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Luana Portilla

Luana is an seven-year-old human girl who can move objects with her mind. She tells no one.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by ncfwhitetigress


NAME: Luana Portilla

GENDER: Female




RACE: Mixed

ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Neutral

A chaotic neutral character follows her own rules, often in direct contradiction to the law of the land. She is not beholden to traditions, and she believes strongly in freedom, regardless of how it is obtained.


Luana is mischievous, adventurous, and filled with curiosity about life. She loves to learn and often gets into trouble, sometimes by stealing food when her negligent father has not gone grocery shopping in too long.


Luana stands 4’0” tall at 51 pounds. She has cute frizzy dark brown hair, earthy brown skin, beautiful black eyes, and a round face. Being a neglected child, she is usually very dirty and wears raggedy clothes that desperately need tending. When her shoes became too small for her feet, she started going around barefoot instead.


Luana has the ability to make things move without touching them, using her mind.


She is very insecure on the inside because she knows that her father does not love her.


Luana was born to an impoverished home, her mother dying shortly after her birth. Her father always blamed Luana for the death of his wife, so he is very cold toward his daughter. He occasionally beats her but always neglects and mistreats her. This is the life that Luana knows.

So begins...

Luana Portilla's Story

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The outside marketplace was absolutely the best place to steal food. It was in the open air and one did not have to worry about getting trapped inside the interior of a store. Luana had always loved wide open spaces the most, even in the rain. She hated most of all to be trapped or cornered. It had happened too many times in her private life. Always in the same horrible place. Luana shook off the memories, trying to refocus her mind on the task at hand. Today was a special day. She had decided to attempt to push her abilities even further than she had before.

The seven-year-old crawled over to the edge of the low rooftop she was hiding on and peered down at the crowded street below. Tent-covered stations were set up lining the street on each side. The local farmers were selling everything from watermelons to forn to pickled beef and grilled lamb. It was a feast for the eyes. Luana's mouth watered as she tried to decide just what to have for breakfast. She was strangely in the mood for meat of all things. Normally she had a sweet tooth but not today. Her penetrating gaze focused on the stand right belong her. Some amazing scents were wafting from that location. Unfortunately, due to the tent cover, she could not really see what she was dealing with. It smelled like fired beef porcini, which was her absolute favorite.

To get some, she was going to have to find a different angle. In a crouched position, she turned around and sat, resting her back against the low wall of the building's rooftop. Luana tapped a forefinger against her lower lip as she considered her strategy. Yes, today she might have to make an in-person appearance. If she chatted the seller up and acted like a charming little girl, he might let his guard down enough for her to raise a portion of the fired beef porcini up onto the rooftop with her mind. But that would mean having to multi-task. She would have to maintain a conversation while using telekinesis. It would be a challenge and she was not sure if she could do it. But, again, she wanted to challenge her abilities today. It was the only way she would continue to improve.

Luana crawled away from the edge of the roof toward an alleyway with a maintenance ladder leading down. As she descended toward street level, she passed by a recently-cleaned window and saw her reflection. She was filthy as usual. A thought occurred to her. She needed to look like an ordinary child with an ordinary home life or else someone might call the authorities. If the cops were called and they caught her, her father would beat her for getting in trouble with the law. She came to the conclusion that she needed to steal some new clothes and wash her face. It would be a pain in the backside because it seemed that whenever she stole a new pair of clothes, she outgrew them the next morning. She wished things would last longer so she would not have to steal as much.

In fact, she wished even more that she was an adult so she could hold a legitimate job and support herself that way. It would certainly be easier than risking getting in trouble all the time. But whenever she had gone places to ask for work, she had been told that she was too young and it was illegal to hire her. She sighed. When she got down to the pavement, she found a fairly clean trashcan lid turned upside down that was full of rainwater. She splashed the water all over her face in a feeble attempt to look presentable. When the water stilled again, she examined her reflection. It was not perfect, but it was an improvement for sure. Next, she adjusted her threadbare clothes, trying to hide the holes as best she could. Once she thought she was ready, she ventured out of the alley and joined the crowd, careful first to look around for the presence of any authority figures. There was a cop at the end of the street on his regular beat, but he was not even looking her way. She did not see anyone else in uniform and breathed a sigh of relief.

Luana plastered a smile to her face and strode right up to the stand selling the fired beef porcini. The mix of delicious scents from cooking and cooked food stirred her appetite and she struggled not to drool. "Good morning, mister."

He was a middle-aged man with short brown hair who looked down at her with a befuddled look on his face at first. "Beat it, kid. No free handouts," he barked, trying to shoo her along.

Luana feigned a look of horror. "Hand... handouts? Oh, I'm not hungry, sir. Besides, if I was, my daddy would buy me something when he gets back. I just noticed that you were new here and I wanted to welcome you to the neighborhood. Are you a cattle farmer? That must mean you're like a cowboy. I think cowboys are really cool."

The man snorted, almost amused by her words. "Heh, no, I'm no cattle farmer. I work for one though." He gave her an odd look. "So what's your dad doing leaving you all alone here? You seem a little young to be on your own."

Luana smiled again. "Oh, my mommy passed away when I was born, so my daddy has to raise me all by himself. I don't mind being on my own for a little while. I'm real good about not getting lost. I promised Daddy I would stay put while he's at his job interview and that's what I intend to do. He should be back in maybe fifteen minutes."

"Well you should at least have a baby sitter, kid."

Luana sighed. "I wish we could afford it, but money has been a little tight lately. I'd love to have a babysitter to play with. Hopefully, he'll get the job and we won't have to be on such a small budget anymore," she cleverly lied.

The seller seemed to let down his guard a little. "Ah, well, good luck to the old man then."

As Luana engaged the man in reluctant conversation, the seven-year-old girl was highly focused and tried to keep her eyes from flitting over to her true target, a plate of fired beef porcini as she used her mind to carefully wrap it up in plastic wrap. It had to be wrapped up because she feared she might accidentally overturn it while transporting it elsewhere. Her telekinetic abilities could be a bit unsteady at times. Transporting water in an open glass, for example, was challenging. Luana hoped no one would notice the items moving seemingly all by themselves. She kept the movements slow and subtle while the rest of the populace was distracted with their daily grocery shopping regimen.