. They bounded towards him.

"Yeah?" Pert said.

"I'll need you guys as standby. If anything goes wrong and Samurott starts attacking us, zap him with something. Your attacks are stronger against him."

"We know that!" Meryl waved her hand at him.

"Don't worry, we got this," Pert added.

"Alright, just be careful," Crimson cautioned, "This could get dicey."

When Crimson, Pert, and Meryl walked over, Sarik was already studying Domingo, looking for oddities. Dobro was leaning against the wall, seemingly upset. It was difficult to see such a fighter taken to this level of despair.

"What's up, Dobro?" Crimson had to ask.

"I'm just worried," Dobro waved them off, "That's all."

Crimson nodded and moved on. He had every right to be. It was like a role reversal for him. When Domingo was just an Oshawott and Dobro was just a Pancham, they were the best of friends. That was before the Psychic Rebellion. When the Psychic types started to see themselves as superior to the other Pokemon, they started doing terrible of those things that the Psychic Rebellion did that was personal to Domingo was kidnapping Dobro. It was the thing that spurred Domingo to become an Isle Defender as well as one of the best Isle Defenders. It was one of those things Crimson noticed in Domingo when Crimson joined the guild later...the overpowering sense of determination in the Samurott. It was his insignia and his very style of life.

A few months before the final battle between the Psychic Rebellion and the Isle Defenders, Domingo found Dobro in one of their work camps. Dobro was completely brainwashed by the Psychic Rebellion, much like how Domingo was now. It took a lot of effort, but Dobro eventually came to remember Domingo after Domingo relayed the memories they shared together when they were kids. It came with a price, however. He ended up losing his other partner, Genus the Bearctic, to the Psychic rebellion.

Yeah, that day was a rough one for a lot of reasons, especially for Crimson who was put out of commission for a while on that day. But finding Dobro had been one of the bright spots.

Now, it was clear that Dobro had tried to get in touch with Domingo through the same method, but it didn't work. Crimson felt sorry for him. The two brutes were inseparable now. Watching their teamwork as they did their job was something to marvel at. Not to mention the fact that their two could almost completely measure up to his five member was something powerful.

Crimson promised that he would bring them back to that no matter what.

"Sarik, got anything?" he wondered, looking over the Squirtle's shoulder.

"Well...he looks completely fine except for these black rings around his eyes." Sarik commented, turning around to face Crimson, "He very well may be under influence of a Dark-Type."

"A Dark-Type?" Crimson repeated, "What Dark-Types have the ability to control other Pokemon?"

"None that I know of," Sarik admitted, "It could be Tech doing this?"

"Could it?" Crimson questioned, "Dr. Eckels isn't here. He may know how to do that, but he wouldn't try to create such a thing for fear of it falling into the wrong hands. Besides, how could anyone else with his Tech even get here? It was us, Team Justice, and Team RedEye that went through that portal."

Sarik shrugged, "We haven't run into Team RedEye so far. Shot in the dark, maybe it's them?"

"No," Crimson refuted, "They have their own agenda. They were only bad when Zane led them."

"Maybe Zane is with them?"

"How could Zane have sneaked through the portal?"

"I don't know. He's crafty. We both know that."

Crimson thought over this for a few moments, then sighed, "It's possible. We'll look for Team RedEye when we get a chance. In the meantime, any way to reverse it?"

"Potentially with a Dark-Type move. Know any of those?" Sarik couldn't help but smirk.

"Yeah, I think I got a few," Crimson grinned, "Stand back."

As the others backed away Crimson thought about whether he should do this. The Dark-Type had been more functionally useful to him than any of the other types he could change into, but there was a risk accompanied with it. There was a part of him there...a sinister part of him who loved to take control. He had yet to figure it out, but he knew he'd let it take over once and almost let it happen again while he was sleeping. It had been dormant since attempt two, but Crimson was always wary of it.

So long as he didn't tap too far into his Dark-Type powers, he should be fine he decided. But he still didn't know where that line was.

He closed his eyes and pulled the dark essence of himself outward. Immediately, the base shone with light he gave off as he transformed. When the light cleared, Crimson looked different. His fur was black and sleek. His belly and eyes were charcoal grey. He even had a tail now, replacing the ball of fire that had been there before it.

Crimson was now a Dark-Type.

He looked over to Sarik. "If my eyes go red, you'll have to give me the same treatment as Domingo. Be ready for that." When Crimson's eyes turned bright red, that was the telltale sign the dark being inside him was taking over. For now, they stayed grey. But he wanted to be prepared. Sarik nodded, stepping over to where the vines on the wall were.

At this rate, we're going to lose all the decorations...

Crimon looked at Samurott for the first time. To his surprise, the Mind-Control thing was much more noticeable when he was a Dark-Type. Not only were there black rings around Domingo's eyes, but a cloud of black smoke rising from his head. He could even hear whispers.

"You did the right thing,"

"It was the stupid monkey that foiled your plans,"

"End him the next chance you get,"

Yeah, sorry buddy. Not lettin' ya lose any time soon...

Crimson carefully examined the tied up Samurott, taking a couple circles, trying to figure out the solution.

Could he simply pull the cloud off of him?

It was worth a shot. Concentrating hard, Crimson held out his arms and tried extracting the clouds out of Domingo's mind. The clouds, oddly enough, came to his hand easily, hovering over his palms. Samurott started shaking his head as things started coming back to him.

Well, that was easy. But what do I do with this?

He figured if he let it go, it would fly off and control someone else. It may even control him. That wouldn't be good. He'd have to find a way to abolish the cloud.

Suddenly, he got an idea.

"Pert, bring my Power Bat!" he called to the Plusle who immediately set out for it and found it leaning against one of the walls. He tossed it to him and Crimson caught it with one hand, keeping the cloud settled with the other.

"Now, let's try this..." Crimson muttered, holding the Power Bat over the cloud and tried absorbing the dark mind controlling cloud into energy. To his relief, the cloud was sucked up instantaneously, disappearing into the Bat.

"Yeah! I think I got it!"

Crimson dropped the Bat and pulled the fire essence outside. A shift in light, and he was back to being a fire monkey.

"Just in case it didn't do this before..." He knew Dr. Eckels designed the bat to be type variable, meaning that it would convert the energy in the bat to the wielder's type. This was why it worked so well with him.

And when he picked up the bat, he twirled it and unleashed a fireball from it's tip, hitting the rocky side and singeing the surface. "Alright, I think I did it. Untie Domingo now, Sarik,"

Sarik immediately obeyed. "Hey, the black ring around his eyes is gone!" Sarik commented, "I think you actually did do it!"

When the Samurott was untied, Dobro got up from the wall and cautiously walked over to him. " okay?"

Samurott shook his head once more, "Wh-what happened?"

"We think you were controlled by a Dark-Type," Crimson relayed, "Although as for who or what did that, we haven't figured out yet. Do you remember anything?"

Domingo thought for a moment, ", not really,"

"What's the last thing you recall?"

"Falling asleep at our base...which by the way, is way nicer than this dump!"

Crimson laughed,"Yeah? We'll have to see it sometime and compare. The difference is ours isn't finished yet."

Suddenly, without warning, Dobro went in for the hug, completely smothering the Samurott.

"Woah, hey!" Domingo gasped, "What's this for? Come on, y'know I'm not the huggy type!"

"Yeah, I know," Dobro sighed, "I know..."

A few minutes later, things got settled. Crimson asked if Dobro and Domingo wanted to stay the night since it was starting to get dark and they were a ways from their base in the forest. Domingo reluctantly agreed.

Sarik went immediately to bed, where he would probably stay until morning.

Pert and Meryl decided to start the fire, throwing a few twigs on it and then using Spark to ignite it. They joked for the rest of the evening that they were Fire-Types and they had developed Crimson's abilities.

Crimson walked up to the top of the mountain to talk with Tag, who was clearly enjoying the view.

"Hey buddy," Crimson called up to the Turtwig as he approached.

"Hey," was the response, "Did you manage to get Domingo all fixed up?"

"Yeah, it just took a little bit of dark-type things. He's good as new."

"Good," Tag shifted positions as he stared at the sunset stretching across the water.

"Y'know, Domingo thinks his base looks nicer," Crimson teased.

"He can say what he want. He still can't beat this view."

"Yeah, that's the truth," Crimson sat down next to him, watching the sky change colors. "Man, I didn't exactly expect anything too big to happen today."

"Y'know I was thinking about what happened today."

Crimson stared quizzically at Tag, "What about it?"

Tag looked up, searching for the words, "I mean, I know you've encountered them before, but..." he faced Crimson, " didn't seemed fazed by encountering your own kind."

Crimson raised a brow at this. "What do you mean?"

"Well, you were human once. And although you remember nothing about it, I'd figured you would beeline for them the moment you saw them...y'know ask for help or something like that. But, you seemed to not even consider yourself as human. It's like you've completely disowned that part of yourself."

Crimson thought about this. What Tag was saying was true. He hadn't even considered he was one of the humans when he'd met the three today. He saw himself as a Pokemon.

Had he truly disowned who he was before?

"Huh, never really thought of it that way," Crimson admitted as he stared at the sun. "I mean, I like being a Pokemon. I like hanging out with you and Sark and Pert and Meryl and everyone else."

"Hm," Tag seemed deep in thought, "Tell me something."


"Was there ever a point where you wished to be a human again?"

Now Crimson had to think long and hard about this one before answering. "Honestly...yeah, in the very beginning. When I woke up on that beach, confused by the world around me. It was one of the scariest experiences I've ever had. I wished for everything to make sense. I believed being a human again would somehow bring things back to normal."

"Then I met you, Tag. You helped me see the world as it was and helped me adapt to it. I'll admit, I may have reconstructed the design to fit my personal quota, but you were always there, telling me when I was going too far. You are a big part of who I am today, you know?"

"If you were given the opportunity to turn back into a human, would you take it?"

Crimson looked over at Tag, wondering where all this was coming from. "I've already had that opportunity. I've already declined it. Why would I accept it now?"

"I don't know..." Tag mumbled, "Maybe because things are different now. Maybe because we're not at home and more possibilities like this will arise. Maybe, you're tired of viewing the world from this new angle."

"Tag!" Crimson stood up out of confusion, "I'll never be tired of viewing this world from this angle. I have everything here. Why would I want that?"

There was a silence. The sun drifted lower to the sea.

Crimson sighed and sat down again. "How long have you been feeling this way?"

"Since we got here and we've encountered more humans than Pokemon."

"That's true, but Tag," Crimson grabbed his friend, who turned to look at him in the eyes. "I'm not going anywhere. You can bet on that."

Tag stopped for a moment, then started laughing. "I guess it was a dumb concern. Sorry for worrying you like that."

Crimson, for what must have been the thousandth time that day, sighed in relief. "Not a biggie. You have worries that you want to take off your chest. I can respect that. Just know that you'll always be my friend, no matter what."

"Alright," Tag and Crimson stared at the sunset in quiet tranquility for a few moments. It was just hitting the sea water. "Y'know, I still wished you would've fought that Legendary, just to see if you could beat him." Tag lamented

Crimson thought for a moment. "Nah, I don't think I would've."

"I think you would've...if you used your super ultimate form."

"Tag, you ended up dying for me to reach that form, remember? I don't think I could go through that turmoil again simply to reach a form where I could beat a legendary."

"What if you could reach that form without something traumatic happening?"

"Well, I'd need a lot of power from somewhere-"

"No, I think you have the power to do it by yourself," Tag interrupted, "You've done it before. You can do it again."

"Once. And it took-"

"Your own adrenaline and determination that came from when I...well you know," Tag continued, "That means you have the power. You just have to tap into it. Sarik believes you can do it."

Crimson smiled when Tag said that, "What else do you two talk about when you talk about me?"

"Ah, that is for our ears only," Tag grinned mischievously, "But you have the strength to do this. You just have to train your body how, like with your other forms."

Crimson watched the last bit of sun disappear behind the horizon before sighing in defeat, getting up off the ground. "Alright...I'll start training myself to try and reach that form. But we still have to find Team RedEye and see if they're involved with the Domingo thing."

Tag perked up, "You think they are?"

"It's possible," Crimson said, "We'll find out when we find them. For now, let's just go down. Pert and Meryl started the fire, I think."

The two buddies walked off the top of the mountainside together as the sky shifted colors, closing an exciting day for them.

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Grimsly gave off a deep sighed, as he looks at the girl with a disturbing look on his face, she was basically nagging about how he caught a Yveltal, it may be one of the deadliest legendary dark type pokemon's that he know of, he would understand what she was saying since this is the strongest pokemon he has on his team, but it didn't really matter to him. Him being apart of the elite four would mean he has to be on top, even though he's not the head of the league. He would likely be right next to the champion. He had a better team than he did.

"I don't know what's the big deal missy, it's not like I have an arceus, if it would help dispose that look on your face than I'll put it away, and I won't promise not to use it" He says in a playful manner, as he jumps off of his legendary pokemon, and was reported back to its place. A hand was placed on his hip, and a curios look was planted on his face.

"Say, you probably have a legendary as well, while you boasting, and shouting." Grimsly began to question the girl.

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    by LawOfTheLand

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(Oh darnit, i completely forgot Elder was a ghastly instead of a haunter. my bad.)

"Hey! I am training my charmander, Cinder. We're trying to get into the academy."

The voice, as it turned out, was coming from the edge of an arena opposite from Radegast's position. The source was a young red-haired girl half a foot shorter than the more laid-back trainer. With his Ghastly keeping close, the trainer sauntered over. "Oh! Sup?" Radegast called as he tapped the brim of his cap.

"You look like you've been training a while. How is it here?"

"I'm actually just visiting," Radegast replied, "Never been here before." Now that he was closer, he could introduce himself proper. "Name's Radegast, this here's Elder. Smart dude, Elder."

"Hey!" the girl's Charmander greeted Elder.

"Salutations," Elder replied with a critical glance. A portion of the gas condensed into a malformed claw and waved back. With the same claw, he pulled on Radegast's trousers. "She's a child. Needs to become stronger. I wish to help."

"Hm?" Radegast glanced down at Elder. The pokemon's eyes darted between Radegast and the Charmander. Elder saw inexperience, and tried to convey a desire to help them get stronger. "Is that so?" Radegast's gaze shifted back to the girl. To her, Radegast added, "Don't worry buddy. Elder just likes being critical. Anyway, looks like you're here to train... Cinder, was it? Need help with training?"

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  1. Scene co-written by Law and Nake in RPG Write.

    by LawOfTheLand

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"All right, Grimsley. I was going to ask you for this anyway, but now it's freaking personal," Touko fumed at the man. "These kids are about to get a master class in how to kick ass and take names, with you as the subject. I will make you pay for your presumption that you can command such things! Battle me, fool! Let's go, Nike!"

Touko's lead was a red and white Pokemon, barely a foot tall, with a huge V crest on its forehead that seemed to be bursting with energy. It hopped a few times before settling into a ready stance, eager for the violence to commence. It was just like they were back at the Unova Pokemon League now. The cheering crowds, the wide open spaces...granted, there was a decided lack of ambience this time around, but what the hell, it was still a battle.

Grimsley gave off a sigh once again, and shakes his head in disappointment. "You really want to challenge me do you?, well It would be cowardly of me to decline such an offer, so I suppose I will accept." Grimsley had showned no other emotion to the girl other than the one he had showned before. He began to reach out for a pokeball, and points it towards the female.

He had wanted to give her a warning for challenging him, but he really didn't care at that time, and felt like ending this battle in an upset. "Before I actually send one of my pokemon out, what do you prefer? dragons? maybe a ghost, or just something magical? it's your choose." He says, as he puts the ball back.

"Seriously? You're letting me PICK your lead? That's hysterical. Let's try that Bisharp of yours," Touko responded, a call-back to the first time they had clashed. "Unless that was something you had on hand just to face challengers and not something from your personal stock. " Touko rolled her neck, not wanting to face the Yveltal right away lest it blast a few holes in her team that she might wish were patched up further on down. "I'll destroy it in one move if you do, though, just fair warning."

Together with Zekrom, they set out to build their ideal world. A world where everyone was free to pursue their own truth. And if it happened that two people disagreed, that was fine. By letting people argue, bicker or even fight, the best ideas rose to the top and benefited everyone. And Touko was not about to let Grimsley have such a dangerous beast at the ready. Elite or no, this sort of power was not meant to be wielded by anyone but itself.

"Time to stop holding back, Grimsley. Before I was just another challenger. Then I bailed you people out when that castle came out of the ground. It's okay to hit me with everything you've got."

Grimsley began to chuckel a little bit, than set out a laughter. "You one confident little girl, and that bisharp. I don't own one, nice try though, but since you boosted up your confidence so much, than I'll give you a bitter taste of defeat" Grimsley says. He placed his hand on a different pokeball "I won't send out my Yveltal though, I can tell you're not ready to witness such destruction, I'll give you a little fun fact. It's a destructive pokemon. It takes lives from other pokemon, and that's one of the reasons some people fear Yveltal." He explains.

"So now then, as a member of the elite four I shall not lose to such an underling." Grimsley set his body straight, and began to send his left foot back, and chucks the pokeball. "Now go forth, and bring bad karma do those who disrespects thy elder darkrai" The pokeball had popped open, and there goes the flash of light, and shows off a pokemon, not just any ordinary pokemon. One of the rarest ghost-type, and possibly the strongest in it's group.

"Oh, that's just a load of Tauros crap. That's not even a fucking ghost-type." Touko rolled her eyes and did some quick math. Victini was fast, but Darkrai, according to legend, was faster. One misstep and there would be a lot of bad dreams being had...but giving the dude a free hit by switching looked worse. "Nike! Use U-Turn!"

The flame on its head glowed white-hot for a brief moment, before the Victory Pokemon rushed forth, straight past Darkrai before turning around to try to hit him from behind...after which it would rush right back to its Pokeball.

The pitch black pokemon had examine the victory pokemon known as victini, once the Victini had began to glow bright which had showned flames on it's head, and was heading straight towards it, but ending up trying to aim from the back. This had gave grimsley enough time to use a quick command. "Quick darkrai use protect"

A clear marrior was summoned as darkrai turned around protecting the pitch black pokemon, and having victini's moves failed to make a direct contact. Grimsley shook his head in disappointment.

Touko growled as the protect came out, denying her not only the super effective hit, but also the free switch. But one good move did not an Elite make. As the gasps from the students started to rise, so did her anger. "Nike! Try a Brick Break!" This time Victini hopped up high in the air before jetting down with a burst of flame, giving the incoming drop kick some much-needed momentum and power enough to smash through a Reflect.

The pitch black pokemon had looked up, and acted out on it's on, and began to use a move called dark void once the victory pokemon had come close enough, this move wasn't possible to dodge. The move dark void would put any pokemon on the battlefeild asleep for 2 turns. Grimsley was surprised enough that darkrai had acted on it's own, but on the other hand he forgot that this is the legendary pokemon they're talking about. It wasn't an ordinary one, it has a mind of it's own, and 89% of the time it doesn't take orders.

But either way it goes grimsley was satisifed.

A day late and a dollar short, however. Before the dark void could come out, Nike's foot landed squarely on Darkrai's ghostly face, the super effective hit surely leaving a nasty mark on the powerful but frail legendary, possibly even scoring the coveted one-hit knockout. This was the benefit of having the first move in a Pokemon battle. Having that initiative, the ability to force the foe to react and make guesses. "Okay, one down. Who's next? You're still holding back on me."

Grimsley started to stretche his arms. "Well that is one victini, It's stats is better than my darkrai, so I can't complain." He says, as darkrai stood beside grimsley.

"That was one of my best pokemon but I never knew that it would act out on it's own like that, the last time that happened was during my fight with a zekrom, which I had no choice but to flee at that brink of moment." Grimsley had thought to himself, he had than grabbed another pokeball out of his hand, and thrown out a weavile. "Now weavile use ice beam" The short sharp clawed pokemon had shot out an ice beam directly at victini hopping to hit it.

"Nike! Run right through it and hit him with another Brick Break!" Victini being a fire-type allowed him to shrug off the ineffective STAB move, this time delivering a savage karate chop to the midsection. If Darkrai was fast and frail, Weavile was even more so, and this time doubly weak to the fighting-type attack. "I sort of expected more out of you, but I'll take the six-oh to wipe that smirk off your face, too," Touko boasted. "I got a class to teach, and how better than to show them a battle like this?"

Once victini had used the same move that it had used on darkrai. "Quick and use dodge" weavile had quickly dodge victini's attack. Weavile was quicker, and more mobile than darkrai, so the move would have been easily avoidable. Weavile, the sharp claw pokemon had moved to where grimsley, and his darkrai was.

"Don't think you will win this easily touka, you should know what happens when you get an elite fired up, and you better have a good move, but it doesn't matter since my weavile is two times faster than your victini" he says. Grimsley began to feel worked up, and he's not letting an underling getting the best of him, even if it means disrupting his morals.

"I should have known better than to use the same move twice in a row," Touko laughed to herself, offering a complimentary tip of the hat. Let's see...he saw those two moves already..."Do it, Nike! Time for the mighty Thunder Wave!" This seemingly pedestrian move had incredible utility for nerfing a speedster into a sitting duck, and Touko knew how to get the most out of seemingly straightforward things like that. A quick jolt of electricity burst forward towards Weavile, hopefully leaving him paralyzed and vulnerable to a follow-up.

"Quick Weavile dodge, use fury swipe" Weavile began to avoid the series of lighting being shot down upon weavile, and once it had stopped weavile had rushed towards victini quick enough for it not to be able to avoid it. Weavile had thrown it's claws at victini four times, enough to leave it faint, and unable to advance.

"I have to be extra careful with my choices now" He says with a deep sigh.

Not. So. Fast. Victini? The legendary Pokemon of victory? Something like four Fury Swipes against base 100 defenses? Even after the Ice Beam, it was still managing to hang on. "This is bogus! Nike, return! Good job!" Clearly it was too fast...but she had something faster. "You're in charge, Dweller!" A massive, stone-colored quadruped hit the field, with large, sweeping horns. It pawed the ground and raised its head, letting out a battle cry as it sized up its next target.

"Ah a ramparods eh?, I can tell it has some speed packed in that" He looked over at darkrai and looked back at ramparods, than back at weavile. "Well weavile, use protect" A clear wall was set to protect weavile from all corners, this move can't be used again, and can be used once every turn, so this was a fair choice that grimsley has choosed to go through.

He had limitted himself not wanting to use another one of his legendaries just yet.

"Oh, honey, you're not the only one going around collecting Pokemon with stories attached to them," Touko grinned, even shaking her hips back and forth in a display of sass. "This here is Terrakion. After this move, it will do one thing very well, and that is wreck. Your. Face. Dweller, use Rock Polish!" Blades of air started chipping away little by little at its hide, making it all nice and shiny and aerodynamic to boost its Speed. "Now use Quick Attack!" Such speed...not even Weavile could sidestep it in time. And even if it did try, there were those horns ready to catch it.

"Oh, well another falls assumption. This is quite new, well to my eyes at least" The terrakion had saw it rushing fast towards weavile.Grimsley was questioning his choices again. Though his weavile was attacked by terrakion's quick attack, it took quite a beating, but it was still hanging in there, just a few more moves, and it was over for weavile, this was a clutch moment for grimsley, and weavile. They both had pulled close victories with tough pokemon's, but not one of these though, so this is new.

"Now weavile use icy wind" The air had became colder, and ice shards had begun to fall down upon than effecting terrakion, but not effective towards weavile. This move would last up to 3 turns, and also doubles weaviles ice attack states.

This was almost like Anistar. At least, before one uncautious word set everything in motion. But seeing Terrakion struggle with keeping its footing, losing some of the benefit to the earlier speed boost, it was't do it...ZA WARUDO! TOKI WO TOMARE.

Flash back to Anistar. A hot battle, a nice meal, and possibly even a friend...then it all came crashing down. Literally.

No. This would not happen again. She beat him once, she could beat him again. SOSHITE, TOKI WA UGOKI DASU.

"Dweller! Finish him off with one more Quick Attack!" After seeing the ice beam earlier, this thing was a pain in her ass that needed to go down before it did some serious damage.

"Quick weavile return" Grimsley had took his pokeball out before she could give off a command, this cold was sort of bothering him, but not darkrai as it didn't bother it. Darkrai wanted to go back out, and damage terrakion out some more. "Now darkrai use ice beam" Darkrai had absorb it's energy from the harsh cold temperature that was harming terrakion, and was send directly towards it hopping to end it's life.

"This weather is truely bothersome"

"Brr. C-crap...this has to stop. Fast." Touko shivered as the Terrakion howled in pain. She was clearly getting the better of it, but luckily for both of them it was a neutral hit. "Dweller! End this nonsense, Sacred Sword!" Another hit like that would probably take it down, but it had to get off the attack first. And after that rock polish, even after the speed drop from Icy Wind it still had enough to get in. The so-called Musketeer charged forward, horns glowing as it went in under Darkrai before sweeping its head upward to deliver a blow that ignored defense boosts.

The male sighed in disappointment, and pointed his pokeball at darkrai to return to it's ball at once. During this time he didn't care if he wins or lose, everyone wins and lose at life. "I wasn't keeping track of how many do I have left, but I'll just throw something out, maybe if I'm lucky after I knock this terrakion out, than use a couple of moves on your next pokemon, and knock that out."

He had reached for another pokeball "Go xerneas, and finish terrakion off with thunder wave" The fairy like pokemon known, as the life pokemon had came out of it's ball, as the clouds darken, and a big loud boom sounded, as the thunder came upon terrakion faster than the human eye can see, and knocked the useless terrakion down.

Useless? How dare he! No Pokémon was useless! And besides, Thunder Wave wasn't even a damaging move...just something that left the foe's body numb with paralysis, negating its speed edge and then some as the horns slammed into the elegant rainbow-colored stag. "That's enough! Dweller, return!" Still frozen to the spot, it was a good recall, she thought. "I don't know who you are, but you're not the Grimsley I battled once upon a time. There was a heart in there. He cared for his Pokémon. He was having FUN."

But what to do next? This colossal pressure to make the right move...what the hell was this thing, anyway? Once again to the Pokedex. "A fairy-type? Grimsley...what the heck is going on here?" Touko was genuinely puzzled and shook her head. "Drifter, help me out, buddy." The Jellicent floated there, still a little worse for wear after taking that Crunch earlier. But she still needed something while she dug frantically for answers.

"You're questioning about my choices? or a simple devolopment, you see. Each generation is different, you don't see the same thing everytime, people ought to change somehow little girl. The past, is the past, so I tend to leave that behind." Grimsley began to stare at the pokemon that was in the arena, the one that touka had sent out. "Ah it's a Jellicent, an evolve form of a frillish." He was surprised that she didn't send out something that you can doesn't hang along for much time.

"You could at least used someone that has better stats than my xerneas, but it seems that it doesn't. I don't have to take out my pokedex to figure that out, I just know that by experiance. You see my xerneas is also a legendary pokemon, and you wonder why it is called the life pokemon, do you? anyways, xerneas use hyper voice" The fairy type pokemon began to take a deep breath, as it let out a loud roar, grimsley had covered his ears once the attack was about to be released. This attack would deal some damage to the pokemon, maybe losing it's hearing, maybe unable to hear it's trainer as it wants to give out commands.

Drifter gave off a series of gentle vibrations, making sure Touko didn't have to suffer while taking no damage itself. Bruh. Normal-type attack vs. a Ghost-type Pokémon. BRUH. "This is our chance, Drifter! Use Recover!" Still tender from the earlier fight, this was the perfect chance to patch up and get ready for his next trick. After this, hopefully she'd be able to unleash one hell of a Water Spout and wash that smirk right off that poser's face.

"We can do this! We faced N and won, and even took down his puppet-master after that. That sort of legendary accomplishment is something no person or Pokémon can ever take away from us. And that's why we're going to win this fight!"

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"Hmm, well I'm trying to teach Cinder tail swipe. All she knows is Ember and Tackle and she needs a stat affecting move. I don't think tail swipe would work on Elder though, since he's a ghost type. But Cinder does need to learn how to fight ghost types anyway, so sure!" To her charmander, she said, "Come on Cinder, these guys are going to help us train." She took Cinder to the other side of the arena they were training on and bent down to Cinder's height. "Ok Cinder, tackle won't work on ghost types like Elder. The only move you know that will help is ember. Now, Elder is much more experienced than you are, so don't be discouraged if you don't seem to be doing well. I promise, you are." She gave Cinder a pat on the back and stood up to start training. But before she could say anything, she heard two familiar voices. Touko and Grimsley were back, and they seemed to be having an argument. She figured she should ignore them, legendaries sounded way more powerful than she could take. But then she heard Touko shout "These kids are about to get a master class in how to kick ass and take names, with you as the subject. I will make you pay for your presumption that you can command such things! Battle me, fool! Let's go, Nike!" She stared in that direction as Touko pulled out... a pokemon and Grimsley pulled out... a pokemon. They looked really cool, whatever they were. Throughout the battle, she learned that they were a Victini and a Darkrai, respectively. She knew she should be training Cinder with the boy she just met, but she just couldn't take her eyes off this battle. It was so cool to watch legendary pokemon fight each other. Maybe one day she would have a legendary of her own. Her eyes shone with fascination and admiration at the sight of the battle. It seemed Touko had the edge, despite all the legendaries the boy had. It's no wonder she got beat so quickly by her, she had the talent to be the pokemon league champion.

Cinder smiled when Elder said he wanted to help her get better. She really wanted a pokemon friend. "Yeah, I'd love some help! How the heck does swiping my tail lower my opponent's defense? I don't get it." But Seraphine started taking her to the other side of the ring and told her how to fight a ghost type. Why would Ember work over tackle? She turned to the pokemon that was now opposite her in the ring. "Hey, why would ember work and not tackle? Ember is just fire. Fire can't hit ghosts any better than tackle can right?" Cinder turned to Seraphine, awaiting instructions. But Seraphine was concentrated on something else. She looked in the direction Seraphine was staring. Wow a pokemon battle! And these pokemon looked really strong! "Go pokemon go!" Cinder shouted. She wanted both pokemon to win because they looked equally awesome. It looked like Touko's had the edge every time though. She saw the Jellicent that defeated her earlier and waved, pretty sure that the pokemon couldn't see her over the crowd. Cinder watched almost as intently as her trainer did, cheering and gasping as the battle ensued.

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“Man, what’s with those two over there?” Radegast drawled, indicating the duel that took place a few arenas down. He had failed to notice them before until large, impressive-looking pokemon erupted from pokeballs to do battle.

Elder huffed in disappointment at the legendary pokemon that appeared to fight. “If they were so legendary, how have they befriended one who is not the Lord-Regent?”

“Anyway, I don’t care about that weird taking turns stuff. It ain’t my style.” Radegast shook his head to clear his mind. “I got the perfect buddy to help you train,” Radegast prodded one of the pokeballs in his belt, and summoned the Fletchling, Suros. He was too lazy to even unhook the pokeball from his belt.

“So soon? Is it dinner time already?” Suros sleepily shook herself awake. She noticed the silver and gray arena at her feet and shuddered. “Oh crap, we’re not fightingnow, are we?”

“Hey no worries Suros,” Radegast smirked as he bent down and gently stroked Suros’ neck, “Just gonna help someone train up, a’ight?”

“Wait, am I fighting?”

“No, Suros,” Elder replied with a playful grin, “I’m training Cinder, The Lord-Regent seems to think you would do well to pay attention.“

“Man, I just wanna go back to sleep,” Suros fluffed out her feathers and crawled up Radegast’s leg. The lazy bird didn’t bother flying, even though she was perfectly capable of doing so. She eventually reached Radegast’s shoulder. The whole scene seemed to make Radegast huff in amusement. “Go easy on the kid, Elder,” she added before nuzzling her beak under a wing.

Elder’s eyes glinted with an almost life-like quality, “One of these days, Suros, you’ll kick that lazy habit of yours.”

“That’ll be when Rage finally cools his jets, buddy.” Suros’ voice returned, muffled, from under her wing. Despite everything she said, the Fletchling did keep an eye uncovered, and watching intently. If Radegast wanted her to witness this session, it must be important.

The Ghastly returned his gaze to the Charmander just in time to hear Cinder’s question. “Yeah, I’d love some help! How the heck does swiping my tail lower my opponent’s defense? I don’t get it.” The question seemed directed at the trainer, who wouldn’t have understood the specifics of the question.. or anything for that matter. Elder hovered toward the grass near the edge and sifted around for a stick.

Radegast, instead of watching the battle, watched the ghastly rummage through taller blades of grass with a keener interest than he did the actual battle. “Yo Elder, need help there?”

Elder did not respond, which was perfectly fine with Radegast. The trainer wobbled on his feet patiently. Occasionally, his eyes would avert towards the other buildings. The battle going on didn't seem to catch his gaze any more.

The ghastly eventually returned, carrying a thin, strong stick. He returned to Radegast and held the stick up. Radegast’s face could be registered as an understanding smile. “Hey, knock yourself out, but you might surprise the trainer.” he chuckled.

Elder rolled his eyes and shrugged. He then hovered over to the centre of the ring. “Cinder, was it? C’mere. I heard you asking about the purpose of a tail whip. Luckily, I know exactly how useful it is.”

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Little did they know that there was another spectator to the fight not present at the moment.

Not terribly far away yet not entirely close either sat a Pokemon who was watching the fight closely through a View Portal...very closely. He was sneering in anticipation at the combatants, deciding which to pick from like a spoiled brat in a candy store.

Needless to say, he was holding off on his options until he'd seen everything.

As he watched Tokuo and Grimsley release their first Pokemon, he was surprised to find that Grimsley had Darkrai as well, another Pokemon that would fare much better in his plan than that Charmander could ever hope for.

At first, he decided not to mess with Tokuo...that Seraphine would be easier pickings. And for the most part, it was.

But he hadn't anticipated Dobro. He figured by controlling Domingo, he had Dobro under his control as well simply because Dobro would go wherever Domingo would go. He hadn't expected the Pangoro to become suspicious so quickly, much less act upon that suspicion. And he definitely didn't expect him to run to Crimson with the Pokeball.

Yes, Plan A had failed miserably...but in doing so, he'd stumbled upon Plan B, an oooohhhhh did he like this plan more!

Earlier today, he almost wished Yvelta would've demolished TeaM PerSisTenCe and took them back by force. At least that meant he wouldn't have to deal with the meddling Chimchar again or his posse. Nevertheless, so long as he could work around them without drawing their attention any further, he could still pull this off.

Watching the fight further, he was shocked to see the Dark-Type Legendary go down so quickly to Victini's Brick Break. But then again, Grimsley didn't seem to have much control over Darkrai. Perhaps that was his downfall. But then the boy brought out his Weaville, a Pokemon Grimsley seemed to have a better bond with considering how quickly it took down the Victini. So far, all three candidates were presumably well enough to accomplish what he needed to.

But he was waiting for the Grand Finale. He was waiting for Yvelta.

Tokuo's next Pokemon was Terrakion, who carried much power and speed. It would more or less beat the Weaville, hands down. But he was once again pleasantly surprised to see Darkrai unleash some hidden energy (or perhaps gained energy) to do some collateral on Tokuo's Terrakion. However, Dweller had enough might to finish off both Dark-Types and still remain fighting.

And yet another surprising plot twist for this Pokemon spectator when Grimsley brought out Xerneas the Life Pokemon. Now this...this was a Pokemon that could challenge Yvelta's might. Xerneas was the ying to Yvelta's yang. As to how Grimsley got both, the spectating Pokemon would never know. However, this fight just got a whole lot more interesting...

Meanwhile, back at the makeshift base, the members of TeaM PerSisTenCe and Team Justice all gathered around the campfire. The lavender sky above still meant it was bright enough to see without the fire, but the enclosed walls of their base made it just a bit darker. And thus, the fire was necessary.

On the west side of the sky, an unnatural light barely peaked over the edge...the lights of the Battlefield in which the epic fight between Tokuo and Grimsley was going on. And only one of the seven seemed to notice or care about it...

"Sarik! Would you stop worrying about it?" Tag groaned.

"I just don't understand where it's coming from," Sarik replied.

Crimson shrugged as he munched on his apple. "Probably from the town...or the one building south from the town."

"That's the Academy," Dobro told him.

"That's the Academy?" Crimson raised a brow, "The Academy the redheaded girl mentioned?"

Dobro nodded.

"Hmm...good to know you two managed to challenge an Academy to train humans into becoming Pokemon Masters."

"Hey!" Domingo stood up defensively, "Not intentionally!"

Crimson looked at him, "I didn't imply you did it on purpose. I'm just stating a fact."

"Alright, that's it. I'm going to check it out," Sarik grabbed his Power Scope and started heading to where their lookout was.

"Come on, Sarik!" Tag beckoned, "Just relax with us for a while. It's not important what the humans do."

"I'd have to disagree," Crimson said to Tag before talking to Sarik, "Just be careful climbing up. Let me know if anything important is going on." He watched the squirtle turn around the corner and begin climbing up the mountain.

"Why doesn't he just go to bed already?" Tag griped, "I mean the stupid light shouldn't have even woke him up."

"And yet it did," Crimson reminded him, "That attention to detail is very important to me. For all we know, the three humans could've gone back and started waging war against us. We need every clue we can get. And Sarik is good at picking up on those clues."

"I appreciate the little squirt," Domingo added, "He's a bit annoying and moody at times. But he'll let you know when a problem is arising, that's for sure."

There was quiet for a moment. The crackling of the fire was enough noise for everyone to turn and watch the flames dance around the wood. Crimson lifted his hand and started spinning it. The fire began to follow Crimson's movements, twirling around and around until it began to rise in a spiral like fashion. Crimson closed his hand in a fist and then opened it, spreading his fingers. The fire responded by condensing and then exploding outward in a shower of embers. Luckily, none of them were too close to be hit by any of them.

It did arise a question from Tag. "So when do you plan on training?"

Crimson knew he was talking about reaching his ultimate form and sighed, "I don't really know. Probably after we find and question Team RedEye tomorrow."

"How long will that take?"

"That's the 'I don't know' part of it."

"Wait, what's Crimson training for?" Domingo interjected.

"Crimson's gonna try and reach his ultimate form." Tag told the group.

"What, the time when you beat Neeko and his Pokemon Trainer? When you went all white and glowey and stuff?" Domingo said.

"That's the one!"

"Oh," was Domingo's reply, "Well then good luck to you."

"Thanks," Crimson said. I'll need it, Crimson thought. Hearing the crumbling of rock, he turned to find Sarik was back, running towards them, "What did you find?"

"Oh, you'll never believe what I just saw. The brunette girl and the boy with the Legendary are battling! And guess what? The boy has Xerneas as well!"

"Xerneas?" Pert perked an ear up at this, "The one who helped us fight the Psychic Rebellion?"

"I doubt it's the same one since we're not back on Mohka," Crimson reassured, "But another Xerneas? Are you sure?"

Sarik nodded, "No one else has antlers like that."

"Crimson!" Tag practically jumped out of his seat on the floor, "This could be your chance!"

"To do what?"

"To watch! To see how the legendaries fight! Maybe absorb some of that power being thrown around and possibly reach your ultimate form."

Crimson shook his head, "I don't think it works that way."

"But you could still watch! You could still learn!"

Crimson looked upward toward the unnatural light. Yeah, he could watch the legendaries fight. He may even see the one Legendary the boy brought out when he met the three. He could see how they fought and formulate a strategy around it in case he ever needed to fight it himself. But the problem was what would happen if he was spotted. Sure, if Seraphine saw him she wouldn't do anything since she was on his side. He didn't know about the other two though. The other students that were presumably there wouldn't really care either since they wouldn't recognize him. Only if Dobro and Domingo went would there be an issue there. And who knows? Perhaps they would be too focused on their battle to notice or even care about Crimson.

"Alright, I'll go. But no one else. Especially you two," he pointed at the Pangoro and the Samurott, who nodded in understanding.

"Works for me," Sarik said.

"Have fun!" Tag urged him.

"I don't care," Meryl sighed.

The only ones who seemed to be disappointed by this news was Pert. "Oh, but I wanted to see the legendary again! I want to know if that's the real Xerneas we fought side by side with."

"I can assure you, it's not," Crimson told him before making his way towards the west entrance, "Okay, I'm off! Try not to blow up the place while I'm gone!"

And with that, he set off through the mountains towards the Academy.

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Seraphine was still staring intently at the battle, waiting for it to finish. They had technically both used three pokemon, but the trainers had so many legendaries. She wondered whether there were multiple fire legendaries. She knew about ho-oh of course, but it would be super cool to have a team of fire legendaries. Best gym leader ever! Or would she make the elite four at that point? She was so distracted, she didn't even notice Cinder walking off to train with Elder.

Cinder was watching intently too, but turned around when she heard her name mentioned. She saw a red bird pokemon wiping its eyes, lazily. A new friend? Cinder walked over and extended a claw, but not before he caught the bird's name, Suros. "Hey Suros, I'm Cinder! If my trainer were paying attention, she'd think you're cool. She loves us fire types."

“Cinder, was it? C’mere. I heard you asking about the purpose of a tail whip. Luckily, I know exactly how useful it is.” Cinder's eyes lit up at that comment. "Really?" Cinder wandered over to Elder to start training. Maybe once she understood tail whip, Seraphine would train her on better moves.

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Suros didn’t respond to the Charmander’s greeting at-first, she was more interested in what Elder planned to do with a stick.

The ghastly condensed a section of gas into a fist-sized blob. “When you get struck by an attack… Uhm, wait-“ He forgot to ask something, “I’ll need to inflict harm in order to show you properly.”

The Ghastly swung the condensed gas-fist at the Charmander’s arm. The impact would be like a slab of boneless meat smacking against the obviously tougher flesh arm. Even to a weaker, inexperienced creature, the attack wouldn’t really hurt all that much. “A typical attack would do it’s typical damage. Didn’t hurt much, eh?”

After a pause for contemplation, Elder suddenly whipped the stick at the same spot. There would be a sharp pain- but nothing really substantial. “A tail whip, a good whipping attack,” he continued, “would weaken the outer layers of defence. Leave the enemy vulnerable to…” Once more, the condensed gas-fist formed and struck at the same spot with the same force as before. This time, the impact would hurt a bit more. “Follow-up attacks.”

Elder produced an Oran berry from within his form and handed it to the Charmander, though he already made sure to do so little damage in the first place. The Oran berry was more like a friendly offering, rather than an actually required healing item. Professionally- not unlike a martial arts teacher, Elder said, “Anyway, that’s the theory behind that sort of attack.”

Radegast glanced down at the Fletchling that was roosting on his shoulder. “Suros, you’re gonna be up soon,” he smirked.

Suros groaned, but stood up anyway. She flared out her feathers and shook herself loose before hopping down to the arena floor. She used a few lazy flaps to soften her drop.

"I’ll help coach you,” Elder continued as he tossed the stick back out into the nearby grassy fields, “But due to type differences, you’d have a better training match-up with Suros.” Elder then hovered to the sidelines between the two trainers that had evidently claimed this particular arena.

“A’ight, a’ight, Your name’s Cinder, eh? Charmed.” Suros chirped non-stop as she tapped her talons against the stone and metal ground cover. “You know my name already, so let’s kick this Swinub, we’re burnin’ daylight.”

“Hey, come on, man,” Radegast laughed in response to Suros’ annoyed chattering. This resulted in Suros falling dead silent… not in humiliation… but from some aspect about Radegast’s completely chilled-out, entirely friendly voice. The Fletchling did not blush from being spoken to as such in front of strangers, so the sight would be... unusual... Even Elder's eyes quivered slightly at this turn of events.

“I’m sorry, Cinder,” Suros politely chirped after clearing her throat. “I’ve been pretty rude. Let’s begin.” Her eyes actually twinkled, as if nothing bothersome had happened.

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  1. I feel like a part of the fight was the last post I see from you two is you had Drifter and he had Xerneas, now it's Yvelta and Zekrom closing the battle???

    by NeverEndingFlip

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"End it, Zekrom! Fusion Bolt!" The deep black dragon roared and shrouded itself in electricity, using the generator in its tail to rocket forward and slam into the flying-type Yveltal. A fitting end to a legendary match, to be sure, one that left Touko panting.

"Now. Now that I've won, you will put that thing away, and then you will tell Grand Champion Iris herself what you've been up to." Touko stared down Grimsley from under her trucker-style baseball cap, dead serious in her tone and expression. "I hope she lets you get off easy by releasing those legendaries back into the wild. Yes, it's your job to be on top, and I'm glad we were finally able to have a serious battle where we both went all out. I just hope the trip to Kalos was worth the vacation days and the righteous butt-whooping."

Seraphine seemed to have found a different mentor, someone with a full team to boot. Whatever. Touko slipped a student handbook into her hands as the brunette returned inside as a silent way of saying "you pass." She had a lot to teach the new students, but first she had to calm the hell down. First a bad choice of words set off a war with could only imagine what trouble would be set off if the Unova Elite Four member happened to be a sore loser. A nice Fresh Water was in order, along with a trip to the Pokemon Center on the mainland, as she pondered a possible response to the inevitable media frenzy at such a high-profile clash.

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His bright blue eyes widened as he was defeated by such an underling, he gripped the pokeball that was in his heads, and his teeth clinched together. "нow waѕ ι вeaтιn ѕo eaѕιly?, ι тнoυgнт ι нad нer, вυт мy conғιdence нad тнrown мe oғғ ,ι waѕ тo ғocυѕed on wιnnιng, вυт ι gυeѕѕ тнaт'ѕ нow ι waѕ raιѕed. тo wιn." He closed his eyes, and began to catch his breath.

He pointed his ball towards his fainted yveltal, as it returns to his ball. He couldn't use it to go back home due to the injury. Grimsley's eyes began to open back up, and sighed. "It was a shock to lose to someone like you, but I guess the thing I learn is that no one is a winner." He says in a calm attitude.

His hair, and scarf blew among the wind. "My business is my business, so I can't promise you that I will tell Iris about anything" Grimsley had turned his back to the girl, as he placed his hands in his pocket, and began walking.

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By the time Crimson managed to get to the Pokemon Training Academy, the battle was just about over. He cursed his luck as he watched the brunette's final Pokemon take down the Yvelta in a glorious fashion. At least Crimson would know it wasn't unbeatable.

He was also more aware of the brunette girl's fighting experience...which was extremely. And considering how many people were out there watching the fight in the twilight, this wasn't no ordinary match between a teacher and a student. Both were worthy opponents of the other, extreme strategists in their own right. He would have to be careful to make an ally of them and not an adversary. He didn't doubt his own abilities and he would probably hold his own given how he fought, but it was better not to chance it just in case.

Glancing over to the right, he spotted a familiar friend. Cinder was there, being trained by a man with what appeared to be a Fletchling and a Ghastly. The Ghastly was positioned in such a way that Crimson may consider him coaching the Charmander while the Fletchling was the combatant. As for Seraphine, she had been interested in the fight between the Legendary boy and the brunette girl as most people had been. Right now, the field was clearing. The brunette walked over to Seraphine and put something in her hands. It appeared to be...a book. Crimson stood curiously as the brunette walked away, seemingly pissed. Probably about the boy... he guessed. That was fine. She needed time to cool down and think. Seeing Crimson would probably push her over whatever sort of edge she was on.

As for the boy...Crimson glanced over to see the boy sauntering away. Also fine. He probably had places to go as well and was a bit sore from the loss despite having two legendary Pokemon. Another person he shouldn't disturb.

He considered walking back, but he didn't favor the idea. He walked this far to view something. He always felt like when he ended up someplace, it was for a reason and he should stick around until he gathered something of use. So after the fiasco between the titans, he turned his attention to the only fight that would be going on at this time of night...the one that was starting between Cinder and the Fletchling. He leaned against a lone tree, still relatively hidden of course, and watched Seraphine and the other male with the fire bird battle it out. The field was lit up by the stand lights. Crimson decided it would be interesting to see how the Charmander fought...

Meanwhile, not even a mere two hundred feet from Crimson, another Pokemon hid behind a different tree. Unlike the Chimchar, however, her focus was on a completely different person.

She watched with studying careful eyes as Grimsley started walking away from the field. Touko had also went inside and the remaining spectators were starting to meander around to return to what they were doing before the massive fight. She wasn't worried about them...she was only focused on Grimsley and doing the boss' tasks.

This time, it was to follow Grimsley wherever he may go and to do so without being spotted. But it was why she was recruited, right? She was never spotted. And she wouldn't start now.

As Grimsley walked away, she followed behind, not terribly close but not terribly far either. It wouldn't be possible for the Legendary wielding trainer to see her. The sky was just a bit too dark and she moved too silently to be heard. She planned this to perfection. And now, she was hoping for a payoff...

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Grimsley's bright yellow scarf was moving with the short wind that was blowing, it was getting kind of late. He was sort of surprised, as the battle was quite long, though still feelings hurt from a terrible lost, a lost that he didn't expect it to happen, a sigh left from him, as his hands went through his hair, as he was walking.

Grimsley had suddenly stopped for a moment, and realized what he had forgot to do. "That battle had thrown me off a little, I was suppose to stay, and assist the academy." He says stomping his foot on the ground. "Damn it" He began to turn around, heading back to the academy.

He wasn't sure what to say, but it sure wasn't his time to return to the unova league just yet, nor he doesn't want to here his master bickering at him for that lose he had received.

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Seraphine watched as Touko's Zekrom slammed into the Yveltal and the Yveltal fell. Wow, these trainers were awesome. These pokemon were awesome. That had to be the most awesome battle she'd ever seen. As Touko approached, she was so hyped up, she started exclaiming, "WOW! That battle was intense! I didn't know there was so many legendaries out there! How did you beat his team so fast? Those had to be some of the most powerful pokemon in the world!" Touko wordlessly put a book in her hands and walked away, looking upset. Seraphine stood confused for a second. Why would she be so upset after a great battle like that? She looked down at the book in her hands. "Student Handbook" read the cover. Seraphine stood in shock for a second. "WOO HOO!! Cinder, we got in! We got in!" She looked next to her expecting to see her pokemon. However, she noticed for the first time that Cinder wasn't there. She finally became aware of her surroundings as she saw two pokemon, Elder and a fire bird (sweet! she needs one of those!) training Cinder on tail whip. She smiled, finally Cinder seemed to be getting it. Then she looked a little worried as the thought crept into her head that maybe she was a bad trainer. Nah, just inexperienced, she thought. I will learn a lot at the academy and I will become a great trainer! She then noticed Cinder pulling on her pants leg. "Char char char! CHAR!" She seemed pretty excited about something. "What is it Cinder?" Cinder showed her tail whip, exactly like she had been trying to get her to do it for some time. "That's so awesome Cinder! You finally got it!" She pulled Cinder in for a hug. "We got in! We got into the academy!"


Cinder listened intently to Elder as he explained the theory behind tail whip. "Oh I get it. I was doing it wrong." She practiced a couple of times on Suros. She almost had it, just a little more practice. She was focused on training, she didn't even notice Seraphine's excitement a few feet away. OK, so I whip my tail like this.... She swiped her tail so that Suros had to jump back. ... and then I go in like this! She then immediately tackled Suros. This time, she seemed to do a little more damage. "I did it, I did it!" She went over to her trainer and pulled on her pants leg. "I did tail whip! I did it!" She saw Seraphine turn towards her. "What is it Cinder?" Cinder stepped back a few paces and did a tail whip, exactly like she did it before. "That's so awesome Cinder! You finally got it!" Cinder was pulled in for a hug and she accepted. "We got in! We got into the academy!" said Seraphine. Cinder was just as excited as her trainer.

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Radegast’s smile widened slightly as he watched Suros play the punching bag. Something about it seemed funny to him.

Suros took the hit like a champ. The damage was barely much, all considering, but it was indicative of Cinder’s learning and Elder’s coaching. As the Charmander jogged back to hug her trainer, Suros ruffled her wings to straighten out the feathers. The Fletchling, though annoyed at the whole situation, did not show her annoyance. The annoyance even melted a little to make way for pride. Pride in herself for taking such a hit and being so tough despite being so small.

Elder floated over to Suros, and pet her head with a malformed gaseous hand. “Good job, kid. You’ll be like him yet.”

Suros’ gaze followed her own trainer as Radegast stepped over to the red-head. “Looks like your buddy knows how to weaken defences now.” He removed a hand from his pocket and crouched down to pet the Charmander. “You did good, kid,” he said to the Charmander with a wink. “Suros is a tough cookie.”

“I let her tackle me!” Suros chirped up, allowing her annoyance to flare up. She hopped on the spot as she fumed. The air around her began to ripple with heat waves. Elder burst out laughing.

Radegast chuckled, “Don’t worry about her. You learned that move without a Tech machine. That’s somethin’ to be proud of.“

He then stood up to face the Charmander’s trainer, “Congrats on your entry… uhm… Actually, I never caught your name.”

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Crimson studied the training process with great interest, intrigued by the whole scenario. The male human and how laid back he seemed stood out the most to him. He just stood there and supervised the training process go down. He didn't really give direction to the Pokemon who were loyal to him, but rather let them do it on their own. Through Crimson's experience, humans typically held a bit of a tighter leash on their Pokemon. The humans were the strategists for the most part while the Pokemon were the muscle.

This was the first time he was witness to something completely different from that. These Pokemon had their own direction and the male let them do their thing. Crimson never denied the bond between a human and a Pokemon. He just had never seen it done this way before. It was refreshing.

So Crimson watched Cinder learn Tail Whip with the help of the Ghastly and the Fletchling. He also felt a sense of warm fuzzy joy watching Cinder train to be stronger. He didn't know why, but in the few moments the two had met and talked, he'd connected with her, already calling her a friend. Was it too soon for that? Probably. Acquaintance was the right word Crimson was looking for.

As the two celebrated their victories, Cinder learning the Tail Whip and Seraphine getting in to the Academy, Crimson saw something in his peripherals. Glancing right, he saw the man with the legendary Pokemon, seemingly as peeved as the brunette was when she walked into the building. Apparently the two had some unfinished business or something like that. He wouldn't know. It wasn't his beef and he wanted it to stay that way. Still, he never wanted ill fate to fall upon anyone and he wished the traveler luck in his future endeavor.

Looking back, the other boy was talking to Seraphine, asking of her name. It appeared the battle was over. Well, guess I should head back... Crimson thought as he started walking back to the trail that took him here. It was getting late. The sun was down and Sarik had probably been watching the fight between the brunette and the legendary man through his Power Scope. Any longer and his team might worry about where he was.

There! Something darted among the shadows of the darkness. Crimson snapped his head to view it. All was still once more. If Tag had seen it, he'd put it on the wind. Pert and Meryl would shrug it off and continue. Sarik would actually walk over there to investigate it, potentially scaring it of or deterring it from it's original business.

Only Crimson would watch and wait from the background to find the answers he was looking for. And he knew he didn't imagine what he saw. There was something or someone there. He knew it...

What is he doing?

The mysterious spying Pokemon stared in confusion as Grimsley stomped his foot in frustration and began to turn back. She'd heard Grimsley say something, but she couldn't make out what as she was too far away from him. She raised the Distance Communicator and spoke in it.

"He's turning around."

A response. "I can see that. He may be heading back to the Academy."

Back to the Academy? The Pokemon stared off at the lights among the nearly completely dark sky where they just came from. What was he going to do there?

The plan the two had developed was already starting to fall apart. She hadn't anticipated this.

"Focus," the Pokemon told her, "It's not the end of the world. We can improvise. Keep following him and see what kind of info you can get."

"And if I'm in reach?"

A pause. "I wouldn't take Xerneas or Yvelta just yet. They need to be healed to have any use to me. And I don't know anywhere we can do that on our own without releasing him. We must be patient for a little while longer."

"Understood," she set the Distance Communicator in her pack and continued to follow Grimsley back towards the academy stealthily...or at least she thought. She had no idea Crimson had spotted her once. Her focus was on Grimsley, keeping out of the light, and staying quiet.