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"Lord-Regent" Radegast the Trainer

"Yeah well that's just, like, your opinion, man."

0 · 4,198 views · located in Unova Wilderness

a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by HolyJunkie


Image Image "Lord-Regent" Radegast Rondo "Dreads" Reginald is a plain, and very laid-back sixteen-year-old dude, who is very friendly with nature. Though he’s not a stoner, his demeanour would make one mistake otherwise. His chill attitude is only betrayed by the variety of pokemon he has gathered together in a single team. Due to a less than ideal childhood, he's learned that he doesn’t much like to fight. That being said, he would not hesitate to do so to help his friends. He does not find it fitting to be referred to as a "trainer", but in this world, avoiding labels can't be helped. He is humble to a fault, with an astonishingly low opinion on his own worth in the world, but he also does not allow that to bring him down. This low opinion on his worth, coupled with his long time in the wild, has made him very unused to interaction with humans. He greatly values the concept of freedom, and believes that everyone should have the freedom to do what they want. That being said, he is also against anyone who threatens the freedom of himself and others.

He is quick to encourage and trust in others forging their own path, developing their own strength, even if they are strangers.

Radegast is an especially strange boy. An obscenely chill person, yet his friends have, despite the boy's peaceful nature, been raised and trained to be incredibly effective combatants. (Mostly by their own efforts, rather than Radegast's.) Their collective power only pales in comparison to their collectively burning loyalty. Despite holding to no long-term goals in life, there must be something about this boy that commands the respect of vicious and lazy creatures such as RAGE and Suros.

The human stands at about 5'7", and is slightly pudgy in his mid-section. His arms and legs have a build that implies that he has done climbing, hiking, and a lot of hand-to-hand fighting throughout his journeys, despite the girth. His brown hair goes out in thick dreadlocks, and his eyes are a deep ocean blue. He has scars over most of his body. The most prominent are the claw marks across his chest, the scars on his knuckles, and an acid burn on his right shoulder. The Acid burn vaguely resembles the number 3.

Due to a makeover, his naturally brown dreadlocks are currently blonde, and tied into a traditional-style Alolan braid. His blue eyes are turned green due to contact lenses.

He has survived in the wild for six years now, and as such has keen survival skills rivalled only by those who have survived the wilderness more than he has. He is skilled with wood carving, and is very knowledgable about shelters, building his own tools, and identifying good plants from poisons. He also developed a resistance to most toxins and the like, mainly because he's often too lazy to set up any shelters for himself beyond a campfire. He does not carry many utensils, oftentimes he builds them on the fly using materials he and his friends find in the wild. The others of his team are particularly skilled in building survival equipment as well. In fact, building such things is the only real "training" Radegast ever gave them. Due to his heritage, he is able to intimidate through his "Reginald" side, where his commanding voice could influence wild strangers to at least consider his "suggestions". He prefers not to use that voice.

Once upon a time, was a member of Team Skull under the gangsta name "Dreads".

Recently nearly killed, returned to life by the King of Depths, but has since taken on the form of a Gallade. While he does look pretty typical for a Gallade, aspects of his original body have carried over, such as his dreadlocks, his build, his scars, and his blue eyes. Additionally, his arms contain a kelp-like pattern that wraps around before meeting an end at the tip of the elbow blades. He also wears the Limiter- a glassy black gauntlet- over his right hand.

Level: 64
Abilities: Steadfast, Justified. Also has Stamina, due to his long travels.
-Close Combat - As a natural fighter, he's boosted his brawling potential by improving the precision of otherwise wild attacks. However, this still cuts on his Defense and Sp.Def.
-Calm Mind - He meditates, as taught by Vorpal. This boosts his psychic output and hardiness. (Sp.Att and Sp.Def) Also used to keep control on his power.
-Swords Dance - An exercise form with a blade in hand. This hones his ability with the blade. (Att raised sharply)
-Heal Pulse - Taught by a Gardevoir in Kalos. By tapping into his own healing factor, he boosts that of his own, and shares it psychically to anyone and anything within a radius. However, he needs a few precious seconds in order to perform it, and it heals without discrimination.
-"Elemental Edge" - The principles of Psycho Cut, but he is learning to apply different types of energy into the blades. All variants are considered Physical, but they can be launched a short distance before dissipating. Current blades unlocked:
>Slash (Normal) - The Normal-type edge, no added energies.
>Psycho Cut (Psychic) - The basic Psychic blade. Focuses psychic energy into his blade and unleashes it either as a melee attack, or up to two metres away.
>Leaf Blade (Grass) - By pulling photons out in a similar fashion to Grass-type pokemon, he can convert the Psycho Cut into a Leaf Blade.

Other abilities:
-Improved metabolism: Allows him to heal from most wounds with relative ease. It's not exactly a Wolverine-style healing factor, but a dislocated shoulder would heal fully within a day if set back in properly. Thanks to his Gallade form, the healing factor is somewhat improved, especially when it comes to the usage of berries and potions.
-Mind Probe: The bread and butter of all Psychic-types, typically used to project thoughts and read minds. Projecting thoughts allows him to speak either aloud, or sending messages directly to another mind. The effectiveness of mind-reading depends on the user's mental strength against the target's mental strength.
-Leg Boost: By focusing energy into his legs, Radegast can dart forward at great speeds, and even use said bursts to take off in great leaps.
-Enhanced agility: Through training with Janine, he is particularly agile, and finally has the training required for parkour maneuvers.
-Sword & Shield training

FUSION: The Reginald Coat of Arms- due to its unique nature- can fuse with Radegast to bolster both of their combat abilities.
Current fusion output: 12%
Fusion grants +1 to Attack, and Defense. As output increases, their power increases.
The Graveller Tribe Suit grants the "Fur Coat" effect, where physical damage is halved.

X1 Cap, given to him by Uncle Tarma.
X1 Black leather jacket with purple sleeves. On the back is a design depicting a stylized Skorupi.
X1 black thermal undershirt
X2 T-shirts, one black one light grey
X2 navy blue cargo pants, slightly thicker material to take a beating while maintaining mobility.
Socks and Underwear
X1 pair of Light Steel-toed boots
X1 backpack, single sling.
X2 bandanas
X1 Leg satchel
X1 Pokemon trainer's belt, with pokeball latches.

The Limiter - A gauntlet made from a prismatic material, gifted to Radegast by Floyd the Necrozma. Allows safe fusion with Reginald the Aegislash, at the cost of raw power output. The prism adapts to the growing power of the wearer.
The Graveller Tribe Suit - A suit of padding and plates made by an old tribe of Geodude, Graveller, and Golem, when they used to have a human tribe among them. While it is very traditional, it was designed with form and function in mind. The Suit was created to allow a human to stand closer to even footing against powerful Fighting-types. It halves physical damage against him when worn.
The Galladite and Keystone - Small stones used in Mega Evolution. Currently unusable until the technique for Mega Evolution is figured out.

Basic Badge
Toxic Badge
Insect Badge
Bolt Badge
Quake Badge
Jet Badge

1,020 Pokke

X5 Potions
X4 Super Potions
X4 Full Heals
X2 Fresh Water
X2 Lemonade

X8 Pecha Berries
X2 Oran Berries
X5 Sitrus Berries
x1 Leppa Berry
x3 Cheri Berry
x3 Chesto Berry
x3 Rawst Berry
x5 Persim Berry

X1 Escape Rope

5 Modified Pokeballs
1 Modified Premiere Ball

HM Cut
HM Surf
TM Toxic
TM Earthquake
TM Dig
TM Rock Slide
TM Aerial Ace
TM Venoshock - Given by Roxie
TM Struggle Bug - Given by Burgh
TM Volt Switch - Given by Elesa
TM Bulldoze - Given by Clay
TM Acrobatics - Given by Skyla

Amulet Coin
Smoke Ball
Swiss Army Knife - Any traveller needs one.
Phone with Camera - Unlocked, waterproof, hardy and tough. No SIM card.
First-aid kit - Rudimentary, currently holds a half-empty bottle of painkillers. Empty containers have been restocked with medicinal herbs. Fortunately, Operative's silk makes a fine field dressing.
Assorted toiletries - Duh
Go-Goggles - Graded for water and sandstorms. Got them after meeting Crystal.
Meditation Balls - Two small steel balls used to exercise fingers. Helps him build focus and train his Psychic potential.
Harmonica frame
Folding Guitar from Roxie

Galladite - Required for Mega-Evolution. Permanently set in the back of the Limiter.
Keystone- Also required for Mega Evolution. Set in a bracelet on Radegast's left arm.

Folding Bike - purple
Notebook - Taken from the Man in the Weird Suit
Mysterious Disk 1 - Taken from Leopold, the Man in the Weird Suit, of Reservoir Group
Mysterious Disk 2 - Labeled "PROJECT SIREN", stolen from the hijacked Team Trebuchet's stealth airplane.

THE TEAM: (with the exception of Chrome, who's at level 1, every member has level 5 affection.)

Elder the Gengar (ghost-poison) LEVEL 46
The only one who has any self-awareness and a sense of humour. Also the wisest of the bunch, hence the name. He always has an eye for spotting weakness and determining exploits or improvements upon those weaknesses. Very willing to fight dirty for the survival of his team. He also prefers to stay out of his pokeball so he can study opponents to determine weaknesses. With that self-awareness, as he evolves, Elder becomes more and more sinister and prone to jokes and pranks.
In his previous life, he was a Toxicroak scholar, who was exiled for taking interest in dangerous ideas.
He has a scar over his right eye from the Houndour and Houndoom pack. Now long-faded with only the most subtle of evidence remaining.
Met Radegast in a forest, where they escaped a pack of Houndour and Houndoom together. Evolved to Haunter after an encounter on the PTA Island. Evolved to Gengar to save Radegast from a drop down a cliff.
Reason for Loyalty: They're two peas in a pod.
Abilities: Levitate and Shadow Tag, Also can vanish into any shadow, and go into a mist form like all ghosts.
Current Moveset:
-Toxic: Manifests as a putrid dark cloud. Combination with Poison Gas grants range and area of effect.-
-Lick: Using a particular poisonous saliva indigenous to the Ghastly family, it inflicts a powerful paralysis.
-Confuse Ray: Manifests as a quick flash of blinding light. A split-second of blindness, followed by hallucinogenic vision for the victim- thus inflicting confusion.
-Dark Pulse: A pulse of Dark Energy. Slower, but much more powerful.
-Venoshock: A deadly jab that dispenses deadlier punch when the target is already poisoned.
-Hypnosis: Utilizing the hallucinogenic nature of his Confuse Ray, instead flashes a series of colours that puts the target to sleep.
Hold Item:

Crystal the Dewgong (water-ice) LEVEL 46
She’s a professional, very no-nonsense, but also very normal. She doesn’t call too much attention to herself, but her water and ice abilities make her practically the most powerful on the team, not including Suros. She sees RAGE as a rival for raw power. Evolved to Dewgong in the Castelia Sewers to have the power to freeze an ocean breach.
Saved by Radegast during a storm off a tropical island.
Her eyes darken to pits when ready to fight. Is otherwise normal for a wild Dewgong.
Reason for Loyalty: Radegast has lived up to his promise.
Abilities: Thick Fat and Ice Body. She can also levitate.
Current Moveset:
-Ice Beam: A beam of "anti-thermal energy", that rapidly absorbs all heat within the target, potentially freezing them solid. The science of it is beyond me.
-Icy Wind: Manifests as a bone-chilling wind. If heavily focused, it can form solid ice. She uses this to build walls or platforms if the group needs such things.
-Headbutt: A headbutt... Though the pain delivered is amplified by her horn.
-Aqua Jet: Manifests as a laser of water, only instead of piercing power, it holds great punching power. Inflicts intense knockback against victims.
-Rest: Falls asleep, boosting her regenerative abilities on an immeasurable scale.
Hold Item:

Suros the Talonflame (fire-flying) LEVEL 63
A very lazy bird. So lazy that she often prefers not to fly. This laziness clashes with her otherwise undying loyalty to her trainer. Her loyalty is more out of her similarities to Radegast. When she does kick the lazy habit, she's absolutely terrifying.
Met Radegast on a random path, where they became friends in almost an instant. Evolved into a Fletchinder more out of necessity, when she knew she needed speed in order to handle a huge mob of Psychic Rebellion mooks. Evolved to a Talonflame when she became sick and tired of the Psychic Rebellion refusing to "Live and Let Live". Now she's keen on destroying all of them if she gets the chance. Her fury has been unleashed, and the laziness has taken a back seat.
Her plumage is in perfect shape, for no one has ever managed to scar her.
Once had two brothers, Omolon and Hakkë. Both were murdered by Demonbreath.
Long ago, she slew a Dragonite known as Demonbreath. This has made her name, "Demonslayer" a legend among wild Pokemon. She prefers to avoid revealing that she is the Demonslayer, however. She would rather hang out with Radegast and the others.
Defeated RAGE effortlessly once upon a time.
Reason for Loyalty: It's more like a one-sided love on top of a mutual friendship.
Abilities: Flame Body and Gale Wings. Roosting comes naturally due to her laziness, making "healing during downtime" a rather unique ability.
Current Moveset:
-Peck: A savage jab, stab, slash, or any kind of attack using her hardened beak.
-Growl: An uncharacteristically savage rumble that renders would-be-attackers very unnerved.
-Roost: She might as well always do this, meaning she's always in tip-top condition when she ever does decide to join the fray.
-Sand Attack: Using a combination of her talons and wings, sends any dirt or sand flying in the face of her opponents within a cone.
-Flamethrower: Her flames are back in business, woe to the poor soul who is struck by a blast of this fire.
-Aerial Ace: A savage and deadly accurate flying slash with her talons or beak.
Hold Item:

RAGE the Primeape (fighting) LEVEL 46
He carries the rage of a thousand ancient evils. His rage is unparalleled even by Mankey standards, and is an incredibly powerful opponent. An immensely large ham, who is oblivious to most every concept except for fighting.
Met Radegast out on a random trail, where Rage had been exiled by his clan for being too violent and strong. He lost to Suros, and considers it his biggest shame next to losing out on the last rice ball to the Operative. Evolved to Primeape during a fight in the first Unova Gym.
His eyes are sunken like the pits of hell, but the irises blaze with infinite fire.
Reason for Loyalty: He sees Radegast for who he is, and greatly respects the ideals the human holds to.
Abilities: Anger Point and Defiant, also Sturdy due to his infinite fury. Attacking him only makes him more angry and stronger.
Current Moveset:
-Cross Chop: MY BARE HAND HOLDS AN IMMEASURABLE POWER!!!!!! (any standard strike with his fists counts as this)
-Low Kick: THE BIGGER THEY ARE, THE HARDER THEY FALL! GET ON MY LEVEL!!!! (any standard strike with his legs counts as this)
Hold Item:

“Operative Galvantula” (electric-bug) LEVEL 46
A true professional, a black-ops soldier to the core… At least, she fancies herself as one. Her demeanour is heavily inspired by a Pokemon Mystery TV show she used to watch while hiding in a human facility, called "Tracy the Tracker". Very pretentious, and willing to cut corners, but would pull her weight in the moment of truth. She gets along very well with Elder, as they are both very technique and tactics-focused.
Met Radegast in the lower levels of a dam, where they took on a mad Ursaring together. Evolved into Galvantula thanks to a super-charging during an encounter with a Raikou.
No unique markings or mannerisms, very much an ordinary Galvantula.
Reason for Loyalty: Great respect as a compassionate warrior.
Abilities: Compound Eyes, Unnerve and Swarm. Her legs allow her incredible jumping and climbing capabilities, and translates to a natural +1 to evasion.
Current Moveset:
-Electroweb: Manifests as an electrically charged string shot. Inflicts paralysis on those caught in the webbing. When the charge is spent, it becomes ordinary String Shot.
-String Shot: Manifests as uncharged silk produced by the Joltik's natural bodily function.
-Bug Bite: A fierce, piercing bite.
-Thunder Wave: It's a Thunder Wave... I mean, come on...
-Struggle Bug: It's Struggle Bug.
-Cut: A savage slash with a mandible or claw. Able to slice through trees with a single swipe.
Hold Item:

Chrome the Metagross (psychic-steel) LEVEL 42
A selfish creature with care only for it's own survival. Quite intelligent, and a quick thinker in a combat scenario, but narrow-minded in it's preference to stay away from humans. It is aware of it's covetable "shiny shell", and has been chased by many a trainer for the prized shiny quality. It finds difficulty in trusting others, but currently sees that a laid-back human would make a perfect cover to keep the other trainers away. Unfortunately, it sees Radegast only as a means to an end. Met Radegast on the trail to Virbank. Evolved during the Gym Challenge at Nimbasa, where it faced against Leader Elesa.
Is shiny, with a silver shell and golden claws.
Reason for Loyalty: Self-serving. Hanging with a human keeps other humans away. However, Chrome sees that Radegast is not like other humans.
Abilities: Clear Body and Light Metal. It is capable of speaking the human language through magnetic telepathy.
Current Moveset:
-Headbutt: It hovers using consistent psychic/magnetic energy that it controls like second-nature. This second-nature can be interrupted if it is startled.
-Metal Claw: Obviously, a metallic claw.
-Take-Down: Very similar to Headbutt, only this also has a different goal. The knockback does not affect the solid structure of the Beldum as much as most other pokemon that use Take-Down.
-Zen Headbutt: A psychic-charged headbutt, and it's most powerful attack at the moment.
-Rock Slide: Using psychic energy, throws rocks
-Earthquake: ... What the heck do you think it is?
Hold Item:

Roxie the Gym Leader
The Pokken Club
Crimson and other Wildlings of the Crimson Guild
Touko the Champion
Lukas the reigning Alolan Champion - currently captured by Regicide Crew.
Hau the Challenger
Team Reskull
The King of the Depths - As well as the other leaders of the Seven Clans of the Ocean Floor. Although they have since disowned Radegast's friendship due to his unexpected, abominable form.
The Golem Tribe - Learned about their culture, partook in an ancient tradition, where he proved a worthy friend.
Absolute the Articuno - And the Ice-type pokemon of Crystal's home island.
The Treehouse - AKA The Lord-Regent's Villa. Home of a group of Pokemon who run the place in the Lord-Regent's absence.
Reginald the Aegislash - Despite the Coat of Arms' robotic, monotone demeanour, as well as the complicated rift between the family, "Reggie" values the safety of all who bear the Reginald name above even it's own. It would slaughter those who dare threaten the lives of the Reginalds, whether without, or even against the command of the standing Patriarch. It is less a Pokemon, and more a Stand. Having been around since the beginning of the family line, it is obscenely powerful, incredibly experienced, and is dangerous even to Legendaries. Is now currently protecting Radegast.
The Mad Ursaring - Tormented into madness by the Man in the Weird Suit. Successfully rehabilitated and returned to the wilds of Johto.

The Reservoir Group - A band of mercenary trainers, doing jobs for a paycheck. Usually criminal activity. Once led by Leopold, the Man in the Weird Suit- who was defeated at the Lake of Rage and left in the hands of the Mad Ursaring. Leopold's fate is currently unknown.
Team Trebuchet - Currently in disarray, with many members arrested by the Police. The big names, however, have managed to escape, and currently plan to regain momentum, funding, and their members.
The Regicide Crew - A section of Team Aqua dedicated to deep-sea research/conquest, has had many a run-in with the Seven Clans of the Ocean Floor, as well as Absolute the Articuno. Currently has captured a Necrozma, as well as Demonbreath.
Steelfist - Rage's rival, and ex-chieftain, crippled by Suros, but still lives. Holds a seething hatred for Radegast, Suros, and especially Rage.
Weyloran - Sister of Felwinter, blames Suros for the death of Felwinter.
Bretomart - The Bellows, The Demonbreath- a powerful Dragonite who once terrorized a region. Slain by Suros, but resurrected and now enslaved by the Regicide Crew
The Reginald Family - His family are "enemies" due to a clash of ideologies. Only Tarma seems to understand Radegast's motives, even if leaving has caused nothing but trouble.
School bullies - Many of them hold a grudge into their adolescence. Who knows where they may emerge.
Marcus Reginald's Palkia - Don't ask.
The Psychic Rebellion - Though Radegast doesn't even know what that is.

??? - Suros slays a powerful Dragonite known as The Bellows, or "Demonbreath".
Year 1, Day 1 - Escaped Reginald household, met Elder, outwitted and escaped a Houndoom pack
Year 1, Month 1 - Saved the life of the King of Depths, Named "Lord-Regent" and "Friend to All Skrelp"
Year 1, Month 8 - Saved the life of the King of Depths, made an enemy of the Regicide Crew
Year 1, Month 9 - Met Suros on the path. Nothing unusual happened.
Year 1, Month 12 - Met Rage on another path. Everything unusual happened.
Year 2, Month 11 - Faced Steelfist's tribe. Steelfist crippled.
Year 2, Month 12 - Met Golem Tribe, faced trial of combat of the Ancient Human Armour currently held by the Golem Tribe, Rage's loyalty cemented.
Year 3, Month 1 - Met Crystal after a shipwreck. Stranded on an island
Year 3, Month 2 - Meets Absolute, strikes up the Surf deal. Escaped Island, arrived in Hoenn
Year 3, Month 5 - Decimated unknown Hoenn criminal organization, sabotaged Project Siren and saved nameless Meloetta.
Year 3, Month 6 - Acquired Bike Coupon in an event known as The Doc Holiday Story, where he vanished to Alola alongside a Porygon.
Year 3, Month 8 - Joined Team Skull
Year 4, Month 9 - Broke up with Team Skull
Year 5, Month 3 - Decimated unknown criminal organization at the Dam, met Operative. Man in the Weird Suit crippled, Mad Ursaring faces rehab.
Year 5, Month ??? - The Heist of Reginald Estate
Year 5, Month 11 & 12 - First contact with Psychic Rebellion. Gym Challenge begins. Multiple friends evolve. Met Chrome. Family discovers his whereabouts.
Year 6, Month 1 - Sixteenth Birthday, Gym Challenge #4. Chrome evolves to Metang. Elder evolves to Gengar. Gym Challenge #5. Second contact with Psychic Rebellion. Acquires HM Surf after three years almost to the day. Acquires Reginald Coat of Arms from Tarma. Gym Challenge #6, kept promise to Absolute, Crystal's loyalty cemented.
Year 6, Month 2 - Vanished once more to Alola, meets the Treehouse caretakers, and Alolan Champion. Meets OG Lee and reconnects with Team Reskull. Encounter with anti-Skull extremists, and assists Lukas in investigating a mysterious heist. Falls in battle after an unexpected battle with the Regicide Crew, and is reincarnated with the sacrifice of the King of Depths. Now currently is reincarnated as a Gallade.
Year 6, Month 3 - Trained with Reggie and Janine in Fuchsia City.
Year 6, Month 4 - On a quest to discover Elder's previous life. Discovered a memorial in Hoenn. Learned from Reggie about the fall of the Reginald Estate. Meets the Rehabilitated "Mad Ursaring." Sabotaged a Reservoir Group poaching operation at the Lake of Rage, including a final confrontation against Leopold, the "Man in the Weird Suit". Visited the ruins of the Reginald Estate, narrowly avoided first contact with Lucy Reginald while they were investigating what she was up to. First visit to Crimson Guild HQ.
Year 6, Month 5 - Continued training at Crimson HQ. His friends assist him and the guild by taking Rescue Team jobs, as "Team Strangers." Radegast is getting more and more dedicated to accumulating combat experience and power. Receives Galladite after a less-than-perfect job to rescue Glade, a Kirilia.
Year 6, Month 6 - Radegast and Suros head to the Tower in Shalour City to learn how to use Galladite- narrowly escapes a chance meeting with Lucy Reginald. By pure luck, Radegast and Suros manage to force Lucy to retreat. However, the Master was injured, and could not teach Radegast the secrets of Mega Evolution. However, one of the Master's Lucario pointed him in the right direction: Terminus Cave. Once there, he meets Titania- who is also in the search for key stone. After obtaining the keystone, has now been sent back to Unove in order to help with a situation involving a Shadow Diancie.

So begins...

"Lord-Regent" Radegast the Trainer's Story

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"Oh, it's Seraphine. Sorry, I got distracted by Cinder's training and then the battle happened. Thanks for helping us train. Your pokemon did in an hour what I couldn't do in three weeks!" She said it with a smile but that smile hid some disappointment. She hoped the academy would teach her training techniques so that she could teach her pokemon more effectively. She looked up at the sky. It was dark, and she more than likely had orientation the next day. "Well I guess I'm going to go get some food and read up on this handbook. I should be prepared for orientation." She turned to her Charmander who was laughing with the other pokemon. "Come on Cinder, we're going to go find a room." She turned back to Radegast. "So I guess I'll see you around? Will you be here for awhile?"


Cinder beamed with pride when Elder said she did a good job. "Thanks! I hope so! Seraphine tells me I'll be a really powerful Charizard one day!" Cinder tried to let out some fire (aimed away from the other pokemon of course) but all that came out was a puff of smoke. The other trainer came over to her, and petted her on the head. "You did good, kid. Suros is a tough cookie." She let him pet her and gave a contented smile. Cinder heard Suros say she let her tackle her but then heard Elder laugh and knew that wasn't the case. She laughed along with Elder. "Come on, Cinder, we're going to go find a room." Cinder let out a disappointed "Aww" and followed her trainer.

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Character Portrait: "Lord-Regent" Radegast the Trainer Character Portrait: Emiko Touko Character Portrait: Crimson the Chimchar Character Portrait: Seraphine Kent Character Portrait: Yoshimune Shimazu Character Portrait: Cinder the Charmander
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Elder playfully bumped the Charmander on the shoulder. “Keep up the good work.” he said before returning to Suros. The two of them conversed in a hushed tone. Judging by Suros’ silent attentiveness, it was probably one of Elder’s reports on his observations regarding the Fletchling’s performance.

Radegast, meanwhile, stuffed his hands back into his hoodie pockets. He grinned sheepishly at how his pokemon “did in an hour what she couldn’t do in three weeks,”

“Heh heh, well… I guess that’s Elder for you,”

“So I guess I’ll see you around? Will you be here for a while?” The red-head asked.

Radegast thought on this. The island didn’t seem to have much in the way of options for exploration. He had already graduated from his school, but this academy seemed to be dedicated towards extended education. Maybe joining it wouldn’t be a bad idea?

Then again, Radegast learned more practical things about pokemon out in the field than he did in the classroom. He even got more fit during his travels. Nah… perhaps the laid-back trainer was too used to not going to school. “Probably won’t be staying at this Academy, but I’d probably visit again.”

Radegast glanced out towards the fields. He noticed a boy stalking along a path, seemingly in a bad mood. The laid-back trainer had the bright idea to follow. Primarily he wanted a reason to leave the area in a natural way and explore the rest of the island. “Hey guys,” he called behind him. The Fletchling and Ghastly almost immediately formed up at his feet. “Wanna check out the rest of the island?”

Suros chirped happily and climbed back to roost on the trainer’s shoulder. Elder, however, remained out and about. “A’ight, off we go,”

Radegast sauntered lazily away from the arena, down the path that that male trainer with the Legendary pokemon walked down.

He only just approached the gate when he noticed the other boy was heading back. “Sup, dude?” Radegast greeted politely.

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During his short walk, he was suddenly stopped by a strange person, he didn't take note on who he was, or where did he come from, but he assumed that he had been here ever since the battle had unfold. It was true indeed that he was deeply in tune of the fight, but tragically lost he, waved slightly at the male once he had said hello.

"You need anything?" Grimsley asked the male, the ailing feeling began to crawl inside his body, but he forced the disturbing feeling in, and stayed with a slightly positive attitude. Nothing feels worse then suffer a lose, even thinking about it irks him.
Night fall had struck, and he was sort of fully alert.

This island may seem to be peaceful, but there are still dark things lurk around in the world. There is no such thing is peace if there is destruction, and battle's for different causes. People find various ways to create a new world, rather it would be a good idea, or a bad idea.

There was some sort of an odd atmosphere surfacing, something in these tree's, something who would enjoy grimsley as much as his master would.

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The next morning, Seraphine jolted awake from her alarm. She was still tired from the previous day's events, but she was excited. It was orientation day! She got up, got dressed and summoned Cinder, who had been resting peacefully in her pokeball. Cinder wiped her eyes sleepily. "Get up Cinder! Today is orientation, and we'll get to see where we place!" She was excited to learn how to be a better trainer. She had read the student handbook thoroughly last night, trying to memorize every page. Unfortunately, she didn't have as much time as she'd hoped and fell asleep before she finished. She grabbed her backpack, picked up the still sleepy Cinder, and headed towards the cafeteria for breakfast. The cafeteria was bustling with activity and she searched for someone she recognized. She hoped Touko was in a better mood than she was yesterday. She really wanted to know what had her so upset the previous evening.

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“You need anything?” the man asked.

“Nah man, just sayin’ hi.” Radegast stopped partway along the path to let the man approach.

His eyes flickered with the slightest twinge of alertness. The wind began to pick up, as would be common on a small island area. The flicker could be easily missed to those who weren’t paying attention.

Elder, with his knowing Radegast for years, caught this unusual flicker instantly. The ghastly eyed the forest nearby. Something about the woods troubled the Lord-Regent…

There was nothing to be discerned, and Radegast resumed his laid-back expression. “Actually, I saw that fight you did. You did pretty rad, all things considered.” He extended a hand, calloused from years of travel. “Name’s Radegast.” Whether shaken or not, Radegast would note the darkening skies and give a little wave.

“Gettin’ late. See ya later, dude!” Radegast, unusually, set off farther away from the academy, continuing down the path towards an entrance to the forest. From there, Radegast spotted a large oak tree with an indent between enormous roots.

Every pokemon on his belt popped out seemingly without his input. “Form a perimeter!” The Operative clicked. Each pokemon took turns keeping watch, even though the little Joltik’s protective line of webbing would suffice as an alarm.

Radegast lay down under the shade of the canopy, and slept.

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Where was it?

Crimson continued to look around the darkness, trying to find a careless shadow or a quick movement. Something. Anything. But he wasn't having much luck. Crimson started to doubt what he saw. Maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me, he thought. Maybe it really was just the wind or-

No! he commanded himself. Stop that! You know what you saw!

He glanced back over towards the academy. Seraphine was gone, presumably inside the building and getting ready for sleep. The boy with the Legendary and the boy with the Gastly were talking, although conversation didn't seem to have much substance considering they were talking as they moved past each other. He gave one last broad look over the place before deciding to head back. He wasn't going to find any answers tonight. But he'd keep the shadows in mind...

The spying Pokemon watched and waited until the one named Radegast left the area. Satisfied, she spoke through the com, "Alright, it's just Grimsley now. It shouldn't be too hard now to just run up and take it. His Pokemon are all out of commission. He wouldn't be able to defend himself."

The other end snapped back immediately, "NO! Do not engage right now. I need those Pokemon healed. I need Yvelta healed."

She sighed in annoyance, "Can't you just feed it an Oran Berry or something?"

"I don't want to let Yvelta out of the ball," the voice explained. "Legendaries are unpredictable, even when controlled by a human. If it saw that we were holding the Pokeball that it remained captive in, we would probably be slaughtered. This is the only way."

She proceeded to look back towards Grimsley, "I guess this is my night? Just watching and waiting?"

"Exactly. I promise, it'll all be worth it when we take over the island, then the rest of Ruula."

"It better be," she turned the com off and kept her eyes and ears on Grimsley the rest of the night.

"Alright, folks! Let me give you guys a run down on what's going to happen today!"

It was bright and early morning. Crimson had woken up to find that Dobro and Domingo had already woken up and was training just outside the mountain range. He was conditioned by the Isle Defenders HQ back on Mohka to wake up at a certain time. Job competition could be tough if you didn't make it to the Task Board by eight. Your team would end up on "Patrol Duty" of Bayside Town, which was about as boring as it got. For obvious reasons, Crimson preferred the missions that took him places over the ones that left him twiddling his thumbs and waiting for nothing to happen.

Yet, despite this he'd never known that the two woke up much earlier than that time just to make way for training. But that was Team Justice: determined as ever to do their best. Ironically, they probably carried more persistence than TeaM PerSisTenCe did.

Tag had been second to wake up, followed by Pert and Meryl. Sarik had slept in a bit and thus was the last to get up. The moment Sarik was awake, Crimson called everyone around the smoldering ashes of the campfire to discuss today's events.

"Today, our main mission will be to find Team RedEye," Crimson began. "We know they're on the island somewhere since they voyaged with us, but we don't know where." Realizing that he had two other Pokemon here that he didn't exactly command, he turned to Dobro and Domingo. "Team Justice, are you going to help us? We'd understand if you don't."

"Crimson, I don't like knowing that someone can control my actions. Of course I'm going to help you take down these guys!" Domingo said. Dobro punched his fist into his palm, as if to illustrate the point.

"Hey now, we don't know if they are the ones doing this," Crimson reminded him. "That's what we're going to find out."

Tag looked confused, "Do Pounce or Gova even have the power to control people?"

Sarik shook his head, "No. The two revolve more around their water and fire type moves than their dark type moves. I'm not even sure there is a power that allows one to control other Pokemon. I'm pretty sure this is Tech."

Crimson nodded, "I'd agree, except that Dr. Eckels isn't here nor did he give any of us anything new as we left Mohka."

Sarik only shrugged.

Crimson went on, "Anyway, we'll find out the cause later. It's not important now. We just need to question Gova and Pounce and see if they know anything. So here's how we're going to do it."

"We're going to split up into three teams and explore different areas. Team One will be Team Justice, Domingo and Dobro. You guys explore the north part of the island, where the forests are."

Domingo raised a brow at this, "So you only want us to explore the forest? Not a lot of area for us."

"I know," Crimson replied. "You guys have caused quite a scene and I don't think we need people seeing you two around their civilization again. I don't want to risk either of you getting caught either."

"Bah, I could fight my way out of any Pokeball!" Dobro waved his hand at the comment.

Crimson chuckled, "Maybe, maybe not. But I don't want to risk flipping that coin to find out. So please stay safe and out of sight of the humans?"

Domingo seemed a bit disappointed, but nodded.

"Good," Crimson turned to the Plusle and Minun. "You two explore the swamp, mountains, and icy plains. You will be Team Two."

"Alright!" Pert proceeded to hug Meryl, who immediately started trying to shove him away. "We got this!"

Crimson then turned to Tag and Sarik, "You two and I will be Team Three. We're exploring the plains and all the human populated areas."

"What about base?" Sarik asked.

Crimson just shrugged, "We should be fine throwing our Tech in the trunk, locking it, and hiding the trunk somewhere while we're gone."

Tag stood up. "Wait, you mean we're not bringing Tech?"

"We don't need the extra attention," Crimson said. "We're trying to blend in. A Turtwig wearing boots, a Squirtle with a scope, and a Chimchar with a Bat doesn't exactly scream 'We belong here'."

The two nodded in understanding. Crimson went on, "Okay, a couple other things. If you find food, take it with you. If you find berries, take them with you. If you find anything interesting, be it a TM or Wonder Orb or something, take it with you. Bring it back here at the end of your journey." He turned to Team Justice, "I guess you guys can find food for yourselves. It's up to you whether you want to give us the stuff you find or keep it for yourself. I don't know your guys' situation in that regard."

"One more thing. If you find Team RedEye and you see Zane with them, DO NOT ENGAGE! Come back and find the rest of us. We'll take them on together. Otherwise, approach them and see what you can find out."

Staring at the ashes of the fire pit, Crimson clapped his hands together. "Alright! Let's get a move on!"

And the seven Pokemon gathered necessary supplies, put away the Tech, hid the locked trunk, and split up in their respective parties to find Team RedEye.

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The man replied "Nah man, just sayin’ hi.”

An eye brown lifted up, as he say him reaching out for a hand, and introduced himself stating his name to be radegast. He reached his hand out towards his, and shook his hand "The names grimsley, former member of the elite four" He says, as he let go.

The man named radegast had mentioned the fight between him, and the little girl. He had reminsce the battle that they had, and felt through his hair, and replied back. "Yeah I'm pretty sure that anyone who was on this island had seen the fight, it wasn't that hard to see." He says.

"I wished I had won that, but everyone sure isn't victorious all the time, so I'll accept the lost that I recived for this time, but I garentee you that I won't lose again. I swear it on my title" He says proudly, with his hand forming a fist, and placing it on his chest.

Grimsley looked slightly from his right side, he had an uneasy feeling that someone is spying on him, the atmosphere didn't feel the same, soon as the man left he waved a good bye.

Grimsley grabbed one of his pokeballs, and looked at it, to his left there was a pouch that he forgot about containing berries, not enough for the whole team, but enough. He pointed the ball straight, and then there goes darkrai floating in the air, he was surprised to see that he is still active, but his health wasn't obsolute.

He had gave him a berry that would boost half of his health, grimsley would then approach darkrai, and command it to find out what's going on in the area, and show no mercy. It nodded, and roamed around the darkness, which was the thing that interested darkrai, it is more dominant during the night.

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Touko finally came back from the mainland, giving Grimsley a death glare as she went back over to Seraphine. "Hey. Sorry about earlier. Had to go blow off some steam. After all, as your teacher I couldn't afford to have had a tantrum during lecture, but it seems you've found somebody."

She looked down and scuffed the dirt with her shoe. "My office is open until sundown today. If you need my lecture notes, or if you just want to talk, I'll be ready, okay? I want to see you succeed, after all. Enough so that I hope one day that Grimsley over there poops himself at the thought of battling you." A nasty grin went over the young woman's face as she skipped inside the main building. She had a lecture to give, after all.

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"It's OK, that battle was pretty sweet though. I couldn't look away from it, it was mesmerizing." Seraphine smiled. Grimsley got beat pretty bad there.
"My office is open until sundown today. If you need my lecture notes, or if you just want to talk, I'll be ready, okay? I want to see you succeed, after all. Enough so that I hope one day that Grimsley over there poops himself at the thought of battling you."

Seraphine looked suprised. "Oh, you mean Radegast? He was just visiting. His pokemon did help Cinder learn tail whip though. I've been trying to teach her that for weeks. But I'll definitely stop by. By the way, do you know where I can find my dorm assignments and my class schedule?" She was eager to find out where she had placed.

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Elite Four, eh? Aren't there a lot of Elite Fours? Can't be so elite if there's a lot of 'em...

Radegast stirred as the sun's rays creeped around the tree branches and cast a sliver of direct light over his eyelid. He opened the still-shaded eye to see the Operative still wide awake and standing watch. Over night, she had set up a branch to stand ramrod-straight, using well-placed strands of webbings to create a radio tower-like vantage point overlooking the outskirts of the forest. This was probably because Elder and Rage were hogging the branches up above Radegast's position. Rage was snoring, though Elder did not seem to mind.

Crystal and Suros were also asleep, though they kept quite close to Radegast.

"Sir!" Operative chirped, "It is 0850 hours! Recommend the squad has breakfast soon!"

"Hungry, eh?" Radegast chuckled as he checked his hoodie pockets, "Hm... guess we gotta forage today."

"I'm on it!" The tiny Joltik bounced on top of her tower before she scuttled down to zip into the forest. Elder's eyes slowly opened as they followed the small bug vanish into the tall grass and shadows.

"Hey!" Elder called as he hovered into the forest, "We go together!"

"I'll catch up, buddy," Radegast gestured Elder to quickly follow the Operative. He gently moved Suros onto his shoulder, prodded the Seel in the cheek, and removed the branch so he could use it to prod the Mankey awake. Not that he needed the branch, it was simply a learned habit.

The half of the branch that prodded the Mankey slumped onto the ground in splinters. "THE TIME IS NOT ZERO-EIGHT-FIFTY HOURS, IT IS ALWAYS ARMAGEDDON!" Rage roared, "I NEED NO WAKING UP FOR TRUE RAGE NEVER SLEEPS!"

"C'mon dude," Radegast beckoned, "Gotta catch up to Operative so we can forage some grub!"


"Keep it down, Rage," Suros slowly trilled, "Some of us are tryin' to sleep,"

"VERY WELL, FRIEND SUROS! I WILL MAINTAIN A FORM OF SILENCE!" Rage screeched at the top of his lungs.

Crystal chuckled as she returned to the pokeball on Radegast's belt. After all, she didn't have legs to walk through the forest with.


The Operative and Elder were further in the forest, though the ghastly left a lingering gas trail for the trainer to follow. "Operative!" Elder called, "We need to go together!"

"Apologies, sir!" The Joltik hopped remorsefully, "I am still not used to the squad practices!"

"Hey, no worries kid," Elder nudged the small bug with a malformed condensed gas hand, "You also haven't slept because you were always standing watch. Not a good routine to have either... Though if you do feel the urge to move ahead in the future, be sure to leave a trail. Good thing I left-"

He was cut off when the two of them spotted a series of bushes with a variety of delicious berries. The duo slowly approached, enamoured with the delicious sight, until Elder stopped dead in his tracks. "Something troubling, sir?" Operative barked. She also paused, though she was a couple of paces closer to the clump of bushes. They were a good couple of metres away from the good grub.

"Yes," Elder replied, "These bushes didn't grow here by accident. They hold a diverse collection of berries, and sit in a perfect U-shaped formation. Someone placed these here. We should wait for the others."

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Team One: Dobro and Domingo

"So what do you think?"

Domingo turned back toward his partner to give him a rather cynical look. "I don't want to talk about it."

"Why not?" Dobro's voice sounded a little annoyed, but Domingo was set on this.

"We're here for a reason," he told the Pangoro. "We have to back up TeaM PerSisTenCe. Even if we may not be on the front line anymore, we have to be there to be ready for anything."

Doro moved a branch out of his way. "But what if they need our help in the town or the Academy? What do we do then?"

Domingo's answer was a hundred percent certain. "We go help them."

"Yeah and what happens when the humans see us? Right now, we're the bad guys to them. They'll try to destroy us on the spot. But even worse, they'll see that TeaM PerSisTenCe is with us as well and think they're bad ones too. We take everyone down this way. Mission over."

There was a little bit of truth in those words, Domingo knew. But still..."And leaving the island is an appropriate response?"

Dobro shrugged, "We're less of a liability to them. We're out of the way. And what can we honestly do for them at this point? They're more qualified than us for the task, what with Crimson and his skills."

Domingo suddenly stopped walking, making a full one eighty degree turn to stare at Dobro with determined eyes. "I'm not leaving. I don't care what kind of predicament we might get them in by staying. I don't care what kind of skills Crimson may have. I don't even care if we end up sitting around the entire time doing nothing. They might need us. Who's gonna save them when they need someone to help? At the moment, Team RedEye isn't exactly the most reliable source until they prove themselves as not the ones doing this. That leaves us as the fallback plan. And Crimson isn't perfect. I've seen him beaten many times, way more than you have. Sure, he's smart and agile and has...well, persistence that can't be ignored. But he can be beaten. Neeko proved that one to me. So just in case, you and I have to be here to be ready for the unexpected. Because it does come, Dobro. It does."

Domingo whipped back around and continued to search the forest. The two were silent for a few minutes, gazing around for the somewhat infamous Team RedEye. They hadn't covered much of the forest, but they hadn't been looking for very long. The trees weren't that thick, but they were somewhat low hanging, enough so for it to be a constant problem for Dobro as he was constantly ducking out of the way and moving aside branches. Domingo would help clear the path for him by using his horn to slice through a couple of the branches in front, paving a way.

During one such instance, it would be Dobro that would break the silence, "Kind of a good thing you have that horn on your head."

Domingo made a noise, "You have horns all over your body. You're practically made of spikes."

Dobro raised a brow at this, "Oh really now? You think these spikes protect me from stuff? That's just my fur. I don't-"

"Shh!" Domingo cut in suddenly, dropping low to the ground. "I hear voices."

"Pokemon or human?"

"Can't tell. I don't see anyone. Sounded like a girl with a very...obedient tonality..." Much like how he was when he was moving through the Isle Defender ranks. " I hear a male. Has that mentoring kind of quality in his voice. They're talking about...berries?"

"Has to be Pokemon," Dobro decisively said.

"Humans know about berries too, y'know," Domingo reminded him. "Let's go check it out."

Team Two: Pert and Meryl

"Pert, would you stop looking down into the river?!"

"I can't help it!" Pert admitted, "It's so cool the way it just...cuts through the mountains like this. These mountains are cool!"

Meryl sighed in annoyance and motioned for his ADD brother to catch up. In all honesty, she completely agreed with him. These mountains were gorgeous, especially against the backdrop of a cloudless sky like it was this morning. If given the option, she would lounge around these mountains the entire day, just simply looking up.

But she had a job to do. She had to find Team RedEye. And she would make sure Pert understood their objective as well.

Speaking of...Meryl turned back to find Pert picking up rocks that seemed out of place, particularly the obsidian. "Pert!"

"What? I'm just looking!" Pert set the rock down and had to bound his way to where Meryl was.

"Yeah, we both are. For Team RedEye. Remember?" Meryl continued to talk while she looked around. "We won't make much progress if you keep stopping at every nook and cranny looking at things we can always come back to after we find them."

Pert sighed, "You're right. I'm sorry."

Meryl actually felt a little guilty. It felt like she was deflating his balloon of optimism with every word out of her mouth. She always wondered if she was pushing Pert away with everything she said. The least she could do is let his eyes wander towards the cool stuff just a little bit.

So she gave a nod, "That's okay. And it's alright to look around at things and point them out. Just don't stop every time you do."

Pert's eyes lit up a bit more and nodded.

They walked around the mountains a bit more. Pert would point out a cool structure or landmark every so often and the two would enjoy the moment together. Meryl even made an attempt once, pointing out a five foot deep indent in one of the mountains. It wasn't terribly interesting, but it was a start.

After a while, they realized they'd made a full circle. They had explored the mountains without any sign of Team RedEye. Meryl was slightly deflated by this, but Pert seemed chipper as ever, clapping his hands together.

"Alright, so the swamp next?"

Team Three: Crimson, Tag, and Sarik

"It was right here."

Crimson, Sarik, and Tag were just outside of the Academy. They weren't close enough to be spotted unless someone came exploring the area, but they weren't exactly out of sight of the building either. A far distance away, they could see students bustling about, training of the practice fields, studying for tests, or just hanging out with friends. Meanwhile, the three were studying their own thing: trying to figure out what Crimson saw last night.

Crimson didn't have the chance to tell them what he saw when he returned. By the time he'd gotten back, everyone was asleep. So much for worrying about me... he'd thought. But he was actually happier they were resting than anxiously waiting for him to get back. Crimson soon joined them. After they split up into their groups the following morning, Crimson had told Sarik and Tag what he saw last night as they walked, from the ending of the fight to the moving figure among the shadows. Afterward, he proceeded to show them the spot and see if they could find any clues before starting their search for Team RedEye.

"I was standing to the left of this tree," he pointed towards the lone tree on the hillside and started walking up to it as if to simulate what he did last night. Tag and Sarik patiently watched. "And I saw something move...somewhere around there." he pointed towards an area of grass not terribly far from a trail.

"You sure it wasn't the wind?" Tag asked him. Crimson gave him a knowing stare, as if he knew he was going to say that before continuing.

"I saw what I saw. The wind doesn't move like how I saw that shadow move." Crimson started surveying the area he'd just pointed out. "I'd say let's look for footprints or something."

"It was dry last night," Sarik pointed out. "You're not gonna find footprints in the grass."

"Maybe they left something," Crimson kept his hopes up as he looked. The three searched for a few minutes before coming up with empty air.

"Well there's nothing to go off of," Sarik concluded. "Whoever was sneaking around was very good at it."

"Sounds like Gova's work," Tag reasoned.

Crimson thought about it for a moment. That would be something Gova would do. It was something she was excellent at doing. Observing in secret. Sneaking around and finding out stuff. "Maybe...but let's find them first before we make that conclusion."

The other two nodded and started walking beside the trail in the tall grass. This way, if someone were to come by, they could duck down and hide. But it actually would lead them to the clue they were looking for...

"Ow!" Sarik cried out and started hopping up and down.

"You okay?" Tag turned around, a concerned look on his face. Crimson also looked in his direction.

"Yeah, I'm fine," Sarik called out irritably. "I just stepped on..." He lost his voice when he looked down, his expression of anger turning into one of curiosity, then realization. "Uh, guys. You may wanna come look at this."

Crimson and Tag both ran towards the Squirtle, Tag arriving first. "What's up? What did you find?"

"Look for yourselves," Sarik pointed down at the ground. The two looked down...and gasped at the same time.

"A Distance Communicator?" Crimson murmured, staring at the broken piece of Tech. It wasn't in too many pieces, making it recognizable.

"Yeah," Sarik nodded. "I can't believe it either."

"They must've dropped it," Tag added. "It seemed like they were in a big hurry to get out of here. But why?"

Crimson reached down and picked up the major part of the broken Tech, flipping it over to find the one thing he wished he wouldn't have...the all too familiar Magnet Symbol engraved on the back. The same symbol could be found at the base of Crimson's Power Bat, the sole of Tag's Power Boots, and the underbelly of Sarik's Power Scope.

"Crimson..." Sarik said sadly as he looked over his shoulder. "You know what this means..."

Crimson had to take a deep breath before nodding. Not that he didn't have his suspicions before, but this just about confirmed it. This was Dr. Eckels Tech...and there were only two other Pokemon besides the members of TeaM PerSisTenCe and Team Justice who had access to this Tech.

Pounce and Gova...the two members of Team RedEye.

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The Joltik hopped around, planting thin strands of electrified webbing on their three and nine-o-clock flanks. Elder pursed his ghostly lips together as his eyes examined every inch of nearby forest with his immensely critical eye.

"Flanks secure, sir!" The Joltik announced.

"I didn't ask for it," Elder stifled a laugh, "But it is good to have your bases covered. Not sure how some Electro-webbing is going to help against rock and ground-types, though."

"It will suffice as an alarm!" The Joltik replied, "Giving us ample time to scrounge as many berries as we need!"

"I am not sure that you get it," the Ghastly turned to face the small bug, "I am certain these bushes belong to someone. If we steal from these bushes, we'll be making an unnecessary enemy. That's not how we roll."

As the Operative pondered on Elder's words, an elephantine eruption of sound slew the silence like a mighty dragon. "I SMELL MANY A BERRY, OVER TOP OF YOUR TRAIL, FRIEND ELDER!" The Mankey known as Rage plowed through a collection of nearby ferns and branches. The sheer power behind this lunge sent splinters, twigs and leaves flying everywhere. "THE LORD-REGENT IS ON HIS WAY!"

"Good," Elder sighed, "Operative, hold position, please."

"Yes, sir! I apologize for running off again!"


Radegast's approach came to a pause half-way along the gas trail, for the trail itself had been blown away by a sudden gust that flowed between the trees. Suros ruffled her feathers, but remained on Radegast's shoulder.

"Well shit," Radegast chuckled as he dug his hands deeper into the pockets of his hoodie. He then heard the unmistakable trumpet-like screech of a Mankey, "Good thing Rage went ahead," he laughed, and continued strolling in the general direction of the voice.

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Team One: Dobro and Domingo

Quietly, the two reached the edge of a small clearing, Domingo in front with Dobro in the rear. They followed the voices by taking a detour to the left of the path and making a straight shot to where the voices were. Domingo feared Dobro's massive stature would give away their position, but thankfully the shrubs and trees were thick in this part of the woods, almost like someone was hiding something.


"We're close," Domingo whispered. "Keep low."

He didn't need to see the nod to know it was there.

The two reached a rather large pile of bushes, the final barrier between the forest and the clearing. The voices were more present than ever. They were in that clearing.

"If we steal from these bushes, we'll be making an unnecessary enemy. That's not how we roll." That was the mentor voice.

"Sounds like they're honorable," Domingo whispered to Dobro.


Dobro covered his ears. "Or psychotic."

"Shh," Domingo peered around the bush to see what kind of company they were listening too.

Pokemon. Two of them. A Ghastly and a Joltik. The two were talking about the berries. From the looks of it, Domingo could see who was the mentor and who was the student. The Ghastly was rather calm as he spoke while the Joltik was sharp. It seemed that neither had made the major eruption of sound in their conversation leaving a third presumable Pokemon to be the third voice. That theory proved accurate when Domingo could hear a rustle of leaves coming from behind the berry bushes. The bushes themselves were planted in a U-shape fashion, a design not proven natural in nature.

Relaxing, Domingo looked back at his partner. "It's Pokemon. A Ghastly and a Joltik. Possibly a third to be revealed."

"Should we say hello?"

Domingo thought for a moment. "Well, they did kind of prove themselves honorable. And I don't see any humans around. Why not? They might know something about Team RedEye's whereabouts."

Dobro nodded. "Then let's go."

Domingo took the lead and walked out from the bushes casually...into the Electro-webbing trap that had been laid out beforehand.

"GAH!" was the only cry Domingo could muster before tripping and falling on his side in pain, the paralysis setting in.

"Domingo! You okay?" Dobro crouched beside him. But Domingo was paralyzed and unable to respond. His twitching did prove some response that he hadn't fainted. He was weak to Electric-Types, but not so much as to be taken down in one hit. Dobro looked to where Domingo stepped and found the webbing trap. A realization hit him.

"Oh..." Dobro stared at the two Pokemon in the center, talking to them for the first time. "I'm sorry. We didn't mean to trespass. It's a nice berry farm you've got going here, though."

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Everyone flinched as a pained cry emitted from their left flank. Elder’s sharp eyes gazed in horror as the Electro-webbing paralyzed a large water-type. A Samurott dropped, twitching, but still aware of it’s surroundings.

Elder’s eyes met the Joltik’s. The Mankey, Rage, seemed petrified on the spot.

“I am so sorry,” Elder floated closer, “My friend is very paranoid.”

“Professional!” Operative corrected as she hopped on the spot.


Elder grimaced before shooting the two of them a nasty glare, “Guys, just… just let me do the talking, alright?”

Elder turned back to the Samurott- who was being tended to by another large pokemon, a large, nasty-looking bear. Elder identified it as a Dobro.

“I’m sorry. We didn’t mean to trespass. It’s a nice berry farm you’ve got going here, though.”

“Ah, well… here’s the thing, this isn’t our berry far-“

“Elder! Rage! Operative!” A distant voice emitted behind the Radegast group. The human was approaching, but was still a ways off.

“Oh hell…” Elder hissed to himself, “As I was saying, this isn’t our berry farm. I thought it was yours, in fact…”

“IF IT BELONGS TO NONE, CAN WE HELP OURSELVES TO FAIR PORTIONS?” The Mankey asked as politely as it could physically accomplish.

“No, Rage,” Elder sighed, “Actually, is there a Cheri berry in there?”

“Found one!” The Joltik hopped up and down next to Elder. The tiny bug had already picked a Cheri berry.

“I told you not to-“ Elder almost broke out laughing at the absurdity of the situation, “Ah ferget it- just feed that berry to the Samurott.”

“Elder! Your trail got blown away by wind. Keep talking, will ya, buddy?”

“I EAGERLY AWAIT FOR THE TEAM TO REUNITE!” Rage bellowed in response. Radegast, of course, would not actually understand that.

“Anyway, if you don’t own this berry farm… who does?” Elder asked as Operative carried over the Cheri Berry to offer to the other two.

Radegast continued stepping through the forest. The closer he got, the more he could start to hear his other pokemon… Specifically, he heard what sounded like a loud blast of electrical energy. They weren’t in trouble, were they?

It couldn’t be that ba-

Radegast’s next foot stepped onto the ground, and sank right through. Right before he lost his balance, his hand shot up and shoved Suros off his shoulder. As the Fletchling flapped her wings to land on the forest floor, Radegast plummeted into a hole- a pokemon-made hole. His chin bounced on the other edge of the hole, resulting in a pained yelp on his part. Good thing he kept his tongue in check.

“Shitshitshit!” Radegast cursed as the hole opened out in a well-dug cavern. “Ow! fuck the ass out of me!” he groaned as he landed on his side against the ground.

“Lord-Regent!” Suros called down from up high.

“Ugh!” Radegast groaned, “Man! This actually kinda hurts!”

“I’ll get help!”

“Suros, wait!” Radegast called, “Make sure you mark the location, buddy! Like, an ember or something!”

Crystal shot out of her pokeball. Evidently she felt the sudden impact and left the ball to investigate. She only took one look at Radegast to understand exactly what happened.

The trainer pushed himself onto a seated position. “I think I dislocated somethin- AH FUCK!”

The arm he landed on, his left arm- the one he didn’t use to push himself up- hanged limp. “Augh, shit. just need to… POP! IT… FFFFFFF-“ The trainer popped it back in with an almost expert touch. After all, he basically relied on himself for all of his travels. That still didn't stop him from tearing up from the pain. “Man, if only potions worked for humans… Actually… do they work for humans?“ Radegast gasped for breath through grit teeth.

Crystal wedged herself under Radegast’s arm. “Yeah, I guess you’re right,” Radegast unzipped his hoodie and took a little effort to get it off. His navy-blue t-shirt remained on as he tied the hoodie sleeves around his neck to create a makeshift sling. It would have to do until he visits a hospital. “Looks like it’s just you and me, Crystal,” the trainer commented as he produced a lighter from his pocket. There was enough light in the immediate chamber, but the cave branched off in smaller, darker tunnels.

“You’ll be safe with me,” Crystal promised as she eyed the tunnel entrances suspiciously. Aside from Rage, the Seel was probably the strongest member of the team in terms of raw power. She was very confident in her abilities to protect her friend.

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Team One: Dobro and Domingo

“Elder! Rage! Operative!”

Dobro heard more voices coming from further into the forest. More members to their party? If so, how many? But at least he managed to get thee names of the three present in front of him. Elder, he'd assume, was the Ghastly. Operative was presumably the hyperactive Joltik. And Rage...well that was an easy one.

“Anyway, if you don’t own this berry farm… who does?” Elder asked him.

Dobro shrugged, "Your guess is as good as mine. We're rather new to the island." The giant Pangoro looked down at the tiny Joltik, who was holding up the Cheri berry for him to take. "Um, thanks." he picked it up and examined it. This would do wonders against that paralysis Domingo had. He walked back towards the Samurott, placing the berry in his mouth. Domingo had enough motion to chew and swallow.

Rather quickly, the effects were gone. Irritably, Domingo shook his head, trying to clear his mind and focus on what just happened. "Man, paralysis sucks..." he muttered under his breath before standing up shakily and getting hit footing as well as his bearings. "I would be more angry had that damn trap not impressed me a bit." He looked at the trio of Pokemon in front of him. "Who set it up?"

Dobro looked from the ghost-type to the electric-type to the fighting-type in front of him, "Well, given the options..."

"Shut it," Domingo snapped back. Dobro could only grin at his smart-aleck remark. Domingo looked over to The Operative. "Well placement of the trap...but is it wise to set it up in an area that isn't yours? You're keeping out whoever owns these bushes." He walked closer to the group of three, making sure he stepped over the trap this time.

Dobro followed suit. "I heard more voices from behind you. How many Pokemon are in your group?"

Team Three: Crimson, Tag, and Sarik

"Zane has to be with them."

"How do you know that?"

"They wouldn't do this without him. Zane has to have them under his influence. Naturally, they're a little...we'll say skewed. But not so much as to control others to kidnap other Pokemon to...I don't even know what!"

Crimson kicked a rock out of frustration. It didn't go flying very far, but it did succeed in hurting his foot. He decided to be tough about it and ignore the pain in front of Tag and Sarik, but he couldn't help but bluster an "Ow."

Sarik continued reasoning with him. "How would he get through the portal? We were the only ones who went through it. I assumed Dr. Eckels immediately closed it afterwards."

"Zane is cunning like that. He found a way. I just know it."

A moment of silence. The three were walking towards the Academy, just in case there were more clues to be had. Their plan was to survey around the edges without actually going in the schoolyard and being noticed. Then, they would continue the search for Team RedEye.

"So how do you think he got in?"

Crimson thought for a moment, "I think he got the help of someone who could turn him invisible, maybe? Or perhaps it was Tech? Though, I don't think Dr. Eckels developed such a device."

"Hold on a moment."

This was the first time Tag spoke on the subject and Crimson and Sarik both looked at him. "What?"

"How do you know for sure that Team RedEye is to blame for this?"

Sarik gave a confused look, "What do you mean?"

Tag continued, "I mean, what plausible proof do you guys have that Gova and Pounce and possibly Zane are behind this? You found a broken Distance Communicator in front of the Academy. So what? All it says is they were here at one point and that something happened for them to lose one of their communicators. It doesn't say when they were here. For all we know, they were attacked by the ones who are doing this. They could be in trouble right now and we're here proposing the thought?"

Crimson blinked, completely taken aback by what Tag just said. Finally, he murmured, "You're right. How could we have missed that?"

"You jumped to conclusions too quickly," Tag smiled. "Which is usually what I do. Kind of cool being on the other side of the argument for once."

Crimson started laughing, "I can't believe we did that! Of course we should keep our options open!"

"Nevertheless, we should still look for them, regardless of whether they are enemies or friends." Sarik pointed out.

Crimson and Tag nodded in agreement. "Yeah, we should."

Team Two: Pert and Meryl

Meryl looked into the swamp lands from the entrance of the mountains. It wasn't that dark...just terribly wet. Already, she could feel a slight air quality difference from where she stood. It felt a bit muggy in there. But they'd already cleared the mountains and this was the only area left for the two to discover today.

Pert bounded up behind her. "So what are we waiting for?"

"I don't know...I just..." Meryl couldn't find the right words to place her feelings. She couldn't help but feel like something was wrong...there was more than a quality difference in the air now. She couldn't describe it.

"Let's go," she decided to ingore it, put on her game face, and walk straight in. After all, she wasn't the worrywart. Sarik was. Pert followed close behind, eyes to the leaves that cascaded over the two in place of the sun's rays.

The two walked on. Meryl noticed immediately that it was harder to look for things here than it was in the mountains. Besides the darkness, the trees were everywhere and everything was green. A great place for grass and water types to walk around in and not be noticed. Hard for Pounce to trot through, but easy for Gova. So she kept her eye out for Pounce rather than Gova.

"Man, this place is thick," Pert commented, squinting through the shaded forest to try and see anything out of the ordinary. "And hot."

Meryl looked over to Pert with a quizzical look. "That's not like you to complain."

Pert smiled back at her. "These plus signs on my cheek don't always represent my mood. Just that I have positive energy."
His smile grew wider as Meryl realized that was a pun and groaned.

"Jeez, we've been with each other for so long, I'm surprised you haven't used that one yet..." Meryl thought she saw something moving out of the corner of her eye. Looking that way, there was nothing but green.

"I was saving it for a good moment..." Pert stifled a laugh. "I was POSITIVE you would react that way."

Another groaner. Meryl actually looked down at the ground in shame that he knew him. "Oh my..." she sighed.

"Hey, don't be so NEGATIVE, Meryl," Pert kept 'em coming. "I'm trying to be a POSITIVE influence."

Meryl turned around fiercely. "Look, would you just-"

A sudden strike at her back made her words catch in her throat and caused her to fall forward on her knee. A sudden cry of pain from Pert told her he suffered the same fate. The two landed next to each other, catching their breath from the sudden blow. Meryl looked left...and saw a purple figure whiz past!

"GAH!" she cried out and started to move backwards. Another strike sent her back to where she was. Clutching her back in pain, she looked at Pert, who was getting up. "You okay?"

"Yeah," he responded. The two of them started to look around them as what appeared to be a purple tornado of bodies circled them. Occasionaly, a sharp thing would stick out, as if trying to reach the two. The tornado was closing in on the two. Pert stood back to back with Meryl, trying to find a gap to run through or a way to stop it.

"Meryl, Spark with me!" Pert's voice carried over the wind that was getting faster and faster as it came closer. Meryl nodded and prepared the attack. But rather than aim it forward, Pert began to sprint, holding the Spark behind him. Meryl did the same thing, her Spark meeting his. The result was a massive electrical explosion behind them, sending them flying. The force of the blast was also enough to disperse the tornado entirely, purple bodies scattering everywhere. Pert landed further up the path, rolling to land without taking damage. Meryl would've gone flying into the trees had she not grabbed one and swung around it, landing on the path as well. Spotting each other, the two ran back towards where they'd performed the attack. A charred ground from the explosion was all that awaited them. None of the purple bodies were in sight. They all must've flown into the swamp, she thought.

"You okay?" she asked with concern.

"I'm hurt, but I'll be okay. What about you?"

"I'll live," Meryl scanned the area around them, "...unfortunately. What was that?"

"Looked like a team attack," Pert noted. Meryl gave him a no duh! stare to which he shrugged. "You asked. I answered."

Sighing, Meryl continued to look around, expecting another attack. If they were able to survive the blast, so were their opponents. Her theory proved correct when Meryl saw a form emerging from the murky water. "Look!" she pointed at the creature. Pert's eyes followed and as the form started walking towards him, it clicked.

"Sableye..." Pert murmured. "But what are they doing in the swamp?"

"More importantly," Meryl saw two more shapes come up from the swamp, "Why are they attacking us?"

After a few seconds, Pert and Meryl both saw the long and arduous fight ahead of them. One by one, more and more Sableye emerged from the water, covered in green slime. Ew...

The small army of Sableye once more surrounded them. Meryl counted a total of eleven. Versus two.

Oh boy...

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“Well placement of the trap… but is it wise to set it up in an area that isn’t yours? You’re keeping out whoever owns these bushes.”

“Indeed,” Elder growled as he shot another glare at the Operative. The Joltik’s beady blue eyes glinted with mock-innocence as her mandibles clicked with an equally innocent... whistle. “We’ll get that cleared out ASAP, right Operative?”

The Joltik returned the glare, before she scuttled between the blades of grass to clear up the electro-webbing. Specifically, she absorbed the charge and rendered the webbing entirely ordinary. The trap would still slow down smaller pokemon. For a Samurott, however, the webbing wouldn't even count as a speed reduction option.

“I heard more voices from behind you. How many Pokemon are in your group?” The panda bear asked.

“Just two more, and then the Lord-Regent,” Elder replied in an unintentionally cryptic fashion, as if the Lord-Regent were so world-famous that no one would ask for elaboration. “But enough about the bushes. You seem like you’re looking for something.”

Suros hopped up and down, uncharacteristically nervous. She fired up some embers and burned a line between the hole and the nearest tree. From there, she burned a quick pattern on the tree trunk, a circle with an encompassing partially completed ellipse with pointed ends. It resembled an eye- intense as the situation Suros found herself in.

Radegast was in trouble, major trouble. He’d be fine with just Crystal, but the team is so horribly split up that it unnerved the lazy Fletchling. “Guys!” Suros called as she hopped and lightly singed leaves of grass as she hopped towards the source of the voices. “Guys we need hel-“

Suros caught sight of a Spearow wearing… was that a headband? The Spearow glanced at the Fletchling with naturally mean-looking eyes.

The Spearow crouched low behind some bushes next to other different kinds of pokemon. All of them were either flying-types or dark-types, and all of them wore these unusual headbands, and all of the visible ones turned to look at the Fletchling. This gang appeared to be waiting for an opportune moment to strike at this group in the centre of what appeared to be a bush farm.

"I thought the human and it's pokemon both fell down..." one muttered to the other.

For a good few seconds, they all stood, staring at each other in silence. Suros then flared her wings savagely and fired several embers at the gang. “I DON’T GET PAID AT ALL FOR THIS!” Suros chirped wildly as she fluttered her wings and booked it in the opposite direction. The gang erupted in cries of shock and anger, filling the forest with noise. It would soon be revealed that this particular gang was quite numerous, and had the bush farm covered on three points on the proverbial clock.

The caverns were rather impressively made. The pokemon who lived in these tunnels between the deepest roots must have been either claustrophobic, or else were closer to Radegast’s size.

A pair of wild pokemon found themselves flat against the wall, held in place by slabs of ice that clung to the walls like spider silk. Radegast limped past, led onward by the slightly glowing energies that were stored in Crystal’s powerful horn. Crystal’s eyes blazed with a focused intensity as she took point. She wouldn’t be caught dead allowing her friend to succumb to this dingy little cave.

Radegast adjusted his left arm in the sling as he limped. On top of the dislocated arm, he suffered a sprained ankle. On occasion, he and Crystal stopped so the human could sit down and massage the ankle. “Kind of a nice adventure, eh Crystal?” Radegast chimed, now that his pain subsided slightly.

Crystal didn’t respond, though her mouth did curl upwards a little. She also relaxed… only a little bit, however. She was the only capable fighter at the moment.

He stood up once more, continued down the tunnel, and found himself right back where he started. Crystal glanced up at the hole. She easily identified the mark in the dirt where Radegast’s chin dug in before the full drop.

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Team One: Dobro and Domingo

“Just two more, and then the Lord-Regent."

Dobro and Domingo looked at each other, confused. What was special about this Lord-Regent that his name was stressed like that? The two almost seemed to communicate through the mind as they heard the name.

Lord-Regent? Who or what is that? Dobro's eyes seemed to say.

I don't know if I like where this is going... Domingo's said.

The two turned back to Elder when he spoke again, “But enough about the bushes. You seem like you’re looking for something.”

Dobro's eyes lit up, remembering their objective. "Oh yeah! Have any of you seen a-"

Before he could finish, a sudden wail came from the edge of the forest followed by a variety of noises and cries, from confusion to shock to anger. Dobro and Domingo looked around Elder to see if they could pinpoint where the noise was from. It seemed to be coming from behind Rage. Dobro looked back at Elder.

"That was more than two. Is the Lord-Regent an armada of Pokemon you guys command or something?" Dobro couldn't keep the wisecracks out of his words, although his tone was deadpan and serious.

"Something's wrong here," Domingo thought out loud, glancing around the trees of the clearing, looking for anything strange. "Something's definitely wrong..."

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“That was more than two…”

“No kidding,” Elder’s face easily conveyed the confusion and concern he had for whatever the hell was happening. He heard Suros’ panicked cries. “Suros!” Elder called, “What’s happening? Where’s the Lord-Regent?”

Suros did not respond, having already retreated from the potential fight. The gang couldn't give chase, for they were busy stamping out the embers from growing into something really nasty.

“KINDLED FLAMES! TEMPERED STEEL! I NOW FEEL THE LUST FOR COMBAT! FOR FRIENDSHIP! RADEGAAAAAAST!!!!” The enraged Mankey leaped back into the bushes, bellowing an absolutely bone-chilling war cry as he began to land punches and kicks of varying kinds on the would-be ambushers.

“Rage! Wai-“ Elder sighed and burst out laughing at the absurdity of the situation. The Operative had already vanished between the grass blades to lend Rage support. Elder’s eyes narrowed to a bloodthirsty intensity as he too shifted between nearby ferns to join the fray. After all, Suros was most definitely the cause of this sudden ruckus. The malformed hands formed into harder clumps of gas and performed sucker-punches whenever the ghastly could.

In the bushes surrounding the relatively clear farm area, an utter fray was sending splinters, leaves, and wild pokemon flying. It was difficult to see how utterly the trio was defeating the would-be-attackers, but it was easy to see that every pokemon sent flying wore a headband.

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Team One: Dobro and Domingo


Team Justice could only stare in awe as the trio, one by one, charged into the forest and started fighting. Even though they were in the calmest part of the battle, it was still amazing to see the chaos happening all around them. Leaves and wood chips were flying everywhere, dust was being kicked up. The occasional attack could be seen through the treeline. And for the most part, the three were beating the many that outnumbered them.

"Shall we?" Dobro smirked and got into a ready stance.

"Let's," Domingo smiled menacingly. And the two charged into the forest to fight with their new allies.

Upon entering, Domingo used Swords Dance to boost his strength while Dobro immediately got involved, grabbing a Flying-Type out of the air and Circle Throwing it into...well he didn't see where. There was too much going on around him to even focus on a target objective.

"Look for the ones with head bands!" Domingo called out to him. Dobro nodded and slowed down a bit, putting a little more attention into looking for the bad guys rather than accidentally hitting the good guys. Meanwhile, Domingo had Waterfalled a Sneasel trying to sneak a strike in.

Dobro took a Gust from another Spearow, but him being so big, it didn't do much to him. Grinning with intimidation, he Hammer Armed the trees around him, knocking down a couple. The loud thud of each tree collapsing around him shook the ground. Dobro picked one up and kept swinging at the Spearow.

"Hey Domingo! This is my Power Bat!" Dobro laughed as he swung downward, smashing the tree into the ground. The wave of air sent from the massive BOOM! that came from Dobro's massive strike sent the Spearow flying as well.

Domingo nearly toppled over from the shock wave of that one. "Woah, buddy! Calm down with that thing!" Domingo's eyes flared up in annoyance. At least that should knock down a few of the Pokemon not flying... he thought as he suddenly found himself against a Sableye. It began with a Fury Swipe, but Domingo stopped it short with his horn on his head. He followed up with a Slash that missed to Sableye's quick dodging. Another Fury Swipe, this one aimed at Domingo's back, hit with a massive pain.

"You son of a..." Domingo headbutted the Sableye into the clearing. Revenge was sweet...

But already, Domingo could feel himself slowing down a bit. He'd taken a hit with that electric fence and theat Sableye's Fury Swipe didn't help either. He wouldn't be able to sustain many more hits like this. Domingo glanced over to Dobro, who was having a field day, dual wielding actual trees to fight his attackers with. A quick flashback brought Domingo to the first day he'd met Crimson, the day Crimson had fought against the Isle Defender's Head Trainer, Oosa...the first time. Although he wouldn't have admitted it then, he could tell Crimson was special just by the way he fought. It was unlike any Pokemon had fought before. Not with moves or attacks that he'd trained constantly on, but with the simple stuff like a regular punch every once in a while.

Or dual-wielding trees...

Yeah, a little bit of Crimson's fighting style had rubbed off on everyone who was around him and Dobro, despite knowing Crimson not nearly as long as everyone else did, was no exception. He had that kind of impact on a Pokemon.

Alright, enough memories! Back to it!

Domingo Danced with Swords once more and charged onward.

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Rocks and dirt were knocked loose, scattering across the tamped cavern floor. Something really nasty was going on outside.

“Oh jeez, they didn’t get in a brawl, did they?” Radegast chuckled, “Welp, whatever makes them happy. You know?”

Radegast plucked Crystal’s pokeball from his belt and returned the Seel to it. With his uninjured arm, Radegast threw the pokeball straight up.

It just cleared the hole before coming to a stop in mid-air and popping open. Crystal found herself outside of the hole, with Radegast still stranded down below.

“Have fun, Crystal! I’m sure Rage is having the time of his life!” Radegast called with a massive grin across his face, as if he didn’t even know his left arm was in a sling.

Crystal was reluctant to move out and assist the others. After all, Radegast was still down in the cave.

“Yo, I’ll be fine, dude!” Radegast reassured, “Go make sure Operative and the others don’t get hurt, a’ight?”

Crystal, still reluctantly, agreed to the plan and moved out. It didn’t take her long to catch a hopping, panicking Fletchling in one of her fins.

“Suros, what’s happening?”

“I ruined an ambush, the others are fighting!” Suros cheeped.

“And you’re not helping?” Crystal asked with an amused smirk.

“I got startled, a’ight?” Suros groaned. “There were like, three of them, dude.”

“Whatever you say, Suros,” Crystal laughed, “C’mon, we gotta show up Rage.”

“Man, you gotta show up Rage. I don’t need to show up anybody. How’s the Lord-Regent?”

“Later,” Crystal replied as she bounded into the fray. Stalagmites of ice began to form as she performed her own attacks

The four who were currently in the fray worked so well together. Despite the chaos, they always had each others’ backs. Once Suros finally bucked up and hopped in, their coordination held an almost… artistic quality… Like this was how they were meant to be.

Rage’s fists sent pokemon into the canopy. Crystal froze her enemies solid. Elder glided around, pricking unsuspecting prey with toxic injections. Meanwhile, Operative and Suros lent support, always watching the backs of the other three.

Amid the kicked-up dirt, dry leaves, and twigs, a true artistic expression of violence was unfolding.

Radegast, meanwhile, sat down in the middle of the cave and hummed a calming tune to himself as he massaged his ankle once more.

Soon enough, the gang was utterly overwhelmed, and began to scatter at the sight of the hot-blooded Mankey and the cold, determined Seel. Even Elder’s eyes held an intensity that seemed to signify a sort of bloodlust. They were, however, not near the pupilless blazing white eyes of Rage.

Every fern surrounding the bushes had been flattened and decimated. Spikes of glass-like ice pierced trees or encased helpless opponents in an icy prison.

“Well, that felt good,” Elder quipped.

“AGREED, FRIEND ELDER! THEY STOOD NO CHANCE BEFORE OUR MIGHT!” Rage blasted at the top of his lungs as he pounded his chest ferociously.