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Lucas Keller

Part wolf, part human. Taught himself everything he knows, or picked it up on the run.

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a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by RedWolfe


¬Diary Entry – Lucas Keller – DATE UNKNOWN – LOCATION UNKNOWN
I had awoken with a start, pain lanced through my whole body and white, bright light obscured my vision. I blinked, scowling against the pain and waiting for my eyes to get used to the harsh light. The pain stemmed from my breast outwards, a harsh burning sensation. I craned my neck so my chin rested against me chest in an effort to figure out what was causing the pain. As soon as my eyes adjusted I was startled to find a collection of wires and tubes sticking out of my chest. There were red wires and blue wires and multiple tubes that held a black, opaque liquid. Shocked and confused, I tried to sit up, but I found that I couldn’t move. I rested my head back down, slowly, and my eyes focused on the ceiling. I didn’t recognize the ceiling, but I didn’t want to draw my eyes from it. I didn’t want to see the tubes and wires again, I wanted to wake up, get out of this awful dream. After a few moments, nothing happened, and I craned my neck once more, looking to my feet. They were bound by rope, and only then did I recognize my arms had drips in them, and were bound, too. I swiveled my head to the right, then to the left, taking in my surroundings. I was in a dark, dank room; it smelled of disinfectant, but didn’t look too sanitary. There were machines behind me beeping, bleeping, no doubt connected to the tubes in which obstructed my chest. I pulled against the restraints, crying out as the pain intensified – not only in my chest but also around my body. I rested my head back down on the hard table that I was strapped to, panting loudly, and closing my eyes tightly, the fluorescent light intensifying my headache.

Once my breathing was under control, I let myself take another look at the tubes in my chest. I gasped. The place where the tubes had been inserted into my flesh were puckered and scarred. I wondered how long I had been here. I stared at my chest for a few moments longer before resting my head back down. I closed my eyes, gathered all my strength, and at the top of my lungs I screamed for help. Over, and over again; as if superman would magically appear and take away from that place. After a short time, however, I stopped my pleas for help. It only intensified the throbbing pain in my head.

I was in a daze, drifting in and out of sleep when I heard the recognizable sound of footsteps inside the room. My senses immediately sharpened and I looked around the room, my eyes focused on two people in lab coats and wearing plain, black masks, hiding their faces. I noticed the way their shoulders filled out the white lab coats and I realized that they were both men. I narrowed my eyes. And for the millionth time since waking up, I asked myself if this was a dream. “Patient is awake...” Said the one to the left, the one to the right pulled out a notepad and pen and wrote a few things down. “Where am I?” I wheezed. I didn’t get a reply, and after a few moments, the man with the notepad piped up. “And responsive.” He said in a deep voice, scribbling down more things down. “Please, please let me go.” I begged. I wasn’t given any response. I looked on to the two men with wide eyes, the man to the left walked over to the table in which I was strapped on, and without so much as a single word, tightened the ropes around my arms and legs. I struggled against the restraints. “What are you doing? Help me! Get me out of here!”I yelled. It was a painful mantra, but I was ignored.

I craned my head to look to where the notepad man was, but he had left the room. I looked to the other masked man, he was tying more ropes to my limbs, pulling them so tightly that I couldn’t move. “Why are you doing this?” I begged as he moved behind me, the abundance of beeping noises suggested to me that he was probably fiddling with the machines behind me. I lifted my head and looked to my chest. The machine had started pumping the dark, opaque liquid into my body. I could see the black sludge sliding down the tube. I leaned my head back, I couldn’t look, I just couldn’t. My breathing started to increase in speed, I was fighting to get oxygen into my body, although I had been breathing just fine a moment ago.

I was brought back to attention to the notepad man walking back into the room. He was wheeling a metal cage inside the room and beside the table in which I was lying on. “What is that?” I asked, my voice breathy. They didn’t answer, and the notepad man pulled some tubes out from behind me. The other man was still fiddling with the machines. I strained against the rope around my limbs, and screamed with the red hot lancing pain in my chest. I watched my chest rise and fall, each motion bringing on and new wave of pain. I couldn’t breathe. My lungs felt starved of oxygen. My screams, by then, were reduced to pitiful wheezes.
I watched helplessly as notebook man leaned down and fiddled with the cage. I heard a low rumbling growl come from inside, and noticed the flinch in reply from the notebook man. I tried to scream, but there was no air in my lungs to fuel it. The other man appeared from behind me. “Patient 067. Experiment primed, procedure ready for commencement.”By that time the pain had clouded my vision and it was hard to focus. The notebook man had finished with the cage, and leaned over behind my head to grab a mask. He lifted my head, I was too weak to resist, and he strapped the oxygen mask onto my face.
“Anesthesia.” The notebook man said, and there was another series of beeps from behind me. The pain started to intensify, and my mouth was open in a silent scream as my vision blurred and then finally darkened.

¬Diary Entry - Lucas Keller – DATE UNKNOWN – LOCATION UNKNOWN
I had awoken with a start, the burning headache in the back of my head stirring me from sleep. I raised my hands to support my pounding head, and closed my eyes against the bright fluorescent light overhead. I sat up, slowly opening my eyes to scan the room around me. I was still in the same room, the machines beeped behind me, and the room still smelled of antiseptic. I slowly raised my hands to my line of vision, only then did I realize that my limbs were free. There were no drips in my arms, my wrists were rubbed raw and bleeding and the same went for my ankles and legs. I looked down to my chest, the tubes were no longer inserted in my flesh, there was a large, ragged scar in place and I was confused. No wound could of healed that fast – it didn’t even hurt. I looked to the table that I was sitting on, the ropes that had once held down my arms and legs were cut – and it wasn’t a clean cut, either. That’s about the time when the scent of blood drifted into my nostrils. I looked down from the table, trying to pinpoint where the scent came from, and recoiled in horror as a saw dead, bloodied bodies sprawled out on the room’s floor. Three men in white lab coats, masks still on their faces and bloodied fingerprints tainted the white lab coats.
I don’t remember thinking much at the time… there was an odd absence of feeling. Maybe it was because I was in shock, or I was just so angry at the men in lab coats that I didn’t care what happened to them. I didn’t question how it happened, or what was their cause of death, almost immediately I was off the table and making my way across the room. I stumbled when I first hit the ground, trying to get used to movement in my limbs. I walked slowly across the room, and made my way to the far wall, before leaning on it. I looked back the way I had walked, I had stepped in blood and it marked the concrete floor with red, bloodied footprints.

I stayed in the shadows of the far wall for a few moments, the strong scent of blood increasing the pain in my head. I looked around the room and walked to the door that I had not seen strapped to the table. I walked as fast as I could, but I didn’t run, I was afraid that the sound of my feet would alert any other men in lab coats that could possibly be around. The door opened to a dimly lit hall, which was long and had wooden doors to both the left and right. Possibly rooms identical to the one I was in, where the man in lab coats could conduct their experiments. I didn’t go in any other rooms, however, I just wanted to get out of there… and fast.

¬Diary Entry – Lucas Keller – DATE UNKNOWN –LOCATION UNKNOWN
I didn’t discover much more at that place. I did get a good look at the building once I was out of there, however. It was a large, pale concrete building in the middle of absolutely nowhere. A wire fence bordered the perimeter, outside of the fence was dark, dense forest, and a wire fence bordered the perimeter of the facility. That was the last look I took at that place, before I crawled under the fence and ran into the forest. I ran and ran and ran until I couldn’t anymore. I made myself shelter in a cool, dark, cave and let my mind wander as I closed my eyes. Only then did it occur to me that I had no memory of anything before the white room. I slowly drifted into a restless sleep, full of blood and tubes and wires and light yellow eyes.

The next few days were a blur; a collection of memories in no specific order. That was the first day I started changing. It came as a shock at first, and the process was very slow and painful. When I resisted against it, I felt more pain. So I learned not to resist, and it all got easier from there. After a few days the changes became far less frequent. However, I was still in denial as to what had happened to me… what I was.
I thought werewolves didn’t exist. And that of the like were just fairy tales.
Apparently not.

¬Diary Entry – Lucas Keller – DATE UNKNOWN – LOCATION UNKNOWN
I’ve been trying to figure out what those people did to me.
Right now I am sitting at a desk in a fancy hotel in the American town of Seattle. It has been a few years since I last wrote in this book. And today, I gained the courage to finally write in here again.
A lot has elapsed over these past few years, so much that I would need far more pages than is what supplied in this diary. I’m only going to jot down some information about myself, in hope that I can find someone who will accept me and/or help me. It’s not that I don’t like who I am, I just want to find out who did this to my and why. I cannot go too in-depth in details as I did before, I think the men in white lab-coats and masks are trying to find me. I even have to relocate every few weeks.

Lucas Keller Image

Nicknames: Shadow Wolf, Dark Wolf

Age: 22
Sex: Male

Height: 6’’
Weight: 163 lbs
Birth Date: N/A
Hair Colour: Black
Iris Colour: Light Hazel

Abilties: Shapeshifting, Teleportation,
Increased sensory abilities, including;
Healing, agility and strength. Image

Occupation: N/A

Distinguishing body features:
Large and round, ragged scar on chest; to the left of sternum.
One small, rounded scar on the underside of each wrist.
Two, long scars on the shoulder, running down right bicep.

Tattoos: Chinese Dragon, located under the left ear on his neck

So begins...

Lucas Keller's Story