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"Lord-Regent" Radegast the Trainer

"Yeah well that's just, like, your opinion, man."

0 · 4,189 views · located in Unova Wilderness

a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by HolyJunkie


Image Image "Lord-Regent" Radegast Rondo "Dreads" Reginald is a plain, and very laid-back sixteen-year-old dude, who is very friendly with nature. Though he’s not a stoner, his demeanour would make one mistake otherwise. His chill attitude is only betrayed by the variety of pokemon he has gathered together in a single team. Due to a less than ideal childhood, he's learned that he doesn’t much like to fight. That being said, he would not hesitate to do so to help his friends. He does not find it fitting to be referred to as a "trainer", but in this world, avoiding labels can't be helped. He is humble to a fault, with an astonishingly low opinion on his own worth in the world, but he also does not allow that to bring him down. This low opinion on his worth, coupled with his long time in the wild, has made him very unused to interaction with humans. He greatly values the concept of freedom, and believes that everyone should have the freedom to do what they want. That being said, he is also against anyone who threatens the freedom of himself and others.

He is quick to encourage and trust in others forging their own path, developing their own strength, even if they are strangers.

Radegast is an especially strange boy. An obscenely chill person, yet his friends have, despite the boy's peaceful nature, been raised and trained to be incredibly effective combatants. (Mostly by their own efforts, rather than Radegast's.) Their collective power only pales in comparison to their collectively burning loyalty. Despite holding to no long-term goals in life, there must be something about this boy that commands the respect of vicious and lazy creatures such as RAGE and Suros.

The human stands at about 5'7", and is slightly pudgy in his mid-section. His arms and legs have a build that implies that he has done climbing, hiking, and a lot of hand-to-hand fighting throughout his journeys, despite the girth. His brown hair goes out in thick dreadlocks, and his eyes are a deep ocean blue. He has scars over most of his body. The most prominent are the claw marks across his chest, the scars on his knuckles, and an acid burn on his right shoulder. The Acid burn vaguely resembles the number 3.

Due to a makeover, his naturally brown dreadlocks are currently blonde, and tied into a traditional-style Alolan braid. His blue eyes are turned green due to contact lenses.

He has survived in the wild for six years now, and as such has keen survival skills rivalled only by those who have survived the wilderness more than he has. He is skilled with wood carving, and is very knowledgable about shelters, building his own tools, and identifying good plants from poisons. He also developed a resistance to most toxins and the like, mainly because he's often too lazy to set up any shelters for himself beyond a campfire. He does not carry many utensils, oftentimes he builds them on the fly using materials he and his friends find in the wild. The others of his team are particularly skilled in building survival equipment as well. In fact, building such things is the only real "training" Radegast ever gave them. Due to his heritage, he is able to intimidate through his "Reginald" side, where his commanding voice could influence wild strangers to at least consider his "suggestions". He prefers not to use that voice.

Once upon a time, was a member of Team Skull under the gangsta name "Dreads".

Recently nearly killed, returned to life by the King of Depths, but has since taken on the form of a Gallade. While he does look pretty typical for a Gallade, aspects of his original body have carried over, such as his dreadlocks, his build, his scars, and his blue eyes. Additionally, his arms contain a kelp-like pattern that wraps around before meeting an end at the tip of the elbow blades. He also wears the Limiter- a glassy black gauntlet- over his right hand.

Level: 64
Abilities: Steadfast, Justified. Also has Stamina, due to his long travels.
-Close Combat - As a natural fighter, he's boosted his brawling potential by improving the precision of otherwise wild attacks. However, this still cuts on his Defense and Sp.Def.
-Calm Mind - He meditates, as taught by Vorpal. This boosts his psychic output and hardiness. (Sp.Att and Sp.Def) Also used to keep control on his power.
-Swords Dance - An exercise form with a blade in hand. This hones his ability with the blade. (Att raised sharply)
-Heal Pulse - Taught by a Gardevoir in Kalos. By tapping into his own healing factor, he boosts that of his own, and shares it psychically to anyone and anything within a radius. However, he needs a few precious seconds in order to perform it, and it heals without discrimination.
-"Elemental Edge" - The principles of Psycho Cut, but he is learning to apply different types of energy into the blades. All variants are considered Physical, but they can be launched a short distance before dissipating. Current blades unlocked:
>Slash (Normal) - The Normal-type edge, no added energies.
>Psycho Cut (Psychic) - The basic Psychic blade. Focuses psychic energy into his blade and unleashes it either as a melee attack, or up to two metres away.
>Leaf Blade (Grass) - By pulling photons out in a similar fashion to Grass-type pokemon, he can convert the Psycho Cut into a Leaf Blade.

Other abilities:
-Improved metabolism: Allows him to heal from most wounds with relative ease. It's not exactly a Wolverine-style healing factor, but a dislocated shoulder would heal fully within a day if set back in properly. Thanks to his Gallade form, the healing factor is somewhat improved, especially when it comes to the usage of berries and potions.
-Mind Probe: The bread and butter of all Psychic-types, typically used to project thoughts and read minds. Projecting thoughts allows him to speak either aloud, or sending messages directly to another mind. The effectiveness of mind-reading depends on the user's mental strength against the target's mental strength.
-Leg Boost: By focusing energy into his legs, Radegast can dart forward at great speeds, and even use said bursts to take off in great leaps.
-Enhanced agility: Through training with Janine, he is particularly agile, and finally has the training required for parkour maneuvers.
-Sword & Shield training

FUSION: The Reginald Coat of Arms- due to its unique nature- can fuse with Radegast to bolster both of their combat abilities.
Current fusion output: 12%
Fusion grants +1 to Attack, and Defense. As output increases, their power increases.
The Graveller Tribe Suit grants the "Fur Coat" effect, where physical damage is halved.

X1 Cap, given to him by Uncle Tarma.
X1 Black leather jacket with purple sleeves. On the back is a design depicting a stylized Skorupi.
X1 black thermal undershirt
X2 T-shirts, one black one light grey
X2 navy blue cargo pants, slightly thicker material to take a beating while maintaining mobility.
Socks and Underwear
X1 pair of Light Steel-toed boots
X1 backpack, single sling.
X2 bandanas
X1 Leg satchel
X1 Pokemon trainer's belt, with pokeball latches.

The Limiter - A gauntlet made from a prismatic material, gifted to Radegast by Floyd the Necrozma. Allows safe fusion with Reginald the Aegislash, at the cost of raw power output. The prism adapts to the growing power of the wearer.
The Graveller Tribe Suit - A suit of padding and plates made by an old tribe of Geodude, Graveller, and Golem, when they used to have a human tribe among them. While it is very traditional, it was designed with form and function in mind. The Suit was created to allow a human to stand closer to even footing against powerful Fighting-types. It halves physical damage against him when worn.
The Galladite and Keystone - Small stones used in Mega Evolution. Currently unusable until the technique for Mega Evolution is figured out.

Basic Badge
Toxic Badge
Insect Badge
Bolt Badge
Quake Badge
Jet Badge

1,020 Pokke

X5 Potions
X4 Super Potions
X4 Full Heals
X2 Fresh Water
X2 Lemonade

X8 Pecha Berries
X2 Oran Berries
X5 Sitrus Berries
x1 Leppa Berry
x3 Cheri Berry
x3 Chesto Berry
x3 Rawst Berry
x5 Persim Berry

X1 Escape Rope

5 Modified Pokeballs
1 Modified Premiere Ball

HM Cut
HM Surf
TM Toxic
TM Earthquake
TM Dig
TM Rock Slide
TM Aerial Ace
TM Venoshock - Given by Roxie
TM Struggle Bug - Given by Burgh
TM Volt Switch - Given by Elesa
TM Bulldoze - Given by Clay
TM Acrobatics - Given by Skyla

Amulet Coin
Smoke Ball
Swiss Army Knife - Any traveller needs one.
Phone with Camera - Unlocked, waterproof, hardy and tough. No SIM card.
First-aid kit - Rudimentary, currently holds a half-empty bottle of painkillers. Empty containers have been restocked with medicinal herbs. Fortunately, Operative's silk makes a fine field dressing.
Assorted toiletries - Duh
Go-Goggles - Graded for water and sandstorms. Got them after meeting Crystal.
Meditation Balls - Two small steel balls used to exercise fingers. Helps him build focus and train his Psychic potential.
Harmonica frame
Folding Guitar from Roxie

Galladite - Required for Mega-Evolution. Permanently set in the back of the Limiter.
Keystone- Also required for Mega Evolution. Set in a bracelet on Radegast's left arm.

Folding Bike - purple
Notebook - Taken from the Man in the Weird Suit
Mysterious Disk 1 - Taken from Leopold, the Man in the Weird Suit, of Reservoir Group
Mysterious Disk 2 - Labeled "PROJECT SIREN", stolen from the hijacked Team Trebuchet's stealth airplane.

THE TEAM: (with the exception of Chrome, who's at level 1, every member has level 5 affection.)

Elder the Gengar (ghost-poison) LEVEL 46
The only one who has any self-awareness and a sense of humour. Also the wisest of the bunch, hence the name. He always has an eye for spotting weakness and determining exploits or improvements upon those weaknesses. Very willing to fight dirty for the survival of his team. He also prefers to stay out of his pokeball so he can study opponents to determine weaknesses. With that self-awareness, as he evolves, Elder becomes more and more sinister and prone to jokes and pranks.
In his previous life, he was a Toxicroak scholar, who was exiled for taking interest in dangerous ideas.
He has a scar over his right eye from the Houndour and Houndoom pack. Now long-faded with only the most subtle of evidence remaining.
Met Radegast in a forest, where they escaped a pack of Houndour and Houndoom together. Evolved to Haunter after an encounter on the PTA Island. Evolved to Gengar to save Radegast from a drop down a cliff.
Reason for Loyalty: They're two peas in a pod.
Abilities: Levitate and Shadow Tag, Also can vanish into any shadow, and go into a mist form like all ghosts.
Current Moveset:
-Toxic: Manifests as a putrid dark cloud. Combination with Poison Gas grants range and area of effect.-
-Lick: Using a particular poisonous saliva indigenous to the Ghastly family, it inflicts a powerful paralysis.
-Confuse Ray: Manifests as a quick flash of blinding light. A split-second of blindness, followed by hallucinogenic vision for the victim- thus inflicting confusion.
-Dark Pulse: A pulse of Dark Energy. Slower, but much more powerful.
-Venoshock: A deadly jab that dispenses deadlier punch when the target is already poisoned.
-Hypnosis: Utilizing the hallucinogenic nature of his Confuse Ray, instead flashes a series of colours that puts the target to sleep.
Hold Item:

Crystal the Dewgong (water-ice) LEVEL 46
She’s a professional, very no-nonsense, but also very normal. She doesn’t call too much attention to herself, but her water and ice abilities make her practically the most powerful on the team, not including Suros. She sees RAGE as a rival for raw power. Evolved to Dewgong in the Castelia Sewers to have the power to freeze an ocean breach.
Saved by Radegast during a storm off a tropical island.
Her eyes darken to pits when ready to fight. Is otherwise normal for a wild Dewgong.
Reason for Loyalty: Radegast has lived up to his promise.
Abilities: Thick Fat and Ice Body. She can also levitate.
Current Moveset:
-Ice Beam: A beam of "anti-thermal energy", that rapidly absorbs all heat within the target, potentially freezing them solid. The science of it is beyond me.
-Icy Wind: Manifests as a bone-chilling wind. If heavily focused, it can form solid ice. She uses this to build walls or platforms if the group needs such things.
-Headbutt: A headbutt... Though the pain delivered is amplified by her horn.
-Aqua Jet: Manifests as a laser of water, only instead of piercing power, it holds great punching power. Inflicts intense knockback against victims.
-Rest: Falls asleep, boosting her regenerative abilities on an immeasurable scale.
Hold Item:

Suros the Talonflame (fire-flying) LEVEL 63
A very lazy bird. So lazy that she often prefers not to fly. This laziness clashes with her otherwise undying loyalty to her trainer. Her loyalty is more out of her similarities to Radegast. When she does kick the lazy habit, she's absolutely terrifying.
Met Radegast on a random path, where they became friends in almost an instant. Evolved into a Fletchinder more out of necessity, when she knew she needed speed in order to handle a huge mob of Psychic Rebellion mooks. Evolved to a Talonflame when she became sick and tired of the Psychic Rebellion refusing to "Live and Let Live". Now she's keen on destroying all of them if she gets the chance. Her fury has been unleashed, and the laziness has taken a back seat.
Her plumage is in perfect shape, for no one has ever managed to scar her.
Once had two brothers, Omolon and Hakkë. Both were murdered by Demonbreath.
Long ago, she slew a Dragonite known as Demonbreath. This has made her name, "Demonslayer" a legend among wild Pokemon. She prefers to avoid revealing that she is the Demonslayer, however. She would rather hang out with Radegast and the others.
Defeated RAGE effortlessly once upon a time.
Reason for Loyalty: It's more like a one-sided love on top of a mutual friendship.
Abilities: Flame Body and Gale Wings. Roosting comes naturally due to her laziness, making "healing during downtime" a rather unique ability.
Current Moveset:
-Peck: A savage jab, stab, slash, or any kind of attack using her hardened beak.
-Growl: An uncharacteristically savage rumble that renders would-be-attackers very unnerved.
-Roost: She might as well always do this, meaning she's always in tip-top condition when she ever does decide to join the fray.
-Sand Attack: Using a combination of her talons and wings, sends any dirt or sand flying in the face of her opponents within a cone.
-Flamethrower: Her flames are back in business, woe to the poor soul who is struck by a blast of this fire.
-Aerial Ace: A savage and deadly accurate flying slash with her talons or beak.
Hold Item:

RAGE the Primeape (fighting) LEVEL 46
He carries the rage of a thousand ancient evils. His rage is unparalleled even by Mankey standards, and is an incredibly powerful opponent. An immensely large ham, who is oblivious to most every concept except for fighting.
Met Radegast out on a random trail, where Rage had been exiled by his clan for being too violent and strong. He lost to Suros, and considers it his biggest shame next to losing out on the last rice ball to the Operative. Evolved to Primeape during a fight in the first Unova Gym.
His eyes are sunken like the pits of hell, but the irises blaze with infinite fire.
Reason for Loyalty: He sees Radegast for who he is, and greatly respects the ideals the human holds to.
Abilities: Anger Point and Defiant, also Sturdy due to his infinite fury. Attacking him only makes him more angry and stronger.
Current Moveset:
-Cross Chop: MY BARE HAND HOLDS AN IMMEASURABLE POWER!!!!!! (any standard strike with his fists counts as this)
-Low Kick: THE BIGGER THEY ARE, THE HARDER THEY FALL! GET ON MY LEVEL!!!! (any standard strike with his legs counts as this)
Hold Item:

“Operative Galvantula” (electric-bug) LEVEL 46
A true professional, a black-ops soldier to the core… At least, she fancies herself as one. Her demeanour is heavily inspired by a Pokemon Mystery TV show she used to watch while hiding in a human facility, called "Tracy the Tracker". Very pretentious, and willing to cut corners, but would pull her weight in the moment of truth. She gets along very well with Elder, as they are both very technique and tactics-focused.
Met Radegast in the lower levels of a dam, where they took on a mad Ursaring together. Evolved into Galvantula thanks to a super-charging during an encounter with a Raikou.
No unique markings or mannerisms, very much an ordinary Galvantula.
Reason for Loyalty: Great respect as a compassionate warrior.
Abilities: Compound Eyes, Unnerve and Swarm. Her legs allow her incredible jumping and climbing capabilities, and translates to a natural +1 to evasion.
Current Moveset:
-Electroweb: Manifests as an electrically charged string shot. Inflicts paralysis on those caught in the webbing. When the charge is spent, it becomes ordinary String Shot.
-String Shot: Manifests as uncharged silk produced by the Joltik's natural bodily function.
-Bug Bite: A fierce, piercing bite.
-Thunder Wave: It's a Thunder Wave... I mean, come on...
-Struggle Bug: It's Struggle Bug.
-Cut: A savage slash with a mandible or claw. Able to slice through trees with a single swipe.
Hold Item:

Chrome the Metagross (psychic-steel) LEVEL 42
A selfish creature with care only for it's own survival. Quite intelligent, and a quick thinker in a combat scenario, but narrow-minded in it's preference to stay away from humans. It is aware of it's covetable "shiny shell", and has been chased by many a trainer for the prized shiny quality. It finds difficulty in trusting others, but currently sees that a laid-back human would make a perfect cover to keep the other trainers away. Unfortunately, it sees Radegast only as a means to an end. Met Radegast on the trail to Virbank. Evolved during the Gym Challenge at Nimbasa, where it faced against Leader Elesa.
Is shiny, with a silver shell and golden claws.
Reason for Loyalty: Self-serving. Hanging with a human keeps other humans away. However, Chrome sees that Radegast is not like other humans.
Abilities: Clear Body and Light Metal. It is capable of speaking the human language through magnetic telepathy.
Current Moveset:
-Headbutt: It hovers using consistent psychic/magnetic energy that it controls like second-nature. This second-nature can be interrupted if it is startled.
-Metal Claw: Obviously, a metallic claw.
-Take-Down: Very similar to Headbutt, only this also has a different goal. The knockback does not affect the solid structure of the Beldum as much as most other pokemon that use Take-Down.
-Zen Headbutt: A psychic-charged headbutt, and it's most powerful attack at the moment.
-Rock Slide: Using psychic energy, throws rocks
-Earthquake: ... What the heck do you think it is?
Hold Item:

Roxie the Gym Leader
The Pokken Club
Crimson and other Wildlings of the Crimson Guild
Touko the Champion
Lukas the reigning Alolan Champion - currently captured by Regicide Crew.
Hau the Challenger
Team Reskull
The King of the Depths - As well as the other leaders of the Seven Clans of the Ocean Floor. Although they have since disowned Radegast's friendship due to his unexpected, abominable form.
The Golem Tribe - Learned about their culture, partook in an ancient tradition, where he proved a worthy friend.
Absolute the Articuno - And the Ice-type pokemon of Crystal's home island.
The Treehouse - AKA The Lord-Regent's Villa. Home of a group of Pokemon who run the place in the Lord-Regent's absence.
Reginald the Aegislash - Despite the Coat of Arms' robotic, monotone demeanour, as well as the complicated rift between the family, "Reggie" values the safety of all who bear the Reginald name above even it's own. It would slaughter those who dare threaten the lives of the Reginalds, whether without, or even against the command of the standing Patriarch. It is less a Pokemon, and more a Stand. Having been around since the beginning of the family line, it is obscenely powerful, incredibly experienced, and is dangerous even to Legendaries. Is now currently protecting Radegast.
The Mad Ursaring - Tormented into madness by the Man in the Weird Suit. Successfully rehabilitated and returned to the wilds of Johto.

The Reservoir Group - A band of mercenary trainers, doing jobs for a paycheck. Usually criminal activity. Once led by Leopold, the Man in the Weird Suit- who was defeated at the Lake of Rage and left in the hands of the Mad Ursaring. Leopold's fate is currently unknown.
Team Trebuchet - Currently in disarray, with many members arrested by the Police. The big names, however, have managed to escape, and currently plan to regain momentum, funding, and their members.
The Regicide Crew - A section of Team Aqua dedicated to deep-sea research/conquest, has had many a run-in with the Seven Clans of the Ocean Floor, as well as Absolute the Articuno. Currently has captured a Necrozma, as well as Demonbreath.
Steelfist - Rage's rival, and ex-chieftain, crippled by Suros, but still lives. Holds a seething hatred for Radegast, Suros, and especially Rage.
Weyloran - Sister of Felwinter, blames Suros for the death of Felwinter.
Bretomart - The Bellows, The Demonbreath- a powerful Dragonite who once terrorized a region. Slain by Suros, but resurrected and now enslaved by the Regicide Crew
The Reginald Family - His family are "enemies" due to a clash of ideologies. Only Tarma seems to understand Radegast's motives, even if leaving has caused nothing but trouble.
School bullies - Many of them hold a grudge into their adolescence. Who knows where they may emerge.
Marcus Reginald's Palkia - Don't ask.
The Psychic Rebellion - Though Radegast doesn't even know what that is.

??? - Suros slays a powerful Dragonite known as The Bellows, or "Demonbreath".
Year 1, Day 1 - Escaped Reginald household, met Elder, outwitted and escaped a Houndoom pack
Year 1, Month 1 - Saved the life of the King of Depths, Named "Lord-Regent" and "Friend to All Skrelp"
Year 1, Month 8 - Saved the life of the King of Depths, made an enemy of the Regicide Crew
Year 1, Month 9 - Met Suros on the path. Nothing unusual happened.
Year 1, Month 12 - Met Rage on another path. Everything unusual happened.
Year 2, Month 11 - Faced Steelfist's tribe. Steelfist crippled.
Year 2, Month 12 - Met Golem Tribe, faced trial of combat of the Ancient Human Armour currently held by the Golem Tribe, Rage's loyalty cemented.
Year 3, Month 1 - Met Crystal after a shipwreck. Stranded on an island
Year 3, Month 2 - Meets Absolute, strikes up the Surf deal. Escaped Island, arrived in Hoenn
Year 3, Month 5 - Decimated unknown Hoenn criminal organization, sabotaged Project Siren and saved nameless Meloetta.
Year 3, Month 6 - Acquired Bike Coupon in an event known as The Doc Holiday Story, where he vanished to Alola alongside a Porygon.
Year 3, Month 8 - Joined Team Skull
Year 4, Month 9 - Broke up with Team Skull
Year 5, Month 3 - Decimated unknown criminal organization at the Dam, met Operative. Man in the Weird Suit crippled, Mad Ursaring faces rehab.
Year 5, Month ??? - The Heist of Reginald Estate
Year 5, Month 11 & 12 - First contact with Psychic Rebellion. Gym Challenge begins. Multiple friends evolve. Met Chrome. Family discovers his whereabouts.
Year 6, Month 1 - Sixteenth Birthday, Gym Challenge #4. Chrome evolves to Metang. Elder evolves to Gengar. Gym Challenge #5. Second contact with Psychic Rebellion. Acquires HM Surf after three years almost to the day. Acquires Reginald Coat of Arms from Tarma. Gym Challenge #6, kept promise to Absolute, Crystal's loyalty cemented.
Year 6, Month 2 - Vanished once more to Alola, meets the Treehouse caretakers, and Alolan Champion. Meets OG Lee and reconnects with Team Reskull. Encounter with anti-Skull extremists, and assists Lukas in investigating a mysterious heist. Falls in battle after an unexpected battle with the Regicide Crew, and is reincarnated with the sacrifice of the King of Depths. Now currently is reincarnated as a Gallade.
Year 6, Month 3 - Trained with Reggie and Janine in Fuchsia City.
Year 6, Month 4 - On a quest to discover Elder's previous life. Discovered a memorial in Hoenn. Learned from Reggie about the fall of the Reginald Estate. Meets the Rehabilitated "Mad Ursaring." Sabotaged a Reservoir Group poaching operation at the Lake of Rage, including a final confrontation against Leopold, the "Man in the Weird Suit". Visited the ruins of the Reginald Estate, narrowly avoided first contact with Lucy Reginald while they were investigating what she was up to. First visit to Crimson Guild HQ.
Year 6, Month 5 - Continued training at Crimson HQ. His friends assist him and the guild by taking Rescue Team jobs, as "Team Strangers." Radegast is getting more and more dedicated to accumulating combat experience and power. Receives Galladite after a less-than-perfect job to rescue Glade, a Kirilia.
Year 6, Month 6 - Radegast and Suros head to the Tower in Shalour City to learn how to use Galladite- narrowly escapes a chance meeting with Lucy Reginald. By pure luck, Radegast and Suros manage to force Lucy to retreat. However, the Master was injured, and could not teach Radegast the secrets of Mega Evolution. However, one of the Master's Lucario pointed him in the right direction: Terminus Cave. Once there, he meets Titania- who is also in the search for key stone. After obtaining the keystone, has now been sent back to Unove in order to help with a situation involving a Shadow Diancie.

So begins...

"Lord-Regent" Radegast the Trainer's Story

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Character Portrait: "Lord-Regent" Radegast the Trainer Character Portrait: Emiko Touko Character Portrait: Crimson the Chimchar Character Portrait: Tag the Turtwig Character Portrait: Sarik the Squirtle Character Portrait: Pert the Plusle
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Touko recoiled in shock as the Zekrom was forced to switch sides. "No! Zekrom! You have to fight it! We're friends, remember? Don't you? Buddy?" Her knees weakened as the force of the realization hit her like, well, one of Zekrom's attacks. Her eyes glanced around. That rod...that seemed pretty important. Her mind whirled with options, evaluating and discarding possibilities, picking through the various paths the battle could take, before eventually settling on something. It wasn't what her team was designed for, but here went...something.

"You...I won't let you get away with this. You made one mistake in your otherwise perfect made me fight at full power! Katsu zo! Dweller, Volcarona, let's save the world! Together!" Her aura was almost visible as a large gray-ish quadruped with magnificent forward-sweeping horns hit the field alongside a brightly colored six-winged moth, with red and white accents hovering nearby. "Dweller, use Sacred Sword! Go for that Zoroark! Volcarona, we've got to weaken Zekrom, so burn it with Will-o-Wisp!"

The Terrakion let out a battle cry before charging forward at incredible speed, ignoring the electrically charged black beast altogether in favor of the puppet master. Its horns glowed with power as it lowered its head before leaping at Zane, sweeping its head upward like a Bouffalant trying to gore an unfortunate antagonist. Meanwhile, the moth's job was to make the fight against the recently converted legendary dragon easier for the rest of the team, summoning balls of ghostly fire and hurling them at its rather large target to not only cause damage over time, but weaken its brutally strong physical assaults.

I wonder what Iris is doing right now. I need to see her about taking the Unova championship back...better for me to take it from Alder than for him to retire and leave the seat open.

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Character Portrait: "Lord-Regent" Radegast the Trainer Character Portrait: Emiko Touko Character Portrait: Crimson the Chimchar Character Portrait: Tag the Turtwig Character Portrait: Sarik the Squirtle Character Portrait: Pert the Plusle
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Zane simply smirked as Touko brought out the Terrakion and Volcarona. Things were going well, all things considered. Maybe not exactly to plan, but he could improvise. Zane looked to the Zekrom expectantly, "Try not to overexert yourself. But please do take out that thing?" Zekrom's answering roar even sounded automated, as if the amulet he wore took away all emotion. Yet something had resonated within Zekrom. Even though the Electric Dragon didn't show it, Touko's words somehow reached it. Zekrom would hold back at least somewhat.

But it didn't stop him from attacking all together. He took the Will-o-Wisp head on, then barreled forward. A Dragon Claw was the first move to come out, smashing straight into the Fire Psychic. He followed up with a Crunch, now that he was in close range and could effectively use the move Type the Volcarona was weak to. Meanwhile, Zane concentrated and flipped himself to the side, dodging the Sacred Sword. He thought quickly and imagined himself lighter than he was before. The Agility hit quickly and Zane was practically a blue when he moved.

"Gonna have to try a bit harder than that," he stopped in front of Dweller to wink before moving (or just about phasing) right behind him, wiggling his claws in front of him expectantly, waiting for Touko's next move.

"What the-"Sonya could only manage to stutter as she was suplexed into the peninsula. She felt the earth crack below her as she couldn't make a full fledged cry out in pain. Rather, it came in a barely audible wheeze as she just about slumped to the ground. By this point, Tag had appeared next to Rage.

"Well, that's one way to do it, I guess," Tag at the furious beast that stood next to him, "Well done."

The Greninja had gotten up and walked over as well, laughing coldly, "How does it feel to be bested by a move type you're resistant to?"

It was true. Her Psychic-Type made her resistant to Fighting-Type moves. And while Seismic Toss had done a lot to her, it hadn't taken her out. Not completely. That was their misfortune as Sonya struggled to get up. She had dropped the baton, losing it in the grass as she was lifted and slammed down by the Mankey. The look of pure rage was on her face as she gritted her teeth and glared daggers at the Mankey.

"A CHEAP MOVE!" she screeched, "Seismic Tossing me from behind! Learn your place! ALL OF YOU!!!" she brought her hand down.

It was a perfectly timed Future Sight on Sonya's part. Neither Gova nor Rage had seen her use it. Only Tag recognized what she was doing as the massive blob of energy plummeted from the heavens. He barely managed to escape the direct hit, yet the force of impact was enough to send him flying off to the side, hitting the barrier and sliding down. He hit the ground hard...not enough to knock him out, but enough to make it a struggle to get back up again.

Gova was not so lucky. The energy had hit her dead on and she practically suffocated under it. It was her resistance to Psychic-Types and her lack of damage thus far that kept her from being knocked out by it all together. When the dust cleared, she was flat on the ground, grimacing in pain. Pulling herself together, she was shaky getting to a standing position as well.

And as for Rage...the move would have a SEVERE impact on him. Given his natural weakness to Psychic moves, the hits he'd taken thus far, and the sheer power of Future Sight as a whole, it wouldn't be surprising if the move knocked him out entirely. Of course, there was no telling with Rage, as he seemed to pull life, energy, and determination from a hidden temple of fury somewhere in his body.

Crimson glanced at Elder as he relayed his suggestion, "I don't. But maybe this will do." He twirled the Power Bat in his hand as he set himself up for a mighty swing. The Bat itself wasn't completely charged with energy, though it did gain some from the battle with Zane's current Psychic Rebellion. Crimson figured it was worth a shot at least.

He swung forward with all his might. The jarring feeling of impact went through his arms and around his body as the Bat struck the wall, exerting what energy it had on it. The wall seemed to vibrate, the impact spot turning a bright white before the white spread out in a circle across the wall, like a water droplet on a still lake. It had a ripple effect.

But the wall didn't break. Crimson stepped back in frustration. "Hm...didn't work," he said.

Sarik was eyeing the spreading circle from the impact, "It's spreading the energy around," he observed, "See? The circle is fading into pink as it spreads. It's the wall's defense mechanism!" he turned to Crimson excitedly, "If we can blast enough energy on a single point, I think we can break it!"

Just then, Crimson looked up to see Tag smack right into the wall, sliding down in pain. It was almost like a switch was flipped within him as he could only watch Tag get up, having clearly taken a beating. He'd seen this scene in front of him before...too many times...

He would not let it happen again.

With newly found anger, Crimson stepped towards the wall, laying a constant barrage of Fire Punches on a specific point. Sarik saw what he was doing and joined him, letting loose a mighty Hydro Pump. The power the two Pokemon demonstrated on the wall was extremely impressive, but it wasn't enough.

"Elder, put your new hands to good use!" Sarik called to the Haunter.

Meanwhile, the Psychic Rebellion battled on against the seven Pokemon fighting them. While they were doing very well at fending them off so far, they would find themselves getting tired. Battle was taxing and the onslaught of Pokemon was still numerous. Pretty soon, even the most determined would succumb to the amount of energy extruded. So far, none of them had even showed signs of slowing down, not even the weakest of the group, which was Pert. But it would come. Zane had planned that part out.

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Elder nodded, grinned savagely, and readied his clawed hands much like he did when he applied Toxic to many an enemy. He thrust his hands forward repeatedly in multiple jabs, all focused on a singular point, between the attacks everyone else was throwing.

Radegast glanced at the group trying to break through the barrier. He signalled to the others that he was going to form up with the barrier-breaking crew that Elder just joined.

Crystal and the Operative were both beginning to show signs of fatigue, but Suros remained as speedy and deadly as ever. The human produced some potions and said, “Operative, form up.” The Joltik bounded back to Radegast’s side. While Suros and Crystal provided cover, Radegast applied the medicinal sprays to rejuvenate the Joltik’s fighting ability. Radegast also rubbed his hoodie sleeve against his sling to build up some static electricity for the Operative to absorb. It was not much, but the tiny Joltik appreciated the extra charge. They repeated the potion treatment for Crystal as well. “Suros, you doing okay, buddy?”

Suros slashed at the ground once more, sending another billowing cloud of sand into the faces of many an opponent. This gave her time to chirp, “Lord-Regent, I am fine if you’re fine!”

“What he means is do you need any potions?” Crystal returned.

“I know, but I’m fine! They haven’t even landed a hit on me!” Suros bragged before she returned to the fray.

“Well, nothing ever could land a hit on you,” Radegast chuckled, “Still, be careful. A’ight?”

“You got it, Lord-Regent!”

“Crystal, they’re gonna need your help with that barrier,” Radegast indicated the group sending attack after attack at the barrier.

Crystal nodded, hopped over to the group, and fired off her Aqua Jet at a location near Elder’s targeted location.

Between the Operative and Suros, the enemy was slowly, but surely gaining ground. Suros could dodge and weave all day, the enemy was simply too slow, but the Fletchinder could not attack as much as she’d like. Operative could only push the enemy back with well-placed String Shot.

If they were to break through the barrier, it had to be now. Radegast was ready to grab Crystal and leap through as soon as an opening was made. Everyone else was fast enough on land.

The blow was at full-power, but the Meowstic’s enraged monologue gave the Mankey time to raise his arms to try to block whatever came. The blob of energy slammed against Rage, tearing through his being. The attack made his cellular structure ripple and flare up in an enormous amount of pain. Rather, it brought back and amplified that pain the Mankey’s anger had previously forced himself to ignore. Rage dropped to his knees. His eyes seemed calm, almost glazed, even. A fist shot out and caught himself before he could drop forward and hit the ground. CHEAP MOVES? TELL THAT TO THE STRIKE FROM THE HEAVENS! IT MATTERS NOT, FOR NO GOD COULD EVER QUENCH THE FIRES OF RAGE!

Rage laughed a maniacal chortle. “YOUR FRUSTRATION IS LIKE A MOTHER'S NECTAR! IT TOOK THREE SUPER-EFFECTIVE MOVES ON YOUR PART TO MERELY INCAPACITATE ME! YOU ARE NO SUROS! YOU ARE TRULY WEAK! EVEN FRIEND-RADEGAST- A MERE HUMAN MORTAL- COULD DEFEAT YOU WITH HIS BARE HANDS!” Rage was defiant enough to avoid a KO entirely… but he was indeed no longer capable of fighting. Despite his fury, he learned from Elder to always retain a modicum of intelligence and control. Rage knew that he needed medical attention and quick. If only the Lord-Regent could get through that barrier. For now, however, he continued laughing, playing to the Meowstic's frustrations. She did not seem trained in the controlled usage of her own anger, unlike the Mankey. She'd probably be blinded by her own anger, left vulnerable to a clever move by the obviously more intelligent Turtwig or the Greninja.

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Come on, woman, think. You've been in tougher situations before. Touko tried to psych herself up as Volcarona was gravely wounded and Terrakion was quickly outmaneuvered. "Dweller! Rock Polish, you've got to keep that Zoroark busy! Don't let him fluster you, so corner him with Quick Attack! Volcarona, Quiver Dance, then Bug Buzz!"

Terrakion swung its head about rapidly, barely scraping the horns against its rocky hide to drastically boost its speed and be able to keep up with the suddenly more agile villain before zipping around behind Zane with speed that made it almost invisible to even a trained eye, trying to give it a powerful shove in the right direction. Its goal was to herd the Dark-type into range for Volcarona's boosted sound-based attack, which would also hit Zekrom as well for decent damage. Quiver Dance would also make the bug faster and more elusive, better able to avoid the finishing blow from the larger black dragon.

"Zekrom, it's me, your friend, Touko! You have to remember! I don't want to fight you!"

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Zane eyed the Terrakion as it used Rock Polish to make itself faster and more capable of keeping up with his own Agility. A very smart move on it's part, Zane realized as he could guess pretty accurately what was going to come next. His prediction rang true when the quick attack smashed right into him, sending him in the direction of Zekrom...right as Volcarona used Bug Buzz. Zane braced for impact as the sound waves ripped through him and Zekrom.

Touko's plan had worked exactly how she hoped it would.

But Zane was determined. Turning his own pain into anger, Zane quickly pumped himself up and stood in front of the electric dragon-type, "Zekrom can't hear you," he discouraged the brunette, a cruel sneer crossing his face, "My little shiny rock here makes sure of that!"

Zane lunged forward, going for Volcarona with Night Slash. Meanwhile, Zekrom switched targets as well, aiming for Terrakion with Draco Meteor. Zane's Agility would help him keep up with the Fire Psychic Bug while Zekrom was going to try for the ranged attack as the comets began to rain down upon Dweller.

Sonya's eyes flared up at the insult directed by the Mankey. Who did this fool think he was? A cruel laugh slipped out, but her body language radiated nothing but anger as she walking towards the struggling Pokemon.

"Really, now? The human could take me on? Too bad he sent me his worthless cousin!" Sonya unleashed a Psybeam straight at the already downed Rage, adding insult to injury. But she continued to barrage him, "Where is your human friend now, huh?!" she added another Psybeam, which would make Rage slide across the ground even further.

"ENOUGH!" Tag's own anger took control as he lunged at the Meowstic, ignoring his aches and pains. The speed Tag had as well as the suddenness of the strike was enough to catch Sonya completely off guard, causing them both to fall down in the tall grass. Tag began his own barrage once he had Sonya pinned down. "No one deserves to suffer like that!" he snarled in her face as he used any kind of damaging move he could think of to her.

But Sonya's shock on her face turned to smiles when her fingers wrapped around a familiar baton. She had kept it in the Fire-Type setting when she'd lost it and now it was time to finish what she had started before the Mankey rudely interrupted. Bringing the baton down on Tag's head, she felt the jar in her arm, the pulsing of flames exerting from the tip of the baton into Tag, and then Tag was still. Pushing the unconscious Turtwig off of her, she got up slowly and emerged from the battleground.

Gova threw a flurry of Water Shurikens in the Meowstic’s direction, to which Sonya disappeared into the tall grass once more, evading the attack. Gova snarled in disgust before deciding to cloud the area even more with Smokescreen. As the charcoal grey cloud spread, nothing moved for a moment. Everything was still. Then a flurry of attacks could be heard, the remnants of which would occasionally pop out and hit the wall. It was a fast exchange, then a loud zap, a cry of pain that was cut off, and silence once more. The clouds dissipated, Sonya standing in the middle of which. Gova was not visible from where the Meowstic stood, but she was lying on the ground, knocked out after a few hits.

“There we go…nothing a little pest control couldn’t fix,” Sonya stepped out into the short grass, turning to Rage one more, ”Now where were we?”

Before a response could be made, a loud explosion was heard behind her. Sonya whirled around to find a hole in the pink barrier she had created. How?!

The barrier had needed a further push. Crimson had evolved his flurry of punches to a continuous Flame Wheel. Sarik invoked the power of the Hydro Pump once more. Even Elder used as much power he could muster. But it just wasn’t enough trauma in one spot to break through. Panting, Crimson and Sarik stopped the onslaught they were using. Sarik was very fatigued, having used Hydro Pump more than twice that day. It had taken a lot out of him.

“We need more power!” Crimson shouted over the sound of battle roaring on around them.

The circle the group had formed around the three was closing in. There were just too many Pokemon to fight. Dobro and Domingo fought side by side, trying their best to delay the approach. Pert had long before hopped off of Pounce’s back and was backing up with everyone else. Pounce himself had stopped focusing on quips and actually started concentrating. Everyone had at least one or two attacks hit them, ignored through the adrenaline of battle. But they gave ground and the Psychic Rebellion ate it all up.

Crimson and Sarik became aware of their surroundings, noticing the steady approach of Pokemon heading towards them. It was close enough that random or deflected attacks were hitting parts of the wall and falling around the three. Crimson had to dodge to the right as a Flamethrower was sent in his direction. Sarik turned to the Chimchar, concern in his eyes as well as in his voice.


“I know,” he cut the Squirtle off, gripping his Power Bat tightly as he prepared for the worst.

A flurry of movement came from the forest, catching the eye of Crimson first before anyone. He pointed past their attackers, “Look!”

Then suddenly, wings and claws popped out of the tree line, revealing a large group of Pokemon coming out of the forest. There were a variety of types among them, but two features remained constant. For one, the majority of them had wings or was a Dark-Type of some kind. The other, a white bandana tied around each of their heads with a red sphere in the center, lines extruding from it…a familiar pattern to all the combatants there.

The Sunrise Clan had come to help.

The Psychic Rebellion turned around in confusion before getting hit with all kinds of attacks, Wing Attack, Sucker Punch, Dark Pulse…all battering around on each side. War seemed to break out as the Psychic Rebellion was now fighting on two sides, sandwiched in between. Among the Sunrise Clan’s side, a winged figure broke out from the crowd, flying over the battle and landing in the clearing with Crimson and Sarik.

“Hey,” the Murkrow grinned, “Figured you guys could use some help.” He paused as he took in Elder for the first time, remembering the fight with the Ghastly he’d been a part of a ways back…what seemed like ages ago.

“He won’t hit you unless you strike first…” Crimson reminded him before turning around to face the pink wall once more, “Which speaking of striking…you guys got enough power to help us break through?”

The Murkrow laughed, “Do we?!” He whistled, loud and piercing over the sound of fighting. Instantly, a crowd of winged Pokemon came flying over, led by a certain Starraptor.

“Peggy, can we blow a chunk into the wall?” the Murkrow asked, a knowing smile crossing his face.

“Sure, Edal,” Peggy smirked in reply, spreading her wings out. The Flying-Types behind her did the same thing, setting themselves up for a collective and powerful attack.

“Sunrise Brigade!” Peggy called, “Mass Gust!”

The wind storm that surged from the formation was incredible, throwing all sorts of energy into it. Sarik found another Hydro Pump within himself and launched it at the barrier. Crimson smirked on his own accord as he charged up another Flame Wheel.

We’re coming guys, Crimson thought as he launched his spinning self at the wall. With a final smash, he broke through. The Chimchar was the first to land on the other side as he landed feet first on the peninsula. Turning around, Crimson could already see the wall trying to form itself back together, the edges pulsing and morphing the hole down to a smaller and smaller size. Sarik leaped through it next.

“Guys, hurry!” Crimson called back to Elder and Radegast, “The hole is closing!”

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The barrier finally broke. With the constant damage around the middle area, the opening curved and split wide open. Wasting no time, Elder and Radegast (the latter of whom grabbed Crystal) vaulted into the opening, followed by the quick hops of the Operative, and the impossibly speedy flight of Suros. Mid-vault, Radegast pulled his left arm from his sling and grasped at one of the pokeballs on his belt. Ignoring the slight pull his shoulder tendons were feeling, the human swung the spherical device around and pointed it directly at Rage.

A mere instant before the Meowstic could land a finishing blow, Rage vanished in a red flash. The last thing the Meowstic saw from the Mankey was a knowing grin. Suros swooped low on the ground and sent dirt toward the Meowstic’s face. Behind the cloud of sand, A net of uncharged string shot webbing was flung through. Elder followed up the string shot by closing the distance before throwing out one more Sucker Punch, using the blinding sand as cover, and the string shot as a way to hold the target down. Three attackers, each of them angered at the treatment the Meowstic had given to their friend, and none of them were willing to fight fair.

Radegast placed Crystal back on the ground and released Rage at his side. The human crouched down and quickly produced a couple of potions. “Well-fought, O’ warrior” Radegast smirked.

Rage coughed. His whole body trembled. Any other pokemon would have succumbed to worse states from such a barrage of attacks, but Rage’s sheer stupid force of will kept him barely conscious… or rather, conscious enough to maintain his style of speech. “IT WAS NOT!!! THE CREATURE WAS WEAK AND *cough* UNDISCIPLINED! IT RELIES TOO MUCH ON TOOLS AND WEAPONS AND NOT *cough cough* ENOUGH ON IT’S CORE!! IT WAS HARDLY A CHALLENGE WORTHY OF THE INFINITE RAGE!!!!!!” The tough act was only betrayed by glazed, tired eyes, and even a little blood trickling from the corner of a mouth, hidden by thick tan fur.

“Alright, just hold still a sec.” Radegast stated seriously as he applied a couple of potions. The pain the Mankey experienced vanished quite quickly, as befitting the powerful medicinal sprays. Rage still shivered as his body began to adjust from 0.001% health to 40% health once more.

“Let’s see…” Radegast checked his bag after tossing the empty, bio-degradable bottles. “Oh dear… one Super potion left… sheeeit… I gotta get more money.”

“Well, that’s what the Gym Challenge is for,” Crystal replied as she prepared to focus some icy wind to form a couple of narrow stalagmites. “After this, I’m down for taking on some Gyms. I bet Rage would like that too."

“AND NO ONE SHALL STOP ME!!!!” Rage reached for a stalagmite with a still-trembling arm.

Radegast reached out quicker, grabbed one, and broke it off off at the base. “Take it easy, buddy. You’re one hell of a defiant guy, but you just need a little more time for the effects to take,” He stood up with the ice spear in his good hand. He twirled the spear in his hand as he ignored the Meowstic’s fate and focused on the orb that had Touko trapped in a fight… probably to the death. The human spotted a Zoroark through the pink translucent barrier. With nary a second thought, Radegast rose his good arm and flung the icicle at the barrier like a javelin. Obviously it could not pierce the barrier when the first layer took the better part of an army to break through. But the better part of an army was here now, and the sound of the ice breaking would probably call the talking Zoroark’s attention. If anything, the shattering ice would serve as some sort of split-second distraction for Touko to make use of.

If the Dark-type did turn to investigate the noise of shattering ice, he would see Radegast’s friendly grin. “What’s up, dude?” The human would then ask in that instance.

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Touko cursed under her breath as Volcarona was finally outmaneuvered and felled by the mighty Zekrom. That did little to quell her feelings of regret and anger. After all, it was her fault her whole team was going to suffer, by flying right into this trap to meet the enemy head-on. Then she swore over her breath as the fainted Sun Pokémon was returned. Kuso... That made her feel a little better.

"I'm not giving up yet! Let's do this, Juggernaut!" Out came a long-bodied, bipedal Pokémon, thick yellow scales protecting its body as it sported a pair of wicked axe blades from either side of its beaked upper jaw. The Haxorus cried out, ready to smash some skulls as it stared down the legend it had clashed against once before. Strength versus strength. Will versus will. "Juggernaut! Let's give him a Dragon Dance! Dweller..." She stopped as the icicle crashed against the barrier. Her friends were fighting for their lives out there! She had to succeed! "Dweller! Pin them down with Rock Slide!"

Another spread move that would give Zekrom and Zane something to think about while the Haxorus focused on raising its power levels, huge boulders came crashing down on the enemy's side of the battlefield even while the so-called musketeer zipped back and forth, matching the Zoroark's speed and keeping the villain in its sights, ready for any trickery that may come next.

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Sonya didn't even have time to cry out in pain. The three attacks found their mark and she crumpled under neath them. She didn't move.

As Radegast's team dealt with Rage, Crimson and Sarik looked for their two companions, "Gova! Tag!" A few moments later, they found them both in the field about thirty yards apart. Gova was still knocked out while Tag was coming to.

"You alright?" Crimson pulled Tag to his feet.

"Yeah..." Tag said before he felt a flare of pain rising up on his left side, " really."

Crimson looked at Tag with concern before digging into his pack and pulling out the Rawst Berry he had in there and giving it to him, "Here, this'll help."

Tag took it obligingly as Crimson called out to Sarik, "You got an Oran Berry for Gova, right?" Sarik nodded. Crimson turned back to the Turtwig who was slowly finding his way to a sitting position.

"Well that's one brutal agonizing pain down," he muttered. Crimson gave him his Oran Berry to which Tag took without hesitation. Crimson looked back towards the barrier they had broken a moment ago. It had reformed, blocking the way in once more. On the other side, the fight raged between the Psychic Rebellion and the Sunrise Clan, neither side giving any indication as to who was winning.

Making a full one-eighty, Crimson watched as Touko was battling Zane and...was that her Zekrom?

The icicle whizzed past Crimson's face and he followed it's trajectory as it hit the barrier with a zing! sound. That certainly didn't do near enough to break it, but it did distract Zane as he glanced that direction to see Radegast's smiling face.

Radegast's distraction couldn't have come at a better time. The Rock Slide made by Terrakion found it's way home, hitting both Zekrom and Zane. Grunting, Zane was quick to pull himself to his feet once more, noticing the Haxorus for the first time. Outside the barrier were both Crimson and his team as well as Radegast standing there...waiting to see the outcome.

Sonya had failed. And as a result, he was vastly outnumbered. Even if he managed to beat Touko, it was likely that he wouldn't have the strength to take down Radegast and Crimson.

Zane knew what he had to do. With a quick leap backwards, Zane pressed the button on the pink wristband and escaped the arena. Now on the other side, Zane turned around and made a theatrical bow towards Touko.

"I secede. These conditions are not optimal for fighting any longer. You have won." he tasted the last sentence bitterly as he went on, "But I won't be giving up the Master Blaster that easily. Sorry to break a promise, but I teeter on the edge of what I need to accomplish. Next time, try to be a little smarter and call your Pokemon back into your Pokeball when someone else has it!"

A slight pause, then Zane spoke clearly to everyone, "But know this! You all may have won this battle, but the war has only begun! I will return..." he stared at Crimson with all the menace and hate in his eyes, "And I will have my revenge."

Crimson winked at him, "Try it."

"Retreat!" his voice echoed past everyone to the fight going on at the edge of the peninsula...his followers. A rustle of grass would possibly alert anyone who heard to Sonya's position. She was carrying something huge and it was clear she had taken a massive beating. But she still managed to look back at all of them with a sneer before she jumped off the edge of the peninsula. Zane gave a small wave of his own before falling backwards off the peninsula and into the water. Only one splash was heard.

The moment the splash was made, the barriers began to come down. It took a few seconds for it to trickle down to the point where Touko and her Pokemon could step over it. Zekrom, Touko would find, was still unresponsive. As everyone else would notice if they got to the edge of the peninsula, Sonya was riding on a Lapras, away from the island. The rest of the Psychic Rebellion retreated to the forest behind them. Some of the Sunrise Clan gave chase while others stood behind and waited.

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Elder’s hands dripped in purple, poisonous essence, he had been punching throughout most of the battle and it really wore down on his relatively new appendages. Operative was tired, nearly out of static electricity to still function. She clung onto Radegast’s hoodie for most of the aftermath. She was absorbing the static electricity the human’s layers of clothes constantly accumulated by rubbing against one another. It was not much, but it was akin to a slow blood transfusion to the Joltik. Crystal, the Seel, panted heavily. Her muscles burned and ached from shooting as many Aqua Jets as Elder threw fists.

Rage was the most battered and bruised of them all. On top of that, he had been bleeding until Radegast applied first-aid. The Mankey certainly had it the worst, though he would not admit it. “RUN, COWARDS! YOU MAY SURVIVE THIS DAY, BUT YOU WILL NOT ESCAPE THE WRATH OF TEN TRILLION MALEVOLENT GODS!” Evidently, even at 40%, Rage held the aura of a bloodthirsty and immortal gladiator.

Suros, however, more served the physical description of a bloodthirsty and immortal gladiator. The Fletchinder was utterly unscathed, though her torso did expand and contract in what seemed like silent panting. Now that the battle was over, she folded her wings once more and lazily climbed up onto Radegast’s shoulder. This time, the shoulder seemed only a little too small for the bird. She was, after all, now twice her original size. In no time at all, a purring snore emitted from the now-larger bird.

Radegast slipped Rage’s pokeball back onto his belt and filled his bag back up with the supplies he had pulled out haphazardly to heal up the Mankey. “We’ll need to hit up a Pokemon centre later. Sound good, dudes?” Radegast asked.

Everyone, including the suddenly awakened Suros, nodded their approval.

“Well, sounds like we did all we could for today,” he said as the others, save Elder, formed up and hopped back into their respective pokeballs. Radegast bent down as Elder approached with essence-leaking claws. “That poison, or ectoplasm?”

“Looks like we’ll get matching scars, Lord-Regent,” the Haunter grinned as he rose both hands, “Although I doubt a ghostly body can get scarred.”

“It’s still classified,” Radegast chuckled as he imagined the Haunter was referring to the scarring on his own visible right hand. (He returned his left hand to the sling.) The human stood up and approached Touko. “Looked like some brain-washing device, if fighting your own pal meant anything.” Radegast smirked, “I’d hate to see Suros on the business end, that’s for sure… Anyway, I imagine you want to give chase, but I’d rather my friends get stronger. Where’s this first gym, exactly?”

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Touko gasped and moaned, the exhilaration overcoming her for a minute before laying eyes on Radegast. "You'll want to go to Aspertia City. My good friend Cheren runs the place. Lots of room to rock and roll out there, and a bunch of learning material as well." She sighed. "Jodan deshou...all that for him to just run away? Well, time to dismantle that big thing the hard way. Juggernaut...use Outrage on that cannon."

Maybe if Touko had studied a bit more history, she would have realized the parallels with an incident way over in Kalos some three millennia ago. As it was, the Haxorus whipped itself into a frenzy, whaling away at anything and everything he could reach to destroy the device that nearly destroyed everything. "He said he was close to his goal. Whatever it is, I bet it involves this thing...which is why I'm gonna scrap it. Zekrom, return..."

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The fight was over. Most of the Psychic Rebellion had fled the scene with nothing but the battlefield as evidence to show they were there. Most of the Sunrise Clan either gave chase or began to celebrate their victory. As for the combined efforts of TeaM PerSisTenCe, Team Justice, and Team RedEye, they were gathered around in a circle, discussing what they had just witnessed. It was clear they weren't counting this as a victory.

"So Zane was the one controlling Domingo yesterday?" a very confused Tag was asking.

Crimson nodded, "As far as I could tell, that amulet he's wearing gives him the power to control other Pokemon."

"I don't think there's any kind of stone out there that allows Pokemon to be possessed," Sarik added, "Which means it's likely tech."

"But the tech creator for the Psychic Rebellion was Br. Benson," Pert brought up, "So does that mean he's here as well?"

"I sensed the change in him the day I turned him into an Oshawott," Crimson thought, "I don't think he and Neeko are behind this. I think it's just Zane and Sonya."

"Then who's their tech maker?" Dobro sat on the ground, thinking.

"I don't know..." Crimson stared at the ground, "Unless one of them learned how to build, we have to assume it's by someone on this planet."

A loud roar cut through the conversation. Whirling around, the group realized it was Touko's Haxorus about to perform Outrage.

"Move!" Crimson shouted. No one dallied behind. The seven Pokemon dove into the treeline just as Juggernaut began decimating the landscape. Despite it's destructive power and range, it didn't hit the riding form of the Lapras. They had made a clean getaway.

When the smoke cleared, the peninsula area wasn't too much different from how it had been when the battle ended. There were already holes in the ground from attacks of all types during. All Juggernaut did was make the terrain more rugged. Relieved that Outrage had passed, Crimson and company walked back out into the open.

"Well, that question's still a mystery..." Tag thought, "But then what about the Psychic Rebellion? How have they already gotten so many members on board?"

This was another concern. It had taken months back on Mohka for the Psychic Rebellion to gather as many members as Zane and Sonya led today. And while Crimson could consider the fact that the two had been here that amount of time, he doubted it. Zane had come here for Crimson. And he knew that he entered the portal first. Given that he'd only been in this dimension about a month or two, Zane had to have come here within the past month...not enough time to gather recruits the way Neeko had. So how did he do it?

"Greetings," a voice came from above. Everyone turned to find a Hawlucha landing next to them. He wore a Sunrise Clan bandana with a unique swirly pattern in the circle of the design. Behind him was Edal the Murkrow, smiling at them.

"My name is Ray," the Hawlucha introduced, "I am the leader of the Sunrise Clan. Our member Edal here had told us of your previous encounter with us. I'd like to apologize on our behalf for the misunderstanding back there." He extended a wing to shake which Crimson did without hesitation.

"Not a problem with us," Crimson shrugged, "Thanks for swooping in and saving the day. And while I'm cool with what happened back there, I think those guys would appreciate the apology more." He pointed at Radegast's Pokemon, which were standing around with their human friend. Ray nodded.

"You're right," Ray flapped his wings and approached the Haunter to apologize. Edal hopped closer to Tag, glancing warily in their direction.

"I don't like that Mankey with them," he said, "He scares me."

"More than me?" Dobro flashed a grin. Edal recognized him as one of the Pokemon who had knocked him out earlier and squawked out of fright, jumping a good few feet back. Peggy, who had landed only moments before, caught him before he started flying away.

"Relax, Edal, he won't hurt you," Peggy told him calmly. Edal nodded, but he still shook slightly as Peggy approached them, "Hey, I'm Peggy, leader of the Sunrise Brigade!"

Crimson inclined his head as an introduction, "I'm Crimson, leader of...whatever this ragtag group of Pokemon are."

"Hey!" Pounce's voice shot out, "We ain't a part of whatever team you lead, Crimson. Team RedEye's got it's own agenda!"

"Right, Crimson called back, "And if it's not kicking your former team leader's butt into a dungeon, you're not just letting us down, but the planet as well."

That seemed to shut the Houndoom least for the next five minutes. Peggy smiled as Crimson went on, "But thanks for breaking down the barrier with us. We couldn't have done it without you."

Peggy waved him off, "Ah, it was nothing. We're just doing our job. Protecting our island from threats and dangers as well as protecting our own."

Crimson smiled back. It was what he was used to doing too...those exact words.

"Well, since you've met Ray and I...I guess you should meet the rest of the Sunrise Clan elites," Peggy went on.

Pert cocked his head, "Elites?"

"Our other leaders of certain divisions in the Sunrise Clan," the Staraptor explained as she led them to a bumbly looking Excadrill, "This is Shift. He is our base builder as well as our berry upkeep. He digs the underground tunnels we call home."

"Er...hiya!" Shift waved at them.

Peggy giggled, "He's not the smartest, but he's good at what he does." Moving on, Peggy approached a mean looking Weaville, "This is Sheena. She trains the Sunrise Clan members in ways of combat and also leads ground patrol." Sheena gave a curt nod to them.

"Kinda reminds me of Domingo," Dobro whispered.

"I was just about to say that!" Pert said.

"And here is Unix," Peggy brought them to a Dragonite. "She is the one that leads the transportation system to send our members off the island when they need to."

"Why would you need to send members off the island?" Sarik questioned curiously.

"Collecting resources, gaining intel, finding more members, and other things," Peggy listed, "How do you think we got such a lavish Berry Farm running? Not all the berries can be found here."

"So like our Dragonite Transportation System at home!" Pert happily cried.

It was Peggy's turn to cock her head in confusion. "Your Dragonite Transportation System? Where are you guys from?"

As Sarik explained the story, Tag looked at Crimson, who was deep in thought. "So," Tag sat down next to him, "What's our next move?"

Crimson looked out towards the water in the direction they'd all seen Zane leave, "We have to start a guild here."

Tag raised a brow, "The Isle Defenders?" When Crimson nodded, Tag had a lot of questions, "But what about home? Are we ever going back to Mohka?"

"Not while Zane is here, being a threat to this world," Crimson replied.

Tag thought for a moment, "I guess that makes sense, but why do we specifically need to start a guild?"

"Because the Psychic Rebellion is gaining too many members too fast. Us nine can't stop that alone. We need to start an army to fight back. The Sunrise Clan will help us on that front, but we'll need more."

"So where do we set up? Here?"

"Not just here. We do it the same way the Isle Defenders did it. We set up different locations all over to cover the place this case, the planet itself."

"And where's HQ?"

Crimson thought for a moment, "It can't be here. Zane will come running back to this island if he gets what he needs. Also, we can't endanger the humans if he does. It needs to be isolated from them." Having an idea, he turned to Unix, "Say, do you know of any place completely secluded from the humans."

Unix rubbed her chin, "Hmm...there are a lot of places like that. You talkin' about somewhere in specific?"

"Any place where we can set up a Pokemon Guild to fight against Zane," Crimson added.

"Well then it sounds like to me you're trying to reach the Pokemon Village," Unix told him, "It's a place in Kalos that is very hard to get to if you don't know your way around the Winding Woods. For humans, it's nearly impossible to navigate, but for Pokemon, it's easier because natives can give you some advice. For Flying-Types...we just fly over all the hassle and show up. Sounds like a great place to set up this...guild thing you guys got going for you."

"Sounds perfect," Crimson thanked him before calling to the Hawlucha, "Ray! I think I have a proposition for you!"

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“Welp, we’re off to get stronger,” Radegast announced, “Aspertia… Interesting…”

“What does that even mean?” Elder asked, “Is it derivative from asperity?”

Radegast shrugged as he made one last gaze to the now-distant escape Lapras. “Regardless, you’ll need to use the pokeball in order to take advantage of the Poke-centre’s machinery.” The Haunter groaned as he lazily hovered behind Radegast. “Oh, not now,” Radegast laughed, “It’ll just be a few seconds once we’re there.”

The Haunter rolled his eyes, and then noticed the Hawlucha approaching. It apologized for that encounter around the berry bushes. “It’s no problem,” Elder returned, “If anything, I should apologize we took a Cheri Berry. One of our own accidentally paralyzed an approaching Samurott with a trap…” the Haunter grimaced in embarrassment and pain as he clasped his hands together to stem the leaking of purple essense, “The Operative likes forming perimeters.”

With nothing more interesting to do, Radegast began to waltz back to Oak Town. The human could not understand any of the Pokemon around anyway. “Anyway, we’re off. Good fight, eh?” Elder chimed as he zipped back to Radegast’s side. “Next stop, a mutilation clinic.”

“It’s not so bad,” Radegast teased, somehow aware of the Haunter’s discomfort, “Though those knuckles look like they need to be looked at.”

“Yeah, you’d know the first thing about the health of your knuckles,” Elder returned with a grin. Radegast laughed, but still walked.

The two of them left the battlefield, like many they had left before. Also like before, they were scarred, battered, but very much alive and in better shape than the enemies they had faced. Rarely did the team ever have to utilize a revive, a most expensive medicine. Taking on the gym challenge would grant Radegast access to such things. He did not mind being poor. Rather, he did not dream much at all. Even as he slept under the canopies of towering trees, he was not anxious. He did not look toward the future.

Everyone else found solace in the boy’s goal-less ways. They did not make adventure, they stumbled and strolled, and happened upon events. The Man in the Weird Suit, the Houndour Pack, among others. This Meowstic with the Magic Stick looked to be an interesting addition to their resume of The Strange. A future addition to them was the Gym challenge, otherwise known as “A Goal For Once”. To start, everyone needed some health care.

Soon enough, Radegast and Elder were back in Oak Town. They stopped by the Pokemon centre, a hospital that exists in nearly every settlement of any size throughout Ruula. Each and every one of them was staffed by at least one pink-haired woman who was always named Joy.

Radegast wondered if the Joys were all cousins, or if they were all sisters. Either one made Radegast question things a fifteen-year-old boy wouldn’t question otherwise. However, he maintained his laid-back composure as he approached the counter. The Chansey and Elder exchanged glances. The Chansey in particular noted the leaking purple. Elder shuddered as Radegast pulled each pokeball from his belt. Reluctantly, Elder entered his own, right before Radegast pulled that out and handed it to the nurse.

Joy slipped each pokeball into a slot on a machine set next to her and the Chansey. Radegast eyed the machine with keen interest as it whirred to life and emitted unusual rays absorbing into the pokeballs.

“Odd,” the Nurse hummed.

“What’s up?” Radegast asked.

“A short time after that laser in the sky, you come by with a team of injured pokemon,” she replied with strangely happy suspicion.

“A team of injured friends,” Radegast corrected.

“Did you have something to do with that laser?”

Radegast shrugged, “All I know is the laser was stopped.”

Joy’s lips pursed in disapproval, “Keeping your adventures to yourself?”

“Nothing worth telling yet,” Radegast replied, “Plus it would give my buddies big heads.” Few things ruined a friendship more than unchecked ego.

Joy hummed thoughtfully, “You should let them have their victories once in a while, young man.”

Radegast shrugged. One day, when they were old, maybe legendary.

“How is that shoulder, by the way?”

“A lot better now,” Radegast always had a slightly fast healing ability. He still eyed the machine, as if his eyes could see through the sterile hospital plating and view the incredibly complex circuitry and machinery housed within.

Eventually, the machine whimpered to a halt, and Nurse Joy began extracting the pokeballs. No sooner had she handed Radegast the first one did Elder pop out of one of the other balls. “By Arceius, it’s still terrible.”

Radegast laughed, harder especially when Nurse Joy flinched and fell backward. The Chansey was quick to catch Nurse Joy and shot the Haunter a glare as poisonous as Elder’s own attack.

“Sorry about that,” Radegast placed his hand on Elder’s forehead and pushed the Haunter away before he could do anything rash. Elder, however, returned a raspberry. “Hey, that ain’t cool dude,”

“Apologies, Lord-Regent,” Elder replied calmly. He then turned to the Chansey and Nurse Joy, “I’m sorry I find your human technologies wretched and uncomfortable.”

The Haunter zipped out the door before the Chansey could ready a single Egg Bomb, laughing as he went. Radegast waved with as polite a smile as he could muster and followed suit.

“Alright,” Radegast said as he caught up to Elder’s sniggering form, rolling on the stone street. “We’re off to Asperity… Asper… Who comes up with these names?”

Elder wiped his eyes as if there were invisible tears. “Aspertia,” he corrected.

“If that’s a correction, I didn’t understand it,” Radegast hummed. Elder shrugged. Radegast continued, “Still, that means we’re taking the boat.” Elder groaned even louder than before. “Well, that was pretty mean of you to do to Nurse Joy,” Radegast said, “Consider it payment for that… What?”

Elder was chuckling some more. “It wasn’t funny,” Radegast said.

“Then why are you smiling?” Elder asked.

Radegast’s face twitched, but his smirk could not fade even if he tried. “Anyway… Felucia… Asperger… Aspertia, that’s it!”

“Well done, Lord-Regent,” Elder chuckled, “Your human schools have done well to sharpen your mind… five years ago…”

They made their way to the boats. Despite Elder’s annoyance, the Haunter did return to the pokeball momentarily. They boarded a boat meant to bring them to Aspertia, or at least close to it. Radegast and his friends took their first steps toward the Gym challenge.

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Radegast turned his shoulder lightly. After several days walk and rest, he no longer needed the sling. The strap of cloth was now wrapped around his head like a makeshift hood. He had been walking through thick rain and wood since disembarking. By the time he arrived, his legs ached. “Man, that was a long walk.”

“Lord-Regent,” Elder called as he swooped down from the heavily dripping canopies above, “There’s a human city up ahead, at the foot of a mountain. Looks like one more hour walking.” He held up one clawed finger.”

“An hour?” Radegast asked, to Elder’s nod, “Thanks bud. I owe you a lemonade.”

“Heh… You must be tired if you’re saying that,”

Radegast hopped in place to get the blood pumping. “Welp, I’ll have plenty of time to rest when I’m there. Let’s make that half an hour,” The human then broke into a jog. The Haunter hovered at the human’s side. The human jogged with low strides to avoid slipping. He avoided puddles and patches of mud. He kept on the grass, weaving between the trees of the forest. The Haunter kept an always-critical eye out for a potential ambush.

Their trip was uneventful, and the human arrived at the gate to Aspertia. His cargo pants, shoes, and part of his blue hoodie were utterly soaken wet. His hat had a steady trickle of collected rainwater, constantly fed by the downpour. With a huge grin, Radegast slowed down to a walk. He breathed rather lightly for a fifteen-year-old boy. He was used to jogging, after all. The city streets were empty, but every building’s windows were blazed with light. Radegast strolled briskly through the city, searching for a city map of some kind. The first place to visit was the Pokemon centre.

Crystal, Operative, and Elder took turns keeping other wildlings at bay from the Lord-Regent, while Rage scrounged for food safe enough for the whole group to eat for the past few days. Radegast felt something between his teeth. After fiddling around with his tongue, he spat out a tiny seed into the grass. Some wildling or trainer would find a use for it, surely. Or maybe it would grow into a bush in this part of the town.

The red-roofed building was unmistakable. Not wasting any time, Radegast and Elder headed inside. The local nurse gave Radegast a startled look. “Oh my! You’re completely drenched!”

“Eh, it’s nothin-“ Radegast waved an arm, The sleeve of which sprayed heavy droplets everywhere. “Okay, that’s somethin’. My bad.”

Most Pokemon centres came with a laundromat. Given that Radegast only had a single change of clothes, the local nurse set up a curtain to block off the view to the next room. It was standard enough for trainers to pack as lightly as they could. While waiting, Elder, Operative, Rage, Crystal, Suros, two other pokemon belonging to sleeping trainers, and the local Chansey struck it off, where Elder taught the others how to play Rummoli. The board was hastily drawn on a sheet of paper, and assorted seeds were used as the chips. The cards were found in a drawer within the Pokemon Centre.

The nurse gave the group of four an odd look as they played the distinctly human game. However, she could not do anything. The group was keeping their voices down, and they were out of the way. It also helped that the weather was so poor that the lack of travellers would make any unusual sight welcome. After many rounds, Radegast pushed the curtain aside, fully dried, and smelling fresh. He brought a folded-up sling to the counter. “I got this from the Oak Town hospital.”

“You should keep it,” the nurse replied, almost robotically, “It’s against regulations to recycle used medical supplies.” Radegast nodded.

“HA! ACE OF SPADES!” the Mankey shrieked as both paws dragged in a humongous pile of accumulated seeds. “IF YOU LIKE TO GAMBLE, I TELL YOU I’M YOUR MAN! YOU WIN SOME, YOU LOSE SOME, IT’S ALL THE SAME TO ME!!!!”

The other two trainers scrambled awake. The Chansey was bowled over in surprise, as were the other two pokemon. Everyone from Radegast’s crew, however, didn’t so much as flinch. “Now look,” Suros droned, “You startled the humans.”


“Which one?” Crystal asked.


Suros did not move. She didn't even seem to spare a glance at the furious Mankey. She was simply checking her cards. “Alright,” Radegast laughed as he tightened his belt properly, “Chansey should probably get back to work,” the Chansey scrambled onto her feet and glanced curiously at the human. “It’s alright, buddy. I can take your place. The nurse seemed to approve of regaining her partner in work, but the Chansey did stick around to watch the game. “Eesh,” the human muttered as he placed a seed to bid for the widow’s deck, Suros returned with a bid of two seeds. “Come on, dude. I got a terrible hand.”

“In Rummoli, any hand can be a winner,” Elder quipped with a sly grin.

“Nothing but hearts, and none in any order,” Radegast complained, “I don’t even have the King, or 7, 8, or 9.” Operative chirped in some form of laughter. Radegast pointed at the Joltik. “You got 7, 8, and 9, don’t you?” Operative showed her cards, revealing a damn good flush of Hearts. Her lowest card, the 2 of clubs.

“Damn,” Elder whistled, “Even if we played the Poker Winner house rules…”

One of the two pokemon grinned, and revealed a Royal Flush made from Clubs. The Joltik’s sudden flare in anger brought enormous amusement to everyone involved. “Geeeeet dunked on!” the other pokemon cried.

Radegast stole a glance out of the window, and noticed the weather was finally clearing up. “Alright, guys let’s get this put away. We got the gym challenge to take on.” The seeds were returned, as were the cards. The makeshift board was folded up and slipped into the drawer along with the cards, for future players.

“Good luck!” the local nurse called as Radegast left with a fully rejuvenated team. In the now-clear sky, it was obvious where the gym was. A large schoolhouse sat looming over every other building in the area. The tell-tale Pokemon League sign at the front was certainly proof that the school itself was a gym. With Elder at his side and everyone else in their respective pokeballs, Radegast entered through the automatic sliding doors.

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Upon Radegast and company entering, they would find a typical classroom setting. Pale blue walls with a white tiled floor illuminated by fluorescent lights. Chairs and desks were organized into neat little rows. The table in front had a chair that sat overlooking the classroom. The chalkboard was behind it, completely clean of stray marks. A window looked out into an open area behind the school where an outdoor battlefield could be seen. There seemed to be no sign of children anywhere.

The door on the opposite side opened and in stepped a man with an air of knowledge following wherever he went. A standard white collared shirt accompanied his unmistakably large red tie. He did wear standard jeans, but they were as neat and orderly as the rest of the room. His face held a serious complexity behind it, his eyes sparkled behind his glasses with intensity if not for the love of a challenge. He stood proper and in full view as he caught sight of Radegast for the first time.

"Ah!" he uttered, taking off his glasses and wiping them with a handkerchief, "A face I've never seen before! You must be here to challenge me for the Gym Badge!" His tone was rather polite and he kept a rather calm smile on his face as he approached the trainer, hand extended to shake.

"I am Cheren, the Pokemon Gym Leader for Aspertia City! It appears you've caught me on a good day, as I have no lessons planned until tomorrow. So we can get this battle started. Right this way!" He led Radegast through the door on the other side and into the Battlefield.

The "stadium" itself was rather simple. A dirt battlefield marked appropriately in chalk surrounded by walls that matched the color of the school. Pale blue seemed to be a staple with Cheren and his teachings. The ground was still wet from the rain that came down earlier.

"You'll have to excuse the outdoor stadium," he commented as they walked, "I've had it since I've started as a Gym Leader and...well, it's kind of grown on me, to be honest."

Cheren motioned for Radegast to stand over on the opposing side within the markings while he took his place. "So, am I safe to assume this will be your first Gym Badge you are trying to earn?"

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Radegast had his hands in his pockets. He seemed taller and more weathered than most kids who ever took on the gym challenge. Waiting 5 years compared to every other trainer tended to have that effect. “Charmed,” Radegast replied with an easy smile as he produced a hand to shake Cheren’s. “Name’s Radegast.”

The stadium was only slightly muddy. There was much gravel present to keep the ground from being terribly slick. Radegast wondered if Rage would manage to keep a foothold. Oh, of course he will. He never let mud stop him.

“So, am I safe to assume this will be your first Gym Badge you are trying to earn?”

“My friends wanted to take on the gym challenge, so I might as well watch out for them, eh? I didn’t know where to start, but Touko sent me your way.” Radegast replied, recalling Touko’s words. He didn’t want to say that he needed the prize money to buy new travelling and medical supplies. “So yes, this will be my first.”

Rage flew out of his pokeball on his own accord. Radegast’s hands were in his pockets, and did nothing to so much as reach for the pokeballs on his belt. “ORA!” the Mankey barked, “FRIEND-RADEGAST, HAVE WE FOUND THE FUTURE SITE OF MY GLORIOUS VICTORIES?!”

“Yup,” Radegast chuckled, “You want first dibs?”


Radegast did nothing as Rage bounded into the middle of their side of the stadium. “I WILL FIGHT AS IF I WERE FIGHTING THAT WOMAN’S VOLCARONA!! I'M POWERED BY MURDER!!!!!!”

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"Ah Touko..." Cheren reminisced at the familiar name, "That's someone I haven't heard from in a while. How is she? Does she still have that spunky attitude with her?"

He watched as the Mankey came out of the Pokeball, landing on his side of the field. He rubbed his chin thoughtfully. This one was quite old to be starting out on this journey. And that Mankey carries some power with him. I can feel it from here. His eyes lit up as he knew what team to use against this man. He casually reached into his pack and pulled out a PokeBall, tossing it in the air in front of him and catching it with the same hand.

"Well, the Gym Challenge is quite simple. Beat the Gym Leader, you beat the gym, you get the badge. Although the other Gym Leaders won't be as straightforward as I'm being. Some will have you fight their lower level fighters before you can fight them. Others will have their Gym laid out in a puzzling format so that it'll require some intelligence to get through to challenge them. And you'll find that each of the Gym Leaders have a bit of a gimmick to them."

He winked as he held the PokeBall out in front of him, "But be warned. I'm not going to take it easy on you just because it's your first Gym Challenge. You and your Mankey will have to earn your way to my badge! Stoutland, let's go!"

The ball opened and out came the fuzziest-looking of Pokemon. Covered in blue fur, the most you could see of him was it's head poking out from above the blue mass. The white fur that billowed from his mouth was oddly reminiscent of a mustache.

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“She’s well. Took on some evil villain type,” Radegast called across the stadium.

Elder eyed the Stoutland with his signature critical gaze. “Take care, Rage,” Elder hissed, “You have type advantage, but that thick fur will soften your blows.”

The Mankey seemed to emit an aura of pure anger that caused ripples in the water immediately at his feet. If one squinted, one could see heat ripples and steam… At least, Rage imagined this was the case if one were to look at him. “THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!!!” The Mankey surged forward, his feet tamped lightly on solid patches of gravel as he bolted to close the distance.

“You got this, buddy!” Radegast called after the Mankey.

Rage did not swing an arm or a leg in some form of striking move. Instead, his eyes blazed in an incalculable madness as he swiped his clawed hands to grab the larger dog, rearing to perform a Seismic Toss. If he got hold, he would plant his feet firmly on some solid patches of gravel, and tug hard to swing the Stoutland over the Mankey’s head and slam into the ground.

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Cheren chuckled at the update status. Yep, that sounded like her...

His attention snapped to the Mankey as it charged forward to Radegast's call...of encouragement. Oh, so he's one of those trainers that let his Pokemon do all the strategy... he thought as the Mankey rushed towards his Stoutland.

"Stoutland! Bite!" he called, hoping that it was faster than the Mankey would be. If not, Stoutland would be thrown into the ground at full force, a strike that wouldn't feel good for either of them.

Lucky for him, it was. The Stoutland bit into the fingers of Mankey, fending off the Seismic Toss effectively. The Mankey's momentum would likely carry it past his opponent. Cheren raised a fist at the small victory.

"Nicely done, Stoutland! Now use Tackle while he's still off balance!"

The Stoutland rushed forward and proceeded to try and body slam into Rage at full force. If the attack hit, the Mankey would get a face full of fuzzy fur, but the blow wouldn't be soft on any level. It would hurt.

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The Haunter grinned in a similar way a trainer would when they have the upper hand. Radegast pet a hand on Elder’s head. “We gotta work on your poker face, Elder,” Radegast laughed. “Anyway,” Radegast continued to Cheren in that easy voice of his, “The villain type had this big laser in the sky, some Zoroark with some machine that let him speak our language. Huge pink barriers that covered miles. It was kinda cool, but we beat them back. It was a'ight.”

The dark-type move hardly hurt the Mankey, so it would not have knocked him off-balance all that much. The Stoutland’s tackle required a little distance to be effective, which gave Rage time to retaliate. “FOOL!” Rage bellowed as he swung a fist directly at the Stoutland’s face just as the larger dog was upon the pig-monkey. The karate chop would strike the Stoutland in the middle of the forehead, with all the force Rage put behind the attack, coupled with the opposing force of the approaching Stoutland’s tackle.

“YOU ARE BENEATH THE AWESOME POWER OF TEN BILLION GODS!!” Rage shrieked as he reared his fist back immediately for another strike. With the other fist, he swung another karate chop. He did not plan to allow this FOOLISH STOUTLAND to get another annoying bite in. The Mankey even began to step forward to prevent the Stoutland disengaging.

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"Zoroark?" Cheren rubbed his chin in thought, "Sounds like the Addzar Coven is making moves...that's not a good sign." But the Zoroarks in the Addzar Coven knew how to talk to people using their minds. So why were they using machines?

The Stoutland took the hit hard, square in the face. It sent his bouncing back, sliding to the edge of the field. Cheren sucked his breath in sharply.

"Stoutland, you alright?"

The Stoutland got up without a second thought. He was ready to continue. Cheren sighed in relief. That was a powerful hit by the Mankey. The momentum his Soutland carried as he ran straight into the Karate Chop made that a critical hit. Anothere one of those and he'd be done for.

"Alright, Stoutland. Let's kick it up a notch! Work Up!"

The Stoutland started to become enraged, much like the Mankey. Red veins were appearing in his eyes and he looked like he was going to gore a pig monkey and take it home for dinner. His attacks would hit harder and he would be faster than before.

The second Karate Chop came in and Stoutland knew better than to take this one head on. But he had no intention of running either. He bound to the right, avoiding the attack.

"Stoutland, Tackle now!"

Now it was Rage's turn to be the opposing force as Stoutland proceeded to body slam the Mankey into next week, hurtling his own weight behind the strike as well as putting much more energy into it from being Worked Up before.